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Strategy Session February 22nd, 2017

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Strategy Session
February 22nd, 2017
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February 16th, 2017
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  • Aragorn: $FB it is so important t know your levels and MA point FB pulled back to the 8ema daily then went nice trade
  • champ: ...
    even better on low volume days....and it has been mostly good for traders.... Friday might be more the same but it could all change...on Monday...but the markets have a lot of new buyers daily....this could even go on for weeks.... if more retail b ...
  • Robert1965: Looking at $AMBR, $FB, and $FCX, Missed all yesterday, is it too late?
  • PhilHarmonic: @Robert1965 $AMBR $FB $FCX Dan mentions these stocks in recent strategy sessions. You should follow Dan's advice. Especially good advice from Dan is to take a small position and then add to it later should the stock advance. I had a hard time learning to buy strong stocks as they were continuing to move up. Its a skill that has to be developed over a period of time. Also risk management will help you gain confidence in making purchases.
  • Robert1965: @PhilHarmonic $AMBR $FB $FCX Purchased $AMBR at 11.51, $FCX $11.81, MPC $48.19, all on the way up except $AMBR, on a dip $11.56-11.31, now to set a good stop
  • bigbartabs: @janner0814 $AMBR $FB $FCX #DANG I might have to retire the #BOING ... Say what?... you might have to retire the Bong? Ahhh ok... now I understand all the hash tags :)
  • bigbartabs: @janner0814 $AMBR $FB $FCX #BONGSareINFERNO #DANG #BOING .... Cheech & Chong... now that there brings back some high school memories. We must have listened to all their 8-Tracks a thousand times :)
  • janner0814: @bigbartabs 😃 Bong ala "Cheech & Chong?" In my #ALWAYS serious manner, I present the SMM #BONG stocks with a dedication & play on your ACRONYM(s)... #BBT http://tinyurl.com/bigBONGthoughts 😉 #BONGSareINFERNO😎 $AMBR $FB $FCX #DANG #BOING
  • Trixie: @janner0814 $AMBR $FB $FCX #ALWAYS #BONG #BBT #BONGSareINFERNO #DANG #BOING FPr tose of use who don't understand your hashtag system would you care to explain? i had thought they where for a way to reference posts.. and that is the way i try to use them, often for things relating to a sector or grouping of stocks.. However I haven't been able to find the golden thread to understand how yours tie together..
  • gwenzee: @Trixie $AMBR $FB $FCX #ALWAYS #BONG #BBT #BONGSareINFERNO #DANG #BOING I think this is his "Poetic License" which can drive one to the insane asylum. He just might be the caretaker there. Personally find them difficult to read and infernally annoying. But, free speech and to each his own.
  • Trixie: $FB reasonable reclamation of the 200ma.Vol not superb yet..
  • issues: @Bridget $ELF Do you have any shorts on? I am thinking of these as shorts: $JAZZ $MOH $NKE $PAYC $AMGN. I like these as longs $ABMD $FB $NXPI
  • DAN: $FB working well. Rebound continues on daily chart off key moving average. The attached chart of the 5 minute chart shows the stock moving to a new high today...not really common during the middle of the trading day.
  • champ: $ABMD and $FB ....Day trading with stops @ entry ....but both stops have now been moved up to trailing and if I swing....I will be taking 1/2 off and new trailing stops. After the market closes today.... I will be looking for more targets but only if we get another up market day.
  • champ: $FB and $ABMD swinging both into the AH's.....
  • Gary: ...
    24. $FB
    25. $LN – Obviously bottomed.
  • Lou: Done for the week - busy day - rolled short $UA puts; opened synthetic long with short puts/long calls in $LVS; taking in stock - per plan - from short $CHRW $FB and $MGM puts. All except $FB are quite profitable and $FB is slightly under water but I want to own it. Expired short puts in $CNX $MGM $CMA $ETP $FLR $ETE. All in all, a decent expiry and am happy with the week/month. Enjoy the weekend all. Corrected - $CNX short puts should expire.
  • bigbartabs: @Lou $UA $LVS $CHRW $FB $MGM $CNX $CMA $ETP $FLR $ETE ... I own $AMZN and started $FB. It seems to me the chances of these going much lower is less than they going higher. If'm I'm wrong... a paper cut.
  • bigbartabs: $FB ... looks like news of a stock buy back... shot up to $118.70. I guess we'll see if it puts it above the 200dma on Monday.
