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  • Forexpro: ...
    The un-Dodd Frank bill also provides some relief for the trust banks, $STT, $BK, and $NTRS. As custodians, they of course have tons of cash on deposit from institutions, much of which is placed on deposit at the Fed. These sums were considered asset ...
  • KemoSabe: $BBT - @Forexpro - I am ultra long in $BBT, and have been for years. Glad to be in such good company as you.
  • Forexpro: @KemoSabe $BBT Cool, KemoSabe, That means that your cost basis is much better than mine, but I do like the fundies on this one, and I'm optimistic that over time the chart will continue to reflect the good results. Take care, and all the best!
  • Spotdog: @Forexpro $BAC $C $BK $STT $SIVB $XLF $XLE Good morning Forexpro, A while back you posted a chart of some of the banks and noted that $BBT was at the top of the list. I picked some up at that time and it is still working. Thanks again.
  • Forexpro: @Spotdog $BAC $C $BK $STT $SIVB $XLF $XLE $BBT Cool, Spotdog, I'm delighted that it's working. I'm still in it, and would, of course, love to see it break above the 56.21 level. Might be a bridge too far for today, but then again, why not? :) Hope you're doing well in general; all the best!
  • Forexpro: Re: $BBT Hi, Friends, Had my overall exposure been larger and my cash position smaller, I would have dumped this today. Not liquid courage, exactly, but liquidity courage. All the best!
  • Forexpro: @Vehid #E-MiniFutures Hi, Vehid, I'm drawing it differently, but I think that I see what you're referring to. It's been so choppy, though, that I'd be reluctant to trade $SPY on that basis. On balance, it looks to me like a recovery to back above the 50-EMA; now, if it pulls back, can the level hold? I'm not all that comfortable with it, but that's been the way to bet, until recently. Yeah, I hear you on the underwater. I tried to buy some $BBT, missed it, and got it on the more recent pullback. I don't mind chop, but the swings have been too wide for me to hang on this morning. As mentioned, I gave back the bulk of the early gains, so I'm pretty much sitting and sulking now. :) Hang in there; there are many easier days. All the best!
  • Vehid: @Forexpro $SPY $BBT #E-MiniFutures I started $JNUG position yesterday. Strong dollar smashed it but I bought around $13.15. Looks like it is started working now. Hopefully! All the best for you as well!
  • Forexpro: Re: #E-MiniFutures, $BBT Hi, Friends, Not that I've been paying all that much attention, but the E-mini futures have, by the narrowest of margins, moved back into an uptrend for the regular session, even though the price action remains well below the high. Decent range (24.25 points, top to bottom), plenty of opportunity long and short, but net, kinda nuthin'. VWAP is 2750.50, just above the session's 2750 midpoint. I'm not participating; I added some $BBT, selling Apr 55 (56 delta, slightly in the money) calls against it, for a net 53.46. The return, if called away, is 2.89 percent for 51 days, 20.6 percent annualized. The company is expected to report the day prior to Apr expiry, but that isn't set, as of yet. Hope your day is going well; all the best!
  • DrScience: @Argyle $KRE $FITB I prefer $RF, but the ones I looked at are all looking like they want to break through flat-top resistance levels.... $BBT, $PNC, $SIVB, $HBAN
  • bsnceo: @Forexpro $KSS $ANF $ABBV $ENR $ILG $LAZ $LMT $STX $TGT $VFC $SPY $BBT $MXIM $RBA what is your current opinion of $ILG -- been a laggard today
  • Forexpro: @bsnceo $KSS $ANF $ABBV $ENR $ILG $LAZ $LMT $STX $TGT $VFC $SPY $BBT $MXIM $RBA Hi, Bsnceo, I'm surprised by the red bar today, but I'm seeing no news of any kind. I suppose that there are levels where prospective buyers are less interested than are profit taking sellers, and $ILG appears to have reached one. With that said, I'm still made a little cautious inasmuch as this is happening on a day that's strong overall for the market. The chart remains strong, but this may be one of those "shots across the bow" that Dan mentions from time to time. We'll see how it goes, and how the volume looks at the close; all the best!
