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  • 1993dean: DAN any thoughts on $CBOE AND $EFX
  • DAN: @1993dean $CBOE $EFX CBOE is in a solid uptrend. Not really letting a new buyer in. The stock is trading pretty steeply, and I'd be hesitant to buy now. But it's easy to hold, that's for sure. EFX looks like a failed breakout today.
  • gwenzee: @issues $INCR $AOS $CRL $CRTO $EFX $MHK $MSCI $PLAY $SNI $PSA $UBNT $WBMD $ZBH $NCLH $RCL $CCL $NCL $AMSG $AVGO $BUFF $CDNS $FLT $HW $KORS $MAA $NTSI $RYAAY $SFM $WAL Thank you for the helpful research. Saves me from having to do it.
  • issues: We bought a starter position in $INCR today. Like the chart it's an IBD 50 stock. The new additions to the IBD list this week are; $AOS $CRL $CRTO $EFX $MHK $MSCI $PLAY $SNI $PSA $UBNT $WBMD $ZBH. $NCLH reports tomorrow. With oil going up this is a question mark. Cramer says sell the cruise lines. All of these look the same on the charts; $RCL $CCL $NCLH. We hold $CCL & $NCLH. Off the ibd 50 list this week are: $AMSG $AVGO $BUFF $CDNS $FLT $HW $KORS $MAA $MTSI $RYAAY $SFM $WAL. Thank you for this helpful research! You're welcome!
  • issues: @gwenzee $INCR $AOS $CRL $CRTO $EFX $MHK $MSCI $PLAY $SNI $PSA $UBNT $WBMD $ZBH $NCLH $RCL $CCL $NCL $AMSG $AVGO $BUFF $CDNS $FLT $HW $KORS $MAA $NTSI $RYAAY $SFM $WAL OK But I get a commission on anything you buy, right? Just kidding. As you look over these charts which looks ripe to you? $SFM $HW look good.
  • Aragorn: ...
    $EFX - 50sma support
    $EPAM coming to the 50sma
    $EW at the 21ema
    $FB 50 sma support?
    $HA moved below the 8ema and 21ema support maybe.
    $IDTI - 21ema support?
    $IMAX near he 200 it bounced coming to a theater near you
    $INGN - 200 Resistance? 8ema supp ...
  • EasyOut: @Aragorn Thanks for the list and the teaching you do in the forums. Aragorn's IBD 50 inside day week and month inside day $DY $ICLR $UVE inside week $HA $NKE $TSO inside month $ABG $AOS $CBM $CDNS $CELG $CMG $CTSH $CYBR $EFX $FB $GOOGL $HA $HAWK $MANH $MASI $MENT $NTES $ORLY $OZRK $PAYC $PZZA $SBUX $SSNC $TSCO $TSO $ULTA $UVE $V
  • GreenGhost: @EasyOut $DY $ICLR $UVE $HA $NKE $TSO $ABG $AOS $CBM $CDNS $CELG $CMG $CTSH $CYBR $EFX $FB $GOOGL $HAWK $MANH $MASI $MENT $NTES $ORLY $OZRK $PAYC $PZZA $SBUX $SSNC $TSCO $ULTA $V This list of stocks is identical to that posted yesterday by Aragon no adds or deletions; why the repost? Seen this several times ; I'm just as confused the last time I asked this question a few months back.
  • blueberryman: The repost makes these tickers accessible to the SMM chart and forum news through the addition of the $ sign is my guess. @GreenGhost $DY $ICLR $UVE $HA $NKE $TSO $ABG $AOS $CBM $CDNS $CELG $CMG $CTSH $CYBR $EFX $FB $GOOGL $HAWK $MANH $MASI $MENT $NTES $ORLY $OZRK $PAYC $PZZA $SBUX $SSNC $TSCO $ULTA $V