  • bnnybklyn: @DAN #scarystuff $FB buys Facial Recognition app https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/16/facial-gesture-controls/
  • bigbartabs: @bnnybklyn $FB #scarystuff ... that sounds dangerous. I wonder if there will soon be a Facebook search "Find all internet pictures of this person..." I'm sure glad digital pictures came about after I was about 40.
  • DrScience: $FB selling off in the PM as company reports finding more miscalculate metrics. Somehow, "OOPS!" doesn't quite capture the market's sentiment on the revelation.
  • Iceman: #FANG - getting crushed $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL
  • orpheusredux: @bigbartabs $TQQQ $AAPL Even though $AAPL and $FB may have bottomed here and look enticing at these levels, I wouldn't buy either yet. They may just wind up trading sideways and then you're money's dead. I'd wait till they re-establish upward motion.
  • bigbartabs: @orpheusredux $TQQQ $AAPL $FB ... the problem with tech, driven by the Fang stocks... upward motion might be another sling shot. My position in $TQQQ was not large... I would have held it if I'd been watching the Apple chart closer.
  • Gary: ...
    COTD: $FB – 200-day MA not holding. This is different. Not where you want to be. Institutions aren’t protecting it. More supply.

    Aerospace/Financials/Transports/Metals are working.
    $SPX – tired. Hoping this will rest a while ...
  • traderbren: @GaVaHokie $AMZN $FB $NFLX $GOOGL - Ha! I don't think his crystal ball is any better than yours. That said, there's been a rotation out of tech (or some tech names) into financials, metals, infrastructure, etc. Also, the FANG's are getting oversold so you may see a bounce trade at some point. He might also be talking his book as he's short these names.
  • 1winkie: $FB $GOOGL $AMZN $AAPL $BABA Getting real ugly - is it anti tech now?
  • orpheusredux: @1winkie $FB $GOOGL $AMZN $AAPL $BABA Yes.
  • DrScience: $FB testing the 200 DMA.
  • Trixie: @DrScience $FB seems like the FANG is taking it on the chin. $AMZN, $B, $NFLX. $GOOGL
  • tsogles: @DrScience $FB Weekly 50 is at $115.5..am waiting to see if it makes it there.
  • DrScience: @Trixie $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL Definitely going down for the count!
  • janner0814: @DrScience $FB Seems attracted to $116.32.... my longer term price line. Perhaps, IMO better entry at $109.37... weekly 3 SD See my graphical potential levels.
  • dagdog: @tsogles $FB Hello tsogles, I'm looking at the prior two tags of the lower bollinger band ($114.27) on the weekly and thinking that if it holds this time, it would be a low right time to start a position. All of tech is selling off now....but at this point the ones I'm looking at are just coming back to test prior support levels (Apple, Netflix, Facebook). I've been in F/B since the $60's so it's a long term position for me. D.
  • DavidM: @dagdog $FB All of tech selling off, except for the one that I own puts on. $IBM is defying the tech trend.
  • PhilHarmonic: $FB Glad that I sold my $FB prior to the election. Was not sure I did the right thing.
  • orpheusredux: @PhilHarmonic $FB Good for you. But I also "did the right thing." I closed my NOV 11 121-114 put spread for a small loss. :(
  • dagdog: @DavidM $FB $IBM Would you look at that...is sure is! This one has already tested prior support at the 200 sma. Perhaps this is a tell for the other ones?
  • DAN: $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL -- look like they are done going down today. Perhaps a short-term trading bottom? Remember...they're still Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Google.
  • tsogles: $FB In at 16.3 with stop below 15.27, small position
  • DAN: #FANG STOCKS $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL -- Gang, it looks like the FANG stocks are about done with the selloff. $NFLX wouldn't be my best idea, but $FB and $AMZN seem like great opportunities for long term holds. Do you really think whatever is roiling ...
  • steve71: @DAN $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL #FANG Re $AMZN, I wonder if the pending Snap IPO will slow an Amazon bounce back? Social media investors will diversify. Money into Snap is money that won't go to Amazon shares. "Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat, is looking to raise as much as $4 billion in a potential initial public offering, Bloomberg reported. Sources told Bloomberg that the IPO could value the company between $25 billion and $35 billion, but could climb as high as $40 billion. Sources previously told CNBC that Snap could IPO in March at a $25 billion valuation, but that these details were subject to change."