  • Forexpro: ...
    I also like somewhat less super regional $BBT, but ditto:

    $BAC has access to so much cheap funding that it should be impossible to mess it up. I know, the bank still messes up, but management has to work at it. I think that ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    I've added a couple of stocks; $BBT and $MXIM. They haven't been around for the full two weeks; thus far, $BBT is up 3.168 percent since inception, $MXIM 1.734 percent. I haven't gone back, as yet, to do a time-weighted average. Be it noted that $IL ...
  • Forexpro: @DAN $CMA $KRE $RF $KEY Thanks Much, Dan, In addition to these tickers, may I suggest $BBT, $CFR, and $HBAN? Plenty of tickers in this sector; whatever else may be ailing the U.S. of A, it ain't a shortage of banks. :) All the best!
  • Forexpro: ...
    I'm with Phgruver; it's a good day to work on taxes, particularly as I'm scheduled to meet with my accountant tomorrow. I also re-ran the scan outlined by Dan during his summary of the Minervini webinar. As mentioned here last week, $VFC no longer q ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    A week ago, inspired by Dan's webinar, I unveiled, with considerable fanfare ( blaring trumpets, etc.) a number of stocks (eight) that had come up in a Modified Minervini Scan. With a week in the books, the stocks, in the aggregate, had a decent wee ...
  • Forexpro: @optionswealth $ABBV $ENR $ILG $LAZ $LMT $STX $TGT $VFC $SPY $BBT $ADBE Thanks, Optionswealth, Thanks for the input. Did you mean to reply to me? I do own a bit of $ADBE, but I don't think that I've mentioned it in the Forum since June, or thereabouts. Parenthetically, this is an unusual circumstance, in that the stock pulled way back - to the 61.8 percent level from the previous high to the pivot low - and has now made it back to within whispering distance of the recent top at 204.45. Normally, a drop of that magnitude would lead to a lower high, and then a break into a downtrend; the stock has shown pretty impressive strength. Here's hoping that you're enjoying a great weekend; all the best!
  • optionswealth: @Forexpro $ABBV $ENR $ILG $LAZ $LMT $STX $TGT $VFC $SPY $BBT $ADBE I was analyzing both $ABBV and $ADBE and replied ADBE to you and ABBV in general to the forum. LOL
  • optionswealth: @Forexpro $ABBV $ENR $ILG $LAZ $LMT $STX $TGT $VFC $SPY $BBT $ADBE has an upturning histogram and indicator line but how much more room it has to grow depends on how far above its 200 day sma it can be expected to move. 30% above is ~209 and 40% above is ~225. It is now trading at ~201. ADBE has declining volume.
  • Forexpro: Re: Banks Hi, Friends, $BBT came up in a scan early in the week, and today a couple of additional tickers in that sector made an appearance. One is $CFR, a long-time Texas banking name headquartered in San Antonio. The broad financials looks decent; on the negative side, it looks a little extended to be a great buy right here, right now. I'd be looking for something in the neighborhood of 99.85; a move above 109 would signal that the balance of demand and supply has shifted in a northerly direction. All the best!
  • Forexpro: @PRK $HBAN $CFR Thanks Much, PRK, it's great to have a customer's perspective; relatively few people seem like their banks, certainly the large national brands, so a positive experience is a nice "tell". Just as a reality check, here's a StockCharts PerfChart comparing the SPY, the regional bank ETF ($KRE) and $BBT, $CFR, and $HBAN from the end of last year through yesterday's close. Thus far today, $BBT is flat, while $CFR and $HBAN are down tiny. Here's hoping that you're doing well; all the best!
  • Forexpro: Re: $BBT Hi, Friends, $BBT is a regional bank - skewed to the larger end of that group - that has a solid retail/commercial lending franchise centered in the southeast along with an insurance brokerage firm. Financials are decent, it pays a reasonable dividend (2.48 percent) that has grown over the years, and it isn't large enough to be constantly in regulators' sights. It had a tough time with the 50-SMA during the past couple of weeks, and closed below it once, but seems to have recovered its aplomb. An entry at the 50, say 52 would be nice; a stop below the recent low, say 50.70 is 5.5 percent from the current price of 53.66, just a tad further than I prefer. It still has a little distance to go - to around 54.20 - before recovering the 20-SMA. Here's hoping that your day is going well; all the best!
