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  • DAN: ...

    $TPR and $STX were pretty good 59-minute trades today...but I didn't see them. Big gap-and-reverse trades.

    Compare some of these with Viacom ($VIAB). It's down to short term ove ...
  • traderbren: @DAN $FB - I don't think you are missing the Big picture. A lot has been swept under the rug, just we've witnessed with $EFX (which was more egregious than $FB in my opinion). Had Zuck come out within 24-hrs of the incident, I don't think the media ...
  • cmaxwel1: @antfarm $FB $EFX (yes, they will. question is when does the dust settle?)
  • DAN: Good morning. The Fed is set to announce an increase in the fed funds rate today by .25 bps. Everyone expects that, and the Fed typically delivers exactly what everyone expects. When they announce the rate hike that everyone expects, we'll see a b ...
  • cmaxwel1: @DAN $FB $EFX (added $FB at 166). Stop 3% below
  • antfarm: $FB $EFX Remember Equifax? They had by far a more serious data breach that no one volunteered for. It closed just under the 200dma having come off its low of about 6 months ago. $FB will recover once all the talking heads get done wailing and growling for the cameras. Just MHO. No position in either.
  • gwenzee: $EFX Another 2.4 million customers affected by data breach. A gift that just keeps giving. NP
  • 1993dean: $EFX a short
  • Forexpro: ...
    Henry Ellenbogen - $EFX, $MTN, $BFAM, $SERV, $SHOP, $GRUB

    Abby Joseph Cohen - $OXY, $ABBV, $MDLZ

    Paul Wick - $MU, $WDC, $MRVL, $ORCL; short $SNAP, $XON

    Meryl Witmer - $KMX, $OEC

    William Priest - $OLED, $AMAT, $SBUX, $MLM, $MET

    Oscar Schafer - $ ...
  • indigo1948: @Forexpro $XON $MSG $BATRA $MGM $ZBH $CNHI $GCP $PCAR $TXT $ENR $LCRX $HCLP $GTN $ARCC $HOFT $XLE $NTG $BKLN $EWZ $DXJ $EFX $MTN $BFAM $SERV $SHOP $GRUB $OXY $ABBV $MDLZ $MU $WDC $MRVL $ORCL $SNAP $KMX $OEC $OLED $AMAT $SBUX $MLM $MET $CNK $ORLY $COMM $EVTC $ANIP - thank you for the information - interesting choices - $MDLZ has been channeling for about 2 1/2 years and $OXY has a great deal of room to the upside - long both of these.
  • Iceman: $EFX #ShortPuts - Bought to close 1 EFX Apr 20 2018 60.0 Put @ 0.05. It won't trade any lower and doesn't expire for more than 4 months. Originally sold on 9/13/17 at 2.00 during the crash caused by their data breach. A fairly obvious #FallingKnife trade and the stock actually held at 90 before rebounding.
  • Iceman: $EFX #ShortPuts – Bought to close EFX Jan 19 2018 60.0 Puts @ 0.05. They don’t expire until next year. Originally sold on 09/14/2017 at 1.90 as a #FallingKnife trade.
  • Junior1: @champ $GE When you figure this out, let me know. I have the same question about $EFX. How is this holding up, above 100 no less!?!?
  • champ: @Junior1 $EFX --- Has earnings power and targets was raised to $114 at RBC Capital Markets and a hold at Stifel with a target at $115...and a new position for Heritage Group, 480,000 new shares, was reported today 11/13.... and thats the news, just from today. No way, would I ever even think about buying this stock.
  • GOOSE: OPTION EXPIRATION, 11/10/17 $CELG 11/10/17 STO 101.0 CALLS ASSIGNED $PCG 11/10/17 STO 57.0 CALLS $EFX 11/10/17 STO 104.0 PUTS $EFX 11/10/17 STO 105.0 PUTS $EFX 11/10/17 STO 109.0 CALLS $EFX 11/10/17 STO 110.0 CALLS HAVE A SAFE AND GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE.
  • GOOSE: #Earnings $EFX I find this interesting. My Short Puts and Short Calls, are 3-5 strikes apart, tomorrow's expiration, and they are all underwater. $EFX is reporting tonight or in the morning. How can this be? Just MM's Covering their A's?
  • Forexpro: @GOOSE $EFX #Earnings