  • DAN: @steve71 $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL #FANG Could very well be, steve. Yes, we've seen this before. As a new IPO approaches release, funds will lighten up on other stocks in the space so they can participate. Good point.
  • Gary: ...
    5. $FB – buying opp for long term hold? It’s rare.
    6. $GRUB – here’s a short.

    7. $FAS – very extended
    8. $JPM – At or near new 52-week highs. Reason they were down was (1) interest rates; (2) regulations.
    9. $M ...
  • janner0814: Here are my two risk defined #BUPS on $SWHC & $FB.... I am willing to own: * $SWHC at $20.41, currently at $22.10. * $FB at $114.79, currently at $120.80 Prices considers the credit subtracted from the strike, I would be "PUT" at. Commissions not included... I have analyzed levels just below recent support, as to where I calculate my #BUPS. With full regard to impending #volatility..... which I research with a great deal of passion *****************links**************** @janner0814 $SWHC #BUPS #Telling #FAKEOUT #TIME
  • tejas7: Silicone valley shaken down. FANG stocks breaking down. $FB $AAPL $AMZN $GOOGL (alongwith $IBM $MSFT etc) may fill the pinch anticipating visa pinch.
  • eaglEye: $FB, $MOMO in, looking positive on 5 minute charts
  • Alexandra: $FB catching a bid.
  • orpheusredux: The charts of $FB $AMZN and $BABA scare me here. I'm not a buyer. $GOOGL looks better but I'm not interested in it here either.
  • Gary: ...
    27. $FB – this is healthy consolidation. Support must hold at 200-day MA. So this is a “defined risk” position.
  • TunaHelper: ...
    However, I think (aka my opinion) is that the players with significant data - e.g., $FB, $GOOG, $VZ - and the ability execute media buys broadly across multiple channels will persist and thrive, while the hundreds of other companies in the space wil ...
  • tradeforfamily: @TunaHelper $TTD $FB $GOOG $VZ $AMZN $FUEL $TUBE $RUBI $YUME $TRMR $CRTO Good to know, my research did not go that far.
  • PhilHarmonic: $FB Sold half my $FB prior to earnings for a small profit. The half I kept went down 10 which is twice the SP500 loss. Dan says that this is now a broken stock but it has bounce potential at the 200 dma. I plan to hold the stock as long as it stays above the 200dma. Will reevaluate plan every day.My total portfolio is down at about the same rate as the SP-500. Which is very acceptable for me. When I first started playing the market my portfolio would be down much greater that the SP-500.
  • FHS: @PhilHarmonic $FB I understand Dan's concept of a "broken stock, especially when one looks at the daily chart. Yet he does remind us to view the weekly chart to make decisions on a stock's trend, or its long term prospects. Based on that, it wou ...
  • champ: @gwenzee $FB #CNBC - I'm late......but I now see your Post ...I'm still watching $FB.....Good Luck!
  • gwenzee: @champ $FB #CNBC I'm up 1% which is better than most of my holdings.
  • champ: @gwenzee $FB #CNBC - $SVXY @ $66 - $FB Good Work ....we need the market to kick all the majors up....for a rally....could happen....$SVXY and $SSO are climbing now.
  • orpheusredux: @PhilHarmonic $FHS I reluctantly closed my put spread (NOV 11) on $FB this morning. I may try again Monday or Tuesday as I believe it's likely Trump will win and the market will fall.
  • FHS: @orpheusredux $FHS $FB Well, whether he wins or not, the point that Bridget made about a lack of buyers trumping a dearth of sellers does call into question these inviting bounces we're seeing, and that the election may move the market dramatically one way or another, depending on the victor. In Iago like fashion, this market viciously mocks the hand that attempts to feed it. I have fed it a bit today, and I await the bare bodkin's remorseless plunge. Triage unit is in place along with a scorned and mocked and dismissed stop or two. I'll be so so so so happy when this horrid election is over. Cheers.
