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Strategy Session January 4th, 2017

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LABU Weekly Chart

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  • bigbartabs: @Bridget $XBI ... glad I have a full position of $LABU. The only thing yanking me out of the fire this morning. $XLV $CURE holding up ok too.
  • Hank1: $LABU moving up my partial stop to 67.40.
  • Hank1: $LABU ... looks like its about to pop on the daily chart. Adding with a partial stop below this weeks low.
  • spmeyers: @Hank1 $LABU waiting for definitive breakout
  • bigbartabs: Obamacare repeal... was there some news? Both biotech and medical stocks took a pretty good hit around 1:00pm EST $XLV $CURE $XBI $LABU
  • bigbartabs: $XBI $LABU ... why so weak today?
  • debeers: @bigbartabs $XBI $LABU -Regardless of the fact that healthcare legislation has absolutely nothing to do with Janet Yellen's expertise, those questioning her have no shame in revving up their constituents for their appearances even if it has nothing to do with rate reduction or rate raises. So, when LABD is up, I use it as an insurance policy for my biotech stock. It seems to work ok and lets me not get jigged out.
  • bigbartabs: @bwcarnation1 $IBB $XBI ... I sold my $LABU at break even... and was feeling pretty good about it this morning. Now its up again, after at least a 10% swing for the day. I also don't see what the hub bub is regarding the healthcare bill.
  • bigbartabs: @bnnybklyn $AVXS ... speaking of feeling like at the track... l certainly didn't win a parlay with $LABU today :)
  • JBed: $LABU Started small position down here.
  • JBed: $LABU Working on an engulfing candle.
  • champ: $LABU @ $69 up 8.5% HOD ....
  • champ: $LABU ....OUT.....will watch for another trade in the morning
  • Robert1965: @champ $LABU when did you sell LABD, and enter LABU in PM?
  • champ: $LABU $XLV --- Dropping now on #News that the $HealthCare Bill vote could be push back until after the July 4th break....moving these ETF lower on that news......I'm New long $LABD.
  • spmeyers: @champ $LABU $XLV $HealthCare $LABD #News looks like no longer just rumour
  • audrina0904: @champ $LABU $XLV $HealthCare $LABD #News Sheesh, politicians = worthless, itd be sweet if they always had our best interest at heart!
  • woodman: @audrina0904 $LABU $XLV $HealthCare $LABD #News - I never thought it realistic that a vote would come by 7/4.
  • champ: @audrina0904 $LABU $XLV $HealthCare $LABD #News --- It sure would.....this market was really off to the races and was really strong....very powerful ....and they screwed it all up...most are just a bunch of SOB's, its really sad that they can't work together....I'm mad as hell.....it could cost the markets big time....Good LucK!
  • Robert1965: $LABU $TQQQ are on the move in PM up $1.20, and $1.70
  • champ: @humble $TNX #Senator #HealthCare --- I trade off of News and you can see that News about the changes this morning in the HealthCare Bill ...turned $LABU right at that time...thats really all I know. A lot of bad comments this morning. I posted last week that I took profits on $XLV near the high if you want to take a look at my reasons why I sold.....but I'm day trading $LABU daily with great results and I posted on that also.
  • bigbartabs: $XBI $LABU ... looking like that lower low on Friday could very well be that shot across the bow. Heck of a recovery by the close... but that was Friday. Now its Monday... and the red half of that candle looks a little toppy. Be careful team...
  • champ: $DJI - $SPX ---- #StockPickersMarket ---- I'm in Day and Swing trading many stocks with great success this past week. I'm just posting this because stock #Targets need to be pick-out in the AH's....not during market hours. You always need a target l ...
  • traderbren: @bigbartabs $IBB $LABU - classic! LOL ..love it. ;-)
  • bigbartabs: @traderbren $IBB ... I lightened up on my $LABU this morning, thinking I was this guy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLSecfkulqs But maybe I'm not.
  • bigbartabs: $LABU ... my plan today became take some profits early... and buy it cheaper later. Well, the profit part worked out. But the buy it cheaper sure didn't. At least not today.