  • rnrdallas: @Forexpro $BBT they have also moved into North Texas.
  • Forexpro: @rnrdallas $BBT Thanks, Mrdallas, Competitive market, but management has faced that obstacle before. Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • Spotdog: @Forexpro $BBT Good morning Forexpro, After reading an earlier post from you on some bank stocks(with chart) I started looking at BBT and liked it so I started with a small position and then I revisited it after seeing this post. Picked up a few more shares. Thank you for your postings. I always read them. By the way, do you give credence to the MACD because that is looking good with respect to BBT
  • Forexpro: @Spotdog $BBT Thanks, Spotdog, Looks to be working, thus far, and hopefully that will continue to be the case. I have used MACD from time to time, but for purposes of the current portfolio, I'm just employing a simple stochastic RSI. I'll be looking to refine the tools as time goes by, and MACD will definitely be one that enters the mix. Here's hoping that you're doing well; all the best!
  • Forexpro: Re: Big Banks Hi, Friends, Out of familiarity with the sector, I pay a fair amount of attention to banks. Just for kicks, here's a performance chart of the largest commercial banks (so the former investment banks and the trust banks aren't included) from the end of 2017 to the present. It's the superregionals, $BBT and $PNC, that have posted the strongest returns thus far in 2018. All the best!
  • champ: $WFC ...this bank is Outperforming and there are others $RF $HBAN $STI $BBT ....the power of News, on a stock, that is lagging, in a sector. Its all about... what could happen, going forward, I'm guessing.
  • janner0814: FYI @Alexandra: Pre-Market Earnings: $ABT, $APH, $ASML, $BABY, $BBT, $CP, $DOV, $GPC, $HAL, $MS, $MTB, $NTRS, $RAI, $STJ, $STX, $SVU, $TUP, $UNF, $USB Earnings after the Close: $ $AXP, $BDN, $BJRI, $BRKL, $BXS, $CATY, $CCK, $CLB, $CNS, $CTXS, $CVBF, $CVTI, $EBAY, $EGBN, $EGP, $EWBC, $EXPO, $FNB, $FTI, $GGG, $HLX, $HNI, $HXL, $KALU, $KMI, $LHO, $LRCX, $LSTR, $MAT, $PKG, $RLI, $SCSS, $SLG, $SLM, $STLD, $TBI, $TSCO, $UMPQ, $URI, $VMI, $WDFC, $XLNX $VXX $NUGT $XIV $SVXY #ETN #FEES #WIDOWMAKER
  • Lou: Ari Wald posted his technical take on the market on the Oppenheimer website this morning. His premise is that trading will be choppy over the coming weeks and recommends playing the market with range-bound expectations by buying stronger trends on weakness selling weaker trends on strength. His list today (I've added $ signs): Buy Ideas $AVGO, $CCI, $CINF, $CMS, $EW, $FISV, $FSLR, $GOOGL, $ISRG, $LMT, $MO, $ROST (note - @DAN has recently covered several of these.) Sell Ideas: Regional Banks Face Resistance $BBT, $FITB, $KEY, $MTB, $RF, $SIVB, $STI, $ZION
  • EasyOut: @Aragorn #Aragorn's list for tomorrow...inside days: $ACE $BABA $BBT $BDSI $BG $CAKE $CAM $CBYL $CCJ $CF $CHRW $CMI $COH $CRM $CSX $CTSH $DBD $DJ-20 $DPZ $DSX $EAT $EMR $EW $FDX $FFIV $FLS $GLUU $GNC $GOOG $GOOGL $H $HSY $IYT $JBHT $JNJ $KITE $KRE $KSS $LGF $MAR $MCD $MDLZ $MELI $NOK $NSC $NTRS $PG $PRU $PSX $R $RF $RHI $RMBS $SAVE $SJM $SLB $STI $TJX $TMO $TMUS $TWX $UPS $VJET $WING $WY $XLI $XLNX Thanks for the list for tomorrow. Kathy
  • 1Boston330: $WAL. Added to long common position at 34.54 rhrn on 111K rhrn v. 10-da avg vol of 423K (somewhat thinly traded); other regionals are moving up as well $RF, $WF, $STT, $ZION, $STI, $BBT, $MTB, etc.; of these, $WAL is moving up the best for the past week to 30 days imho.
