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  • DrScience: $FCAU something going on RHRN big drop on news....
  • optionswealth: @DrScience $FCAU News that the US is going to demand a big payment for auto emissions manipulation.
  • DrScience: $GM liking Edmunds January Auto sales forecasts, but $FCAU and $F reaction muted. $F to release earnings tonight. $FCAU tomorrow morning. $GM on 2/6.
  • Ajax4Hire: $F - Ford crying all the way to the bank. $F - Ford auto-sold due to stop set (Thanks @Dan for teaching me to lock in minimum profit). Still keen on $F - Ford dividend, (just not into $GM and $FCAU I guess).
  • DAN: @Ajax4Hire $F $GM $FCAU Nice job, Ajax4Hire. Gotta protect those profits.
  • debeers: $FCAU-Sweetheart deal not fully appreciated. Free land, property taxes evaporated and great technology. Their newest Jeep, their RAM trucks are gorgeous and the technology is primo. I think we get to 30 sooner rather than later and good for Michigan getting 2500 jobs.
  • debeers: $FCAU-This is so much fun i almost can't stand it: the Bob Bondurant school of High Performance Driving is featuring a new course with the 184 HP Dodge Challenger as the car he'll be using to teach his students---Gwennie are U in to take the course??? The market is a little peeved at Marchionne this morning becausde he's giving 2000 to every employee in the USA as a thank you for the tax breaks. Sure beats a possible tariff
  • debeers: $BA,$CAT/$DE/$FCAU/$PH/$WRK/$WYNN- for today and today only i vow to only own the companies i understand backwards and forwards. Gee, that pretty much lets out biotech, huh? LOL There will be a concerted effort in the future to get our allies to purchase our military equipment which will 1st benefit our economy and 2nd get them to shoulder more of the burden of defending themselves which will, hopefully, lighten our burden so we can have more $$$ for infra. At least that's the way i see it. I cannot wait for tonight to see how screwed up this thinking apparently is.
  • gwenzee: @debeers $BA $CAT $DE $FCAU $PH $WRK $WYNN What is happening tonight???
  • debeers: $LEA- Every Euro auto doing well-- from $FCAU to mercedes (DDAIF). Where autos do well, auto parts do well and $LEA is the best one. i boughtit 1st thing this am and I'm adding next week.
  • bRobert: @debeers $LEA $FCAU Great company. Prefer to buy on sale days (several weeks ago)
  • bRobert: $GM $FCAU Working. Long leap calls GM
  • debeers: $LRCX/$MU-Nothing SEMI-terrific about these stocks.They are powering ahead with no letdown in sight. I ad on any pb's. With the realization that the new tax laws will be a boon to small business $RUSL still roaring. Since $TSLA can't produce the cars, it really doesn't make any difference how wonderful they are.Even PT Barnum got figured out eventually, DAN. $RACE resets upward as does $FCAU. $BA -pulls back as there is a fear that the Chinese will respond to tariffs on steel by cutting orders. Ain't gonna happen and $BA has orders 6 years + out even without the numerous avionics contracts. $DE- in checking the hay/storage con tracts for Dec/January- They are up.$DE is down. FD-Long $DE/$CAT/$MU/$BA/$FCAU/$RACE/ 2 Banks as $FAS reacting really well.
  • Bridget: $FCAU new all time high on volume.
  • Bridget: $FCAU is starting to come out of this squeeze
  • DrScience: $GM $F $FCAU Keep an ear out for U.S. auto sales for September, which will be reported throughout today's session.
  • Robert1965: $FCAU this is up 2.5% in the PM steady gains last several days anyone else in this
  • Robert1965: $FCAU anyone looking at this ATH, yesterday, 16.46, closed at 16.39
  • bRobert: @Robert1965 $FCAU Yes. Mentioned this and RACE.
