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  • Bridget: $ESPR big breakout today but currently not too extended
  • woodman: @Bridget $ESPR - I have no idea why this is running. It has data due soon, but I see no news. So I guess folks decided today was the day to run it up with no idea what is to come. ESPR Bempedoic acid (ETC-1002-035) Patients treated with high-dose statin therapy Phase 2 » 09/30/2016 Phase 2 (PK/PD) top-line data September 3Q 2016
  • shoredriver: @woodman $ESPR nice if it filled gap at 16....
  • Alexandra: @woodman $ESPR is really going.
  • Bridget: $ESPR is now starting to fill the gap. This is still considered dumpster diving so don't get too greedy but you could make a few bucks here on this bounce.
  • woodman: @Bridget $ESPR The Lord of Light bringing this back to life?
  • Bridget: Notes: $DGLY/$TASR/$RGR - news play, you probably already missed it $M - in a squeeze $ETSY - in a squeeze $PLNT - new all time high, ipo $KHC - ditto $CTL - nice stead uptrend $RYI - solid uptrend $MAR - back above the 200MA, moving averages turning up $V - at a good entry point $ORLY - new all time high $HPE - nearing its all time high, still not sure if the ipo rules apply here $JBHT - big move, weekly shows this could just be getting started $BBBY - base building $SODA - phase 1 breakout $ESPR - starting to fill the gap
  • mradams0621: @Bridget $DGLY $TASR $RGR $M $ETSY $PLNT $KHC $CTL $RYI $MAR $V $ORLY $HPE $JBHT $BBBY $SODA $ESPR Thanks much for these posts at the close. I'm not trading much right now but I use them when I can and I sure appreciate what you do for us. Please take a look at KSS. Had a "fly rumor" alert yesterday for a buy out. I liked the chart even without one so I took a starter. Breaking out today from a "kinda- sorta" squeeze, but lots of stuff was up today so I'm not getting excited. Took it for a day trade, let it morf into a swing, now thinking it may be worth holding for a while. Your thoughts would be appreciated if you get to it sometime.
  • Bridget: $ESPR looks like its found a bottom
  • woodman: @Bridget $ESPR Which bottom? The best thing I ever did with ESPR was to jettison at a price many times higher. It belongs in a pet shop.
  • Bridget: @woodman $ESPR I'm buying here just for the oversold bounce. In at $10.13 with a stop at $9.70.
  • woodman: @Bridget $ESPR Sorry, didn't mean to come off harsh, if I did. As you can guess, I was scorned by this stock. Seemed like a lot of promise and too many people too exuberant about it. I got sucked in.
  • Bridget: $ESPR saw the pop on monday, then pulled back yesterday and looking to potentially start phase 3 today. Just need to see a bit more volume on this move. Has a lot of overhead resistance to push through so I need to see more volume to believe it can.
  • Bridget: $ESPR coming out of a squeeze and $IBB is looking to have bottomed for the time being. Looks like a decent entry.
  • woodman: $ESPR $FOLD $HALO $CEMP - not aware of any immediate catalysts for these, but the charts are interesting to me. Maybe readying to move higher without immediate catalysts?
  • woodman: $ESPR - yesterday it sustained it's recent gap filling and experienced its highest close since the 9/29 gap down. Volume was still relatively weak on an average volume basis, but it was the highest it's been in last 14 days. Next hurdle is $30.41. Gap fill would be about $34. (Long.)
  • PJMR11: @woodman $ESPR Giving back almost everything from yesterday. Thoughts?
  • woodman: $ESPR - seeing some BB expansion at the converged short term and mid term moving averages (up to the 50 day) for this of-late serial disappointer. Moving into the gap (from ~34). Maybe a true change in character this time? Bring on some volume please! (FD - I reinitiated a position in the low 28 and mid 29 areas.)
  • woodman: ...
    $ESPR (I have a little of this too; last week saw its first close above the 50 day in 4 months; it might have a few bucks higher)
    $ALK (100 day has been support; np)
  • woodman: $ESPR - gap fill up to $34.