  • GreenGhost: @blueberryman $DY $ICLR $UVE $HA $NKE $TSO $ABG $AOS $CBM $CDNS $CELG $CMG $CTSH $CYBR $EFX $FB $GOOGL $HAWK $MANH $MASI $MENT $NTES $ORLY $OZRK $PAYC $PZZA $SBUX $SSNC $TSCO $ULTA $V Accessible? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me at least. If that's the case why doesn't Aragon just add the $ symbol in front of his listed stocks in his original posts like everyone else? Those posts BTW are very much appreciated and a great place to look for trades; he obviously spends a lot of effort to do those screens.
  • EasyOut: @GreenGhost $DY $ICLR $UVE $HA $NKE $TSO $ABG $AOS $CBM $CDNS $CELG $CMG $CTSH $CYBR $EFX $FB $GOOGL $HAWK $MANH $MASI $MENT $NTES $ORLY $OZRK $PAYC $PZZA $SBUX $SSNC $TSCO $ULTA $V @Blueberryman is correct. It is Aragorn's list of stocks and I have added the $ so the quick view charts can be seen. Just trying to be a help to others in the forum. Sorry if I caused confusion. I am a reader of the forum trying to learn and do appreciate your informative posts. Thanks.
  • GreenGhost: @EasyOut $DY $ICLR $UVE $HA $NKE $TSO $ABG $AOS $CBM $CDNS $CELG $CMG $CTSH $CYBR $EFX $FB $GOOGL $HAWK $MANH $MASI $MENT $NTES $ORLY $OZRK $PAYC $PZZA $SBUX $SSNC $TSCO $ULTA $V Got it ; seems the simple solution just ask Aragon to do this himself like every other poster does. You shouldn't have to waste your time doing that. The forum protocol has been and continues to be since inception put the dollar sign in front of the stocks one posts.
  • dunsek: #RadarScreen stocks crossing the 8ema and PSAR flipping to positive: $MOS $LEG $EXPE $AA $WU $GILD $LM $MON $NWL $LB $AON $BRKB and a looky here: $EFX which squeezed, popped outside the 3rd bb, pulled back to test in a 4 day slide, then bounced on the 8. Out of all of the 8ema/PSAR ones, $MOS is really interesting rhrn- looks like it might have put a bottom in on Thursday after a 2 month-long, 20% tank. FD long $AA and a bit of $GILD
  • pcotton: #scan #rightUpper pullback to daily 20,50 or weekly 20 $AHS $AMAG $CNC $CNK $CRUS $DRII $EFX $ENR $IMAX $IPXL $JBLU $KSS $MMS $MSCI $Q $ROST $SEE $TSS $UHS $VRX squeeze breakouts: AHS, AMAG, CNC, IMAX, MSCI, UHS, VRX(phase 3) copyable: AHS AMAG CNC CNK CRUS DRII EFX ENR IMAX IPXL JBLU KSS MMS MSCI Q ROST SEE TSS UHS VRX
  • pcotton: #scan #rightUpperPullbackBounce (after close 4/21). Bounce off daily 20 or 50 except as indicated 20week. $AYR $BLUE $BSX $DRII (20w) $EFX $ENDP $JCOM $LEA $MANH $MTSI (20w) $NBIX $PANW $QLYS $SCI $SEIC $SKX $STZ $TSCO $VNTV $VRX $WYN (20w) For copy to watchlist: AYR BLUE BSX DRII EFX ENDP JCOM LEA MANH MTSI NBIX PANW QLYS SCI SEIC SKX STZ TSCO VNTV VRX WYN
