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  • Wolf: $BP $RDSA setting recent 52 week highs. Long XL position for dividends.
  • Bridget: #Notes: Earnings moves today: $ALB - to support $VRX - gap and crap $MAR - still in channel $W - looking toppy, failed breakout $KORS $RL up big $ZBRA - IBD50 $PRAH - IBD50, breakout $SEAS - 59 min trade $MTW - this move is now over $TCMD - breakout $ESPR - breakout $EBIX - breakout Earnings after close: $DIS $PCLN $CBI - very high IVR $FOSL $ATHM Big turn around in the afternoon Retail continues to improve. $LULU $CHS $FL $GPS $TJX $WMT $JWN Oil continues to sink $OIH but refiners are holding $CVX $BP $COP $AAPL - breaking higher $BIDU - same $VG - up big today, new all time high, big volume $GSM - breakout $JHG - breakout $CIEN - at support $MDXG - close to breakout $DHR - breaking down further $GLNG - breaking down further
  • Bridget: #Notes: A lot of stocks that have been seeing pullbacks saw a bounce today. $SMH is one OIH - oil is going lower, still lots of overhead resistance. $BP moving higher. $WB $SINA $YY $JD - all making moves higher Some retail pushing higher - $LULU $TGT $EL $EXPR $ODP Medical devices seeing support - $MDT $BEAT $ALGN $TAN $JKS $CSIQ - moving higher $EEM - moving higher $WING - breakout $SAGE - breakout $APO - breakout $KEM - breakout, IBD50 $GRUB $YELP - even higher $TTWO - holding gap IPOs $VST $APPN $HCC $SGH Earnings after close: $LQ $MAR $W $CBI - very high IV $VRX $ALB
  • Bridget: Notes: $BHP $RIO - both have similar charts and are at important support point. A move higher would be continuation of longer term trend or a breakdown is a continuation of the shorter term trend. $BIDU - has been consolidating for almost a year, looking ready to breakout $BP $MPC - still my 2 favorite oil stocks $YUM $MCD $KO - all working $CALA - breakout to new high $CORT - breakout to new high $DAR - breakout to new high $QCOM - moving higher with little resistance $XLNX - looking extended but still in solid uptrend $DOV - breakout of 5 month consolidation $NOC $LMT - both close to breaking out $SBUX - watch for $62 $GE $CBI $T - seeing a bounce after a long downturn $FINL - was down on $FL earnings
  • Wolf: $BP Nice earnings beat, up 2.5%. Yieldhogs, not quite there, but 6.93% Dividend.
  • Bridget: Notes: $CVS and $WBA down on walgreen's earnings report $CRM - squeeze breakout $MCD $CAKE $SBUX - all rose today on not very good news, there is demand for these stocks and should be watched for an entry after this pullback $CONE $COR - these might also be good buys on this pullback $ESNT - nice breakout today, then pullback to top of the range. watch for phase 3 Oil stocks are down on the day but this pullback could lead to a buying opportunity. $COP $MRO $CVX $BP $OAS $SODA - phase 2 of this breakout $LLY - phase 2 $WIX - 2 days of inverted hammers, IV% is up at 100%, lots of volatility in this stock $EBAY - hit a new high and then sold off. Also seeing a rise in volatility in this stock $CX - hit a new 52 week high $JBHT - moving higher out of this base
  • Wolf: $BP $XOM London paper reporting speculation of $XOM is bidding for a takeover of $BP. $BP + 1.00 https://www.thestreet.com/story/14036563/1/bp-shares-surge-in-london-on-report-of-exxon-bid-speculation.html
  • champ: @phgruver $KMI ---- Really a lot of good news on this stock for those who would want to look....I'm still holding this long term full position and I will be doubling up at some point along the way....it's all about demand picking up. They are even involved in tankers with $BP and they just opened 2 new deep water berths in the Houston Shipping Channel.
  • champ: $KMI --- Missed on earnings and I wasn't on the call....looks like I could be adding in the morning because the stock dropped in the AH's. However, there was positive news... also reported in the AH's on many of their earning sectors. On their deep-water liquids berths in the Houston Ship Channel that were placed in service....and they received 4 new shipping tankers ....50/50 partners with $BP....way too much news going on...need to look if interested.