  • woodman: $ESPR - may be buyable again. Quite a fall from grace, but is about to pass through the descending 50 day. I'm long again, but my eyes are on that $29 - $30 level.
  • TheFlash: $ESPR I pointed this out last week. It is breaking out from a squeeze.
  • billfumick: @TheFlash $ESPR "Generally Speaking"... a VS works better "above" the 50 day.... That's NOT too say you will be wrong.
  • woodman: @TheFlash $ESPR I noticed last week that it seemed like it was up to something. Not really sure what, though.... I do have a little of this.
  • TheFlash: $ESPR Looks like Esperion is squeezing up. Long.
  • dmgrevas: $ESPR - Over $24.05 should get to 25-27
  • woodman: @SierraJW $CEMP I love Tricia; she's a very good friend. But, respectfully, the Market doesn't care about us and it will outlast me and my solvency if we decide to go toe to toe. I would be very hesitant to be finding support on Day One of this re ...
  • woodman: @GreenGhost $CEMP Do you think it will test that low or near it again? Stay within a new range down here below the gap? I've seen a lot of these biotechs of late take a hard fall and just kick around at the lower levels for a while - many still kicking around. Some like $ESPR just keep going down with Bulls buying every new leg down. I really don't know what to make of this, though I suspect all the biotech types will be combing through the report(s) over the weekend and analysts will keep coming out in defense of the stock.
  • GreenGhost: @woodman $CEMP $ESPR All that stuff beyond my pay grade; stock was very strong into close which is bullish...may have more upside but already moved 20% not to do but watch on Monday IMO.
  • woodman: @GreenGhost $CEMP $ESPR Thanks for your thoughts. And nice trading today.
  • woodman: $FOLD #Biotech - FOLD down 55% in the pre. No position, but it's been on my list for buy back. Biotech sooooooo under assault. Every day there’s some devastation on “bad” news – e.g., $FOLD, $TTPH, $ESPR. But even good news is massively sold into and then the stock ends up going even lower than where it was before the good news was announced. E.g., $ARWR, $HRTX. Or they are massively sold off on NO news – e.g., $EDAP. Just no way to win (if long) in biotech right now.
  • woodman: $ESPR - shellacked after the company finally released/presented the FDA end of Phase 2 minutes. So happy I let price action dictate my decision to be in or out. Many points ago, the downward path convinced me to be out even though I do believe in the company and its drug. And $TTPH is still fresh in my mind, so it kept me from out-thinking myself in anticipation of the minutes and kept me from jumping back in. Sometimes something good can come of something bad, I guess. And I suppose that's called "experience."
  • woodman: $ESPR - may be bottoming. Nice move today.
  • debeers: $ESPR-NO WAY.Chardan Trims PT on Esperion (ESPR) to $36 as Negatives Continue Increasing8:12 AM ET, 08/31/2015 - StreetInsider Chardan Capital trims its price target on Esperion Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ESPR) from $40 to $36 and affirms a Sell rating on the stock. Analyst Gbola Amusa commented, To us, the negatives are increasing
  • woodman: @debeers $ESPR The stock has been reacting precisely as Chardan/Gbola have intended. Months ago, Weiss on CNBC openly stated his suspicion that Chardan was attempting to drive it down for their shorting clients. Doing the devil's work, I suppose. Gbola is not a highly regarded analyst and his opinions are regarded as quite dubious. Still, the stock has gone lower and lower. Frankly, I think the stock has reached absurdly low levels, but because price doesn't give a crap about what I think and it continues to go lower (even if it's irrational), I've stayed on the sidelines. I don't mind buying it, eventually, at even lower prices. :-)
  • woodman: $ESPR - I am a fan, but I've been sitting this one out. Each time I think I'm ready to buy, I say "just wait some more." I remain on the sidelines. If $49 can't hold, it may see yet another whoosh down and would be a decent short if you can get shares. I
  • woodman: $ESPR - if it breaks $53.39, folks on the ground should move indoors. Again.
