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Strategy Session December 1st, 2016

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December 1st, 2016
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  • Henry: $AET is within a dime of breaking out. long calls. Other insurers have similar or slightly better charts $CB $ALL
  • DrScience: $AET I went out to the kitchen to fix myself a snack. You should have seen what was goin' on, by the time that I got back. Long MAR 130 Calls from yesterday.
  • vfr777: @JJT1 $UNH maybe that's why $AET declined 2.8% today on sympathy!!!
  • DrScience: $AET halted for news....
  • DrScience: $AET doubles dividend $4 billion buyback
  • DrScience: $AET resumed
  • DAN: Good morning. Flat open, but a few things to note before you start your day.

    On the news front, Aetna (AET) and Humana (HUM) broke up on Valentine's Day. No roses were on the table, only IOUs. Last month a Federal judge ruled that the AET/HUM m ...
  • bwcarnation1: $AET cont. up
  • DrScience: @bwcarnation1 $AET Yessir. Bidding on JAN 125/APR 135 Diagonal Call Spread @ 11.30. The fish aren't biting. so I may have to change bait.
  • bwcarnation1: $AET has p.b. from recent run up now back up to 50d. sq'n 6%, E/5/2. started sm position
  • Bridget: $AET back above the 50DMA. Seeing a nice bounce on the weekly chart. Looks like a good buy point for a long term position here.
  • vfr777: @Bridget $AET Thanks Bridget I like the chart and has a lot of room on top. Maybe a stop below the 50dma?
  • bwcarnation1: @Bridget $AET I posted about this one earlier....also has 6% sq!
  • vfr777: @bwcarnation1 $AET hi. didn't understand your abbreviations. p.b. and sq'n 6%?
  • issues: @bwcarnation1 $AET Up due to merge deal with $HUM terminated.
  • vfr777: @issues $AET $HUM Thank you for the update. It's performing really well today!
  • Bridget: ...
    $AET - breakout out on news of no aquisition
    $MRK - new 52 week high after flag
    $GPK - gap and run on the daily
    $TMUS - huge volume today but no new high
    $SINA - continuing higher, but buy on the dips
    $CBI - coming out of a squeeze on volume

    $SLCA ...
  • bsafriet: @Bridget $TUSK $SND $BGNE $LITE $TTD $ATH $RACE $LW $DVMT $ARNC $PTHN $OCLR $BEAT $GT $FCAU $AET $MRK $GPK $TMUS $SINA $CBI $SLCA $HCLP $XRT $KATE $TJX $GRPN $FLIR $AGX $SQ Txs for the synopsis Bridget. Appreciate your hard work and communication skills. Makes it easier for all of us. Hope we can return the favor one day! Bruce
  • issues: ...
    I looked at some big funds, like Janus Global Sci Fund and they list these: $AMGN $LLY $BMY $AET $CELG $BSX $AGN $REGN $GILD (holding 1.9% of the fund is GILD) $ABBV $ALXN $ATHN... $IBB has a similar list containing GILD also. These funds just hol ...
  • DrScience: $ANTM continuing higher after earnings, pulling $AET along for the ride. $UNH treading water, while $CI prepares to report in the morning, $HUM next week.
  • DrScience: $UNH moving to the upper Bollinger band in a 4% volatility squeeze. Stock is about .50 below 52-week high after reporting a beat on top and bottom lines. The stock has performing well since earnings, but there is much uncertainty in the immediate future. Changes to current ACA laws should be beneficial to stock price, but drug pricing debate could hurt the PBM business. Cohort health plan insurers ($ANTM, $CI, $HUM, $AET) earnings releases begin next Tuesday, and mergers have been blocked on anti-trust concerns. A congressional self-imposed deadline of tomorrow (1/27) for repeal of ACA could slip into April, but announcements affecting the stock could be tweeted at any time. So, set your alerts, and buy a breakout above 164.
  • Ralph0172: @Bridget $GOOGL $FB $BABA $VIRT $HD $MHK $HUM $AET $CI $ESRX $CVS $QCOM $AAPL : Thank you, always appreciate your updates, observations, and input.
  • Bridget: $HUM is breaking down and it looks like $UNH is about to follow. $AET and $HUM buyout deal blocked, Bloomberg reports.
