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  • TRICIA: $EGRX --- @Henry ... EGRX.. Halted .. Eagle Pharmaceuticals Receives Complete Response Letter from FDA on RYANODEX for Exertional Heat Stroke Application
  • Henry: @TRICIA $EGRX They want another study
  • TRICIA: The FDA has a new sheriff ...Gottlieb --- he is delivering on his promise to make the FDA easier to work with ...... So Here are some important bio catalysts coming up: you can see them all and track them at biopharmcatalyst.com !) $EGRX - $75.6 pps for Ryanodex to treat Exertional heat stroke (EHS) PDUFA date under priority review July 23, 2017. ..... I expect this may come any moment ************************************* $IPCI $2.81pps for Rexista to treat pain ... Advisory Committee Meeting July 26, 2017. PDUFA date September 25, 2017. *************************************** $DVAX $9.6 pps HEPLISAV-B vaccinre for Hepatitis B Advisory Committee Meeting July 28, 2017. PDUFA August 10, 2017 I have positions in EGRX, and DVAX and watching IPCI
  • Henry: @TRICIA $EGRX Hi Tricia. You peaked my interest, ryanodex is a new formulation for an old drug that treats anesthesia related malignant hyperthermia. The older formulation is cumbersome to dissolve and administer but has 50% more shelf life and is cheaper. With the prices they charge for epi pens and narcan injectors I guess $2,400 a vial isn't too bad.
  • TRICIA: @Henry $EGRX - Hi Henry --- I have been reading up on price increases .... Shrekli and of course Mylan were just for starters ...... Dozens of drugs are up 1-5000 % in past 4 years .... it is insane. I am in $EGRX b/c it is 22% short, thin trade (avg vol 350k) ...82% Instituional Ownership. and has a PT of 98 ... what could go wrong? ....haha......
  • spmeyers: @TRICIA $EGRX $IPCI $DVAX thx for the info and that website
  • bwcarnation1: $EGRX added to this a.m. E were good stock volatile yesterday initial buy yest on pb
  • Gary: ...
    $EGRX – generic drug co. Coming out of C&H on volume.
    $ANIP – Generic drug company. Very good growth rate. Sales growth accelerating.
    $MYL – bottom at $35.
    $ACRS – Generic. Resistance at 31.80.
    $VRX – another move u ...
  • champ: $TEVA & $EGRX...Volume Alerts
  • Aragorn: @champ $TEVA $EGRX I see no news on EGRX see anything Champ? I have been watching no trades TIA ( Thanks in advance)
  • TunaHelper: @Aragorn $EGRX Not quite sure what is driving it, but it has huge short interest.
  • Aragorn: @TunaHelper $EGRX Thanks moving back up on the hod
  • TunaHelper: @Aragorn $TEVA $EGRX On TOS it reports: "Benzinga receives document confirming positive ruling for Eagle Pharmaceuticals in Treanda Case"
  • champ: @Aragorn $TEVA $EGRX - Seeing Headlines....That they both have in fact won a ruling over the patent for Treanda ( now labeled as Bendeka)
  • champ: @champ $TEVA $EGRX - I don't really understand whats going on ...$TEVA not moving but $EGRX is up $29%...I took a position in TEVA and it looks like I was WRONG.
  • champ: $TEVA has a market cap of $55b and $EGRX cap is $644m ...so it does look like it bounced because of the short interest...I'm guessing.
  • maratom71: $EGRX, is 99.5% held by institutions, according TDA, shorts 21%.
  • Aragorn: $EGRX and $AAL - 2 stocks that had reverse strat daily setups. These are my favorite setups ,I did not trade them but I am just pointing out this is what you want
  • DrScience: ...
    $RGR, $RNG, $RVNC, $SKX, $STMP, $TREE, $TY ...
  • pcotton: ...
    IPOs I'm watching: $ADMS $AFMD $ANET $AXTA $BLUE $CLLS $CYBR $DBVT $ERI ...
  • boba: $EGRX Up 25% since the bottom on the 24th. Long 1/4 position.
  • pcotton: ...