  • woodman: @woodman $ESPR - and there she goes.
  • woodman: @dkoran #Biotech - I've seen plenty of instances of good news not showing or holding up in the stocks' charts. $ESPR yesterday is but one example.
  • woodman: $OMER $ESPR $KITE - #Biotech pops still being sold into, but the morning is very young so we'll see if they reverse up again or continue down.
  • woodman: @telanganite #Biotech - the big pops have not been holding up. You gotta sell the big pops, IMO. $KITE $ESPR $OMER today alone.
  • woodman: $ESPR big move today, seemingly on leaked news prior to official announcement after hours here. Now a big afterhours move:
  • issues: @Bridget $WWAV Hope it's not a shot across the bow we bought our second installment. Added to $MYL (good article in IBD; ) Thinking about $ESPR. Had a buy order in on $CBPO at $115 but the low was $115.43. I think Dan is wrong about shorting $AAPL. I think it's a buy as a LTH. What about you?
  • issues: STOPS! Yesterday after watching Dan's week-ender I looked at the Forum and was shocked to see $ESPR dropped 20%! What a problem. What to do now? So I looked at my portfolio to see how much I was down and I didn't see ESPR in the portfolio. I had forg ...
  • woodman: @wanegary $REGN / $ESPR - I believe what everyone is concerned about is whether it presents a 100% clear path for statin-intolerant, high LDL/cardiovascular disease patients or whether there is a large population that the label will not include and therefore must be used by doctors off-label and hence won't be paid for by most insurance, at least for a while. Doctors are probably going to use it whether off-label or not, at least as far as I have read. But I'm not a doctor, much less a heart doctor, so really I'm just Sergeant Schultz.
  • issues: $ESPR Filled the gap. Now what?
  • dmgrevas: $ESPR - Squeeze at the 50 day on the 5 minute chart. Gap fill in progress
  • woodman: $ESPR into the gap on JPMorgan's initiation of coverage with an overweight and $130 price target. Whether it holds is another matter.
  • Lindag: ...
    * $ESPR ESPR150619P70 JUN 15 70 PUT -1 4.00
    * $ISIS ISIS150619P55 JUN 15 55 PUT -1 2.15

    Have a great weekend everyone !
    Rain, Rain, Rain, Here in St. Louis
    Looks like a $NFLX weekend....LOL Linda
  • Aragorn: $HRTX $KEYW $FRSH $ESPR all working ESPR done going down
  • Jorma: $ESPR @Aragorn - pulled back to 21 period on 5 min, several insides followed, now between 8 and 21 ma's
  • Aragorn: @Jorma $ESPR - the problems with 5 min inside bars later in the day is that theree is no volatility like there is at the open. Use 15 min and up after 11:30 unless a stock is moving. The signal here was the inside inside 15 and up. On the 5 min chart it needed to move above the 8ema if doing the micromanage thing :). I like this for higher I think done going down
  • Jorma: @Aragorn $ESPR - on the 15, there was an inside up at 11:30, then a red doji inside at 11:45, I thought that a bad signal, did not immediately take it out to the upside. Of course, next candle at noon big time up, hasn't looked back. Oh well...
  • Jorma: $ESPR @Aragorn - man, Jay, this has literally never looked back on the 15 min chart, now powering into close.
  • Aragorn: @Jorma $ESPR yes and look at $KYTH I have been trading that one. It was a reversal strat daily. Inside day and down then backup on that same candle, today it took out that HOD from Friday that was the signal and you could have had 3.50 realistically if you just held it. Which I did :)
  • Jorma: @Aragorn $ESPR $KYTH - good trading, Jay! Back at it tomorrow!
  • lostsheep: $ESPR- looking over some tickers this am and see this down big. Trying to find any news? Looks like 84 may be in the cards. No position
  • tejas7: $ESPR @woodman This one gone in dumps today.