  • 1Boston330: $ZION Added to my long common position at 31.90. This and other regional banks are starting to move. See $RF (previously reported by Jadee earlier), $WAL, $NTRS, $KEY, $STI, $FITB, $BBT, etc. Long $WAL, $RF, $ZION, $BAC, $GS & $C--all working, $ZION the best so far.
  • bigbartabs: @1Boston330 $BBT Say what? You talkin' to me?...
  • bigbartabs: @mradams0621 @mradams0621 People you love... well, if that's the tactic... take a look at $BBT that @billfumick suggested earlier. If my cheesy suggestion makes no damn sense... see my prior Deniro post. If aliens are monitoring our forum (or China), they most certainly are thinking... "traders = crazy town... just like golf!"
  • 1Boston330: $KEY. Is doing pretty well on a down day; yp 0.7% on abv avg vol (12.9M rhrn v. avg vol 1 mon. of 8.9M; bouncing off the on the 1-min, 5-min, 10-min charts; some other regionals are also positive on the day: $STT, $NTRS, $BBT, $FITB. No position yet; waiting for close. Took small positions in $BAC and $JPM earlier town, but they are flat to slightly down rhrn.
  • dunsek: #RadarScreen some interesting action in some of the Financials yesterday. From a scan showing stocks that have moved up through the 8 day ema and who's PSAR has flipped to positive, we get: $STI (entering a squeeze), $BAC , $BBT (entering a squeeze), $HBAN , $NTRS (entering a squeeze), $UNM (entering a squeeze), $FITB (entering a squeeze), $PBCT (entering a squeeze if you squint) and $PRU (PSAR was already positive, but it's now above the 8). Smells a bit like a rotation into the regionals might be in the offing.
  • 1Boston330: $STT, etc @Forexpro. Excellent post and I agree with it. Prior to your post, I was looking at the regions, which are seeing some life. $NTRS, $MTB, $RF, $STI, $BK, $STT, $OZRK, $BBT, $KEY etc. $NTRS has increased the most long haul, but it's near resistance rhrn, which I do not like. $BK is in the middle of its range on the daily, which I like with some room to run before resistance. $RF has the most room to run, but if's facing resistance rhrn with such a quick and heavy recent selloff and investors wanting their money. $BK has stalled on the 5-min chart. $STT is continuing to uptrend on the 5-minute chart, and it is in the middle of its range on the daily. I will take a small long common entry rhrn in $STT. Edit: Took a small entry position at 76.85 rhrn
  • GreenGhost: Short Sale Candidates: NAME SYMBOL YRHIGH YRLOW CLOSE ENTRY PRICE ROYAL BANK SCOTLAND ADS $RBS 12.64 9.8 11.48 11.23 BANK OF AMERICA $BAC 18.03 14.37 16.72 16.42 HOME INNS & HOTELS MGMT ADS $HMIN 44.17 26.25 29.07 28.35 B B & T CORP $BBT 41.04 34.5 36.7 36.59 BLYTH $BTH 11.1 5.65 8.89 8.66 CHARLES SCHWAB CORP $SCHW 31 23.35 28.12 27.65 E-TRADE FIN CORP. $ETFC 25.58 18.2 22.22 21.44
  • GreenGhost: Short Sale Candidates: NAME SYMBOL YRHIGH YRLOW CLOSE ENTRY PRICE DEMANDWARE INC $DWRE 82.23 44.39 52.75 52.63 BANK OF AMERICA $BAC 18.03 14.37 16.85 16.42 ELECTRONICS FOR IMAG $EFII 47.75 36.62 43.7 43.24 BLYTH $BTH 11.13 5.65 8.78 8.66 PINNACLE FINL PARTNERS $PNFP 40.1 30.68 37.4 37.27 REGIONS FINANCIAL CO $RF 11.54 8.85 9.86 9.43 B B & T CORP $BBT 41.04 34.5 37.08 36.59 For those looking to short some stocks, here are some candidates and setups.
