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  • stevef214: @DavidM $XBI $LABU same action. I am just wondering if it is a shot across the bow.
  • stevef214: $LABU Forming a near perfect pennant flag. Thinking of adding here. The Pole was formed on high volume the only thing is that is was not in a uptrend before the flag started. Anyone have any further comments on this one?
  • geotheo: @stevef214 $LABU started starter position today at 44.85. Got orders in for 42.65 then tight stops
  • Geewhiz: $SOXL Thing of beauty. Trailing sop the last four days and it is still going. If only $LABU would behave this way.
  • stevef214: $LABU Sell off into the close.
  • stevef214: $LABU added a little today at $46.48 with it still above the 8D EMA
  • stevef214: $LABU Still going up with a nice move today. I would take some profits but I got in somewhat late and only have a 1/4 position. It now looks like it could climb to the previous high range of $52-$55 since it has now looks to clear this resistance level. Anyone have any thoughts on it?
  • bigbartabs: @stevef214 $LABU ... yes, $53 should be pretty good odds. I too am a little light at this point, but with some well engineered pullback adds, I think we can be back in play with a cushion profit pretty quickly. Having the prior 2 days of lows stay above the 50dma gives us some pretty good risk confidence as well... FWIW... good luck brutha...
  • stevef214: @bigbartabs $LABU Good points, Thx
  • janner0814: @Iceman #Futures IMO = #TRUMP = #INFLATION = #GOLDPLAY *This IS NOT a political statement.... $GLD BTW.... also....watch the #MEDICAL, #BIO & #COAL stocks..... less of a #MANDATE against these sectors. $XLV $IBB $LABU $KOL.... $VXX vs. $XIV/$SVXY 😏
  • Aragorn: @janner0814 $GLD $XLV $IBB $LABU $KOL $VXX $XIV $SVXY #Futures #TRUMP #INFLATION #GOLDPLAY #MEDICAL #BIO #COAL #MANDATE Hey Janner how did the ES trade workout, it looked like you should be buying lunch for the forum. I called that inside 5 candle that was pretty much the lows it went inside 5 up and inside 15 up same time paid huge if it was taken. OK stay safe looking forward to some volatility
  • janner0814: Yeah.... made out.... but I wished I'd waited.... and entered at 2028.... lol! always a better trade... Be an honor to buy lunch for everyone.... this is the #DISNEYLAND of the Stock Trading World.... i.e. "The Happiest Place on Earth!" #YouROCK brutha! @Aragorn $GLD $XLV $IBB $LABU $KOL $VXX $XIV $SVXY #Futures #TRUMP #INFLATION #GOLDPLAY #MEDICAL #BIO #COAL #MANDATE
  • Allen: @Aragorn $IBB $LABU $XLV $XBI I was looking at $LABU also, but difficult to think about jumping in with it up over 18% in premarket. I closed out half a position on $X and $OCLR yesterday. $X looking really good in premarket.
  • Aragorn: @Allen $IBB $LABU $XLV $XBI $X $OCLR Steel coal will be up today . I can jump on anything if it is a trade. I day trade primarily so it is a different thing than buy and hold or swinging. I can be out 15 seconds after I buy it if it does not work. But I hear you
  • tejas7: $LABU trading at 38 premarket
  • Geewhiz: $SOXL $LABU Reduced position in $LABU stopped out at 38.75 $SOXL Opened new position @ 43.70
  • bigbartabs: @Geewhiz $LABU ... I took some pretty big profits on this one this morning... hoping for a pullback to try it again.
  • bigbartabs: $LABU... and I thought I was so smart selling this earlier today at +30% just below the 50dma. I'm blaming Trump.
  • gwenzee: @bigbartabs $LABU LOL
  • Geewhiz: @bigbartabs $LABU Thankfully I set a stop at half the position. I am setting another stop on remaining position @ 39.75.
  • stevef214: $LABU Nice move today, looks to close near to HOD. Had a bid in this morning but it felt I was chasing. At this point might as well wait until after the big event. Whatever it is, I can't remember but something going on tomorrow.
  • champ: $LABU @ $ $30.74 - Still holding this position....I posted to watch for a turn on 11/3 last Thursday on the close @ $24.60....working... maybe we could get 1 more day.
