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  • Gary: ...
    $ANET – up 41% since 10/12
    $PRAH – light volume breakout. Weak hands are probably done selling. No earnings until 2/28.
  • rachel: ...
    3. $ANET – up almost 40% since addition. All time highs again. Keep your stop just below $240 and you’ve locked in 25% profit. Might consider selling just a bit to drop your cost basis in the rest.
    4. $CBOE – starting another mo ...
  • jbuc5222: $ANET - trending up

    This morning, ATHM and WB are doing particularly well, up 7% and $4.4% respectively.

    COHR is starting to move o ...
  • issues: @mgoodw $BC $PII $W $SQ $TIF Looks like a sell off from a top. I got the following stops hit so are: $ANET $BABA $LGIH $NTNX
  • mgoodw: @issues $BC $PII $W $SQ $TIF $ANET $BABA $LGIH $NTNX looks like a lot of things are selling off, not just all of these. I'm sure the threat of the government closing isn't helping either.
  • Robert1965: $OLED, $WUBA, $ANET, anyone added to these
  • indigo1948: @Robert1965 $OLED $WUBA $ANET - I would like to add but am reluctant to do so as these and many others are quite extended from buy points that I consider good entries. It seems that when I add at extended levels I get caught in some downturns - very hard to tell with these but I try to make my entries as disciplined as possible in a conservative manner. I am fairly fully invested with stops that are tightening.
  • Robert1965: @indigo1948 $OLED $WUBA $ANET Same here, when I add it usually turns south
  • champ: @indigo1948 $OLED $WUBA $ANET ---- Good Work ...fully invested...with really doesn't get any better.
  • bRobert: @Robert1965 $OLED $WUBA $ANET Adding on pullback/bounce is the safest strategy.. You are more likely to save on the pullback than lose to a runaway train.
  • indigo1948: @bRobert $OLED $WUBA $ANET - total agreement with you and Champ. Market is extremely frothy but we can ride it until it bucks us off - with tight stops we can live to re-enter the market another day. Thanks for the input - you and Champ.
  • Danzguy: @bRobert $OLED $WUBA $ANET Amen dat, bRobert!
  • bRobert: @indigo1948 $OLED $WUBA $ANET Many of my best positions started with a double bottom bounce and then soared. You are entering at the lowest risk entry. Good stocks often recover quickly from this point. Shorts cover. Value players enter.The stock starts moving and the momentum players pile on. Soon it's breaking out and you're very profitable from well below. You add on pull backs and before you know it you've made some very serious money. All done with low risk moves that epitomize good risk management.
  • DragonFly: $ANET started a small position in this IBD and SMM growth stock - long term
  • woodman: $ANET nice move. Uptrend has remained intact.
  • bRobert: $ANET nh Nice high base Target $270
  • ROSEY: @bRobert $ANET THX for target.
  • spmeyers: @woodman $ANET like it
  • Bridget: #Notes: $SMH - semis still recovering, $NVDA $AMAT $IPGP $NXPI Cloud Computing up - $NTNX $ANET $CBOE $CME $ICE - hitting new highs Breakouts: $OLED - good volume, new high $FLIR $VIPS $PODD - biotech, makes the leading wearable, tubeless insulin pump for diabetics. $MELI - new high IPOs $AQUA - starting a run higher $CARS - new high, above ave volume
  • artdiefenbach: Anyone know why $ANET is tanking?
  • issues: @artdiefenbach $ANET I don't know but I just got stopped out 1/2 position.
  • issues: @woodman $ABMD Also I see $ANET got raised by Stifle Nicolaus target $270
  • issues: @traderbren $BABA good advice. I like $ANET today LTH.
  • issues: My biggest losers today include; $BABA $ANET $NVDA. Looks like BABA has a broadening (megaphone) pattern? Not good.