    Hey, Goose,

    Well, that would be the impolite way to put it. Implied vol, as you'd imagine, has moved quite a bit higher, even from yesterday. The at the money implied for Friday's expiry is around 140 percent, dropping to 65 ...
  • GOOSE: @Forexpro $EFX #Earnings That really helped Amigo. Much appreciated. GOOSE
  • Junior1: @GOOSE $EFX #Earnings I have an Order in to STO tomorrows 100/120 strangle... can't get a fill at "Mid" The spread on the 120 Calls is 0.15/0.60
  • Forexpro: @GOOSE $EFX #Earnings Best of luck, mi Amigo.
  • GOOSE: $EFX Dodged the bullet. Stock is down a little after earnings report. Was up 1.30 AH, 10 minutes ago. ;>)
  • Junior1:
  • DAN: @Junior1 $EFX $NVDA Boom! Short Iron Condor just before the close, when premium was extra primo expensive. As long as it stays between 185 and 230, we're happy. If it moves up above $210 but stays below $225, we're VERY happy.
  • GOOSE: $EFX Going down AH. OK with me, as long as it holds 104.0 till 4 PM tomorrow.
  • DAN: @Junior1 $EFX $NVDA Nice!!!
  • GOOSE: SOME TRADES: $CELG BTO STOCK @102.0 $CELG BTO STOCK @101.76 $CELG STO 11/17/17 103.0 CALLS @1.25 $EFX STO 11/10/17 109.0 CALLS @1.30 An add to holdings. $EFX STO 11/10/17 105.0 PUTS @.95
  • GOOSE: #HELP $EFX Is supposed to report earnings today, according to #FinViz, but doesn't say ATC. Anybody, please, let me know. when ? I'm kind of loaded up. Tick, tick.........
  • Junior1: @GOOSE $EFX TOS has it as tomorrow AMC
  • GOOSE: @Junior1 $EFX OK and thank you. Wondering why IV is so elevated. I'll have to maybe unwind some stuff tomorrow. Thanks again @Junior1. GOOSE
  • Junior1: @GOOSE $EFX Actually, I expected the IV to be much higher. Straddle atm is less than $4.No position
  • Lynda: @Junior1 $EFX 11/22 @4:15pm
  • GOOSE: @Lynda $EFX Lynda, are you saying that they are going to report earnings Nov 22???
  • GOOSE: @Junior1 $SNAP OOOPS, I was to quick to reply. I thought you were referring to $EFX.
  • DavidM: @GOOSE $EFX Looks like they are not telling anyone.
  • DavidM: @GOOSE $EFX Looks like they decided to let everyone know at 3:40 PM today. ATLANTA , Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --  Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX) will release its financial results for the third quarter ending September 30, 2017 , in a press release to be issued on Thursday, November 9, 2017 . Conference call is Friday AM, so the release is probably AM.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: A per my post yesterday....."......out the end of the hose." $EFX STO 11/10/17 109.0 CALLS @1.35 $EFX STO 11/10/17 104.0 PUTS @.80
  • DAN: @GOOSE $EFX Gotta wonder what their management is going to say tomorrow. If it weren't so tragic, the massive data breach would be funny -- a cyber-episode of the Keystone Cops.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $EFX(again) ;>) STO 11/10/17 110 CALLS @1.55. Will make it a Covered call if necessary. $AA STO 11/10/17 48.0 CALLS COVERED $PCG STO 11/10/17 57.50 CALLS COVERED
  • GOOSE: $EFX Didn't notice, when I sold the 110.0 Calls this morning, that the stock's price looks like it is coming out of the end of a hose,(squeeze). Maybe I'll sell more calls tomorrow, expiration 11/10/17.
  • Iceman: $EFX #ShortPuts - Bought to close EFX Jan 19 2018 50.0 Puts @ 0.05. They won't trade any lower and don't expire until next year. Originally sold about 6 weeks ago at 1.20 & 1.25 as a #FallingKnife trade
  • Bridget: ...
    $EFX - rolling over and likely to go lower into earnings on 11/1
    $LITE - phase 2
    $SQ $PYPL - no pullback on today’s market weakness
  • Mpower27: @GOOSE $PCG looking at that chart makes me think it's trying to do its own $efx impersonation.
  • GOOSE: #$EFX Saw in this morning's newspaper that Congress is trying to make the IRS cancel contracts with $EFX. AH yesterday, $TRU was up a little. Just sayin'.
  • issues: @GOOSE $EFX So EFX may be a good short RHRN?? Target $90. $CNC may also be a short candidate since the trend is broken.