  • stevef214: @champ $LABU I gave up looking its been so long in its recent downtrend. Thx for the heads up. I did hear on Bloomberg about antitrust investigation by the Justice Department. U.S. prosecutors are bearing down on generic pharmaceutical companies in a sweeping criminal investigation into suspected price collusion, a fresh challenge for an industry that’s already reeling from public outrage over the spiraling costs of some medicines. IDK what effect it will have on the entire ETF but just some info. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-03/u-s-charges-in-generic-drug-probe-said-to-be-filed-by-year-end
  • champ: @stevef214 $LABU - YW but remember these types of ETF's are not really holds for more than 10 days or so and for me they are mostly day and swing trades....I will be watching both now... $LABD and $LABU for entry. I sold $LABD and took profits yesterday because of the job #'s.....because the markets could bounce....I really don't like holding short trades going into any major news day.....also watching Gold and $SPY this morning. LOL
  • stevef214: $LABU in at $26.52 for day or swing trade
  • Aragorn: $DWTI $LABU he places to be today
  • stevef214: $LABU stopped out for small gain. Too tight of trailing stop. It has been beaten back from the R1 pivot of 27.25 3 times on the 15 min bar so maybe it will rest here for the day. Will try to watch for re-entry but for now gotta work.
  • champ: $LABU @ $24.60 ---- Watching...... could bounce tomorrow....?
  • traderbren: @champ $LABU - yep, me too as its been on a significant slide. Looking for a bounce....at some point.
  • issues: @champ $LABU Some of the most amazing down drafts I've seen since 2008; $ANIP (Down 22%) $AKRX (-20%) $DPLO (down 42% in a DAY!) $FIT (-32%) $ENDP (down 20%) These are HUGE losses! For what reason? That the government might scrutinize their drug prices? Crazy. We still hold a large position in $ibb and many drugs stocks. No position in ANIP AKRX DPLO... There is coming a bounce. But how high? It will take years, if ever, to see these come back. We are making some peanuts on $BIS that won't compensate for the huge downdrafts. Wish I had more. I was thinking of LABD but I noticed you think tomorrow it will bounce. I don't know. There may not be a bounce until after the election.
  • GaVaHokie: $LABU Ouch! Might be a stupid question, but is it time to sell or just take the $LABD side as a buffer?
  • eaglEye: @GaVaHokie $LABU $LABD WOW, time to sell was in the past, if you are still in LABU, watch it for a bounce from right about here this morning, if it doesn't get out, and depending on the bounce, you probably should be looking for an exit like Dan shows when LABU reaches previous support lines. Unless you are in as a long term position the the sophisticated traders us options or could you could pair the inverse WOW I had LABD yesterday and sold,
  • janner0814: @GaVaHokie $LABU $LABD I used to sell calls against my #IBB trades (now #BIO is an #AVOID for me).... then I found myself getting locked into a position with options that had a mile wide bid & asks. If I were in your shoes, perhaps consider a trailing stop well above your profit levels? #HOWEVER/#CAVEAT: Remember #BIO like $NUGT $DUST gaps; and it can GAP PAST your stop, then trigger on it's way back up.... (I've seen & #ACTED in this losing movie before). #WIDOWMAKER
  • GaVaHokie: @janner0814 $LABU $LABD $NUGT $DUST #IBB #BIO #AVOID #HOWEVER #CAVEAT #BIO #ACTED #WIDOWMAKER Yea, I hate setting Stops on the 3X ETFs because they ALWAYS get triggered. For $LABU, I'm just holding a small position around the $35 level (not worth optioning). Was hoping for a rebound on overblown Election talk. Just can't tell if it's in freefall to Splitsville at this point.
  • janner0814: @GaVaHokie $LABU $LABD $NUGT $DUST #IBB #BIO #AVOID #HOWEVER #CAVEAT #BIO #ACTED I KNOW exactly how you feel. I used to expend so much of #CREATIVE energies trying to no avail to #REPAIR those #WIDOWMAKER trades. And the craziest thing..... I KNOW & #STUDY #VOLATILITY #METICULOUSLY .... however, those #WIDOWMAKERS follow the rule of #GAPS.... which #TRUMPS most trader's risk management schemes. I know my limitations..... best for me to #AVOID & make #BETTERTRADES #ELSEWHERE. Have a GREAT WEEKEND.... already made my decent money making trade with $AMZN. http://tinyurl.com/amzn20161029bups Remember what @Dan says..... #WAIT to pick up money on the ground. Think different to the #SHEEP. http://tinyurl.com/thinkdifferent1997 And remember......during #VOLATILE inflections.... anything CAN happen.