  • Bridget: $YY getting a bounce as well as $ANET
  • issues: Trying to decide which chart looks better $FSLR or $SEDG? I think it's FSLR but I don't really want to plant the flag on the top of the mountain. Holding 1/2 position on SEDG but NP on FSLR. Added to $ANET $SQ $SPR (4th try for a BO) $YY $ESPR. Cramer had good words for the CEO of ANET that helped bring the stock up. Thoughts on the chart of $CRM? I was wishing I had bought some but didn't after the big pop up yesterday. Wondering if I am too late?
  • spmeyers: @issues $FSLR $SEDG $ANET $SQ $SPR $YY $ESPR $CRM too late for me on FSLR; waiting for more volume on SEDG
  • issues: @spmeyers $FSLR $SEDG $ANET $SQ $SPR $YY $ESPR $CRM Thanks!
  • issues: I appreciate Dan's comments about this being a 'bull trap'. Dan is right a lot. Like when he said take partial profits when tech was at it high. I didn't follow his advice and regret it especially on $ANET! Wow 40 point drop! Will it ever return back up>? I added to $ALGN $SEDG $MKSI $RHT> and sold 1/4 position in $CGNX and all of $MZOR. Also sold $KRO with small profit. Bought starter in $ADBE! stop at $165. Added to $ROKU with stop at $35! Looking at $CRM and seeing the top is around $108. Not much room 'til it hits it's resistance.
  • Gary: ...
    7. $ANET – this is NOT a good pullback...but it works. Would put a stop below $200. Compare this to PAYC/NVDA/LRCX. This stuff matters!!!
    8. $CORT – mentioned this yesterday....importance of having a strategy.
    a. Why are you buying?
    b ...
  • DAN: ...
    $ANET – off 50-day MA
    $PYPL – off 50-day MA
    $WUBA – broke through 50-day MA, but probably has a couple of bucks left in it.
    $NVDA – broken stock, but it is being defended. Might long as it doesn’t fall below ...
  • rachel: ...
    9. $ANET – off 50-day MA
    10. $PYPL – off 50-day MA
    11. $WUBA – broke through 50-day MA, but probably has a couple of bucks left in it.
    12. $NVDA – broken stock, but it is being defended. Might long as it doesn&rsqu ...
  • issues: I am trying to decide what to do with $ANET and $NVDA. These have been winners in my LTH account. With this drop I am watching a slow bleeding to death and loss of a great profit. I am thinking of putting in stops. Anyone have a stop/sell for these or maybe I should stick with my plan and just hold them. I have 1/2 positions in both. I have this haunting fear that as soon as I sell or stop out they will bottom and turn back up. Could they just be in a flag configuration? Maybe it's my imagination but the charts look like $YY, which I hold a starter position in.
  • tigerjohn8: @issues $ANET $NVDA My "safety" stops on these long term holds for me, stopped me out of them today. Very dissapointing. I'd like to buy $ANET back if it hits the 50dma. But $NVDA has blown through that. I don't know where any support is. Maybe someone else could forecast a possible bottom for that. Anyway you can always handle your "haunting fear!!" by following the advice to "sell some, keep some"
  • phgruver: @issues $ANET $NVDA $YY Frankly, it's a bit late to be selling $ANET and $NVDA. Since you are down to 1/2 positions, I'd leave the rest to ride out the correction. For your cash, I'd be looking elsewhere for opportunity. Retail, Banks and Industrials are looking good right now....
  • issues: @tigerjohn8 $ANET $NVDA Thank you for that excellent answer. I sold $COST last week on the ascent/big pop up, only to see it continue up without me. That's trading. At least I got $960 profit on a long term hold (It would have been $1100 if I held it). But Dan always says sell when it gaps up that much.)
  • issues: @phgruver $ANET $NVDA $YY Thanks for this sagacious advice. I only had a 1/2 position to begin with so I haven't taken a profit yet. I had a nice round $5K profit in ANET now it's down to $4 K. I feel if I sell it will do like I did with $COST selling the full position it will bottom and then turn back up without me holding any shares. I could sell 1/2 of my 1/2, but I keep thinking, if this is a LTH why am I trading it. But, if I hear Dan right, a LTH is a couple of months, not days... Thanks!