  • indigo1948: @champ $KMI $BP - here are some of Rich Kinder's comments concerning earnings and going forward: Richard D. Kinder, executive chairman, said, "We are pleased to have reached significant milestones on two of our largest growth projects. We receiv ...
  • Hackberry: $ING $MET $GILD $TEVA $BP $IBM $CVX $AIG $CB $CVS Thinking out loud on these names to redeploy cash in an IRA . Relative value/yield/appreciation to hold for 1 year timeframe.
  • Robert1965: $BP $RDSA Any one notice that these are at their 52 week High
  • Hackberry: @Robert1965 $BP $RDSA Yup, and $BP with 6.42% and low forward PE. Posted earlier looking at some for IRA cash deployment. Taking some now with an alert to try to get a better entry.
  • issues: @DAN $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo Dan half the benefit from the video is your mellifluous voice that has such a convincing, cogent, smooth, flowing sound. Anyone can read stuff on stocks all over the net but there is only one DAN FITZPATRICK and it's all in the voice. Don't even think of stopping these videos. I get a lot out of even the pauses, hesitations, emphasis etc.
  • champ: $NAT $BP - The news this morning is ...that BP will be shipping 3 m/b of oil out of the U.S......so $NAT is climbing a little... could be the just the start if day shipping rates start to climb for Oil Tankers....also $NAT said on 11/30 that the rate ...
  • phgruver: @champ $NAT $BP I'm not sure if it's still true, but a year ago Herb was saying that $NAT is profitable at $10K/day. I've been long for a looong time, and the dividends have paid for the stock. It's all profit now!
  • champ: @phgruver $NAT $BP - I can't remember what he said the break-even price was and I did watch him that day on CNBC...just a great CEO and really seems like a nice everyday guy.
  • champ: @Aragorn $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo --Is the party Over...?
  • Bridget: ...
    $USO up again today but this move might be over. If not, here are some oil stocks that are not overextended: $BP $XOM $APA $PXD
    Financials up again today, keep tight stops on these: $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU, some coming out of the penalty box: $DB $W ...
  • Aragorn: @Bridget $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo As always thanks Bridget. I wish Dan's notes were more like this then I could just read his notes LOL Thanks again
  • DAN: @Aragorn $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo You can watch my videos, which accompany the notes. Trust me, I'd rather just provide detailed notes and forego the vids. ;)
  • issues: @DAN $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo But Dan you have such a mellifluous voice: (def -pleasant to hear., soothing, rich, smooth, euphonious, harmonious, tuneful etc///
  • Alexandra: @DAN $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo I love the videos and the notes help reinforce. Hope your shoulder is healing nicely.
    I did ask Gary if he could do the same for th ...
  • Wolf: $BP Declared a $10/share dividend for shareholders of record 11/11/16.
  • Robert1965: @Wolf $BP I noticed that too , can't understand why it is not up can someone explain
  • Wolf: @Robert1965 $BP Normally when a company pays a dividend, the stock falls by the amount of the dividend on the Ex date. Not sure how options will work, but I suspect there will be some kind of adjustment for them as well.
  • Robert1965: @Wolf $BP Yes but normal is $.60/share, last in Aug 2016, I would think, it would be up, ex dividend, of $10/sh woud mean $24 share price ex-dividend, low of the year
  • Wolf: @Robert1965 $BP Fidelity thinks it is an error and should be .10/share or .60/ADS.
  • Wolf: @champ $CVX $COP $XOM $OAS $DVN Holding $CVX (calls) $BP $CVI $ETP $GUSH $USO $XLE $UNG. I guess $FCX has some oil component as well.
  • JJT1: @champ $XOM I noticed the BB very tight, as in Squeeze, On all three, $CVX, $BP, $XOM.
  • Wolf: $USO BTO Weekly 11.50 puts @ .04. Will insure my long position in $GUSH $XLE $CVX $BP $USO
  • sparky: $BP Does anyone have an idea as to what impact the falling Pound Sterling is likely to have on the stock?