  • 1Boston330: $BAC. Most financials are climbing. See $GS, $MS, $C. Took a small entry position in $GS at 194.64, $RF, $OZRK, $KEY and $BBT and $STI are moving as well.
  • SeaKingA: #Banks $WFC $BBT $HBAN $ZION are each sitting at 50 MA following 5-day pullback.
  • Forexpro: ...
    $INTC, $LLTC, $FCX, $ETN, $TWC, $MAT, $ HRB, $VLO, $IBM, $SWK, $LLL, $GE, $IPG, $BBT, $YUM and $FITB.

    Basically, I'm looking for overpriced options of decent companies that offer a bit of yield. There are normally more of those on days when the ove ...
  • 1Boston330: @DrScience. Check out other regionals like $BBT, $MTB, $OZRK and $RF, which are not on your list but are moving up. No position yet, but $OZRK looks very interesting.
  • Forexpro: Re: $KBE Hi, Friends, The KBW Bank Index ETF is having a roughish sort of day: I'm expecting 32.80 to serve as at least initial support. It's predominantly a mid-cap offering, with the top holdings $VLY, $BPOP, $JPM, $BBT, $CMA, and $CFR. Hope the day is going well; all the best.
  • hwyflier: {TQ}QQ : $BBT , I hope you are right and that we don't end up Monday {Terribly Queasy}. ;)
  • Tricia: $ATK @Woodman ... as $BBT says ... honesty is in the last hour ... still it is hard to watch green to red ... I like red to green ...
  • Tricia: PCYC: @ $BBT ..... $PT = price target .... You may not be much of a texter, but you are SMM's humorist with good advice!
  • fhsavidge: KERX@bigbartabs--wasn't there a WW11 song, "you and those jaundiced eyes, those cool and limpid jaundiced eyes/jaundiced eyes make my dream come true; Oh jaundiced eyes get $KERX and $BBT out of the blues..." or something like that? Yeah, know what you mean; I'm out below 14.90. Cheers.
  • moneyHoHo: $BBT - Doesn't look too bad either. A dollar pullback would be nice. But you could buy a little now and add on pb. Edited on Mar 05, 2014 12:06 Edited on Mar 05, 2014 12:06
  • hwyflier: $TSLA : $BBT , Venom $GT : John Hennessey is a pretty amazing tuner. He just out Veyroned the Veyron by about 16 mph in a home built somewhat crude machine. Could you hear the star spangled banner playing?.................
  • Tricia: TSLA: @ $BBT .... while you are watching $TSLA can you give me a snow update for your neck of the woods .... thanks .... may be out there in March .... heard about Kirkwood a week ago ....
  • dagdog: Markets @ $BBT - Kinda feels like we are going to be consolidating -- seems to be my favorite word of the day. The bollinger bands of the indexes are far apart -- except the DJ-20 which has in fact been consolidating. Ah heck -- who knows. Just not eager to pile in here 'cause I think I'll get another chance.
  • Henry4432: @ $BBT ... Agree about China data. I've been trying to sell where I can this am as I am concerned about watching profits disappear. We've had a nice 50-pt run on the S&P and I don't want to give it all back (like I have so many times in the past). GL.
  • Frodo: Hey $BBT
    Noticed your post's yesterday. Thought I would throw out some thoughts. I have run across. I have been trading Forex. So keep up with some geeky fundamentalist.. LOL and Watch the Economic calendar like a hawk. Especially since central bank ...
  • dagdog: Labs @ $BBT - You have such a great sense of humor!
  • flyfishn: $TNA @bigbartabs - Thx $BBT, I'm with ya in watching the 50 as potential resistance. I like @SFtrader's approach as well. Will add if/when price moves above the 50. I'm also keeping tabs on $TQQQ, cheers for suggestion on FAS.