    Here's my notes on the non-obvious ones:
    AVOL - leases commercial aircraft. PE 9, PEG 0.36
    CONE - data center real estate
    DBVT - Epicuta ...
  • gbrock: $EGRX Amazing how Eagle Pharma came down just enough to exactly take out half my position at $74.74 stop. Made a nice profit but looking for open green box to get back in and ride back up to $90's.
  • janner0814: I've been long $LEN for a week or so; however, I've scaled back my position since earnings comes up on Wednesday. Existing home sales was released today; tomorrow at 10am the New Home Sales data is out. http://i.imgur.com/kAG8guo.jpg Here's an interesting pharma. It's outside of my watch list, however, I like the trend, $EGRX Eagle Pharmaceuticals; I've got a bid out on it. $89.60 stock. @Shopaholic526: "Is it time to buy or look at the homebuilders?"
  • DrChucky: $CLDX, $GWPH, $ONVO,$BMRN,$EGRX - some biotechs up 4 %
  • ginny: $EGRX missewd the breakout
  • DanWessler: ...
    $EGRX - Double-top is IN! Looks like a mighty fine short candidate (with stop of course).

    $TGTX - This one does not look very solid but set a price alert as this is another one of those crazy bios that could blow up one day.

    That's all I've got fo ...
  • DanWessler: ...
    $EGRX - I think this one gets to $40 and maybe higher soon. Hot IPO.

    $ANAC - This one has been on a tear and it doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon. Too much institutional buying to let this thing hang out at one price too long before go ...
  • 3Peat: $EGRX Got bucked off@36
  • TRICIA: $EGRX --up 15% darn it, didn't act on this yesterday OR TODAY ... grrrrrrrrrrrrr That TEVA deal is good ...
  • DrChucky: $EGRX - 26% on day 2. market must be expecting some serious revenue on the TEVA deal.
  • TRICIA: $EGRX - now up 16% ...I saw this first thing this am and failed to act ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Teva and Eagle Pharmaceuticals Announce Tevas License to Commercialize Eagles Bendamustine Rapid Infusion Product
  • Tricia: $EGRX: as advised on last Sunday's FDA Watch list that I posted - . received FDA approval for Malignant hypothermia ... next up $ACRX ...
  • Tricia: ...
    This am bought $ANAC, and added to $PCYC $EGRX & $ACRX .. all down ... and now all retracing a wee bit ..this will continue
    BTW --- I bought tw0 tranches this am - at almost the lod ... now up 10% on my homework and hunch!I am looking at $HALO ...
  • Tricia: PDUFA TICKERS -- Today $ANAC Pdufa was 3 weeks early, $SPPI was 5 weeks early $MNKD was 3 weeks early, and $EGRX was also 3.5 weeks early ( first one - they have a 2nd one due July 16th... Here are tickers - you have to do your homework ... I already advised of 12 Pdufa's and 3 AdComm's .... I am focused on EGRX - candidate for malignent hypothermia due 7/22,$MDCO - IV Ortivancin for MRSA/ABCISSI, 10/7 PCYC Ibutrinib for CLL/SLL (leukemia and Lymphoma) and 10/10 GILD for Single Pill (combo of Ledispervir and Sofasbuvir (SOLVADI) ) - for GT 1 HCV genotype 1 heaptitis C - the cure for 70% of all HCV cases --- I bet these PRIORITY REVIEW candidates are all released much earlier.. Just keep this in mind ... No chart can tell you about this...
  • ginny: $EGRX orphan designation for lymphomas
  • Tricia: $SPPI while I am posting about calendars and PDUFA's ... SPPI ship came in ... early! it wasn't due till August 9 ... That makes THREE EARLY (before promised PDUFA dates in last 2 weeks $MKND, $EGRX, $SPPI ..... Looking at the Priotity reviews ... $GILD could come much earlier .... for Combo pill ...operative word is COULD
  • TG2000: @ander509 EPE: one of the stocks I asked @Dan about in the forum yesterday. I have my alert set and ready to go. IPO Strategy: @DAN Do these look like they are meeting your IPO Strategy? Broke out: $GNCA CLDN $NWHM EBIO $ASPX CARA RARE IBP $EGLT QURE $INGN RICE $RSPP MBUU $SNOW TRVN. Setting up to break out: $EGRX GLYC $ARGS DRNA $FLXN NADL $RVNC LADR $EPE HELI
  • TG2000: IPO Strategy: @DAN Do these look like they are meeting your IPO Strategy? Broke out: $GNCA CLDN $NWHM EBIO $ASPX CARA RARE IBP $EGLT QURE $INGN RICE $RSPP MBUU $SNOW TRVN. Setting up to break out: $EGRX GLYC $ARGS DRNA $FLXN NADL $RVNC LADR $EPE HELI
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Stock Price $USD 75.31
Change 3.43%
Volume 459,894

Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc is a specialty pharmaceutical company. It develops and commercializes injectable products primarily in the critical care and oncology areas.

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  • August 9th, 2018 - 2018 Q2 Earnings
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