  • bRobert: $FCAU $RACE Opposite ends of the spectrum but both going to the same upper right corner of the chart . The poor man's sport's car a bit faster
  • Bridget: #Notes: Healthcare stocks coming out of squeezes: $ALXN $VRTX $REGN $ESPR $PFE $MRK $CI and $AFL at new ATH $WYNN at new all time high. $LVS and $MGM also looking good $XLK - $MU back up at all time highs, $CRM working,$SMH looking strong $PANW up big on earnings, also move $CYBR and $FEYE $TECD $AMBA - down big on earnings Chinese stocks working: $BIDU $TAL $EDU $WB $SINA $XOP - recovering. $MPC $BHP $RIG making strong moves $ABT - new 52 week high $OC - great construction stock $SNDR - cup and handle Another big day for car stocks: $GM $F $FCAU $KMX.
  • Bridget: Earnings moves today: $CMI - gap down, broke the trend $RCL - set new high and now consolidating above breakout point $SHOP - same here, holding above $100 $UA - new 52 week low $ETN - pullback to 200dMA $S - strong move after the open $LL - gap and run to new 52 week high. Very extended $CGNX - big gap, inverted hammer on today $APD - squeeze breakout Earnings after close or tomorrow morning: $AAPL $FEYE $GRMN $HLF $PAYC $COHR $XLF looking good, $C new high $ALLY working $FCAU is holding up well while $F and $GM are falling $FB - consolidating for now $IDXX - looks like short set up $MHK - slowly moving higher after earnings
  • Bridget: Check out $FCAU on the weekly chart. 6months of consolidation and now breaking out.
  • DrScience: $FCAU Airbag failure recall on 1.34M vehicles launching investors through the open sunroof -- he-he! Stock trying to eclipse yesterday's high to set new 52-week high.
  • Bridget: $FCAU moving higher out of this squeeze
  • DrScience: @Bridget $FCAU AUG 12 Calls active... 6200 vs. 11600 OI
  • Bridget: $FCAU is seeing a breakout on the daily
  • Bridget: Notes: $SPY - the battle between the bulls and bears continues. Dips get bought but we are still seeing lower highs. Someone has got to win soon. $XLF seeing some weakness $SMH - semis are still moving higher, uptrend could be restored or this is a bear trap $XRT - looking for a double bottom here $TTWO - at a good buy point $BA - at a new high $FCAU - breakout $YRD - finally a real breakout $EWW - breakout $ZTO - breakout, #IPO $YELP - trying to breakout $VALE - still going $BOBE - break down $PEP - down on earnings
  • bRobert: @Bridget $SPY $XLF $SMH $XRT $TTWO $BA $FCAU $YRD $EWW $ZTO $YELP $VALE $BOBE $PEP #IPO Yrd. Nice tight weekly squeeze. Likey.
  • debeers: $FCAU You are not buying this for the auto sales.f you caught the conf call the other day, Sergio Marchionne, the CEO, was pointedly asked if Chrysler would rule out spinning off JEEP or their Trucks like they did with Ferrari. He answered in one word: "NO." I don't know how much of an appeal the truck division would have as a spinoff but the JEEP is as popular with the college crowd as Ferrari is with millionaires and RACE worked out rather well-- non ha fatto??.
  • JJT1: @debeers $FCAU I'm in the market for a truck and after owning Ford for years will be getting a RAM. I have talked to half a dozen new RAM owners and they all switched from Ford and love their new truck. RAM trucks look better, have better engines and transmissions and haul better. Also Sprinter vans big seller, and of course I will be buying via your fav, $LAD. Commercial over.
  • cmaxwel1: @Bridget $COST $CMG $PRAH $MTSI $WYNN $FCAU $GM $F $HLT $SYY $KBH $HPE $WIX (I added $PRAH)
  • Robert1965: $GM $FCAU both are up, $GM 1.5%, FCAU 8.8% looks like an earnings
  • Bridget: $FCAU and $RACE both at new highs. $GM and $F getting a bounce.
  • Trixie: @Bridget $FCAU $RACE $GM $F $RACE such a ncie upward channel had been on a vew >avg vol scans the last few days too.