  • issues: I got a little BO on $ALXN and added 1/4 shares. I want to thank those who answered my cries for help this morning on ANET and NVDA. By looking at your answers and all the other excellent stocks I feel comfortable holding my shares a little longer. I have seen NVDA do this act before and it has always come back. Why is this time any different? It's not. But it's like completing a race only to have to start over again. As an investor there are some stocks that are essential "pillars of a portfolio". I think $ANET and $NVDA would be two.
  • phgruver: @issues $ALXN $ANET $NVDA Tough position. $ANET shows support at about 200, $NVDA looks like 175. That's still a good bit of downside. No one knows, etc., etc.
  • issues: @Cwaniak $ALGN Thanks I was thinking the same thing. Some of my great stocks are down quite a bit. My best is $ANET and it looks like so many other charts. $YY similar... I appreciate getting a second opinion to help me decide. You are the man! Thanks! I will sit on the hands.
  • Reif99: Lot of big red candles on the watchlist today. $NVDA, $LRCX, $PYPL, $BABA, $ANET, $SQ, $YY etc.
  • DAN: ...
    Similarly, if you're looking at the chart and all you see is a parabolic move (look at $SQ, $ANET for two examples), then look behind you and all you see is buying activity that pushed the stock higher.

    And what does all that buying activity crea ...
  • gig1: @DAN $SQ $ANET $BLD Excellent note Dan. Very helpful in defining your role and the value you deliver which is tremendous as a teacher.
  • DAN: @gig1 $SQ $ANET $BLD Thanks gig1. It's important that people see what I'm trying to do here. I'm here for you. All of you. If anyone needs something, or has questions, requests, or feedback, I do consider it. All of it. I may not be able to do what is requested for various reasons...but if I can, I will. Always.
  • ascutia833sunset: @DAN $SQ $ANET $BLD Great comment Dan, I've been a member going on 2 yrs at SMM, I've applied your trading process and using the trading rules you provided. I can honestly say my trading after about six months of listening to your strategy sessions ...
  • DAN: @ascutia833sunset $SQ $ANET $BLD Thanks for that feedback, ascutia833sunset. That's really gratifying to hear...very glad that you're putting some of the things we're doing here to work. That's what gets me up early each day. Congrats on doing so well!! Dan
  • spmeyers: @DAN $SQ $ANET $BLD good stuff; my main gripe with the Growth Stock list is that it's weighted toward large or mid caps; I'd like to see more small caps, which are more my trading style
  • vblegacy: @DAN $SQ $ANET $BLD Thanks, these are words that I needed to hear.
    Thought provoking post. You've definitely helped me be a better technical trader. I disagree slightly that entry is "everything" though. Price entry is certainly critical but not everything all of the time. Buying your ...
  • Gary: ...
    $ANET – flag pattern. Extended, but doesn’t mean it’s done.
    $GWRE – Now on Phase 3 of squeeze pattern
    $IPGP – Icarus…but Thursday’s selling was followed by buying. Would set a stop on at least some of a pos ...
  • numbers: There is a lot of ways to look at data. The report column are: ticker, no days above 20d sma for the last 200 days, growth for 200 days, relative price using the 200 day high/low, ATH (1000 day look back) or 200 day high. $ALGN 194 164 0.98 $CBOE 188 49 0.99 $AABA 185 63 0.95 $BABA 183 85 0.93 $GDOT 182 136 0.9 $PYPL 182 93 0.96 ATH $ISRG 182 68 0.96 ATH $NOVT 180 128 0.96 $IPGP 180 109 0.99 ATH $VRSN 180 39 0.99 ATH $ANET 178 145 0.99 ATH $TRU 177 70 0.98 ATH $MA 176 40 0.94 $TCEHY 175 97 0.99 ATH $RHT 174 62 0.99 $FAF 174 42 0.9 $ADBE 172 59 0.97 $PENN 170 93 0.97 $CGNX 169 103 0.99 $ABMD 169 85 0.96 $JOBS 169 74 0.91 $MCD 169 34 0.91 $TTWO 168 118 0.96 $WK 168 73 0.86 $SBAC 168 57 0.92 *I am not good at split handling, also my vendor may have not been tracking the stock from the issue date so ATH may not match the real data. I do the same report sorted by growth rate. I also do the same report for the last 100days and 50days.