  • Forexpro: @sparky $BP Hi, Sparky, Over a trailing 10-day average, the U.S. ADRs display a strong negative correlation with GBP/USD. Weaker GBP versus the Dollar, stronger ADR, other things being equal. While that's the reverse of what would be expected, $BP's receivables are largely denominated in Dollars, while many of its expenses are payable in GBP. So, a much weaker Pound, coupled with a higher oil price, will tend to give earnings a nice boost. Assuming, that is, that the company's Treasury people haven't been too aggressive about hedging. The price action suggests that investors believe that they haven't. Back when I was dealing with them, the people doing FX at the company were largely former bank dealers, all of whom were capable of recognizing a trend. :) FWIW; all the best!
  • sparky: @Forexpro $BP Thank you! Very helpful!
  • sparky: @Ajax4Hire $BP Thank you!
  • sparky: @JJT1 $BP Thank you!
  • Ajax4Hire: $BP Bought for long term account. Really like the dividend(at 7% now). Seems to have bottomed out from channel started back in 2016-02Feb.
  • JJT1: $BP Searching for value and British stock's that have been beaten down, expected $BP to be below support. Instead it is in middle of range, below recent 50 day SMA which crossed 200 day SMA and holding at 200 day. If that 7% yield holds this could be good play.
  • DAN: @jz24345SATIAH $XOM $CVX $EOG $RDS $COP $BP $VIG $VOO $VYM $LMT $RTN $NOC Hey jz2434SATIAH. Welcome to SMM, and thanks for posting your holdings. Doesn't really seem like your stocks are extended. Most seem to be working pretty well. I'd suggest deciding, on each stock, when/if you want to sell. Some of them seem to be stocks that you'd just want to hang on to. But those energy stocks are just starting to pop out of squeezes. Glad to have you here. Don't be a stranger! 8-)
  • jz24345SATIAH: New to SMM. The daily strategy sessions and weekend updates are excellent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and perspectives. Current holdings $XOM $CVX $EOG $RDS-A $COP $BP $VIG. Sold $VOO and $VYM recently. Plan to purchase $LMT $RTN $NOC, but concerned that the stocks are extended. (Will follow advice and start with a small position!)
  • eliasmavs99: @jz24345SATIAH $XOM $CVX $EOG $RDS $COP $BP $VIG $VOO $VYM $LMT $RTN $NOC Just want to say welcome.
  • Aragorn: $XLE - so many bullish engulfing candles out there in the $XOP and $OIH etc $HES $HAL $CVX $BP $CLR $DRQ JUST TO NAME A FEW and others are going rev strat daily for tomorrow or even later today
  • champ: @Aragorn $XLE $XOP $OIH $HES $HAL $CVX $BP $CLR $DRQ - I'm thinking that this turn around in WTI Oil is all about the walkout in Kuwaiti. If the workers call off this strike....we could be right back to where we were. The walkout was because of a PROPOSED wage cut...they have not cut yet and might not. I'm day trading 5 stocks in this sector and might not swing....just my thoughts.
  • champ: $XOM $MRO $EPD $PAA $BP - new positions on the open...spec day trades.
  • Paddleboard: @Aragorn Early premarket gappers Gapping up: $VA +38.2%, $ZFGN 11.9%, $EW 7.9%, $SNY 4.1%, $TSLA 3.9%, $JCP 3.5%, $ESLT 3.2%, $NVO 2.3%, $ORAN 1.7%, $AZN 1.7%, $INO 1.6%, $HA 1.6%, $BP 1.3%, $RYAAY 1.3%, $ABB 1.2%, $TOT 1.2%, $RDS.A 1.1%, $TEVA 1.1%, $SSRI 1.1%, $RIO 0.9% Gapping down: $SUNE -34.9%, $SDRL -4.8%, $BCS -4.4%, $SWHC -2.7%, $GOLD -2.3%, $PBR -2%, $HNSN -1.9%, $ALK -1.5%, $TM -1.3%, $RBS -1.3%, $FB -1.2%, $DB -1.1%, $GDX -1%, $ABX -1%, $CS -0.9%, $SAN -0.9%, $VRX -0.5% Thanks for the post
  • champ: $XOM $VLO $BP $CIE ...going to swing these positions.
  • Bridget: Here are some of the biggest losers - $BAC, $F, $C, INTC, $BABA, $NFLX, $CSCO, $GM, $JPM, $MS, $JD, $LOW, $BP, $MPC, $CLEG, $CRM, $GS All hitting or close to hitting new lows for the year.