  • Bridget: Notes: $GOOGL - making a earnings run $FB - also appearing to make a run higher, ER on 2/1 $BABA - breaking higher and reports tomorrow morning $VIRT - breakout on volume, ER on 2/2 $HD - breakout of a squeeze, nearing the 52 week high, ER 2/21 $MHK - also breakout from squeeze, ER on 2/9 $HUM and $AET deal is blocked, $CI, $ESRX and $CVS are now potential buyers $QCOM down on news of being sued by $AAPL
  • Bridget: $HUM $AET $MET - all have been pulling back or consolidating. Squeezing tight.
  • DrScience: $AET Seems that someone is expecting less upside risk than downside risk in the name. With earnings set for 1/31 and a judge's decision in February on whether the merger with Humana may proceed, Aetna JAN and FEB options implied volatility is around 50%. With an IV Rank at 100, volatility premium should be quite juicy (for an insurer), but the stock is in a volatility squeeze, and somebody is taking action to protect the downside by selling FEB 135C/110P Collar @ .15 CR over 7500 times. Other option trades however, like a FEB 120C/115P Combo @ 3.25 DB seem to think all is good in the hood.
  • issues: @DAN $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo Dan half the benefit from the video is your mellifluous voice that has such a convincing, cogent, smooth, flowing sound. Anyone can read stuff on stocks all over the net but there is only one DAN FITZPATRICK and it's all in the voice. Don't even think of stopping these videos. I get a lot out of even the pauses, hesitations, emphasis etc.
  • Bridget: Seeing some profit taking in $AET and $HUM today
  • Bridget: Notes: The selling has stalled for another day, but still not a lot of buying. Looks like a short term bearish flag to me. Many stocks just seeing an oversold bounce (eg $EDU) Oil/Energy: $CEQP - breaking out on the weekly, slow mover for a buy and hold $WR - in a very tight squeeze, moving averages starting to roll over, looking toppy $HPE - breaking higher on the weekly. Still in a solid uptrend. $BWA - phase 3 of this breakout $DIS - now above $100, ready to move higher $DB - making a solid move higher on volume today after Italy news. $GMS - #IPO, new all time high but looking like a double top, ER on 12/13 Healthcare taking a breather: $UNH, $HUM, $AET $MRK
  • champ: @Aragorn $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo --Is the party Over...?
  • Bridget: ...
    Health insurance still working: $HUM, $AET, WCG $UNH, but getting really extended here
    $IBB biotech not doing well, you do not want to be in these, also $ILMN breaking out of a squeeze down
    $COL - hit our price target today, that went up faster than ...
  • Aragorn: @Bridget $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo As always thanks Bridget. I wish Dan's notes were more like this then I could just read his notes LOL Thanks again
  • DAN: @Aragorn $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo You can watch my videos, which accompany the notes. Trust me, I'd rather just provide detailed notes and forego the vids. ;)
  • issues: @DAN $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo But Dan you have such a mellifluous voice: (def -pleasant to hear., soothing, rich, smooth, euphonious, harmonious, tuneful etc///
  • Alexandra: @DAN $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo I love the videos and the notes help reinforce. Hope your shoulder is healing nicely.
    I did ask Gary if he could do the same for th ...
  • Gary: ...
    7. $AET – also breaking out on weekly.
    8. $HUM – back at 2015 resistance.

    Shorts?: $XLP stocks
    9. $PEP – broken stock now. $100 support is in trouble.
    10. $KO – high volume selling.
    11. $K – bad press.
  • Bridget: Notes: $PBF, $TSO, $AEIS, $CWEI - big breakout on volume but still pulling back. Will likely be the highs we'll see for awhile $NTES - shot across the bow $ELLI - phase 2 $MAS - also breaking down with $COST, $LOW, $SHW, $GLW $ABMD - still holding at support $WB, $SINA, $YY, $TSLA, $WMB, $OXY, $TRP - breaking down out of a squeeze $D - inside day, off of support $AET - breaking down $YUM - at 52 week low $WCG - the one stock that is working $MPEL - breaking out higher before earnings
  • issues: @Bridget $PBF $TSO $AEIS $CWEI $NTES $ELLI $MAS $COST $LOW $SHW $GLW $ABMD $WB $SINA $YY $TSLA $WMB $OXY $TRP $D $AET $YUM $WCG $MPEL Thank you Bridget for this analysis. NTES is one that looks to be short-able at this point, don't ya thunk?