  • Gary: ...
    2. $ANET – as previously noted…the shakeout, once reversed, can be a POWERFUL signal of a big move.
    3. $BABA
    4. $BLD – Holding at 50-day MA. Stop should be below $60
    5. $CBOE
    6. $CGNX – trailing stops
    7. $COHR
    8. $CORT
    9. $ ...
  • Reif99: Just want to say one thing ... $ANET is killing it.
  • rachel: ...
    3. $ANET – 4 & 4 EPS/Revs. Current Status: Breaking out of volatility squeeze. (Phase 3)
    4. $BABA – 4 & 3 EPS/Revs. Current status: Uptrend intact. Flattening.
    5. $BLD – Insulation installer. Low risk entry. Current s ...
  • bRobert: $ANET Squeeze fakeout breakout. Continues nh
  • issues: Prior to earnings yesterday folks were selling $ANET as low as $178. I wasn't even tempted to sell but I guess others thought ANET would fall when they reported. Today I am rejoicing but wishing I had bought more yesterday. Also $OLED is a winner but again I don't have enough shares. Still holding some losers $KEM $BZUN ... added to $CC and $NVMI.
  • woodman: $ANET - Some regretful pre-earnings sellers of this one. Crazy two days.
  • tigerjohn8: $ANET Got stopped on big drop ahead of earnings. Reentered a smaller position down here on the 50 dma
  • bRobert: $ANET Stalking for long term hold
  • kogank: @bRobert $ANET expected ER today, going down all day. Do you suggest to buy it before earning?
  • woodman: @issues $KEM $ALGN $ALRM $PAYC $CORT $ANET $OLLI $PCTY $IPCP $DVMT $NVDA $CTRL $GWRE $BABA $BLD $SQ $ESNT -I simply don't know what to make of this odd, announced "quiet period" in $KEM. When I think quiet period, I think buyout. But I don't think of a buyout with an announced quiet period. I might be inclined to buy it back when the dust settles if I could make heads or tails of the situation. Obviously, the Market is spooked by it. I see $CORT is on that list. I sold mine today before earnings.
  • issues: @woodman $KEM was on Dan's long term hold list that he went over last weekend. I guess Dan goofed short term. Also on Dan's LTH list were: $ALGN $ALRM $PAYC $CORT $ANET (he said to hold through earnings. Earnings growth up... wow is me today but still holding. Also on his list were: $OLLI $PCTY $IPCP $DVMT $NVDA $CTRL $GWRE $BABA $BLD $SQ $ESNT... (not sure where his list is posted.) Ironically KEM is still #1 in ELECTRONIC-PARTS GROUP #47 and rated 99 Cumulative and B- accumulation. And still on the IBD 50 list.
  • geotheo: @issues $KEM $ALGN $ALRM $PAYC $CORT $ANET $OLLI $PCTY $IPCP $DVMT $NVDA $CTRL $GWRE $BABA $BLD $SQ $ESNT #1 #47 The list is to the right of the top few posts. Select "Watchlist". Right under "Moving", "Trending.
  • bRobert: $ANET trying again. Reports . 11/2 . Long leap calls
  • woodman: $ANET breaking out.
  • 1993dean: $ANET Brakeout
  • cmac: @1993dean $ANET my ANET alert fired......wish volume was heavier, but am adding a position
  • rachel: ...
    10. $ANET -- volatility squeeze! Should expect profit-taking at $200. This is a squeeze within an uptrend. Can be continuation...but should close out some of this prior to earnings...or at least make sure that the position is manageable and can w ...
  • bRobert: $ANET Bounce off 20d Premier player. Entry with stop, just below yesterday low $188.65
  • Gary: ...