  • domingolnavarro: @Bridget $BAC $F $C $BABA $NFLX $CSCO $GM $JPM $MS $JD $LOW $BP $MPC $CLEG $CRM $GS. Tsla,Nflx, all are coming down.
  • Trixie: @Bridget $BAC $F $C $BABA $NFLX $CSCO $GM $JPM $MS $JD $LOW $BP $MPC $CLEG $CRM $GS $LOW to buy Canadian home improvement chain Rona.. another cdn retailer gobbled up.
  • champ: $BP - Had a big miss on earnings and the # they just reported was....$0.011 missed by 91% ....est was for $0.042....this news article I'm reading was on Bloomberg.... out of London RHRN....not good.
  • Forexpro: Re: #E-MiniFutures Good Morning, Friends, I've had the futures up since around 7:15 EST, and during that time they've traded "down to flat". The initial move lower from 1920.5 had me interested, but the contract fairly quickly traded back to around that level. Now the price action is soft again, with the volume not particularly interesting (that's characteristic of the extended session). There was no noticeable reaction to $BP's less than stellar report. The latter is currently 28.97/99 after closing at 31.70. We'll see how it goes; best of luck today!
  • Bridget: $COP and $BP starting to look like $CVX today. Would like to see a bit more volume on the breakout though.
  • steve71: $BP British Petroleum is outperforming the other oils on very good volume. Resolution of legal woes is salutary, no matter what the cost. Wondering if the news is now fully priced in.
  • champ: $USO - Some general info on what I saw on this oil price drop. I was ready for the inventory # and I held some oil stocks.....$CVX $XOM $BP $KMI $LINE $RIG and got back in $MRO and $OXY after the drop.. With one new buy $SLB. I rated all the stocks on this sell off ....1 thru 10 and some pipe line stocks never turned red or dropped very much. $SLB and $BP both of these stocks stay up over $1...they held up the best in this sector drop on my watch list.... along with $OXY it had a very slow drop and I got back in at $71.70. I don't have a clue where the price of oil is going but my stops are now back on ...I turned them off going into the #. Will follow up later...
  • champ: $FANG - Sold 1/2 this morning on the news that the tgt was lowered to $88 this morning at Topeka Capital but they said the stock still remains one of their top picks but it's dropping now and turned red just like $CXO did this morning ....so I'm now out. Any oil stock thats red is now on the bottom of my watch list but I had a good run on both. I just want to point out that both of these oil stocks don't have dividends....many other do and I have positions in $CVX $XOM $OXY $NE $ESV $RIG $BP $MRO $KMI $LINE and also these 3 stocks that don't have dividends $CIE $OAS and $BBG. I think the stocks that have dividends might not drop as fast on any turn in this sector IMO. I have trailing stops on all position and some have brackets. Also watching $SLB....no position.
  • mradams0621: @champ $FANG $CXO $CVX $XOM $OXY $NE $ESV $RIG $BP $MRO $KMI $LINE $CIE $OAS $BBG $SLB Do you ever trade the ticker $OIL? Would you agree it is not a good choice as an oil holding position? I think it is just used for short term trading maybe?
  • steve71: $BP BTO @ 34.20. BP is trading above the 50 dma, which is an essential criterion I am using for any long position. Yesterday's news removes legal/financial uncertainty. "The Justice Department and five states on 10/5/15 announced a $20 billion final settlement of environmental damage claims arising from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The deal, once approved by a judge, would resolve all civil claims against BP and end five years of legal fighting over a 134 million-gallon spill that affected 1,300 miles of shoreline. It also would bind the company to a massive cleanup project in the Gulf Coast area aimed at restoring wildlife, habitat and water quality."
  • steve71: $VLKAY $BP Not buying, but added Volkswagen to my Watch List. The media are talking about an 18 Billion fine. Please. GM was fined only fined 9oo million for the ignition issue that killed over a hundred people. Granted, VW pimped some clean air bureaucrats, maybe a higher offense. But 18 billion? For perspective, consider British Petroleum. When the Deepwater Horizon went down, PPS went from $60 to $28 in a week. A great buying opportunity, as it went back up to 48 in 3 weeks. It bounced hard, and buyers had to be quick. $BP is back down to $30, near the Deepwater bottom. Maybe that's worth watching too.
