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  • BobbyG: #FixedIncomeRotation - "U.S Aggregate Bond ETF ($AGG) hit by largest one-day outflow on record." Pretty interesting - investors are lowering their exposure to US bonds at least for the time being. We shall see if this continues, may just be a one-off. Always important to keep track of the relationship.
  • judysteiner: Good Morning friends... I Made a new scan that I am very excited about. Here are the top bunch of tickers.. look at the last 2 daily candles. $SHY, $AGG, $NEE, $SEE, $GMCR, $TWC.$ILMN,$DLR<$EQIX, $DPS,$CLX,$DPZ,$SPB, $ABMD,$LAD, $BIV,$HII $BWLD---ALL traded over 500,000 shares on fri, next few over 400k..$ATHN $AMCX
  • Tr8dr: @judysteiner $SHY $AGG $NEE $SEE $GMCR $TWC $ILMN $DLR $EQIX $DPS $CLX $DPZ $SPB $ABMD $LAD $BIV $HII $BWLD $ATHN $AMCX Hi Judy, just wondering what media you use for your scans? is it Finvis screener?
  • BuffaloBill: ...

    Now back out and look at 2 years worth of Data its Amazing Like a Crystal Ball

    Other indicators MACD WATCH THE Chart CROSS X o ...
  • BuffaloBill: ...
    $TLT 20+ year increasing today from a lower trend line. $AGG Barclays Basket of Bonds moving up yields 2.80%
  • grasshopper: ...
    I don't know anything about bonds, but I have some shares of $AGG and MUB. It's better than keeping money in a CD. I still struggle with stock trades and option trades. May be I'm just plain stupid or stubborn (likely both!), but I'm not giving u ...
  • Henry: $AGG BND Hi @Steve, welcome back. I'm not familiar with either of these issues but they seem to permanently live in what @Dan would call #squeeze territory. Bollinger makes a point of stocks being in the tightest #squeeze in 6 months. Not so in either of these. More to the point, bonds are in competition with stock when the yields are high. The yields aren't high and even it they are going higher, that's not where you want to buy bonds. As yields go higher the price drops. You want to buy bonds when yields are high or better yet at the peak. That's not now. @Jan2138 may disagree, and that's OK. We have disagreed before without having "write your name in the snow contests", unlike certain posts earlier today involving neither of us. He's a former bond trader and I'm happy to accept he is smarter than I.
  • ssteve: $AGG BND - @Henry, thanks. You are most likely right about bonds not being the place to be, if the interest rates rise.
  • ssteve: Have not posted for a while here. I want to bring to your attention that bonds, $AGG BND are in bollinger #squeeze to an upside. Are we in early stages of transition from stocks to bonds?
  • snakedriver: ...
    $AGG,iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond Fund,NYSE
    $AGZ,iShares Barclays Agency Bond,NYSE
    AIV.G,Apartment Investment Mgmt-Preferred,NYSE
    $AKP,Alliance Ca Muni Incm Fd Inc,NYSE
    ALM,Allmerica Securities Trust,NYSE
    ALP.O,Alabama Power Company,NYSE
    $A ...
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The investment seeks investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index (the "underlying index"). The fund generally seeks to track the performance of the underlying index by investing approximately 90% of its assets in the bonds represented in the underlying index and in securities that provide substantially similar exposure to securities in the underlying index. The underlying index measures the performance of the total U.S. investment grade bond market. As of April 30, 2012, there were 7,929 issues in the underlying index.

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