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  • Bridget: ...
    $ABM - Now starting phase 2 of this vol squeeze
    $PNRA - new 52 week high, coming out of high base
    $EXPE - bit of a cup and handle breakout
    $FIZZ - gap and run on earnings. Makers of LaCroix which is a big winner lately
    $IDXX - IBD 50 stock coming ou ...
  • Bridget: $ABM Beats EPS estimates by $0.07 and beats on revenues. Announces quarterly dividend of .17. Breaking out of this squeeze and filled the gap made by last quarters earnings. I would wait for a pullback to buy or wait to see if this breaks through $43.
  • Bridget: ...
    $ABM Beats EPS estimates and beats on revenues. Announces quarterly dividend of .17. Breaking out of this squeeze and filled the gap made by last quarters earnings.
    $QUIK - also breaking out of squeeze, moves looks a little over done

    $EA and $ATVI ...
  • gwenzee: @Prazan $ABM Flat base with a $33.69 buy pt. Reached $33.80 today. Trades @ 225K daily. Looks like a "Steady Eddy." Pays a div. Is in the building maintenance and solutions sector. Does this fit your "LURK" criteria?
  • Prazan: @gwenzee $ABM fits the lower left to upper right criteria, though the 8% swings (12/9, 3/4) makes this one a bumpier ride. I've never looked at this one before but I'll now begin tracking it.
  • dunsek: ...
    Hammer/@Dragonfly/#Doji/Shooting Star: $APA, $CVG, $SE, $GD, $CVS, $DRI, $PH, $WIN, $CMI, $DPS, $BBY, $ABM, $BA, $TWC, $AMT, $WFC, $MU

    So, not many in potentially bullish, quite a few more in potentially bearish (the 3 Black Crows ones are out ...
  • Santana: $ABV - $ABM yes I spotted this error too. I watched the video, and then wondered for few minutes, and logged into the forum to double check. @Dan was referring to $ABV instead of ABM. Thanks for the heads up !
  • tangv3: @DAN - In your weekend video of 9 stocks you showed the chart of $ABM and said that it was a Brazilian beverage company. I believe you meant $ABV which was also the ticker shown in the headline. Can you please tell us which stock you meant to include in the 9? Thanks
  • rpturtle: @DAN, you show the wrong stock ticker in the video "Nine Stocks To Watch". Instead of analyzing Ambev (ABV), you showed the ticker $ABM - $ABM Industries. $ABV is trading at 120 and is showing a strong uptrend. Its been on my watch list for quite a while. Its been trading upward in a choppy and a volatile sideway market. That's strong leadership.
  • marcelo: @Dan, thanks again, one doubt, you show $ABM as the brazilian company but i imagine you where talking about ABV? Did i miss something?
  • DAN: $ABM -- my bad. Meant to show ABV. $ABV is just pushing out of a weekly volatility #squeeze. I'll correct that tomorrow night. I don't think one day's trading is going to have much impact on the analysis, but thanks to everyone who noticed this. I guess I could just say that I was testing you to see if you were paying attention...but you'd see right through that. LOL. @Dan
  • aliabassi1: ...
    $ABM - 18 days to cover... they are buying other companies and they are going to post earnings... in January when things were worse they made a profit... maybe things got better but technically this is still a short but keep an eye on it

    $MASI - ...
  • robwait: ...
    $ABM this looks like it found support, but more candles are red at the support level then green. 50 day just over head. If it breaks out above the 50 day on high volume it might be good, but how likely is that?

    Masi looks like its starting a 2nd ...
  • tradamom: ...
    I have been watching @Dan's new volatility #squeeze's like $ABM and EME. and appreciated the comments made about $MO yesterday.
    so good trading to you all
  • Dan: ...
    $ABM -- working on a breakout, but not there yet.
    $AL -- just continues to chew its way towards $100
    $AMZN -- has been a very solid trade, and it doesn't seem to be done yet (though I'd certainly advise keeping a tight stop)
    $CRN -- this stock is ...
  • Metanoia: I'm liking the $ABM and IFOX ideas off the #squeeze play section. I will monitor these today and see how they fair. Since I am new I am sure I will have some questions, anyone else checking these out a bit more closely?
  • tradamom: Suzie: that doesn't sound right since you have been doing well haven't you? btw, is anyone else watching $KR &/or $ABM for volatity #squeeze?
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ABM Industries, Inc. provides integrated facility solutions. The Company provides management services to thousands of commercial, governmental, industrial, institutional, residential, and retail client facilities throughout the United States.

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  • June 6th, 2018 - 2018 Q2 Earnings
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