  • GreenGhost: $OIL 2pm margin clerks tap on the shoulder accelerating selling in spot WTI; 50 ain't holding ; weekly release bearish ; see earlier post ; strong $USD is not helping the oil bulls cause either $UTWI cut in half in a month now trading at ATL; see earlier post on same. Many energy derivatives getting punched in the face today ; quite a few to new lower levels; seems a bit overdone so far so fast but what do I know ; sentiment very bearish too; tow other notable bearish catalysts today in this sector ; threat of $BP divvy cut and DOJ messing with $HAL $BHI potential merger; the usual Sherman Anti-trust stuff https://finviz.com/futures_charts.ashx? t=CL&p=m5 https://finviz.com/map.ashx?t=sec_all
  • Forexpro: ...
    Emerging Markets: "Mexico Invites Oil Investment" - For the first time since nationalization in 1938, in fact, although the decline in oil prices and bureaucracy have made the prospect less alluring for outside firms. $CVX, $BP and $EC (of ...
  • tnt: $PVA picking up shares after this 3 day steep pullback after talk of $BP $8 bid floated. Got to like the risk reward for a double from here
  • GreenGhost: $HAL $CVX $BP $SLB $EOG et al sector getting really sold off hard today ; check out sea of RED on heat map ; some nice shorts in there as these all roll over together; pretty bearish stuff and spot takes another leg down. I'd stand back and watch them drop whew! Of course sector ETFs getting hammered too. No time to be bottom picking at these IMO; many breaking support ; lots of falling knives here too. Big distribution by institutional money as many throw in towel on the long side here. Might be some oversold ST bounce trades setting up but not much more from long side IMO. Spot power diving today on weekly release I suspect to 57 level. https://finviz.com/map.ashx?t=sec_all https://finviz.com/futures_charts.ashx?t=CL&p=h1
  • Iceman: $BP #ShortPuts #ManagingWinners - Bought to close 1 BP Jul 17 2015 32.0 Put @ 0.01. Originally sold in Dec at 1.13 Still short July 33/34 puts that I should cover soon.
  • dpugh: $CVX looks good here oil up these aren't moving yet.. $HAL, $BP, &RIG
  • janner0814: From @ginny: Early premarket gappers: Gapping up: $CALI 38.8%, $WIN 12%, $SSRI 11.1%, $VALE 3.5%, $GRPN 3.2%, $SDRL 2.6%, $RIO 2.4%, $CBK 2.4%, $SFUN 2%, $MNST 1.7%, $VOD 1.3%, $GSK 1.1%, $NGG 1%, $BP 0.9%, $CSCO 0.9%, $SYT 0.8% Gapping down: $LACO -49.5%, $FXCM -12.6%, $NBG -9.5%, $FTR -7.7%, $GFI -4.9%, $CHK -4.6%, $TNK -4.3%, $CRM -3%, $MGIC -1.9%, $STO -1.8%, $UN -1.6%, $SAN -1.4%, $QGEN -1.4%, $ERIC -1.1%, $TOT -1.1%, $BBRY -1.1% Notable earnings after Monday's close $AMBC, $APEI, $ARCW, $ARNA, $ASEI, $ATHX, $BDE, $CALL, $CHMI, $CLNE, $CYTX, $DEPO, $DRYS, $DTSI, $EAC, $ELON, $FF, $FMC, $FMI, $FTEK, $FXEN, $GBDC, $GTY, $HALO, $HI, $IPAR, $IPXL, $JUNO, $LPSN, $MBI, $MCC, $MDR, $MNTX, $MODN, $MR, $MTZ, $MVNR, $OME, $OMER, $ONTY, $OPK, $ORIG, $PAAS, $PEIX, $PINC, $PVA, $RAX, $REN, $SCLN, $SF, $SFXE, $TCRD, $TEP, $TRQ, $TTEC, $UNXL, $VRTU, $XON, $YY, $ZGNX thanks ginny!
