Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (NYSE:ANW)

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  • bRobert: $ANW Target 1 . $4.8
  • bRobert: $ANW Squeezing . Possible fake out breakdown. makes for very Low risk entry. Stop $4.1 Earnings Nov 15.
  • bRobert: $ANW squeeeeze
  • bRobert: $ANW squeezing.
  • bRobert: $ANW Have a starter + position in ANW.. Holding stock. Looking for range breakout. Real earnings and dividend kicker. Turn around story. will add when confirmed.
  • bRobert: $ANW Squeezing
  • bRobert: $BDI $GNK $NM $DSX $ANW $GNRC BDI up. Looking at shippers. GNRC generators not on groupon. Soaring
  • bRobert: $HD $LL $GRUB $ANW $SB $GNK $NM HD Nice pop MACD ADX cross. W pattern. Long OCT 155 - 160 call spread, Call leaps. LL Grub moving. High upside targets. Shippers moving.
  • issues: @bRobert $HD $LL $GRUB $ANW $SB $GNK $NM Which ones did you buy or are holding?
  • bRobert: @issues $HD $LL $GRUB $ANW $SB $GNK $NM Holding HD LL GRUB ANW GNK . Holding them. Not trading them. Large upside targets for LL GRUB. Now in sideways consolidation. High short interest
  • bRobert: $DSX $ANW DSX Low risk TRADE. Weekly squeeze. ANW Watching for breakout above 50d
  • bRobert: $CZZ $GNK $NM $SB $ANW Still sweet on CZZ. Target 9.2 Bulk shippers and related. Perky, Something has to move that copper
  • bRobert: $ANW $CORT ANW Growing revenues /earnings. Double bottom. Renaissance Technology new position(best hedge fund on the planet. 50% annual returns. only 1 down year -5% CORT nh . (btw also Renaissance)
  • bRobert: $ANW . $HD $BEAT . $MDT ANW Blew out earnings . Nearly 20% short interest. long. HD . consolidating above 50d after run. Earnings Tues 8/15. Beat - nice bounce off support. Leader in the telemetry arena. MDT . Higher low. Stop $82.90 . Top tier med device company . Expect higher margins with sale of medical supply division. Earnings 8/25
  • spmeyers: @bRobert $ANW $HD $BEAT $MDT I appreciate your posts.
  • Motorman: $ANW phase 3 starting
  • Bridget: $ANW is up big today and hit $13. Will likely take a bit of a rest here before moving higher but I do think this uptrend is not over yet.
  • cmaxwel1: @Bridget $ANW (ex dividend date today $0.02 / share)
  • Bridget: otes: Oil is up: I like $XOM and $ANW, most all other gapped and reversed today Media buyouts are big news driving the prices in names like $FOXA buying $SKY, $VZ possibly buying $CBS, and $T buying $TWX IPOs at their highs $CWH $LW $BATS $XLP consumer staples are starting to recover. $JNJ $GIS $CLX $XLU is also looking promising Trash stock are looking good: $WM and $RSG $COST and $HON both moving higher after small flag patterns Health Care stocks doing well: $DGX $MRK $PFE $WCG $UNH
