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  • woodman: #AutoParts of interest: $DAN $BWA $LEA $ALSN $GPC $DLPH $VC $TEN $AZO $AAP $ORLY $MNRO.
  • woodman: Interesting #autoparts - $LEA (noted below) $MNRO $ALSN $BWA $DAN $VC
  • issues: @bRobert $R $ODFL $JBHT $YRCW add these to your list of truckers: $MTOR $ALSN $SAIA $DAN $CVTI, ok? If fuel continue to go up these should drop with higher expenses.
  • issues: @JBed $MTOR It's gone up 0% in the past 10 days while the others in the same group are up as follows: $ALSN (12%) $ODFL(8%) $SAIA (5%) $DAN (7%) $JBHT & MTOR both just 1%; $CVTI (0%)
  • issues: @bRobert $SAIA $CAI Thank you Robert. Also in the sector are $ALSN and $ODFL $CVTI & $JBHT. I bought $SAIA but I think $ODFL is the best.
  • issues: Reviewing the posts I compared the trucking stocks. The top 3 were $ODFL $SAIA & $ALSN. The best sector was transportation trucks (IBD group 7 = $SAIA $ODFL $CVTI & $JBHT) compared to Truck parts group 30 ($DAN $ALSN $MTOR...) The best group 7 had $ODFL and $SAIA which had similar 10 day charts. I bought the less expensive SAIA (1/2 the price of ODFL.)
  • Bridget: ...
    Trucking was a big winner today $ODFL $SAIA $ALSN $CVTI $JBHT $DAN $MTOR
    Healthcare stocks up but too volatile $ANTM $UNH $AET $HUM $CI
    Retail getting crushed on $AMZN’s earnings $CVS $TGT $WMT
    $XLP - continuing to fall from this topping pa ...
  • ginny: $ALSN trucks and cars need transmissions
  • champ: $BA - $DIS - ALSN - $NAV - $WMT - $DFS - I got back in these companies this morning on the drop. C. Icahn is holding 2.5 m of $NAV ..that he bought around 12/19. My thinking is that the Trucking business should do great in 2015.... anything to do with trucks and parts like $ALSN Allison Transmission should do well. 1/2 size in all positions for now....watching this market. Still looking for direction for now it looks like it's up.....going to play this market one day at a time with $SSO.
  • champ: $NAV and $ALSN working this morning I have positions in both... $PACR working ....I have no position in this stock but I think anything to do with truck will be winners in 2015. Watching $RUSS and going to add a little RHRN on the news out today....this is a 3x short.
  • champ: $AMZN is making a small move up far this morning on the news of 10m new members. I have a position ....watching and hoping to add. I also have been doing research on $ALSN ...a transmission company for Trucks, Buses (school and transit), Off-Highway and Motorhomes. Trucks transmissions are for medium and heavy- duty.....all are for Automatic Transmissions. A real slow mover thats going to take off ..I believe. This could be the start of a great year for this company and all trucks. I got in this morning and hoping to add....this stock should start climbing. They are starting to up grade trucking companies, truck manufactures and suppliers should be next. Check it out.
  • judysteiner: $alsn-IBD stock 96%rating,reported excellent numbers,looks like reversing off morning lows.BIg green candle yesterday.o 5 min chart. any thoughts??
  • judysteiner: $alsn-owner of shares here,will be trailing stop up hopefully
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Thursday's close A, $AIG, $ALNY, $ALSN, $BRCD, $CGNX, $CLD, $CLF, $CRAY, $ELLI, $ENOC, $GRT, IM, $JCOM, $KEG, $KONA, $KRFT, $LBTYA, $LLNW, $LOGM, $MASI, $MOVE, $NR, $RATE, $RGC, $SAAS, $STMP, $TRLA, $WOOF, $WRI, WTW
  • :
  • woodman: $TM @beby138 - a lot of the autos look good, or did earlier today. $TM is one I was looking at this morning, as is Japanese competitor HMC. I bought $GNTX today but it's looking a little challenged at the 21 EMA. $F has a nice stair step to it. Others I was looking at were $LEA, $ALSN and BWA. They are more pullback and bounce picks. Others have nice uptrends going such as $MGA, $ACW and AXL. $WGO has a nice channel going, but is firmly in the middle of it. GL.
  • bcsummerfield: $ALSN - starting to break out of a #squeeze on daily chart
  • bcsummerfield: $ALSN - tight #squeeze, roughly 3.5%
  • MSL: $ALSN IPO strat, team dangerously close to all time 25.22, if you can stomach price action holding up today. only thing i dont like today is vol levels.
  • heretic: $ALSN - Allison Transmission Holdings - @DAN's IPO strategy - Not very exciting stock. Good news from auto sales this morning. Established truck parts manufacturer. Nearing the post IPO high "blue sky territory", I'm with FIDO and there was a 15 day lock-up period on this IPO with them, probably with others too. The IPO was on March 15. Might be worth a look for someone that didn't get in on the IPO.
  • heretic: $ALSN - IPO'ed yesterday. I got about 1/10th of my order on the IPO. Added some after it opened. No big pop on the open but this should be attractive based on valuation since it priced at about 10 times this years earnings.
  • onegr8tdesigner: $ALSN - How would @Dan's IPO thesis be applied in this case since there was quite literally almost no pop initially?
  • MSL: $ALSN, IPO green banana, chart not really developed. IMHO
  • heretic: $ALSN - I'm not sure what @DAN would say. For me, If it keeps melting up, it is still in blue sky territory. As long as it keeps going up, there are no regretful buyers. Initial shares with FIDO are restricted, somewhat, because they will tag you with being in violation of their "flipping" policy if you sell within 15 days. Lots of other shares will be restricted too.
  • scgaryinv: $ALSN @heretic I saw your post so I bought some today @$24.33. Thanks for posting something on it. I am in with you to see if it can hold steady and not tank.
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Stock Price $USD 42.86
Change -0.51%
Volume 844,082

Allison Transmission Holdings, Inc engages in the design and manufacture of commercial and military fully-automatic transmissions and hybrid-propulsion systems for transit buses.

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  • July 30th, 2018 - 2018 Q2 Earnings
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