    6. $ANET – Quarterly revs expanding (33, 34, 39, 51). EPS also expanding (41, 30, 37, 81). Trailing stop below the 50-day moving average works.
    7. $BABA – Keeps setting all-time highs. Due for a rest. Several weeks before earnings. ...
  • issues: @Gary I really appreciate you doing this! Posting Dan's notes saves me lots of time I don't have rhrn. But the trailing stop on $ANET is like 15 points. That's too big a drop for me. I am just watching this winner and a little pull back is ok.
  • Bridget: I have to take off a bit early today. Here are my notes: #Notes: Market Indexes are flat but many stocks are moving higher $XLF $GDX - both mostly flat today $OIH - pullback in gas today but lack of volume $XBI - still in a squeeze $XLY - continuing to breakout IBD50 at new highs $FIVE $HTHT $PAYC $ANET $TEAM $RHT $ALGN $V $PRAH $VMW $PYPL $AMZN - coming close to $1000 $TSLA - made a move higher today $FEYE - new highs $BMY - new high today in this rally $NFLX - almost hit $200 today, day 3, ER on 10/16 $GM - another new high $HLF - big breakout $BXP - breakout $TGT - breaking down from this squeeze
  • issues: @Bridget $XLF $GDX $OIH $XBI $XLY $FIVE $HTHT $PAYC $ANET $TEAM $RHT $ALGN $V $PRAH $VMW $PYPL $AMZN $TSLA $FEYE $BMY $NFLX $GM $HLF $BXP $TGT #Notes Thanks Brid. Cramer once said the best place to buy is when a stock hits a new high then pulls back 5 to 8 %. Here's the list of new highs. Any 5% or 65 PULL BACK should be bought. Right on?
  • Bridget: $ANET hit a new high today and then sold off. Bearish engulfing candle today. Not a buying opportunity. Will wait to see what it does near the 20dMA.
  • Bridget: #Notes: earnings: $NKE $DRI $CCL In a Squeeze: $GOGL $EXPE $HCA $ALXN $LQD $ADP Breaking out: $CL $OEC $EMN $FISV $TWX $VAC $GES $HPE $CLDX $ANET - bearish engulfing after new high $BMA - phase 2 $EA $ATVI - breaking down from squeeze $XAR - defense stocks seeing pullback, even with N Korea issues $MCO - working $MON - working $ABT $HD - new high after flag New lows - $DGX $INCY CHinese stocks taking a hit - $FXI $BABA BIDU SINA EDU TAL $PYPL $SQ $V - getting sold today $XLK - tech stocks took a big hit $MSFT $AVGO $LRCX $XLI - extended $EEM - dropped $GDX - finding support Oil stocks still running $MOD $LEA $DAN - auto parts working IPOs $AKCA $SOI
  • DrScience: $ANET continuing out of squeeze on upgrade at $MS to "Overweight" with PT almost doubled to $210. Stock pushing to new all-time high.
  • bRobert: $ANET Very strong move continues after squeeze breakout. Long calls. Stops raised on partial. Holding stock.
  • 1993dean: $ANET squeezing $CSCO coming out of a base buy above 32.53
  • bRobert: @1993dean $ANET $CSCO Agree. Long calls. rolled up ANET last week.
  • bRobert: $LOGM $ANET squeezing. Quality cloud name ANET breakout
  • Bridget: $ANET breakout, but lacking volume
  • bsafriet: $ANET $EXTR $ESIO Stopped out of $ANET as it fell below the buy point this AM. Stop hit on $EXTR this AM as well, out at $11.30. My entry was at 10.87 for a 4% profit for a 5 day trade; not great, but I'll take it. Still in $ESIO but the move looks to be over. Will exit this afternoon if my stop hit or it appears that it will close below yesterday's low. My unit cost is $10.84 and $ESIO at $12.26 RHRN. for a 13% gain. I've been in this trade for a couple of weeks.