  • janner0814: Thanks ginny, as you know I read ALL of your posts. Darn... I hesitated on buying puts or going long ATM Apr1 strangle on $SLB. $MU is looking interesting for a toe dip... one share buy? Jus to "stay engaged?" @ginny: "Gapping down: $EDAP -5.8%, $CNAT -4.7%, $TRUE -3.6%, $GENE -3.3%, $ZIOP -3.2%, $SIGM -2.8%, $AXTA -2.5%, $BHP -1.8%, -1.8%, $OAS -1.6%, $NBG -1.6%, $RIG -1.5%, $CHK -1.4%, $SDRL -1%, $SLB -0.8%, $BP -0.6%, $MU -0.5%"
  • GreenGhost: $Spot oil $USO ; looking for a reversal out of this one here; 52.5 was resistance today; got a wee little overshoot due to Saudi/Yemen geopolitical tensions I suspect. Look at $OIH, $BP, $XOM et al today; most all sold right out of the gate this morn ...
  • henrik511: $BP - setting up for a nice short RHRN. Looks like the top of the right shoulder is forming in a H&S formation. May be early, but look for confirmation aroung $38. Lots of head winds for BP. If they have to cut or suspend dividend this could easily drop 10%. My target based on H&S formation is $33.25
  • dkoran: $BP- Well, i got stopped out on my May 37 puts. I usually stay away from these oils but did not see the British Govt stepping in to prop them up.
  • GreenGhost: @janner0814 $TSO shows what I know ; just checked out refinery location map ; since they were my client they've traded their Gulf locations for some of $CVRs and $COPs former assets on left coast; no new refineries built since 1970s such just musical chairs among players; think that's the old $BP refinery is Washington. http://tsocorp.com/about-tesoro/locations/
  • dkoran: $BP- options action crowd was very bearish on fridays show on big oil and ability for them to meet dividend payouts. I shorted $BP today with May 37 Puts.
  • janner0814: @Lou: "...while I agree that the $BP chart was an excellent tool to illustrate what happens when the descent begins and accelerates, we all know that $LL is no $BP and doesn't have the assets and global reach to serve as a parachute to save it f ...
  • janner0814: @GreenGhost A friend wrote me about buying the bounce in $LL two days back. I sent him a snapshot of the $BP chart during following the rig fire... April 2010.
  • Lou: @GreenGhost @janner0814 - while I agree that the $BP chart was an excellent tool to illustrate what happens when the descent begins and accelerates, we all know that $LL is no $BP and doesn't have the assets and global reach to serve as a parachute to save it from splattering. I'm in agreement with Whitney Tillson - no butcher block for this falling knife.
  • dunsek: ...
    BP PLC ($BP) has lost its bid to reduce the maximum fine it may face for the 2010 Gulf of oil spill. A
    judge’s ruling means it could be forced to pay up to $13.7 billion, rather than the $9.57 billion
    maximum sought by BP. There has not been a ...
  • GreenGhost: $PBR $BP $TOT $RDS/A The mega cap biggest E&P players are all down at least 4% and in some cases more on big PM institutional size volume as spot oil takes another leg down to test the 50 level. Dip buyers from mid-December are getting hit and I suspect many are throwing in the towel yet again. These companies biggest markets are in the Eurozone. Domestic integrated major mega caps such as $COP, $XOM and $CVX are also down too all over 1% but less than their overseas counterparts as less reliance on a European customer base. In $XOM and $CVX cases, the natural hedge of owning refining operations is I suspect is softening the blow. Not so with $COP which spun off it's refining into Phillips 66 ($PSX).
  • GreenGhost: Following OPEC's announcement to keep its collective output target at 30M barrels a day, crude has continued its decline. The 12-member group, which pumps 40% of the world’s oil, will convene again June 5 in Vienna. West Texas Intermediate is down 5.9% at $69.34, with Brent trading near four year lows. Notable stocks and ETFs with larger declines coupled with elevated PM volume this morning include: $XLE down 5%, $RIG 8%, $STO 13%, $USO 6%, $SDRL 8%, $BP 5%, $HAL 5%, $PBR 6%, $TLM 14% and $UCO 12%. The price action in these names over the last 4 months, particularly with another big leg down here suggests the decline may not be over, not temporary and perhaps has additional downside.
  • jarch1: @mradams0621 $SDRL these big breaks accompanied by big volume usually start the accumulation process but it can take months to accumulate and move higher. Check your chart on $BP from when they had the oilspill in the gulf of mexico. be sure to pay attention to the volume. That doesn't mean the exact low is in but it is the start of a turnaround.