  • janner0814: #NEWBIES Dan is always willing to BOOK profits before earnings. Be suspect of anyone here who advises otherwise...... especially in a testy market. @janner0814 $FB $PSX #HILARIOUS #PHILarious #ADVICE #SAGE #ALWAYS #DUH #PLAYER #philOsophy #BOING http://i.imgur.com/ErX4f10.jpg
  • Ernest: $FB FB premarket $121.80 buying the dip ? dose anyone have an opinion
  • bigbartabs: @Ernest $FB ... Since nasty markets like these can pull tickers lower than you think... I decided to set an earnings buy limit just a bit below the 200dma after earnings last night... that hit. Not sure how it will turn out, but so far I like it. I'll probably set a sell limit up near the 50dma... but will watch it a bit and see what happens. If it gets back down near the low (and it might), probably going lower. Be careful team... FWIW
  • Ernest: @bigbartabs $FB Thanks your advise is valued.
  • jan2138: @DAN $FB: Anecdotally, my grandchildren say $FB is passé.
  • Aragorn: @jan2138 $FB It figures I just started to use it work related LOL
  • DAN: @jan2138 $FB Yep. That's what I hear too. My niece and her friends are always on snapchat. They do instagram a bit too. But facebook? That's actually the platform that their parents are using to share family photos, etc. Kids these days are very fickle (weren't we all?), and as soon a something catches on with the masses, they move on to the next thing. Common question I get from any old friends that I meet (actually, all of my friends are old): "Hey, are you on Facebook? I'll friend you and we can keep in touch." My response: Sure. I'm on facebook. You can friend me. But I'll never know it. Haven't been on my facebook page in years. It's a business thing."
  • DAN: $FB -- great rebound off $121. My stop is $120.95
  • DAN: @Ernest $FB Sorry Earnest. Just saw this. I am long some Facebook, with a stop just below the morning low. I'd got it at $120.95. Don't want to put it on an even number, so I'm giving it 5 cents.
  • DAN: @DAN $FB I stuck with my stop. I am out, though the stock is now rebounding.
  • DAN: $FB -- If FB was going to move higher today from institutional buying, it would be above $123 right now. It is not. While hope springs eternal, it is not likely to help the price of the stock spring at all. Just sayin'. (Remember gang, you can always buy it back).
  • bigbartabs: @DAN $FB ... I used Facebook for about 5 years... as a woman. We owned a women's fashion boutique for 10 years, and since I was doing all the back office work... including marketing... I used the account (with our desired profile and demographic) to see if my Facebook ads were hitting the right clientele. I haven't looked at it since. I probably should go check it to see if Anthony Weiner found me, and posted pictures.
  • bnnybklyn: @DAN #scarystuff - hahaha, yeah I know $FB bought a company called Gazehawk several years ago. Also a company called Tobii has released products for gaming at CES. Will need to watch this stuff like a hawk #nopunintended
  • DAN: @bigbartabs $FB OK, that's funny. But it probably depends on what pictures you posted on your page. If you went adolescent, Carlos Danger probably friended you. But if you went mature, ...well, no joy.
  • orpheusredux: With the election likely to roil markets and $FB's fall from growth-stock grace, I went long a put spread on $FB earlier today when it was around 121. NOV 11 121-114. Can't see how it rallies anytime soon but will close out in a hurry if it does.
  • Aragorn: $FB - interesting article I guess if true the revenue growth is going to slow down https://finance.yahoo.com/news/heres-why-facebook-stock-tanked-222053735.html
  • janner0814: @champ Can you spell TANK? RE: $UUP.... $FB $X $WYNN $JNUG
  • champ: @Mojomoney - $FB @ $129.50 down today $1.49 - I sold my full position this morning when it started dropping along will $X and a day trade that I had in $WYNN and posted. $FB reports in the AH's( after the close).....but the FOMC Rate Decision at 14:00 ET tomorrow could help the markets.......might send Gold even higher....I'm swinging a position with $JNUG because I'm guessing that they will not be raising rates before the Election and if they do.... that could put Trump over the top IMO.....because the market will crash......time to turn in here in California it's 10:42.
  • janner0814: Houston......12:44 am .....gotta get a few hours of sleep.... good luck guys.. @champ $FB $X $WYNN $JNUG
  • champ: @janner0814 $FB $X $WYNN $JNUG ---- Houston....I'm in Monterey, Ca....Yes, we might need it ....good luck to you also.
  • woodman: $FB reports after the bell today. Have fun.
  • dagdog: $FB Continuing its pre-earnings sell off with a lower relative low compared with the 50 sma.
  • BocaRick: @dagdog $FB #CNBC Tech analyst..Mark Mahaney .could drop low 120's after earnings. Many of the big tech companies have dropped following earnings recently.. at low 120's good LT buy
  • sierramp: @BocaRick $FB #CNBC Assuming it does sell off would you wait for open green candle to make that buy or would you have other criteria? Thx.