  • flyfishn: $TNA @bigbartabs - @Roger that, #RHRN presents a low risk entry close to the Oops I'm wrong level. I'm a little skittish with the Fed meeting coming up, so keeping the position small. I have to remember your words on 'half mast', good signal to keep in mind. Think I'll write that down right now. Thanks $BBT for your coaching, I really appreciate your help and always look forward to your guidance.
  • Aragorn: FED - $BBT - I welcome more volatility - I day trade primarily :)
  • dagdog: Markets @ $BBT, Very wise words from you and @Tim S. Too bad the many of the daily charts are now below the 50 ma -- and they were looking so good!
  • bglee: Solar Securitization -- $BBT, yesterday, you asked what is "securitized" solar. I thought it sounded like making sure the panels don't fly away on windy days (LOL). I googled it and found it's that financial bundling pooling of loans of different risk grades from the good old days of the housing bubble. I remember mortgage loan securitization was blamed for a lot of people getting home loans who ended up defaulting. On the the hand, securitization of loans really goosed the growth of housing. So if the solar panel makers like Solar City and First Solar get into securitizing solar loans that would be really good for their business. It may turn into another bubble but I'm all for riding the bubble on the way up.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $BBT, $BLK, $C, $FRC, $GS, $HBAN, $IGTE, $IIIN, $PNC, $PPG, $PVTB, $TSM, UNH
  • ginny: Early premarket gappers Gapping up: $ZOOM +54.7%, $SRPT +14.1%, $AMCC +5.5%, $CSIQ +4.8%, $FSLR +4.6%, $PLUG +4.2%, $UNH +4.2%, $BLK +3.9%, $RSOL +3.7%, $KNDI +2.7%, $IGTE +2.7%, $SPWR +2.6%, $VALE +2.2%, $BHP +2.1%, $JKS +2%, $YGE +2%, $ARO +1.7%, $KMP +1.5%, $ILMN +1.4%, $TSL +1.4%, $MU +1.2%, $BBT +0.8%, $C +0.6%, $TWC +0.6%, $HBAN +0.6%, $MRK +0.5%, $MRVL +0.5% Gapping down: $NUS -13.7%, $AMRN -10.4%, $MNOV -6.3%, $CSX -3.2%, $GLOG -2.7%, $ARMH -2.7%, $RBS -2.4%, $TTM -2.2%, $ORC -1.8%, $JCP -1.6%, $KMI -1.4%, $RESI -1.3%, $CORR -0.7%, $CBL -0.6%, $EPB -0.6%, $AA -0.5%, $NSC -0.5%, $BA -0.4%
  • Tricia: AOL: @ $BBT - doesn't make sense - but it is up 12% today ... better than a kidney stone... lol
  • farview: Dog poop vectors @Tim $S and $BBT The good thing about 8F below zero is dog poop does not stick to your shoes.
  • ginny: ...
    To @debeers, thanks for your best of breed stocks, to @GOOSE and @Iceman, thanks for your selling of premium. To @Aragorn, thanks for VWAP and the 8/21 EMA. To rah, @Forexpro thanks for your missives. To mradams, thanks for asking the questions s ...
  • GOOSE: $LULU @ $BBT Shame on you for belittling my girl what I brung to the dance. Just wait a while, and you'll see her emerge as a beautiful butterfly. She just has a little more work to do. Lemon indeed. No Gentleman Jack for you. Have a happy. ; >)
  • Poppy: GOGO: That worked! did you do it, $BBT - just a pronouncement from you and the sucker shaped up? I got some and was having murderous thought on it early this morning . Do that more often would you? and Thanks!
  • mradams0621: TREND- still up today but now /ES at R3, good place for a turn, and with tripple witching? $BBT indicator still showing up but I'm watching $TNA / $TZA for a reversal into the close. Everyone on #CNBC singing bullish. Watching for the turn. Thoughts? Edit to correct error, /ES's at R3, not R2. @Mike
  • hwyflier: Markets : $BBT, I've got a chart for you. Vas Denkst du? click click discard last session to view
  • GOOSE: @ $BBT Thank you for the video on Sir Winton. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. @GOOSE
  • hwyflier: $CLDX : $BBT , Well, knowing him, it's twerking.................