  • eaglEye: @janner0814 $LABU $LABD $NUGT $DUST $AMZN #IBB #BIO #AVOID #HOWEVER #CAVEAT #BIO #ACTED #CREATIVE #REPAIR #WIDOWMAKER #STUDY #VOLATILITY #METICULOUSLY #WIDOWMAKERS #GAPS #TRUMPS #AVOID #BETTERTRADES #ELSEWHERE Agreed on volatility, I usually am day trading these, $LABD, I am back in now, going to see if the bounce is real
  • janner0814: @eaglEye I don't have the skills that you possess.... and I do have skills (no disrespect to myself) ..... so I'm honoring the tenet: "Know thyself." Have better things to do than battle powerful trading algorithms. ;-) (and no disrespect to my algorithms..... which are quite solid (I'm a #CERTIFIED #NERD). $LABU $LABD $NUGT $DUST $AMZN #IBB #BIO #AVOID #HOWEVER #CAVEAT #BIO #ACTED #CREATIVE #REPAIR #WIDOWMAKER #STUDY #VOLATILITY #METICULOUSLY #WIDOWMAKERS #GAPS #TRUMPS #AVOID #BETTERTRADES #ELSEWHERE
  • eaglEye: $LABD $DUG out most Good early trade. Short charts still look good, may reload. Thx Dan on the biotech, looks like a bigger move coming to short IBB stocks. as you pointed again to $CELG $GILD and $LABU. I was in $LABD a week or 1o days back but did not fare well trying to hold in the chop.
  • eaglEye: $LABU reloaded some, out all now, still looks to be a winner but not going to press below yesterday's low for $LABU. Still in some $DUG
  • tejas7: $LABU $SOXL were down, now up. intraday trades.
  • issues: trying to remember efts for biotech: $LABU and what's the other one? $BIS is the inverse, but what the other one?
  • GOOSE: @issues $LABU $BIS $LABD?
  • issues: Bought $NUGT (starter) & $LULU. Sold $LABU $MANH $ICLR $XTLY
  • bsafriet: @tejas7 $LABU Has this been a wild ride for you? When do you recommend rolling to the next month expiration? How would a Clinton win affect your trading strategy? Thanks for the idea, I wouldn't have thought about this trade, dismissed as too volatile.
  • tejas7: @bsafriet $LABU is meant to be volatile. My original position and intent was just in stock at around 40 level . At one point, it started moving high just 3-4 trading days before monthly expiry date , so with some profit locked in I started selling ...
  • stairm01: $LABU - Purchase some at $38.38 this morning and have a standing order in selling next weeks 40 strike for $2.00. This would be a return of 10% in a week, IF it closes next Friday above 40. I hold other shares from August at this same price range that I have sold calls on twice, reducing my cost basis to the low 30's.
  • stevef214: $LABU in at 36.60 stop at 35.83 just below low of last 15 minute bar. Small position day trade. Stopped out right back in at 35.85 with stop just below 200DMA which seems to be better support. again small position day trade.
  • stevef214: $LABU Stopped out for nice gain. Once the trade was ITM changed the stop to tight trailing stop. Between the two trades just a small gain. Enough to take the wife to dinner but have to leave the kids home. :)
  • GaVaHokie: @orpheusredux I've been staring at $LABU this morning.
  • orpheusredux: @GaVaHokie $LABU I wouldn't buy here. It could be oversold, but you won't know till it stops going down and starts going up. I could see this thing falling to 35 or even 31.5. How would you feel if that happened? Best safety lies in fear.
  • bigbartabs: @jpmd349 ... drug stocks bottoming... you could be right. I like how the $LABU looks sitting on the 200dma, but I would use the $XBI as the buy sell chart. Remember that the XBI is the dog, and LABU is the tail (derivative). FWIW... good luck
  • tejas7: $LABU Covered calls roll out BTC Oct 45 calls while STO Nov 45 calls for 2.45
  • stevef214: $LABU Back above the 50D. Looking for an entry for swing trade with stop just below entry in case the bounce is not confirmed.