  • Bridget: Notes: $COST - announced a special dividend $CMG - inverted hammer, this move may be exhausted $PRAH - bearish engulfing, but is it now at a good buy price at the 50DMA? $MTSI - big hammer, oversold bounce. bought some at $50. $WYNN - big jump on earnings but I think this has room to run $FCAU - new high, $GM and $F also seeing a bounce $HLT - breakout $SYY - breakout $KBH - breakout $HPE - new high, coming out of squeeze on the weekly $WIX - hit a new high today then pulled back. IV is very high due to CSCO buyout rumors. 10% premium on the ATM options
  • spmeyers: @Bridget $COST $CMG $PRAH $MTSI $WYNN $FCAU $GM $F $HLT $SYY $KBH $HPE $WIX $MAR also nice; good day for hotels
  • DrScience: US car and light truck sales have diverged dramatically over the past 4 years. An interesting query from WSJ: Is cheap gasoline the cause, or is there more to it? One thing for sure, $TSLA isn't affecting truck sales at $GM, $F, or $FCAU
  • steve71: @DrScience $TSLA $GM $F $FCAU Model S Tesla isn't affecting any American cars. But here in San Diego they are killing S Class Mercedes, 7 Series BMWs, and especially Porsche Panameras and Maseratis. The question is, who will the Model 3 Tesla eat for lunch? Probably mid-level models from those same makers. I don't see Tesla as competition for many American cars.
  • Bridget: Notes: Blood bath today $XLK- getting hit $MSFT $IBM $CRM,$WDC, $MCHP $SMH $FB toppy $AMZN - red candle from top to bottom BB $XLF - everything got hit, regionals especially $KRE $IBB - further breakdown $XRT - this worst performer continues to lead to the downside $XLY - big reversal $F $GM $FCAU - all breaking down $BERY - breakdown out of squeeze $PWR - same $VEEV - pullback $HCLP - looks shortable Making bullish moves: $PM RAI $MO - sin stocks still work $ALRM - breaking higher after earnings. Cup pattern on the weekly $SFM - not affected by this market downturn, still seeing buyers $TWO - still working $DNKN $PNRA - another new high $PEP $KO - both moved higher $DUK $SO - $XLU is the defensive sector $ABX - so is gold $JELD - this ipo is working
  • Robert1965: $FCAU at 11.55 near the YDH of 11.63
  • Bridget: #autonomousvehicles $MBLY $STM $NXPI $DLPH $NVDA $TSLA $GOOGL $FCAU $ALV are the ones I've read about
  • Robert1965: $FCAU, new High11.45, up 4.3%
  • mopick: @Robert1965 $FCAU Auto stocks strong. Had bought small position in $GM yesterday, a Doug Kass recommendation. Chart looked good.
  • Bridget: ...
    $FCAU - new high but no follow through

    $AET - breakout out on news of no aquisition
    $MRK - new 52 week high after flag
    $GPK - gap and run on the daily
    $TMUS - huge volume today but no new high
    $SINA - continuing higher, but buy on the dips
    $CBI - ...
  • bsafriet: @Bridget $TUSK $SND $BGNE $LITE $TTD $ATH $RACE $LW $DVMT $ARNC $PTHN $OCLR $BEAT $GT $FCAU $AET $MRK $GPK $TMUS $SINA $CBI $SLCA $HCLP $XRT $KATE $TJX $GRPN $FLIR $AGX $SQ Txs for the synopsis Bridget. Appreciate your hard work and communication skills. Makes it easier for all of us. Hope we can return the favor one day! Bruce
  • tejas7: $FCAU Daytrade. in at 9.93
  • Obsxllc: @tejas7 $FCAU I believe the CEO and bought the Feb 10's
  • Robert1965: @tejas7 $FCAU In at 9.70, looking for 10.26
  • tejas7: @Robert1965 $FCAU Inside 5 and up, inside 15 and up. @Aragorn ian set up
  • Robert1965: @tejas7 $FCAU Out at 10.23
  • Robert1965: @tejas7 $FCAU Are you still holding, $TECK looking for a good entry point any suggestions. When you sold the cover call what did you look for. The last several times I did that on different stock the stock dropped way more than the call
  • Robert1965: $FCAU I got some at 8.73, looking like it still up even after car sales numbers, I am thinking about taking 1/2 off, anyone else looking at this
  • Robert1965: @Robert1965 $FCAU Sold 1/2 at 10.59
  • tejas7: ...
    $FCAU $PNR

    Dividend yield picks. I guess they just wanted to throw every other stock here

    China play.

