Insmed Inc. (NASDAQ:INSM)

Strategy Session February 12th, 2014

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  • spmeyers: $INSM moving out of pretty good squeeze
  • Joshuajab: $insm looks good to me what y’all think
  • indigo1948: $INSM - still looking strong
  • indigo1948: $INSM - breakout - large gap up on big volume. Positive late stage results for rare lung disease therapy.
  • DAN: @indigo1948 $INSM Can't say I'd short it right now...but it would have made a heck of a short right off the top, with a buy stop just above $30. Thanks for pointing it out indigo1948. Didn't see it. 8-\
  • indigo1948: @DAN $INSM - great thing about trading - every day is like starting a new job - plenty of opportunities - we just have to overcome any discouragement from trades that don;t work out - next good one is just around the corner.
  • pcotton: #scan #rightUpper pullback to 20 or 50, bounce $CORT $CRI $DNKN $HAS $INSM $NAT $SHOO
  • Tricia: DAY TRADES and Swing trades -- You can make a lot of $ and you can lose even more .. A wealthy day trader and neighbor who I have come to respect advises: 1) close out day trades every night reduce swings by 1/2 even if you are way up ... can't predict overnight incidents... especially bios and energy 2) aim for 80% of the move and get out with that .. it is ONLY money 3) close ASAP if the trade goes against you (this one gives me the hardest time) Today I traded successfully $MEET,$INSM,$LIVE, $BLDP, $PLUG - I am holding only 1/4 PLUG, and 1/2 BLDP - having booked profits in all - These are just day swing trades .. that's all --
  • triscuit1011: $INSM in break out mode
  • woodman: $INSM - cruising today and yesterday out of its triangle consolidation. I looked at it last week and early this week, but never got in and didn't have an alert set for the breakout. @Bummer.
  • ccrown4: $INSM maybe @Scott $M got this right but I'm back out
  • jververis: ...
    New 52 week lows include: $ACW, $ADM, $ADVS, $AEIS, $AF, $AFAM, $AFL, $AGII, $AGO, $AIG, $AKAM, $AKS, $ALL, $ALNY, $ALR, $AMCC, $AMED, $AMKR, $AMSC, $ANAD, $ANR, $ANW, $AOL, $ARAY, $ARC, $ARI, $ARRY, $ART, $ASEI, $ASIA, $ATHX, ATPG, $AUO, $AUXL, $AV ...
  • Bobo: @Russell 2000 Rebalance, Hello Team, I went through most of the new additions to the @Russell 2000 and the following is a list of those with insider buying. I haven't had time to review all of the charts but maybe we as a collective can analyze the fundies and charts and share thoughts on these companies. CPWM - $ESSX - $FDEF - $FRNK - $GKNT - $GM - GSIC - $HNH - $HCA - $HTBK - INEV - $INSM - $KOS - $KRO - $LUB -LYB - $MDW - QPSA - $RMTI -SGA - $SIX - $VC - VGZ. Have a good and profitable unpcoming week.
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Stock Price $USD 26.91
Change -4.71%
Volume 378,752

Insmed, Inc. is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company. The Company develops inhaled treatments for serious lung infections.

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  • August 2nd, 2018 - 2018 Q2 Earnings
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