  • eaglEye: $LABU, downtrend to 50 day Average and a bounce, watching
  • stevef214: @eaglEye $LABU Sure looks tempting. Could enter here with tight stop just below the 50D although it did dip morning. I think I will wait but thx for the heads up.
  • eaglEye: @stevef214 $LABU Yes, watching, over $45.60 might have a trade, not too many seem strong with market indecisive,
  • woodman: @eaglEye $LABU is the 3x of $XBI more or less. I see next support for XBI around 62.
  • stevef214: @ROSEY $LABU I am watching the price and sold this morning on the bounce. I had a what I thought was a high ask price entered before the reversal just after the open, and it triggered on the bounce. I was watching the price but not constantly because ...
  • stevef214: $LABU out final 1/3 of position this morning. I set what thought was a high ask after the open and it triggered on the bounce. Oh well it was a good trade and still profitable unlike a bunch others I had over the last week or so, so I am content. And hey, as Dan says "I can always buy it back" Sure a better situation then if it would have kept going down and I hung on to it like some other positions I still have.
  • stevef214: $LABU fairly big down day and it was holding above the 20DMA until 2hrs before the close. Finally ended up closing right at the 20D. I am wondering if holding at the 20D is enough because out of the last 6 trading days 4 have been down and today was increased volume. I sold 2/3 my position last week and now wondering if I should have sold it all. If it breaks lower than the 20D I am out the final 1/3.
  • ROSEY: @stevef214 $LABU Steve, R U selling by using stop loss or watching over movement ?
  • GaVaHokie: $LABU Good entry on this pullback?
  • gmj: @GaVaHokie $LABU finally an opportunity to get into this one, started a new sm pos at this mornings low, want to add as it continues. Placed a tight stop under today's low.
  • geotheo: @GaVaHokie $LABU Compare this chart to $BLUE and I don't think now is time to buy. Same thing could happen. That's why Dan had an alert on $BLUE set at $75. I just see more downside.
  • DUPPAL: @GaVaHokie $LABU I think I would wait maybe to where the breakout occurred, phase 2 wait until you see it firm up.
  • stevef214: $LABU down two days in a row but on declining volume. Maybe pausing, consolidating before a move higher. But it also move up pretty steep along the upper BB and it is high above both the 20 and 50DMA. I would say keep a stop just below 52.60, yesterdays low. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  • stairm01: @stevef214 $LABU I sold the OCT 51 calls against my stock and will buy these back if the stock drops far enough and turns back up. If the stock doesn't pull back much, then I let the calls take away my stock.
  • stevef214: $LABU STC Jan $36 calls taking profits on 2/3 my position.
  • bigbartabs: @traderbren $IBB ... taking off the table... me too... I took my $LABU profits earlier today. Once the FED reaction settles down, I'll evaluate a gain. Best case is for it to pull back and we can take another shot at it. Good luck brutha...
  • stevef214: $LABU Nice move today riding the top of the BB. I'd say it needs to close at or above this recent high. I have been long for Sept and trying to decide if to add. Anyone have any thoughts?
  • tejas7: @orpheusredux $GILD then it would go down! Just kidding. Thankfully, I have other better trades working-one being $LABU which has GILD in it.
  • orpheusredux: @tejas7 $GILD $LABU Okay. I'm actually thinking of buying more. I think this is the start of the long-awaited reawakening in this beaten-down darling.
  • Alexandra: @BigBarTabs Are you adding to $LABU? Do you have a position in that sector?
  • glens13: $IBB $XBI $LABU - Here is a great website for speculative biopharma stocks with clinical trials including dates and stages. I hope it helps those that have a high risk tolerance and enjoy trading the volatility in high beta biotech. Not for the faint of heart. https://biopharmcatalyst.com/calendars/fda-calendar Cheers!
  • Alexandra: @glens13 $IBB $XBI $LABU That link didn't work.
  • glens13: @Alexandra $IBB $XBI $LABU - try copy and paste. https://biopharmcatalyst.com/calendars/fda-calendar here it is again. sorry
  • glens13: @glens13 $IBB $XBI $LABU ** the last "-calendar" is not blue for some reason
  • Alexandra: @glens13 $IBB $XBI $LABU It works. Thank you.
  • woodman: @Alexandra $IBB $XBI $LABU That's the link I posted to you yesterday. You must adhere to using it if you trade biotechs.