  • Gary: #NOTES SS 110116 $SPX – election questions? Fed? Jobs? This market rewards cash. $DJI $DJT $COMPQX $XLF – financials doing ok. Yields going $XRT $SBUX – downtrend intact. Earnings Thursday. $GLD 1. $AMZN 2. $FB 3. $NFLX 4. $GOOGL 5. $AAPL 6. $PYPL – buying opp at $41. 7. $TSLA – breaking down on volume. 8. $WYNN – earnings tomorrow. 9. $SWN – diving for Atlantis 10. $UA – still going 11. $NKE – just sell it. 12. $XLV – healthcare 13. $AET 14. $CI – earnings Thursday. 15. $ALXN – wait for breakout above 200-day MA before doing anything. Alert $135 Video Request: $COST
  • debeers: $AAPL/$AET-Aetna now giving Apple watches to all its employees and all of its healthcare subscribers. Bad news is that now Aetna will know about a of your apps. God news: AAPL will get this immediately acretive boost and my guess is that the what abo ...
  • DAN: @debeers $AAPL $AET $WHR $ULTA We are replacing our fireplace box in the living room. We're getting the Samsung model. It's pretty high tech. Just hit a button and the fire starts. Sometimes, it stars without us hitting the button. Occasionally we can even call friends and family through the firebox. But typically, we just use our iPhones for that. 8-)
  • gmb109: @DAN $AAPL $AET $WHR $ULTA - I love it ! does the new samsung fireplace also vacuum and wash the dishes :-))
  • debeers: @DAN $AAPL $AET $WHR $ULTA --such a clever guy.
  • jltrader1: $ANTM, $CI, $AET, $HUM - (Reuters) - U.S. antitrust officials are expected to file lawsuits to block Anthem Inc's acquisition of Cigna Corp as well as Aetna Inc's takeover of Humana Inc. $HUM DOWN 5%, $AET Down 4.8%. NP
  • Bridget: $AET and $HUM are moving higher after recent consolidation
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $AET Aetna Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • champ: $AGN at $243.70 ...I'm back in long ...Barron's is out positive this morning on this stock. I'm also new Spec longs with $LABU and $AET
  • DAN: @StockMarketMentor $AET Aetna works. Also look at $UNH. These are stocks that I've reviewed recently a few times.
  • champ: @DAN - $AET at $119 and I'm long but $HUM is also moving up fast right behind AET this morning....what do you think...they also had a cross over....? I just took a Spec day trade position at $182.40 and I would like to swing part.
  • DAN: @champ $AET $HUM HUM works too....but just realize that resistance is just below $190. However, the healthcare plan stocks are really perking up.
  • champ: $HUM at $183.37 HOD don't know if its going to hold...volume is very strong over the daily avg long this morning. I'm also holding $AET $AGN and this ETF $LABU
  • DAN: This morning, several stocks we've been watching are rebounding off recent lows. A few stocks relating to the homebuilding industry are still in bullish patterns, such as $XHB, $BZH, $HOV and $HD. (In the case of Beazer, I'm pointing to a probable ...
  • Trixie: Healthcare plans.. be careful. $AET,$CI, $HUM doing look ready to head up yet.. Maybe better shorts? 200ma seems be getting taken out.. w vol..
  • bwcarnation1: $AET anyone know why it's down after hrs?
  • Trixie: $AET looks to be coming out consol around the 200ma. Out of an inside week.
  • Trixie: $AET inside day so far off the 8ema and oh so close to the 200m.. A reset closer to the 21em would seem like a nicer p/b to get on board..
  • champ: $UNH at $125.50 and $AET at $114.10 - Dan, talked about both of these health care stocks in his weekend Strategy Session in the Stock Watch session. I agree with his call position this morning....Spec swing longs in both....they are in the S&P Dow-30. Going to hang on to these for far both are working.
  • Alexandra: @champ $UNH $AET Would you be so kind at to tell me where you placed your stops?
  • champ: @Alexandra $UNH $AET - I don't have any stops...yet... starter positions. If they drop I was thinking about adding.