  • mradams0621: #gapers gap up Price %Change $GBIM Globeimm... 3.50 41.13% $ANF Abercrom... 24.37 25.04% $ANW Aegean M... 8.66 20.45% $CLDX Celldex ... 16.19 11.58% $YELP Yelp Inc... 31.21 11.23% $ROST Ross Sto... 50.84 10.04% $LMAT Lemaitre... 15.77 9.59% $CRHM Crhm 2.93 9.33% $COKE Coca-col... 188.63 9.05% $HZNP Horizon ... 20.28 7.76% gap down $APTO Aptose B... 2.51 -52.73% $NMBL Nimble S... 10.05 -50.71% $TROX Tronox I... 4.62 -16.15% $PSTG Pure Sto... 14.74 -15.29% $PNRG Primeene... 53.59 -12.86% $HERO Hercules... 4.05 -12.15% $MSB Mesabi T... 6.11 -11.06% $JNUG Direxion... 30.18 -10.10% $AAMC American... 12.00 -8.75% $SNPS Synopsys... 48.23 -8.17%
  • FHS: $ANW A little friend from long ago, watching for a break out above 15.10. Might be worth a gander. Cheers.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $AFCE, $ANW, $CSCO, $EGLE, $KGC, $MM, $NTAP, $NTES, $PNNT, $SEAS, $TTEK, $WGL, XONE
  • fhsavidge: DSX/ANW--earnings I believe before market. It'll be interesting to see how the shippers respond as a whole. I sold $DSX prior--hence I expect a jump tomorrow--but have kept $NAT for a long term hold, one of my "penalty boxers" so to speak. And $ANW screamed higher after missing on almost every earnings indicator; man did I get lucky on that one. I'm now actually making money on it, and I don't know why. I'll take it, especially after the $MDR debacle. Cheers.
  • fhsavidge: MU@jja2--yes, holding it over earnings is a roll of the dice. But everyone's situation is unique. To be honest, my break even on $MU, which I trade in my IRA account, had been 9.55. I averaged down (see earlier post from, so sorry, I forgot the mon ...
  • scorpino: $BAS watching for bounce $ANW ditto
  • scorpino: MSL - good hunting...hope you keep us posted early :-) $ANW probably isn't it but it is peeking it's head above recent consolid. mentioned on Fido as bullish signal.
  • jververis: ...
    New 52 week lows include: $ACW, $ADM, $ADVS, $AEIS, $AF, $AFAM, $AFL, $AGII, $AGO, $AIG, $AKAM, $AKS, $ALL, $ALNY, $ALR, $AMCC, $AMED, $AMKR, $AMSC, $ANAD, $ANR, $ANW, $AOL, $ARAY, $ARC, $ARI, $ARRY, $ART, $ASEI, $ASIA, $ATHX, ATPG, $AUO, $AUXL, $AV ...
  • wehappyfew: $ANW Volatility expansion up.
  • obsxllc: $ANW Aegean Marine Petro...just another #squeeze release on the upside....check out the volume on close yesterday!
  • Deb: $ANW This is my first post in the forum, $ANW breaking out, looking at a potential gap fill any thoughts. Thank you.
  • wehappyfew: $ANW Welcome Deb. Please click on the dated daily thread, scroll down to the first comment of the day, and click on reply. Your Market thought will be added at the bottom of the list. Hope this helps.
  • RFrangie: $ANW - you can get it 40% off just for today
  • RFrangie: $ANW - UPDATE 1-Aegean Marine Q3 disappoints, shares tank
    * Q3 adj $EPS $0.16 vs est $0.35
    * Rev up 82 pct at $1.34 bln vs est $1.28 bln
    * Shares down more than 37 percent