  • Alexandra: @woodman $IBB $XBI $LABU I'm exploring it now. Too bad $VRX doesn't have anything in the pipeline.
  • bigbartabs: @Alexandra $LABU ... yes, a fairly large position. I'm adding on pullbacks, and raising my stops. Same with $XBI. Started a couple days ago with $XLY... hoping it does the same. I started trimming my $TQQQ $TECL $SOXL since feels a little toppy. I trimmed back $CURE today. And then my bread and butter x3 ETFs... $UDOW $SPXL $TQQQ $TNA I always have a sizable portion of that mix, depending how each is doing relative to the others. To all newbies... if you use any of the above x3 tickers... be careful... they can really burn you if you are new to trading. It takes awhile to learn how to trade these, without freaking out during large moves.
  • kcar21966: $SRPT halted and $labu just popped
  • bwcarnation1: @kcar21966 $SRPT $labu drug approved
  • kcar21966: @bwcarnation1 $SRPT $labu yea...it just reopened up 80%:)
  • DAN: @kcar21966 $SRPT $labu Congrats to all who are in SRPT. 8-) $$$$$$
  • stevef214: @woodman $SRPT Thx for reminding me of this. I have had some big losses on biotech and pharma also. Yep stick to ETF's. I am in $LABU right now and finally having a good day. Was down for awhile but now up.
  • tejas7: Question: What is the most Fed-dependent trade of the week for market? (A) Financial (B) Energy (3) Biotech If you answer C, you are right! Dr Yellen's remarks on biotech still rings Wall Street's ears. $LABU going.
  • champ: $SPX - I agree ....should not be taking on any new Investment position but many Day trades are really working nicely today...not up a lot but up....however, some are now turning down a little....these are a few....$AGN $APPLE $NTES $ACIA $LABU $PANN $URI $WYNN $M $WB...but thats real easy to say when your just watching.... but I'm in a few of them with day trade add ons in $AAPL and now $AGN but only for now. I would like to have more but I'm waiting to trade a drop and that might not even happen....today....and I'm mostly in cash now.
  • PJMR11: $XON, $LABU, $WTW, $CNX Got out of these yesterday. The bounce at the end of the day made it look like a bad move. Today, not so bad of a move. Really feel this market is way too frenetic for me to get out of cash. Probably will not settle down until after the Fed's decision and maybe not even then.
  • DAN: $LABU -- rebounding nicely.
  • GaVaHokie: $CHK $LABU... got stopped out of both of these last week and now I feel like I'd be chasing to get back in today, especially if today's bounce activity ends up being a head fake... thoughts @DAN?
  • PJMR11: $LABU, WTW, XON, CNX Taking opportunity with this little bounce to clean up some of the carnage from Friday. Risk management tells me to go to cash as much as possible until things settle down.
  • champ: @PJMR11 $LABU - A few FOMC speakers will have the microphone this morning....might give the markets a few more clues on rates ....in the next hour or so.....Brainard is slated to speck at 1:15 ET....she is a voting member....Kashkari is at 1:00 today also.
  • PJMR11: @champ $LABU Thanks for the info.
  • stocky: $LABU $ FN Picked up small, SPY looking for a toe hold
  • stocky: @rck89 $IBB In some $LABU and SRPT which held moving averages, wish I had skipped today
  • champ: $LABU - Opened down and then turned...I took the trade and so far it's working .. I'm still holding but I will probably sell 1/2 on the first turn down... of any size and then see if it falls any more before I sell the other 1/2....plan in place.
  • ryanj: $WFM $TWLO $NFLX $LABU stopped out of these four new entries today. Cash is king!
  • tejas7: $LABU working. Unfortunately this has become "Fed trade" since Dr. Yellen spoke its valuation once.
  • PJMR11: @Jibes $labu No Theory but I do know losing 10 points in the blink of an eye has made me very cautious
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The investment seeks daily investment results, of 300% of the performance of the S&P Biotechnology Select Industry Index ("index"). The index is provided by S&P and includes domestic companies from the biotechnology industry. The fund normally creates long positions by investing at least 80% of its assets in the securities that comprise the index and/or financial instruments that provide leveraged and unleveraged exposure to the index. These financial instruments include: swap agreements; options on securities and indices; forward contracts; reverse repurchase agreements; ETFs; and other financial instruments. The fund is non-diversified.

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