  • issues: The IBD 50 sure changed dramatically this week. There are 25 new stocks replacing 25 from last weeks. The new ones are ones that didn't go down as much (more than going up so much) This shows a very defensive stance the market has taken. Here's the IBD 50 list for today $ABC $AET $AMCX $ANET $CALM $CDW $CELG $CNC $CPB $CRI $CRL $CTXS $DG $DY $ELLI $EPAM $EQM $EW $FL $GGAL $HA $HAWK $HII $ICLR $IDTI $ITC $LGND $LNKD $MYGN $NKE $NTES $NUAN $OLED $PLAY $PRXL $REGN $RHT $ROST $SIG $STE $STZ $SWHC $TDG $TSO $ULTA $VEEV $WBMD $XRS $YY
  • Trixie: ...
    $AET to buy out $HUM ?

    I would imagine there c/would maybe be some kind of arb trade based on the mergers??

    Would it be better to the one who is the Acquirer rather than the one being bought out. Or just look around to see who looks that most pr ...
  • gwenzee: @Trixie $CI $ANTM $HNT $CNC $AET $HUM #HealthcarePlans If you go to Yahoo Finance and enter stock symbol. There is a category named "Competitors." It might be a good starting place for comparison study.
  • judysteiner: $aet---strong, jumped in
  • issues: Earnings tonight: $VRTX (we hold) $NXPI (we hold) $TSO (we hold) $PYPL $WDC $CAVM $BWLD $ANIK $VLO (holders) $AMGN (holders) $ELLI Earning Thurs: $ABMD (holders) $AET $ALXN $BLL $BMRN $BOFI $FDC $COP $CBM $CVRR $FLR $MOH (hold) article on Zack's $MPC $NUS(Dan's brother work for NUS) $SBUX $SAM $UVE $VA Earnings Fri: $ABBV $BUD $CBOE $LPNT (I just bought $LPNT - good article on Zacks's (, also$LPNT has Zack's highest ratings AAA!) and $PSX (Zack's rating BAA)
  • billfumick: I initiated an $AET short... Kudos to @Dan for covering this chart in last nights strategy session... Looks like a good fit for "me".
  • billfumick: @billfumick $AET, BTW, I'll be hedging earnings with a "call"....
  • neemaf: @billfumick $AET When do they report? I initiated a short position as well.
  • neemaf: @neemaf $AET is it before or after the bell on Thursday?
  • Tinker97: @billfumick $AET looks like earnings are before market opens on 10/29 got it from Optionhouse
  • billfumick: @neemaf $AET Thursday Morning "Before" the open... None of my business BUT, I wouldn't be short without some kind of hedge prior to the release.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $AET Aetna Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • Bridget: $AET support on this stock is also failing.
  • Seth: @Bridget $AET $UNH as well....ugly.
  • Heppy: $AET-up and away, up 4%+
  • debeers: $ANTM,$AET,$WCG,$HUM-all up today
  • DAN: $AET $HUM Here are a couple of stocks that are acting well today. Holding support. Still in fairly tight trading ranges...but they're "behaving" nicely.
  • woodman: #M&A - $ANTM - $CI and $AET - $HUM - for anyone interested in health insurer M&A goings-on (from one of my favorite authors at SA ...
  • champ: $TSLA - Seeing reports that the Model X launch event will be on 9/29 this is now the date....was supposed to be the end of the month they are right on schedule. Got stopped out going into the close on Thursday. Real hard to buy here ...missed this new move this morning. $AET is working this morning but I had a hard time watching my position on Friday. The news is about the $AET and $HUM merger ....with a tgt at RBC Capitol of $162 ....outperforming the whole group this morning.....$UNH and all the others. I'm still long
  • ag1: @GreenGhost Could this be helping some of the health Insurance Companies or will it be a flash in the pan? $IBB $aet $ci $hum $uhs
  • GreenGhost: @ag1 $IBB $aet $ci $hum $uhs Not sure I see the connection in any event no clue why some of those up today.
  • ag1: @GreenGhost $IBB $aet $ci $hum $uhs If this becomes a trend then their Prescription cost would go down I would imagine.
  • woodman: @ag1 $IBB $aet $ci $hum $uhs Merger-mania in the health insurance names. The following (3 of which you've mentioned) are working on their deals, seeking regulatory approval: (1) $AET & $HUM; (2) $CI & $ANTM.
  • ag1: @woodman $IBB $aet $ci $hum $uhs $AET $HUM $CI $ANTM That's all we need now is the Feds to allow 4 to become 2.
  • champ: $AET - Long around the low $117 trade on the upgrade after the conference yesterday. The only other stock that is green this morning on my position list is $NLY.