  • dunsek: $BP might be interesting for a trade if it can clear 42.42
  • Hef: 60 Minutes tonight on $BP .. really seems like a lot of monkey business by all sides. One thing for sure imo..the RISK PREMIUM for holding energy equities has risen / is on the rise for a bit. Will be looking for bargains. Currently positioned LONG a few: $MHR $MHR-PrD (Preferred D Series) $SDRL $MRO $EXXI $EMO Looking at $ESV to add .. not really interested in $RIG $HAL $BP except for 59 minute like trades. Too much headline risk in those right now. People who missed the post-Macondo energy move may get a chance to build a few positions over the next couple months. Stay vigilant. Cheers.
  • RON: $BP vs. $TSLA

    In the last 8.2 months from Jan 2 2014 TSLA made 96% or on track for 166% (might not happen) for the year dividing that out at the 8.2 months or 11.7% per month. BP lost 3.85% or 5.6% annualized more than the dividend which is taxable ...
  • gwenzee: @Ron-$BP - What a great post. Enjoyed it for all of its common sense. That is a commodity that is lacking in our politicians. Wish you could forward this to CA and DC politicos, force them to read it, and finally to use some of their time in a worthwhile manner to fix our energy problems. The EPA's power should be dismantled...IMO.
  • phefner: @Zmack46 like $ESV .. They don't have the headwinds $RIG will and have taken an impairment charge on that last qtr so looks, IMO, as the bad is known and it works higher. $RIG however has yet to know the extent of the impairments from the $BP ruling. I'm looking to hold $ESV as an investment and trade $RIG only.
  • JeffyJ: @philharmonic It might be linked to what I said about $BP last night. How I approached it. Not sure. If it was, I respect @DAN 's disdain for the negligence of BP. I also share it. However, he has mentioned himself that we're here to make money. Boycotting stocks has caused me to miss out on that exact thing. If I mis-paraphrased, I apologize. $BP up a smidge pre-open.
  • Aragorn: $BP found negligent
  • moneyHoHo: @Aragorn $BP arrogant crimials.
  • Aragorn: @moneyHoHo $BP - but they make great commercials telling us they are great :(
  • jagmiami: $BP, $SDRL - buying opportunity or not? any thoughts? I own both and see $SDRL looks like a buying opportunity; $BP is a bit tougher--but the $18 billion should now be a worse case scenario with upside if they win on appeal.
  • phefner: @jagmiami JUST a humble opinion...seen $SDRL find good support between 12% / 14% yield .. it doesn't venture there too often but seen it generally find buyers in there .. They have little Gulf of Mexico exposure so if its selling because of $BP its a GREAT opportunity. $BP .. no way IMO again to price that risk from today's ruling. There is likely more litigation headwinds now to come.
  • jagmiami: @phefner - Good point on $BP; as for $SDRL, it reported earnings slightly below expectations but said that they expected to maintain the dividend through 2016. Also said the business environment was challenging.
  • champ: @jagmiami$BP, $SDRL, $ESV - I own SDRL and ESV....I added to EVS because of recent upgrades and also it is on a 25 month low ...but who really knows.
  • :
  • sincity45: $BP bouncing off low, starter postion taken.
  • rj7150: @DragonFly $BP $AWLCF Is there a % withheld on BP from the source in the UK?
  • DragonFly: @rj7150 $BP - it's been years since I held BP so I don't remember the details, just that I sold it because I couldn't clain the foreign tax and then the yield wasn't worth holding the stock for because I was looking for high yielding stocks.
  • kking: $BP I like $BP here as a low risk trade with a stop just below 46.35
  • greberalan: $BP @kking Looks like a well defined trade on BP. Also, take a look at $BPT $BP Prudhoe Bay Royality Trust. Pays an 11% #dividend -- next #dividend around April 11, 2014. Let me know what you think about $BPT also.
  • mepcc1: @Dan - how does this relate to l/t holds - still use weekly support lines even though daily trend is def broken or in some cases rolling over - Looking at $MAIN - 5.94%div - $BP - 4.77% div - $ADP - promising bounce off 50dma Friday? Thanks
  • Wolf: $BP - Restrictions lifted from the Gulf disaster. Looks like it is at a good buy point. It bounced off the lower BB last 2 cycles.
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BP PLC is an integrated oil and gas company. The company explores for oil and natural gas and also engages in refining, manufacturing, marketing, transportation, and supply and trading of crude oil, petroleum, petrochemicals products and related services.

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