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  • mixmasters: $ATRC,SNDK, sorry guys im not in the forum more often, I work days and hard to keep track of the days move for me.. I mention these 2 stocks a few days ago, there was a reply on what someone thought about these 2 symbles, I said the $ATRC was making ...
  • mixmasters: $ATRC, this stock is really breaking out of a volutilaty sqeeze, I got in a 5.00 even... stocks been up and does not look like its pulling back.. im buying more tomm morning and getting on board, once I have possetion I will put a stop in!!! this is what we talk about!! let this puppy run :)~
  • mixmasters: $ATRC Very true and i dont disagree, doing some research on it, and it does look promicing, and thats why i put on a stop sell order on it... i would never put alot of money on it, but worth giving this a few more days... I see 14.oo way back, I see 5 out of 6 up on a monthly chart wicth bottomed at 1.00... we will see.. i respect and apreciate your option thanks...
  • mixmasters: $ATRC Hi im new here, but not new to trading, does this look like its in a volitilty sqeeze? ready to pop??? just bough some at 5 bucks.. also $KOG any news on earnings? strong stocks could get stronger... wacth for good buy points... thanks gang lets make money!!!
  • Ross_Q: THQI, $BBX : Vol expansion and the formation of the U (Cup and Handle)resis at 5.78 area good volume watch for follow through. BBX: Closed above the 150, set stop below, nice E/E. Also on my watch wish list $ATRC, $ROSE, $RRI, HSTX (nice double bottom with strenght above the 150), Feedback (good or bad) welcome :) Ross
  • Ross_Q: $LHCG & ATRC: Happy Friday everyone. These two popped up on a screen. $LHCG Sell below 200dma upside 10 bucks. $ATRC looking for entry above 150 dma. Failed to hold 150 yesterday. Hope you are feeling better @Dan!
  • Ross_Q: LEA: Keep an eye on $ATRC as well, Vol expansion, Bull flag sold some LEA. Let the profit ride, house's money.
  • CallaLilly: $ATRC - why would this be down? It did fabulously well - AtriaCure reports Q1 $EPS (8c) vs. consensus of (19c) Reports Q1 revenue $13.7M vs. consensus $12.72M. Thanks for bringing it up. I'm loving lower priced stocks - as does the market lately.
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Stock Price $USD 24.16
Change 1.38%
Volume 63,200

AtriCure, Inc., is a medical device company. It develops, manufactures and sells cardiac surgical ablation systems designed to create precise lesions, or scars, in cardiac, or heart, tissue.

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  • July 26th, 2018 - 2018 Q2 Earnings
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