  • hwyflier: Stocks : $BBT , Sell the Oprah stocks. Got it.
  • GOOSE: @bigbartabs @GOOSE Hi $BBT, love ya kid. @GOOSE
  • bglee: $TSLA - $BBT, check out this FAQ page on Tesla's website:
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $ADS, $APH, $BAX, $BBT, $BGG, $BTU, $BX, $CY, $DGX, $DHR, $DOV, $FCFS, $FCS, $FITB, $GS, $HBAN, $HLSS, $MTB, $NUE, $ORB, $OSTK, $PENN, PM, $PPG, $SNA, $SON, $SVU, $SYNT,TSM, $TZOO, $UNH, $UNP, $UTEK, $VZ, WGO
  • Aragorn: $BBT - great one I love it ROTFLMAO
  • mradams0621: Markets- thanks $BBT, I was very tempted to hit the sell button. Maybe I should wait to see what the marrow brings.
  • mradams0621: Mornin- or afternoon now I guess. Just got on. See I'm not the only one being held at bay here in the forum. But what's up with all the posts that ref. "error messages"? I don't get no stinkin error messege, just will not let me in today's thread. On a totally diff. subject- just wondering if @Tricia could go public. I want some of that. Or better yet an $ETF that holds @TRICIA, @DAN, @JAN2138, @Forexpro, @Aragorn, $BBT, and on and on and on, you get the idea. How would you value the company? What would the future earnings expectations be? Just makes you want to say "thanks" to so many here. I really get upset when I can't get in the forum. $FIX IT PLEASE!
  • bigbartabs: Mornin... @mradams0621... if there was ever an $ETF that held @TRICIA, @DAN, @JAN2138, @Forexpro, @Aragorn, and BBT... in equal amounts... $BBT would be hiring Goldman Sachs to drive for a buyout offer before anyone figured out the ticker value of BBT. I would however require a janitorial position in the new merger... hoping to at least settle on CFW... Chief Foot Washer.
  • Tricia: Markets@ $BBT ..... feeling disabused myself .... there are tails everywhere ... Did Syeria talks break down??? I am not happy with today ....
  • GOOSE: $QCOM @ $BBT i KNEW i shuldn't have stooped, er stopped. ; >)
  • bglee: 50dma Stocks - I have been eying several stocks that reported well-received earnings, that are in an uptrend, and that have pulled back to the 50dma. I'm tempted to nibble on some of these near the end of the day, provided the candlestick remain open. And then add to my position tomorrow if today's high is surpassed (a $BBT tip, thanks, BBT). However, Labor Day weekend is coming up and the U.S. military may take action in a powder keg region, so maybe there won't be much upside momentum. Here's my list: $MA, $MHK, $TSN, $SBUX, $BAC, $XLNX, MDSO
  • bglee: $EWZ -- $BBT, FP, I agree. The chart looks like a triple bottom, no? But it may keep base building for a while longer and allow the 200dma to catch up. I guess the show event for the Brazil bubble popping was Eike Batista's transformation from billio ...
  • bglee: Fast talkers -- @jan2138, $BBT, I think it's a Philly thing. #Cramer grew up in Philadelphia. I don't know about Link. She may have picked up the speed from working with #Cramer. I used to work with three people from Philly who always talked so fast, like they're trying to get people out from a burning house. I used to be in a quandary about what to do. It was my first real paying job. I was young and timid, and I wanted badly to stop them at every other sentence to get a slower translation... to normal speaking speed.
  • mradams0621: INFLECTION POINT- which way we going from here? up or down? what are you using to tell you? $TNA TZA reversed, now consolidating. Tick is good, Trin just came down below 1.0, now a buy signal. vxx is down, $BBT indicator posative. Iwm highest midget. Do I stay or do I go. What to do I do not know. What is your best tell #RHRN??????????