    You can not argue against most of these companies. But will they work ...
  • Bridget: $CAR strong move today. I've been watching this one since the big three day move after earnings. This has been consolidating just below $40 and is now breaking out today. $FCAU is also still treating me well.
  • mopick: @Bridget $CAR $FCAU Volume though is pretty anemic, no?
  • Bridget: @mopick $CAR $FCAU not exactly. $CAR saw an uptick in volume today and $FCAU has had above ave volume most of last week and today.
  • Bridget: $FCAU been following this stock during the recent uptrend. Today seeing a big gap and now running higher.
  • Robert1965: $FCAU, it figures sold it Friday, when it couldn't break through, the recent hi of $7.95, got to 7.83 and retreated back down, sold it at 7.74
  • Bridget: $FCAU pulling back to $7 but getting a bounce here. I started a position last week and am now adding here. I see the moving averages turning up and increasing volume at this level. Whether a Trump presidency will be good for the auto industry is yet to be seen. So I'm just going to follow the chart in the meantime.
  • Bridget: $FCAU back up at the recent high with very high volume today. Starting to breakout of this downtrend on the weekly chart.
  • Bridget: ...
    $FCAU - big move breaking recent highs on higher volume
    $CCL - slowly moving higher. Dividend paying stock
    $HZN - close to breaking out
    $GE - recovering above the 50 and 200MA
    $MACK - breaking out on big volume. Weekly chart turning up
    $FL - 2 big m ...
  • coldevinc: @Bridget $WVE $BGNE $ASGN $AGX $OLLI $GHL $FCAU $CCL $HZN $GE $MACK $FL $CVX $CCJ $D $LNT $MOMO $NTES $PEP $KO $PNW $POST $PG $O $EWZ $WR Thank you, on the ball as always!!!
  • Bridget: ...
    $FCAU - buy if this gets back above $7
    $CAVM - bearish engulfing candle
    $AVXS - #IPO new high
    $TUSK - #IPO new all time low
  • Bridget: $FCAU - coming out of downtrend on big volume. Don't buy it here, wait for a pull back to the 200MA.
  • mradams0621: morning 17.17% $UVXY ProShares Ultra VI 33.22 878230 16.93% $TVIX VelocityShares Dai 7.32 1530000 14.32% $SILC Silicom Ltd. 34.64 6730 11.98% $GRFS Grifols SA Barcelo 18.14 200 10.76% $GRVY GRAVITY Co Ltd ADR 3.50 2 10.53% $YANG Direxion Daily FTS 109.55 13060 10.11% $CHAD Direxion Shares Ex 46.40 567 8.41% $VXX Barclays Bank PLC 21.79 1500000 8.18% $VIXY ProShares VIX Shor 14.42 25830 7.91% $NUGT Direxion Daily Gol 26.20 424730 7.71% $EDZ Direxion Daily Emr 50.60 5990 -35.95% $FCAU Fiat Chrysler Auto 8.96 97890 -18.33% $LIOX Lionbridge Technol 4.01 500 -17.52% $INDL Direxion Daily Ind 11.11 3800 -17.12% $ALJ Alon USA Energy Inc 12.30 100 -16.09% $CHAU Direxion Shares Ex 19.48 10470 -13.82% $GLAD Gladstone Capital 6.30 226 -13.70% $LEI Lucas Energy Inc 6.30 37650 -12.31% $DQ Daqo New Energy ADR 14.60 200 -11.84% $RTIX RTI Biologics Inc 3.50 500 -10.20% $YINN Direxion Daily FTS 15.93 14930 -10.15% $INB Cohen & Steers Glo 8.50 4000 -9.83% $INCR INC Research Holdi 43.74 400 -9.78% $NTGR NETGEAR Inc. 37.81 550 -9.77% $ASGN On Assignment Inc. 40.56 325 -9.69% $JKS JinkoSolar Holding 24.99 44850 -8.68% $CASY Casey"s General St 110.00 115 -4.64% $ATNM ACTINIUM PHARMS INC 3.08 29670
  • brandonh: $FCAU - down 35% "shares tumbled this morning after the Italian-American car manufacturer spun off its remaining 80% take in Ferrari $RACE, ending three decades of its exclusive control of the luxury sports car maker. The spinoff comes after Fiat Chrysler sold a 10% stake in Ferrari in an initial public offering in October."