  • bsafriet: $ANET $GIMO. Watching both, no position. $ANET Has formed a pennant and testing the upper line. Waiting for a b/o. $GIMO. Has formed a nice looking cup base. First b/p at 42.70, currently $42.375+0.425
  • bsafriet: $ANET. Broke out during webinar. My alert didn't work or I missed it. Now at $178.01, b/p was 176.88. I'm long, small position. Volume is on the weak side. Will add if volume picks up.
  • SMMReif82: @bsafriet $ANET I've seen several "breakouts" today that are on pretty weak volume. More like "stroll outs." $EA, $SHOP, $STZ
  • Bridget: @SMMReif82 $ANET LOL I like that term "stroll out".
  • Bridget: $ANET big reversal and breakout higher. Wait and watch for a pullback.
  • issues: Bought $AAOI $72 and $SWIR $25. Still holding $ANET but considering selling some. Sold 1/4 $PI (even).
  • Bridget: @issues $ANET I agree, if you are already in stay in. I was just saying people shouldn't buy it here. Can it keep going up? yes. But that is not good risk management to buy it here. After a bit of consolidation, then maybe.
  • issues: @Bridget $ANET Thank you Bridget!! I appreciate your great advice! So a pull back could give it momentum for going up further. I also think your advice about buying on pull backs is better than buying on break outs. I guess if it pulls back I could buy more. PS This ANET was the one Dan said to sell on 8/2's strategy session. I'm glad I held it. He said the pattern is broken and it was institutional selling. Don't be in opticals. But the institutions were wrong if they were selling ANET. They may have been right about others. Some of the biggest gains have been made when the crowd says sell and it surprises them and comes out with good earnings. I like those the best. If everyone anticipates great earnings and they get what they expect, it doesn't go up nearly as much as a surprise.
  • bsafriet: $AAOI $ANET $CGNX $COHR $FN $FNSR $IIVI $IPGP $LITE $MTSI $OCLR. $VIAV. Optical group doing extremely well today. Many breakouts and/or new highs. Laser mgfs, component makers serving data centers, and cell phone 3D recognition seem to be the major themes.
  • champ: @bsafriet $BAC $C $WFC $DB $MS $JPM $AAOI $AMAT $LRCX $AVGO $NVDA $COHR $OLED $IIVI $IPGP $MU $VEEV $ADBE $GLW $AXTI $LITE $OCLR $NOVT $ANET $FNSR $MTSI $TSLA $LABD $Dan $WB $MOMO $TCEHY $NTES $BIDU #Trading #Spec #Positions #Economic #Non-Farm #Addi ...
  • bsafriet: @champ $BAC $C $WFC $DB #Trading #Spec #Positions #Economic #Non-Farm #Additional Why not take partial profits in your long positions in. $BAC and $C and let the rest ride (play with the house's money)? I'm long $MS, $C and $JPM and thinking about a ...
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $ANET Arista Networks Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • issues: I listened to Dan's alert on $ANET (buy at a pull back to $145) and noticed a similarity to the charts of $PLAY and $ZBRA. So I am trying to decide which one to add to. We hold starter positions in all three.
  • DAN: @issues $ANET $PLAY $ZBRA I wouldn't add to any of them right now, issues. They are indeed similar patterns. They've all broken the 50-day moving average and have not yet found buyers. I'd play it pretty close to the vest.
  • Bridget: $ANET is breaking the 50dMA. Weekly looks very toppy.
  • issues: @audrina0904 $ESNT It's very choppy - like a meat cutter. 1/2 position. I sold $ICLR when it was headed down. Now it's up big. I am not going to do that with $PI $AAOI $ANET $AMAT $AEIS etc.
  • issues: $ANET & $ATVI have very similar charts. I like this pull back so I added to the less expensive of the two - ATVI. I also added to these on the pull back yesterday: $ATHN $AMAT $EXAS $AEIS ~ Tomorrow $STZ reports at 10:30 am so I am selling 1/3 position.
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Volume 658,175

Arista Networks Inc with its subsidiaries is a supplier of cloud networking solutions that use software innovations to address the needs of large-scale Internet companies, cloud service providers and next-generation enterprise.

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