  • Aragorn: $ESPR Reverse Strat Monthly in play below 95.78
  • woodman: $ESPR - Some barely to unknown analyst's bear article (posited by Weiss on CNBC to help a client who is short) brought this down from $120 to the 50 day at ~ $101. Today is Inside Day 2. It continues to hold the 50 day. I added on that fall to the 50 day. Long.
  • twinvest: $OLED, $WWAV, $SWKS, $ESPR, $FB, $MNKD
    The first four are my top five positions right now - I've been cautious or rather pouncing to protect nice profits in these names, all of which have been long-term core positions (except for MNKD which I recentl ...
  • Jorma: $ESPR @woodman - big downgrade to sell by Chardan, suggest new drug has a 45% probability of failing, stock now down 7%, was worse. Caught me by surprise, I'm out.
  • clefferts: @Jorma $ESPR - caught me by surprise also, I put a stop on today's low. Watching it to see if I second guess myself on this.
  • 3Peat: $ESPR Tanks on sale rating by Chardan Capital Markets. Who are Those Guys? I Doubled Up.
  • traderbren: $ESPR -- the intra-day chart looks like there's some buying pressure.
  • traderbren: @3Peat $ESPR - I've never heard of them...some wankers! It looks like its coming off the bottom of this mornings sell-off...based on the intra-day chart.
  • TRICIA: @traderbren $ESPR -- lots of posts ... see @Woodman ...
  • woodman: $ESPR - and there she goes....
  • Jorma: $ESPR @woodman - breaking out with expanding BB's.
  • woodman: @Jorma $ESPR - Yeah, I went overweight last week. Really nice set up. Data run -- Phase 2 on hypercholesterolemia drug - due by end of June.
  • woodman: $ESPR - still looking poised for another move.
  • woodman: $ESPR - my gut is telling me that tickets for this train are going to get more expensive soon. (I reserve the right to be completely wrong :)
  • woodman: $IBB and $XBI perking up with hammers off/around the 50 day, though BBs are still wide. $CLVS really flying. $INCY looking healthy. $ICPT breaking out. $ESPR close to breaking out, I think. Others trying to get/stay above 8dEMA, e.g. $DVAX $TSRO. Some others still in jail though. By no means a complete list, just some I was looking at.
  • Forexpro: ...

    I'm long the low ticker on the totem pole ($CSX).

    All the best!
  • Forexpro: ...
    $ESPR: This, too, has been at better buy points on a couple of recent occasions:

    This is 9 percent off the recent high, and looks to have a decent chance of retesting it. Still, it's not at an ideal entry level, so off to the ...
  • pcotton: #scan #upperRight - uptrend, pullback to the 20, bounce - $BRKL $CLGX $CRI $DST $ELLI $ESPR $FTNT $GPN $HAS $INCY $SABR $SCI $STRZA
  • woodman: $ESPR - keep watch.
  • woodman: @Mjones1 $BIS #Biotech - Interesting re $BIS. $IBB and $XBI still below their 8dEMAs which, for both, are still below their 50 days. I'm concerned about rollover potential if they make it back to their 50 days. Their 200 days are still far down on their charts. So, I remain cautious. Fwiw, in the biotech space, $BLUE and $ESPR are a couple of small/mid caps (mid technically) that are holding up okay. $REGN is holding up in the large cap biotech area.
  • issues: Earnings reports after close: $CBPO $GMCR $FRSH $FLTX $FANG $EPAM $LCI $NUS $MTDR $RIG $QRVO $PAYC $TNH $WMC $WBMD. Tomorrow: $CYBR $BABA $CERN $ESPR $DATA $JAZZ $KATE $INSY $MNST $NVDA. Happy trading and happy trails to all (as Gene Autry used to say...) (Or was it Roy Rogers??
  • woodman: $ESPR - feels to me like it's biding its time for another move up. Just my gut speaking here, and could still take a little while.
  • trader123: $ESPR-moving higher today! Trading at the 106 level, keeps trying to breakout through overhead resistance. The longer it trades sideways the better the move will be. Long ESPR.