  • Auto: $FCAU now at $16 watching for filling the gap on the 5 min.. :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU filling the gap ..see early post.. :>)
  • Forexpro: Re: @LTCSteve, "Hot Stocks" Hi, LTCSteve, A scan for stocks with a gap up of 1 percent or more, price over 15, and average volume of over 100k elicited: $MNK $TASR $INFN $BABA $WBA $BRCM $YHOO $FCAU All also, not surprisingly, have significantly higher than normal option volume showing relative to the previous 5 sessions (which ToS calls the "Sizzle Index"). Caveat emptor; best of luck!
  • Habanero Bob: $$FCAU - Here's a somewhat obscure new automotive stock (Fiat Chrysler) that seems is showing promise as an IPO. Its in the winner's circle and seems to keep moving in the right direction. Long this morning.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Special Report: World's Best CEOs: New to the list: Tim Cook ($AAPL), Robert Iger ($DIS), Joseph Jimenez ($NVS), Terry Lundgren ($M), Sergio Marchionne ($FCAU), Larry Merlo ($CVS), Kevin Plank ($UA), Aditya Puri ($HDB).

    That's all I've got; best o ...
  • Auto: $FCAU today is a gift.... added to LTP .. :>)
  • debeers: @Auto @ $FCAU at 13 and change when Aragorn highlighted it, it was a gift. Now its the gift that keeps on giving but you don't have to chase it.
  • Auto: $FCAU my little auto stock looking at a all time high.. :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU my little auto stock working... great employee all time high.. :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU beat on earnings up PM.. :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU my little auto stock working well.. close to a all time high... :>)
  • Aragorn: IPO Watch $TRUE at the 50ema inside day watch this tomorrow $DPLO woodman nice still going $HABT nice move today but way off its highs of ever $LC recent issue showing stregnth near highs $Tube near Highs $BAB above descending trendline as mentioned yesterday inside day and up also $CYBR below the 8ema watch fro theis ot retake that, $KITE a PB to the 8ema watch that it holds $FCAU watching to regain the opening day high
  • Auto: $FCAU my little auto IPO working well up PM... :>)
  • Auto: @MartySS $F Thanks ditto $FCAU my other little auto stock that just keeps working Long and adding on any pull back.... :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU above $12 me likee :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU working well... :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU good pop on earnings.. now will wait around for announcement date of Ferrari shares being distributed to $FCAU share holders. 10percent of the Ferrari company will be public and the rest will go to $FCAU share holders. :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU update.. you will also receive dividends from Ferrari. Fiat's five-year business plan targets a 52percent sales increase by 2018 not including Chrysler, Jeep or's all good ..I like all those brands and love driving the Maserati :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU making me smile.. :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU IPO all time high $9.76 getting close to a breakout.. watching to add more :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU all time high for this IPO.. who owns a Chrysler? :>)
  • nmshore: @Auto $FCAU Jeeps are everywhere.
  • Saraiya1: Great call by @Auto on $FCAU. Classic IPO strategy working nicely printing new highs. Great call @Auto!
  • Auto: @nmshore $FCAU yes Jeeps are the most popular with the highest resale value.. I owned one(wrangler) and sold it for some great profit.. :>)
  • freeno: $FCAU - above opening high for IPO
  • Auto: @freeno $FCAU I put some into my portfolio.. Fiat,Chrysler,Jeep is not going away ant time soon. Fiat or in the olden days we called it "fix it again tony" is a complete different car company today and they are rockin! We will see high numbers out of this one for your LONG Term portfolio :>)
  • Auto: $FCAU.. IPO high $9.55 Fiat/Chrysler.. Jeep is not going away.. my employee Mr Alert is back working watching for the IPO breakout.. :>)
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Stock Price $USD 21.82
Change -1.98%
Volume 3,877,970

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV designs, engineers, manufactures, distributes and sells vehicles for the mass market under the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth and Fiat Professional brands and Chrysler brands such as Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and among others.

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