  • dagdog: @BocaRick $FB #CNBC Yes, I agree = a good buy in the 120's. Guess that explains the drop...betting on earnings sell off.
  • BocaRick: @sierramp $FB #CNBC I always wait for an up day, an open green candle is best.
  • champ: @sierramp $FB #CNBC - Yes, I think you have to wait and see how it plays out.....you have to look at volume to see who is buying or selling... retail or institutions and you have to remember the first move..... most of the time is wrong...but this is just my guess doesn't really mean anything at all....it's just a guess.
  • dagdog: @DAN $GOOGL Hello Dan! Chart looks like $FB...
  • DAN: @dagdog $FB I would just suggest that everyone remember that trading around earnings is risky. Why is the stock selling off before earnings? Does "someone know something?" Is it just because the entire market is imploding (which it is)? Is everybody wrong to sell FB (and GOOGL, and AMZN, and....)? Should I be buying into this selloff? Be brave? Be bold? Me? I'm really just working on the power point for Saturday. This volatile market requires laser-like focus and fierce adherence to rules. Otherwise, you're just gambling. Stick to your rules of risk management. Thought for the day: When the move is obvious, it's probably already over.
  • gwenzee: @champ $FB #CNBC Vol. is up today so looks like the insties are selling. Put a buy limit order in @ $120.60 which looked like prior support. We'll see. Would like to own if it goes down further.
  • traderbren: @Tony220397 $FB - straight to the 200 dma.
  • jwstich: @Tony220397 $FB Would anyone nibble here now? I am favoring waiting to see where it trades tomorrow.
  • Larryzz: @Tony220397 $FB And that is why I sold this afternoon.
  • bigbartabs: $FB ... did anyone notice what the volume was before earnings? Up to 48.83 million shares as I send this.
  • Gary: #NOTES COTD: $BIDU – shortable $SPX – Distribution. One down…two catalysts to go. We need all three to move the market. $DJI – breakdown. $DJT $COMPQX 1. $XLF – banks still working ok. Focus on the trends. And avoid hope. 2. $BAC – zig zag entry point. 3. $JPM 4. $MS 5. $GS 6. $CMA 7. $RF 8. $OIH 9. $SLB – support at 200-day MA 10. $XME 11. $FCX 12. $TCK 13. $GOOGL 14. $AMZN -- shortable Earnings: 1. $QCOM – earnings 2. $FB – earnings. Oops. 3. $FIT – dropped guidance. 4. $WYNN – to 200-day MA. Alert $90 5. $BABA – down. 6. $PAYC – broken stock. Support at $41/200dma 7. $TTWO – earnings pop to resistance. Should be taking profits. 8. $SQ– Strong earnings. Alert $12.
  • champ: $WYNN $FB $X ....OUT.... took profits about a hour ago.
  • orpheusredux: I took small profits on $FB $BABA and $JWN call spreads yesterday. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than smart. But I just was starting to get that yiiiick feeling. Still getting my head handed to me on $ACAD but that's a long-term hold for potential success on their Alzheimer's tests as well as a likely buyout by a bigger fish.
  • coldevinc: $FB fell out of my stops on this by 9 cents. I will be annoyed if I miss some sort of pop. Anybody see Power Lunch? Interesting talk about how we should pile in on the next pull back and why.
  • Gary: #NOTES SS 110116 $SPX – election questions? Fed? Jobs? This market rewards cash. $DJI $DJT $COMPQX $XLF – financials doing ok. Yields going up.co $XRT $SBUX – downtrend intact. Earnings Thursday. $GLD 1. $AMZN 2. $FB 3. $NFLX 4. $GOOGL 5. $AAPL 6. $PYPL – buying opp at $41. 7. $TSLA – breaking down on volume. 8. $WYNN – earnings tomorrow. 9. $SWN – diving for Atlantis 10. $UA – still going 11. $NKE – just sell it. 12. $XLV – healthcare 13. $AET 14. $CI – earnings Thursday. 15. $ALXN – wait for breakout above 200-day MA before doing anything. Alert $135 Video Request: $COST
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Facebook Inc operates a social networking website. The Company's products are Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus. Its products enable people to connect and share through mobile devices and personal computers.

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