    Nov 10 (Reuters) - Greek Marine fuel logistics co ...
  • RFrangie: $ANW - 4 Buys, 3 Outperform & 1 Hold. Target $29
  • razorsedge: $ANW, just bot @fer a trade,, small, pos
  • DAN: ...
    I had 20 on the focus list of stocks that I was going to look at this morning.. There were 4 that I liked: $ANW FFIV $MSTR SEP. I would have entered them, but I did not like the $SPY or QQQQ. Am I wrong with my conclusion?


    =========== ...
  • bRobert: $ANW Continued breakout from volatility #squeeze and gap up. Have long term and trading positions. Used 59 min techniques to trade additional shares with opening gap. Thanks @Dan! Added to $VPRT, EXM, MTW. $TUP in #squeeze, on radar @Robert
  • bRobert: $PPG, $ASH, $EMN, $CE $ANW Several players in the chemical group are in a volatility #squeeze. Keep on your radar for potential upside breakout. Also keep an eye on $ANW (different sector). Strong up trend and OBV. Good growth story. Coiled spring with upside bias. @Robert
  • gatordave: CallaLilly- Dry bulk shippers: If you have not yet read it, see the article by @Michael McDonough on RealMoney. I have not been buying/selling shippers for a while now. The oversupply of tonnage is a big issue for me. I have been trading the refuelers (ANW $INT GLP) as I see them benefiting much more than the shipping companies as the world economy picks up. Currently long $GLP and $ANW common. $ANW has the better business model in my opinion. GatorD
  • bRobert: $ANW I've traded this one around a core position for a while. Early volatility #squeeze expansion.
  • gatordave: ...
    These views and the charts are the basis of my not owning shippers but instead to own the companies that sell fuel/lubricants to the industry. There are no credit/collections problems for $ANW, $GLP and INT. They will be the direct beneficiaries of ...
  • gatordave: $DRYS - You could be right but it looks like the stock is at the top of the @zig. BDI has been down for this week. Also you should be aware that $DRYS is not a pure play on dry bulk shipping. They also have deepwater drill ships and a lot of debt. I have traded $DRYS a lot in the past but I currently have no shipping positions. I do have $ANW and GLP. They sell fuel to all shippers. $GLP also sells fuel to land based consumers. GatorD
  • buckie: @BOB/OUTLIER DAYS @Bob, thanks for your response to my post. You asked what I decide on a chart pattern when a chart has a pattern & then all of a sudden there's one single day that messes up the picture & things aren't so black & white anymore. For example, we were talking about the $ANW chart where it was trading in a channel except for that one day on 5/14/09. Well, if I am really interested in the stock I can pretty much let this one outlier day drive me crazy ... I suppose my emotions kick in, & sometimes at this point I can justify about anything. The majority of the time though I move on, deciding that the pattern is broken, and you can't expect the usual outcome ... well heck, it is broken.
  • snydog: $ANW - This is an interesting one I keep on my watch list. From what I've found it has great fundimentals, though I think they did disappoint on last quarter's earnings call. Looks like it could be trending up, though it is at the top of the channel right now and bumping up against resistance at 200 day ma. Would be tough to buy here. Any thoughts?
  • buckie: ...
    @Snydog - $ANW I think you could almost count on it going to 20 again, but I am not sure about whether it is still in a channel since there's that outlier day where it went down to 12. I would like to hear whether you & others in the community woul ...
  • Bob: @Buckie Re the $ANW outlier day. Those always get your attention don't they? I have a tendancy to buy a small position as close to the low as possible with a stop a couple of cents below the low and see what happens. As for how how view it, the next day is usually the tell but will watch the secondary indicators to be sure they recover fully and quickly as well. I'd wing 13.78 to about 18 as the channel now. How do you handle it?
  • snydog: $ANW - Might be a good short.
  • CallaLilly: Just wondering if anyone follows $ANW - it's down hard and I can't find any news. The thing is $NM reported well and there's a consensus that the pirates (rotten teenagers - send them a WII and end it) making ships take a lonfer route is all good for ANW. It's pretty dramatically down (which under my new jaded theory means tomorrow it gets an analyst note that it's been oversold and therefore a buy - shaking my head at BWLD's action).
  • Gabe: Buying breakouts has not worked for some time, but look at the moves in $ESI and IDCC. $EPIQ also setting up nice for a potential breakout. Also, big move in $ANW, and a bounce from the 50DMA in SHEN. All these stocks look pretty solid to me, with strong weekly charts as well. We need more leaders like these to get the rally started.
  • Craigy: $DE AGAIN Really is showing signs of a break, up, today. This is a well known stock very much tied to growing demand in ag and infra. All the stars are lined up and today is a great continuation. $ANW letting it work. Good Boy!
  • imortalz: Is anyone trading $ANW from @Craigy and @Dan's Video. I'm having issues with it being thinly traded. Less than 500K. @Craig Team anyone want to help me Justify it. I usually don't trade these. The chart sure does look good though as Directed.
  • haroldzero: $ANW @Craigy / @Dan Thx for this nice catch. Set a stop to lock my profit. What a nice up move :) Happy New Year. Harold
  • imortalz: $ANW @Bob, @Craigy Thanks for the commentary. I did take the trade this am for some lunch money. I have a stop at 16.75 and may even close it out at before close. If above average volume every hits this thing it's off to the races and will easily be a top IBD company.
  • Dan: @Craigy -- my bad. Forgot about your email re/ this stock. Vacation. But $ANW has a really nice looking chart.
  • gatordave: $ANW has a terrific business plan. The barriers to entry are significant and their competition is dwindling as single hull bunkers are being regulated out of most of the world. $ANW continues to add bunkers. Check out the website and conference call(s). I'm long common. GatorD
  • iancleghorn: ...
    $ANW Agean Marine

    $TK Teekay Corp
    Capital Product
    $VLCCF Knightsbridge Tankers
    GMR General Maritime
    OSG Overseas Shipholding
    $TNK Teekay Tankers

    RAMS Aries Maritime
    BHO B&H Ocean

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Stock Price $USD 1.47
Change -4.55%
Volume 1,377,890

Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. is a marine fuel logistics company that physically supplies and markets refined marine fuel and lubricants to ships in port and at sea.

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