  • woodman: $HUM $AET $CI - just an fyi since all of these were mentioned in last night's video. The proposed mergers between $AET/$HUM and $ANTM/$CI are currently under congressional and DOJ review. My understanding is that congressional review is scheduled for tomorrow. Unsure whether -- and, if so, to what degree -- this may affect any of the stocks.
  • woodman: $HUM $CI - two health care plans with deals/offers to be bought (by $AET and $ANTM, respectively) but have been hit hard. But both appear to have been basing, HUM a little ahead CI in that department, and now may be turning the corner or thinking about turning the corner. FD- Long $HUM; watching $CI.
  • woodman: @DAN $HUM $CI - I mentioned $HUM earlier. The deal with $AET provides an opportunity. There are some anti-trust concerns but I think it will continue back up. Similar situation with $CI ($ANTM buying it), which I've written about in the past. Long both $CI and $HUM. HUM: CI:
  • bwcarnation1: $AET above 50dma maybe a chance to fill the gap? long
  • EasyOut: @Aragorn #Aragorn's Inside Stocks IBD 50 Inside day - $AHS $ALK $CTSH $EW $ILMN $ORLY $PAYC $SBUX $SCI $UHS Inside week - $AHS $ALK $CELG $CTSH $GILD $REGN $ROST $UTHR $UVE Inside Month - $ANET New additions to the IBD50 $AHS $AOS $AET $CDNS $GPN $MENT Subtractions -$ ZBRA $CALM $AFSI $IPGP $SBNY $ENDP
  • 1Boston330: $CI. This one and some of its competitors, like $AET, and $ANTM are trending down. CI is approaching its 50 day ema at around 148.70. If this support holds and there is a bounce, I think that it is a buy, for its 50 ema has acted as support in the recent past, the CI weekly chart looks great, and the Health Care sector is the best performing sector this year and continues to perform well. Long common both $CI and $ANTM, currently underwater on both, but holding.
  • tommyc: Was looking at the $HUM $AET merger, CNBC reporting this morning HUM shareholders would be paid 125$ and .8375 AET shares for each share held. Looks like a 10 % take as long as AET doesn't fall below previous support/resistance around 105. What do you guys think?
  • janner0814: Stocks moving positive in portfolio: $AET $AGN $AMZN $EYES $HZNP $SRPT $TNA & $UVXY (the last two, were both low ball both pmkt fills). Biotech seems to be moving for some reason (not $BMY however), the bank stock: $AFSI in the portfolio, taking a breather.
  • debeers: @Jorma $CI/$AET-like the sailor says to the gal under the lamplight "I know what you are, I just don't know your price." $CI and $AET will both succumb to the urge to merge. I favor $AET but I own both and I don't usually duplicate similar holdings with the sole exception of $MHK/$HD because of the quality of their m anagements and the demographics. After the merger, I'll pick one of the HMO's.But, this is "found money" and its just right there on the street. Might I suggest you play janitor and sweep it up?
  • gwenzee: @Forexpro $AET $HUM AET has made an offer to buy HUM. Article in WSJ that DeBeers alerted me to this morning.
  • janner0814: ...
    Fourth: This is a select market for stocks: $AMBA, $FEYE amongst several more, that are running six to eight day runs to the upside. People shorting these stocks are getting blasted. Biotech $IBB is also consolidating and moving to the upside, eve ...
  • Aragorn: $ANTN $AET $HUM $MOH $CI $THC - all moving well ANTM CI running
  • janner0814: Doing well J. Hope the same for you. $HZNP, $BIIB and $ULTA show up on scans of mine's also. #SGO (something's going on)(#Acronyms). The others are outside of my watch list. BTW: $CYBR in the same Sub-Industry group as $FEYE and $WDAY (which was hit down in AH). Nice find on $UHS. $AET which I own, works. Part of that Financial & Insurance group that could be "gathering steam." $PNK with a nice long consolidation; under the radar maybe? Thx! @Aragorn: "IBD 50 Inside day $AOS $HZNP $UHS Inside Week $ACT $BIIB $CYBR $PBH $ULTA $PNK reverse Strat Daily to the upside signal is above the hammer 37.29"
  • Bridget: $AET still pushing higher. I don't you are too late to enter here.
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Aetna Inc. is a health care benefit company, which offers traditional and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services, including medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life and disability plans.

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