  • Bobbell1: $EFX pullback after a breakout anyone?
  • greberalan: @Bobbell1 $EFX yes, a pull back after breakout. I don't think it is anything to worry about. Just use a STOP under the lower trend line around $81 ish. Yeah.... you could buy some RHRN.
  • woodman: Some Stocks Of Interest: From one scan: $CTL, $HES, $RHI, $LUV, $AA, $AIV, $AAPL, $LEA, $APA, $MCK, $EFX, $EQR. From another scan: $RLYP, $UEIC, $COH, $FL, $HRG, $BPI, $BRKB, $PSMT, $LOW, $CAR. Some others, generally: $THRM, $BWP, $GBX, $LNG, $MAR, $URI, $EMES, $BITA, $GD, $TMO. And a couple of biotechs not recently mentioned: $CLVS, $PBYI.
  • jmat2413: #LongTermPortfolio: I call this my "is what it is" shopping list because all of these stocks have gone up more than 20% per year over the last 1, 2, 3, and 5 years. They are all in the SP-500. I eliminated some which I noticed had 50% or greater pullbacks. Now I need to whittle this down to something manageable, say 10 to 20 stocks. Any additional screening ideas would be appreciated. $FMC, $PPG, $ECL, $TWC, $CMCSA, $UA, $VFC, $TJX, $BWA, $M, $NKE, $MHK, $PCLN, $WYN, $VIAB, $DIS, $CBS, $GCI, $HOG, $WYNN, $ORLY, $CCE, $STZ, $TSN, $HRL, $PXD, $EQT, $OKE, $AMP, $MA, $DFS, $AXP, $V, $TMK, $GILD, $ALXN, $BIIB, $CELG, $REGN, $ACT, $MYL, $PRGO, $AET, $MCK, $ABC, $DAL, $MHFI, $FISV, $ADS, $MCO, $EFX, $ROK, $AME, $PLL, $HON, $PCP, $UNP, $TYC, $SNA, $SNDK, $CERN, $CRM, $NI, $PNR
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $ACC, $AEM, $AMAT, $ANGI, $BGC, $BGS, $CAKE, $CBS, $CJES, $CSCO, $CTL, $CTRP, $CXW, $DDR, $ECOL, $EFX, $EXL, $FNF, $INT, $IO, $IPI, $ITRI, $KGC, $LF, $LPSN, $MDLZ, $MET, $NEWP, $NRP, $NTAP, $NTES, $NVDA, $REG, $RKUS, $ROVI, $SKX, $SPRT, $SPWR, $STAG, $TAL, $TCO, $TNGO, $WFM, Z
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $AEM, $AIZ, $AKAM, $ALGT, $ANGI, $ASGN, $AVB, $BDN, $CAKE, $CDNS, $CLGX, $CMO, $CMRE, $CTXS, $CVA, $EFX, $EGHT, $EQIX, $ESV, $ETFC, $EVR, $FBHS, $FFIV, $FIO, $FOE,FTNT, $GGG, $HRC, $INFN, $KFN, $LOGI, $LRCX, $LSI, $MLNX, $NOW, $NXPI, $ORLY, $PLCM, $PLXS, $QDEL, $QTM, $RE, $SCI, $SGMO, $SKX, $SLG, $SRCL, $STMP, $SUSQ, $SWFT, $SYMC, $T, $TAL, $TCBI, $TER, $TEX, $TMK, $TQNT, $TRIP, $TSCO, $TYL, $VAR, $WLL, WRE
  • BuffaloBill: $CERN $EIX $DVA $EFX $STZ $DHI $SHW $OKE $AN $WY $FDO $INTU $WMB $LEN SP-500 14 Returned, With the Following EasyScan, High Earnings 3y & 1y # All Daily Time Frames, Begin, Cap > 100 Volume > 250,000, TSV 26 Rank > 74%, TSV 18 Rank > ...
  • scottto: ...
    $UNP, $DIS, BF.B, $SEE, $NU, $ALL, $TJX, $TRV, $MTB, $BBT, $DFS, $FISV, $MDT, $LLY, $CCI, $EFX, $BMY, $WIN, $DRI, $VNO,
    $SHW, $BEAM, $EW, $NTRS, $TIE, $UTX, $HD