  • ginny: $GDX @ $BBT Smile @Dennis Gartman finally has a winner.
  • ginny: $TAN @ $BBT we live at the beach and when the wind blows 40 MPH the sand just whips. I wonder what effect that will have on the panel surface? Once the panel becomes etched is it no longer efficient? Maybe they are covered in Zagg skins and are impervious to the scratching. Just thinking out loud.
  • Aragorn: Carbon - $BBT not directed at you, directed towards pipeline statement. If we need it to move our oil that is one thing, why for the Canadian oil?, let the Chinese fund the pipeline to Vancouver and ship it to them there. We do not need to refine tha ...
  • bglee: Market... $BBT, by daily green candle, you mean you want to see a closing price above the prior day's closing price? What about a higher close that @Dan refers to, like a red hollow candle, but still close below the prior day's close. Do you consider a hollow red candlestick enough of a turnaround?
  • bglee: $SPY, $RSP -- $BBT, it would seem that with tighter credit, the smaller companies would have more problem with funding. But maybe today is a special case with big dog $ORCL taking a pounding for missing earnings for the second time in a row. Most of the other stocks are flattish, so maybe ORCL's decline is enough to tip. (FinViz gives a informative view.) I think a strange wind is blowing for the big enterprise techs like $IBM and ORCL. I thought maybe cloud was moving faster than they could adapt. But now I think it's $HP getting off the mat. Along the same line of thought, maybe JP Penney's recovery is a chance to short Macy's.
  • fhsavidge: Technicals/Blood in the streets--on a day like today, a continuation of yesterday, and with panic in the air, the question I'd have is, do technicals, on individual stocks, really matter? The market doesn't seem to give a fig about the 20/50/200 ma, or whatever; it's just imploding. Falling through all of them, given the chance. Better part of valor then to wait until the dust settles, a trend established, at which point the technicals come back into play? Just thoughts for the idle. And $BBT, how do I get to that volcano? Seems the market got there before me. Cheers.
  • bglee: Random question -- $BBT, we have seen this movie before. J.P. @Morgan, not the bank, the man, resolved a crisis with the U.S. economy in the Panic of 1907. He played the Fed and with the money from the U.S. Treasury, he directed the major New York banks on how to unfreeze credit. I remember when Lehman collapsed, the worst thing that slammed main street was the freezing of short-term credit. Most businesses, big, small and medium use short-term loans to fund operations. Some big companies had to step in to provide loans to their vendors. I heard Walmart was doing this and may still do.
  • rczar: R2000 @bigbartabs......Gophers, Jack, Gunslinger, Running Naked, I have not been this aroused since my first far beyond Necking encounter with the well endowed first girl friend, that had less than perfect morals "Candyce"..Oh Candy! Thanks $BBT, I need to have a cigarette. Also, if you want to become just like me, then " Never Grow Up" ..Being a serious kid is more fun and exciting.
  • Aragorn: $BBT - my reponse re: the Congress is, the Senate is part of Congress Not just the House of Representatives. I was referring to both of them as a whole. They both suck so I am not going to get into this with Democratic Senate and Republican House they both suck period. Hey anyone can pass bills that have no chance of being passed in another part of Congress, what is the point. Work together and that is why they both suck. Please do not respond this is not a political forum and I hate this stuff here. My original point was not political but a statement of fact as I have done here, they both suck. LOL Edited on Jun 04, 2013 11:57 Edited on Jun 04, 2013 11:57
  • fhsavidge: NES@bigbartabs--wait, I take that back; I do follow $BBT and blame him for everything if it goes wrong, at which point I pad his tab. Haha
  • rah: ...
    Back in November I started to use Fib Projections to gauge the market before me. I was happy to see yesterday that another member - @stelios - started to post his observations on the same (despite the time warp continuum pointed out by the ever vigi ...
  • Ararat: $CLF - $BBT - What does 21.19 represent?
  • GOOSE: $CLF @ Ararat Not $BBT 21.19 is the price of $CLF, if it goes above 21.19, then he thinks it goes higher.
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