  • Mpower27: @issues $EFX $CNC based off just the IRS contract I'd guess no. It's only worth about $7 million
  • michaelH: $EFX closing out my EFX short; not dropping as expected
  • GOOSE: $EFX Takes down Web Page after new hack.
  • michaelH: $efx shorted at 107.98. buy stop at at 114.80, just above recent high
  • traderbren: @GOOSE $EFX - yikes! Just so typical!
  • genki: $EFX Anyone short it here?
  • traderbren: @genki $EFX - I considered it when the latest news hit the wires, but then saw it bounce. Go figure. This company has more holes in their security than a sieve and yet their stock goes up. NP.
  • GOOSE: @traderbren $EFX Yep! Have a great day. I wouldn't short it though. Seems to have a following.
  • genki: @genki $EFX It's at support/resistance now. It feels it wants to go lower.
  • GOOSE: $EFX $TRU @Junior1 What you said about $EFX, seems to be true about $TRU too, about hitting resistance. ;>)
  • Gary: ...
    15. $TRU – competitor of $EFX. I have no edge in this. It’s run more than 25% after the $41 bottom. Back at top of trend…but risk of big profit-taking is an issue.
    16. $LIT – popular ETF now. Looks like a topping pattern ...
  • Junior1: @GOOSE $EFX Resistance @113.55 for some odd reason
  • GOOSE: @Junior1 $EFX Yah, don't know why though. I like to play it though. Good luck.
  • Ottawagreg: $SYMC Is down 3.5% today. I took a medium sized position when the $EFX torpedo hit the fan. I am holding out for the ER season. DAN, do you still think this stock is going to the moon after the coming ER cycle is through? Hold this through the ER for Q3? thank you
  • rah: @CHOFF $SYMC - sorry about the loss, hopefully not too much. I actually believe this one may present an interesting earnings report next month. But - it wasn't making me money now, it was not an investment. I made some on $EFX short. Now that I think about it, I was holding LOCK when $SYMC bought it last year. So - I hold no hard feelings.
  • Junior1: $EFX Buy volume decreased over the last 3 days, today is showing a bearish engulfing candle, light volume. Along with $XLF stocks, this looks like a short set up. NP. Yet!
  • spmeyers: @Junior1 $EFX $XLF watching also
  • traderbren: $EFX - moving higher again. Interesting to note that Marisa Meyer (former CEO at $YHOO) didn't get raked over the coals for the huge data breach under her watch, plus she got paid handsomely for driving the company down the tubes!
  • Iceman: $EFX #ShortPuts – Bought to close 1 EFX Oct 20 2017 75.0 Put @ 0.05. It won’t trade any lower. Sold this not that long ago. #FallingKnife trade.
  • GOOSE: $EFX Moving nicely. FD I have a covered call.
  • traderbren: $EFX -- getting a bid since this morning's hearings.
  • Junior1: @champ $HA I thought the same thing when I shorted $EFX on day 1. "This can't be the right trade, it's too obvious" But that worked out very well!
  • champ: @Junior1 $HA $EFX --- Great...Good Work!
  • GOOSE: $EFX #Testifying Isn't $EFX supposed to be testifying before some kind of Congressional Committee tomorrow? I have a very small position.
  • Forexpro: @GOOSE $EFX #Testifying Hey, Goose, Yes, although I haven't been able to find the precise time. Actually, according to Bank Info Security, Mr. Smith - apparently, the only witness - has three dates before Congressional committees: "Smith, who "retired" last week, is due to appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday, followed by the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday and the House Financial Services Committee on Thursday. At all three hearings, Smith - now listed as being "adviser to the interim CEO and former chairman and CEO of Equifax" - is the sole witness being called." Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • GOOSE: @Forexpro $EFX #Testifying Thank you for this information amigo. GOOSE
  • sierramp: @DAN $THO $AAPL $EFX $SYMC Thanks for bringing our attn to $THO back on the 11th. I'm up 6.7%, keep raising my stop.
  • GOOSE: $TRU Nice chart. Credit business, e.g. $EFX I have several positions in $TRU & $EFX