  • trader123: $ESPR- nice move today, caught an outperform upgrade from RBC with a $150 target. Long ESPR
  • pcotton: #scanResults - upper right, pullback to 20d, 50d, or 20week (repost) $ABC $AMC $BSX $BURL $CBRL $CI $COST $CTB $ESPR $FISV $G $HNT $IBKR $KR $MMS $PF $SEE $SKUL $SKX $TA $TGT $TXRH $VAR $WYN
  • pcotton: #scanResults - right upper corner, pullback to 20 or 50 dma $ABC $ABMD $ACT $AET $AHS $AMC $ANTM $AVGO $BR $BURL $CBRL $CTB $ESPR $FTNT $G $HNT $HOLX $HUM $IBKR $MHK $MMS $PFPT $RHP $SIX $SKUL $SLGN $TGT $TM $TSS $TXRH $UNH $VMC $WCG
  • pcotton: #scanResults - upper right corner, pullback to 20d, 50d, or 20week $ABC $AMC $BSX $BURL $CBRL $CI $COST $CTB $ESPR $FISV $G $HNT $IBKR $KR $MMS $PF $SEE $SKUL $SKX $TA $TGT $TXRH $VAR $WYN
  • TRICIA: #Bios I am Watching $GBIM, $CLVS, $MGNX, $ORMP, $INO, $PTLA, $CEMP, $TTPH, $ATHX, $CLDN, $EPZM, $ARQL, $GWPH, $RCPT, $ARWR $ESPR, $SSH, $TGTX, $BLUE, $ICPT, $CNAT, .... Upcoming Conferences ....NASH and HEP C, and HEP B - European Liver Meeting is Next weeK #EASL2015, EHA ($BLUE) June 11 -14. hemphilia #ANN Meeting Next Week .. $GWPH seizures and neuro tickers...
  • trader123: $ESPR- squeezing at the 20 day $103 level. Could be getting ready to breakout and take out the $110 level. Long ESPR. Special "thanks" to Woodman on this biotech pick!
  • iwant2belikeme: $ESPR consolidating. $PCP looks like it finally trying to move. Started 1/2 a position in both this morning.
  • ginny: @trader123 $ESPR they prsented today at 1;40 at conference.
  • ginny: @trader123 $ESPR did not listen but if there was anything earthshaking, I would have expected a big bump around 2pm
  • janner0814: $OVAS $ESPR $SCMP catching bids
  • woodman: $ESPR - this has been so solid. It's up another 3% in the premarket at the moment. The market thinks highly of the prospects for its hypercholesterolemia drug. I had a big position in this (in two accounts) for a while and enjoyed the run up, but I got scared and sold it down on the most recent pullback. I still have a decent position, but not like I had. If you look back over the last 5 or 6 months, the 21dEMA has been pretty solid support.
  • Aragorn: $ESPR - giving some great 2 way action
  • woodman: $ESPR - jumping.
  • judysteiner: $ESPR in,added to juno
  • woodman: @judysteiner $ESPR - moving back toward its $100 secondary pricing. :-)
  • LTCSteve: @TRICIA Good morning. $ESPR is up. Is it time to try again? Thanks
  • woodman: $CLDX $ESPR $CEMP $FOLD $ZIOP $CMRX $TTPH $ONCE - just some biotech thoughts for you....
  • TunaHelper: #House-of-Pain #Ouchie $ESPR High flier from last week is lawn darting this week - down 14% today. I like this company, however I am wondering if this is the shot across the bow omen for more bearish action or just a healthy coming-back-to-reality after going parabolic.
  • TRICIA: #Funny Tweet - The world is rotating out of cholesterol lowering $ESPR and into Mac-N-Cheese $KRFT
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Volume 441,000

Esperion Therapeutics Inc is engaged in the research, development and commercialization of therapies for the treatment of patients with elevated levels of elevated levels of LDL-C.

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