    Relevance List: Again, criteria for relevance up to list maker but include: looki ...
  • gold2stocks: ...

    Equifax estimates, target raised at Credit Suisse

    Jun 14, 2012 | 7:06 AM EDT

    Shares of $EFX now seen reaching $50, acccording to Credit Suisse. Estimates also increased, as the company can likely sustain solid organic sales gro ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Equifax estimates, target raised at Credit Suisse
    Shares of $EFX now seen reaching $49, according to Credit Suisse. Estimates also increased, given the company's new guidance. Neutral rating.

    Fidelity National numbers upped at Cred ...
  • scorpino: Chart reading- looking through few watch lists this weekend I see the following as (maybe?) either at, close to, or approaching "potential low risk" buy point, based only on chart action. I'd appreciate hearing reactions to any one (or more) of the following, for the sake of improving my chart reading. A XOM $ALL AMGN $BWLD CA $CBE CIE $CMI CVA $EFX FFIV $GLDD GM $HON any response as to why or why not it "looks good" would be helpful. tia .. and if this is not an appropriate kind of question, please advise. :-) fwiw most look to me to be either consolidation nearing 50d (or 30d) or a 3 day up/ 3day down pattern
  • scottto: ...
    $EFX - popped last month and looks ready again
    $RSG - Starting Phase 1
    $MCD - Technically a #squeeze but breaking to downside. May be at good entry point based on current trend lin ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Equifax upgraded at Goldman
    $EFX was upgraded to Buy, Goldman Sachs said. $50 price target. Sales are improving sooner and better than expected.

    First Solar downgraded at Collins Stewart
    $FSLR was downgraded from Buy to Neutral, Co ...
  • PorchDog: ...
    $EFX - from an uptrend
    $ERJ - whoa! Jungle Jets...too late to buy - big move on big volume
    $JKHY - nice pop on good volume
    $LLTC - the chart looks identical to $JKHY (with less volume)
    $LPS - the 200 day ema has been capping the action. Wi ...
  • dunsek: ...
    Financial: $EFX (vol expansion?), $PCEF
    Food/Bevvie: $PEP
    Health: $BDX, $MDT (squeezing at the 200 ema and sma), $CAR, $PKI, $TMO, $DGX
    Insurance: $TMK, $MMC
    Leisure: $SBUX
    Manufacturing: $MMM, $EMR
    Materi ...
  • kdon853: Credit card fraud Team I've been the victim of CC fraud twice in the last 2 months on a visa and mastercard . Looked at $EFX chart looks awful any other credit security stocks out there?? Thanks @Kevin
  • dunsek: 6% volatility #squeeze- ah, gotcha. Ok. If you just need a list of stocks that identify as true against @Dan's 6% volatility #squeeze (on the daily) here are a bunch: $ADM, $COST, PM, $LLY, $MKC, $SRE, $PKI, $EIX, $MO, $L, $HSP, $MAT, MFE, $ED, $EFX, $AEP, $CNP, $HNZ, $NI, $HRB, $FII, $HRL, $DE, $D, DUK.
  • captbryan: NOC..EMR..EFX , LaurieAnn, I have just been working with charts for a few months but here is my take on these. $NOC seems to have defined short term support around Friday's low which was resistance back in August. This has been around the support lev ...
  • captbryan: XLI- $EFX, $EMR, NOC.. These three stocks in the Industrial sector are in volatility squeezes and I will be looking at them this weekend. The charts look dead strong, especially when you zoom out to weekly charts. Still long $APC, $CSIQ, $JRCC, and $PVA from last week but I trimmed off some profits on Friday. I struggle with selling to early so I took @Dan's advise and just trimmed some to feel better and stay involved with strong positions.
  • LaurieAnn: $XLI EFX $EMR NOC- @CaptBryan, Just exercising my Chart-at-o-glance quick draw skills I pick $EMR to watch. $XLI and $EFX seem like their at resistance and longer away from the 50sma and not tight enough. $NOC is between the 20 and 50sma and looks a little weak. Just my .02 cents for fun. Anyone else? LA
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Stock Price $USD 111.37
Change 1.63%
Volume 902,625

Equifax, Inc. is a leading provider of information solutions and human resources business process outsourcing services for businesses and consumers. The Company has a large and diversified group of clients.

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