  • Iceman: $EFX #ShortPuts - Bought to close 1 EFX Oct 20 2017 70.0 Put @ 0.05. It won't trade any lower. Originally sold on 09/14/2017  at 1.20. Out much sooner than I expected.
  • GOOSE: $EFX, $TRU #FYI Still moving. I have positions, stock, short calls, short puts.
  • Iceman: $EFX #ShortPuts – Bought to close EFX Oct 20 2017 65.0 Puts @ 0.05. It won’t trade any lower. Sold these on 09/14/2017  at 1.20 and 1.35.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: Working for me so far, so...."keep doing it", per @DAN $EFX BTO STOCK @108.0 $EFX STO 9/29/17 108.0 CALLS @1.43 A scalp.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $EFX BTC 10/6/17 87.0 PUTS @.10 STO @1.54
  • issues: @Iceman $EFX Where's phase two?
  • GOOSE: $EFX Out of all my $EFX trades exept one. Stocks going down.
  • Forexpro: Re: $EFX Hi, Friends, As Dan predicted roughly two minutes after the headlines hit, Equifax's CEO (Richard Smith) has decided to call it a career. An interim CEO (Paulino do Rego Barros, Jr.) has been appointed while the Board does the successor search. The stock is at 103 at the moment, small amounts trading (1x3 on the bid ask, as I type). All the best!
  • DrScience: $EFX falling two bucks as CEO Richard Smith steps down. Could be one of those situations where the first move is usually wrong. Then again, the damage has already been done. A change in leadership won't change the fact that data has been compromised.
  • jmichaelet: @DrScience $EFX What are folks' thoughts on this? I closed out my puts last week for a solid profit, but thinking there's more downside in the longer term. Don't see much more upside from here given the pain in the chart, wondering if it's worth starting a small longer term short position?
  • GOOSE: $EFX Down only .14 now, after all the hullaballou.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: A BUY/ WRITE $EFX BTO STOCK @105.0 $EFX STO 9/29/17 106.0 CALLS @1.10
  • DAN: @GOOSE $EFX Yep. Somebody still has an appetite for this stock. Question: "Can things get any worse right now?" Answer: "Probably not." Takeaway: "Still ok to buy...with a short leash."
  • CHOFF: @DAN $EFX - seems like they can get worse on Oct. 3rd when $EFX testifies before Congress about the breach. They are trying to take a little of the sting away preemptively by canning the CEO ahead of testimony.
  • DAN: @CHOFF $EFX Agreed.
  • CHOFF: @DAN $EFX - what are your updated thoughts on $SYMC?
  • GOOSE: @DAN $EFX Dear @DAN, Thank you for your input. Much appreciated. GOOSE
  • GOOSE: @CHOFF $EFX Hey, who doesn't get hacked, Yahoo, FBI, CIA. So what can the Gov't say? $EFX will probably say, ok we'll try harder. Anyhoo, I have Calls against the stock, so I'll probably be out of the stock by Friday, and if not, I'll keep a tight rein on EFX, as @DAN suggested.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: BTO $EFX STOCK @95.0 To cover a Call, now a covered call, expires 10/6 .
  • infocus: @GOOSE $EFX #Test Yes ;>)
  • Squid: @GOOSE $EFX yes
  • arrow: $EFX $TRU - Had orders filled on Friday to close out some #FallingKnife trades originally sold on 9/14. BTC EFX Oct17 80 puts for .5 BTC TRU Oct17 40 puts for .15
  • DrScience: $EFX back above the magical $100 mark on an upgrade to "Outperform" at $WFC. Since the last scam worked so well, the Wells Fargo folks must be planning a new push to add phantom loan accounts and will need many credit reports. Hmmm, kinda makes you wonder... Wouldn't they just Google the information on the Dark Web?
  • bwcarnation1: @DrScience $EFX $WFC I would think it would be difficult to recommend a stock of a company that is getting sued starting with attorney general of MA
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Volume 902,434

Equifax, Inc. is a leading provider of information solutions and human resources business process outsourcing services for businesses and consumers. The Company has a large and diversified group of clients.

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