  • bigbartabs: @bRobert $XBI ... $LABU was up 40% this week. I think I'll wait to see what happens Monday... odds are some sort of pullback before jetting higher. If this is in fact the big boys executing buy programs... I would think that it wouldn't have sunk so low this morning. Could be rather a shot across the bow. $XBI and $LABU both lower volume today. Then again what do I know... except something else I own hit a record this week... my pool! 90 degrees... first time ever... previous record was 87. And I thought that was too hot.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $XBI $LABU --- $LABU had a nice pull back on the open.. and this is day 6 of this nice move and your right... a rest is needed. On the 1 minute chart the volume is not all that big, many retail players are coming in and out more than a few times daily....day traders are at work.The bigger players and Institutional traders don't really day trade all that much but I'm sure they were in... $XBI all week but not as many on day 5 & 6 and many sold in the last 5 minutes today.
  • bRobert:
  • bigbartabs: @champ $XBI $LABU ... selling end of the day... yep, although it looks like a lot of shares were bought on the ask. A big green volume bar in the last hour.
  • bRobert: @champ $XBI $LABU Just for perspective......LABU was trading over $200 several years ago. Many Biotech stocks are now more fairly valued and some outright bargains. Their revenue is much higher and their balance sheets are rock solid compared to several years ago. They are value and growth. Hardest thing to do is hold a good winner. Not necessarily this ETF on steroids but in general.
  • bigbartabs: @bRobert $LABU ... when I'm trading x3 ETFs (like TQQQ UDOW SPXL TNA FAS ERX TECL DRN SOXL etc)... that's my option leverage. Selling too early is the trader's curse. I don't do it much any more... but today there was reason to protect the rocket ship profits. And yes, selling in increments (and buying) is the only way to go. Of course you can burn yourself by selling to slow as well. Its certainly an art... developed by time spent. And buying enough bandages for missing skin :) Good luck brutha... have a good weekend...
  • champ: @bRobert $XBI $LABU --- I hear you but you have to be real careful which stock your in because when you least expect it.... they can hit you real hard in the AH's, with big drops because of news. For that reason, I trade the ETF's when they are on the move, on a daily basis...in and out daily because for me they are a lot safer. No cup....
  • champ: $XLV is HOD and working, this a little safer than the other one that I'm trading $LABU...I'm holding one and trading the other.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $XLV $LABU ... I'm holding both $CURE and $LABU... that I've been building since last Friday/Monday. These things are more popular than Pam Anderson's boating albums.
  • tejas7: $labu STO July 70 calls (covered) for 5.35. Riding stocks from 48. New stop for stock is 60.
  • champ: $LABU @ $62 up around 6% again today ....very strong....I'm holding a position and posted yesterday.
  • champ: $LABU @ $63 be aware this is a zig-zagger ....dropped yesterday after a big move....I'm out 3/4 already......
  • tejas7: @champ $LABU Ride 8EMA on daily.
  • champ: $LABU back at HOD $63.43 for now.... up about 8%
  • tejas7: @tejas7 $LABU I meant 8EMA on 2 hour chart
  • champ: $LABU a little news dropped this ETF a little ...when hit the wire. #HealthCare Bill ..... More work is going on here this morning on #DrugPrices....Reps Cummings and Welch send a letter to President Trump urging action on cutting back Drug-Prices....like I said earlier this morning both sides are working on this plan.
  • champ: @bRobert $LABU @ $62 up overt 9% today and HOD ...RHRN ....Just a great move.... up $12 in just 3 days....#ETF's on sector turns......but really hard to add at this level.
  • bigbartabs: $LABU... I don't believe it... I finally got a dip to let me buy some. I lightened up 3 days ago, and boy was that a mistake.
  • lecoqsportif61: @bigbartabs $LABU lol. i feel your pain. but i, for a change i didnt logon for couple days, otherwise i would be in your shoes.
  • bRobert: $IBB $LABU $XBI Breakout warning. Weekly VERY tight squeeze.
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $CLVS ... you ain't alone... I lightened up on $LABU last week. That too really worked out well.
  • bRobert: $LABU 52week high.
  • tejas7: $LABU flying
  • bigbartabs: $XBI $LABU ... could be at a good buy point. Took it on the chin.
  • stevef214: $LABU In for swing trade at $51.40. I have been in and out over the last week and missed yesterdays but it s still climbing the 5EMA and MACD is positive
  • stevef214: $LABU Just set trailing stop
  • debeers: $LABU-ASCO time oh yes AND Ferrari time ($RACE).
  • jnag698: #ASCO - June 2-6 for all the biotech traders. Watching $LABU
  • stevef214: $LABU Finally BO above the R1 pivot. Now moving to next leg higher in last 30 minutes
  • stevef214: $LABU now up against resistance. Out of first half now trailing stop on remaining.
  • stairm01: @stevef214 $LABU CC I sold July 52 calls for $3.50 against some of my stock. In stock at $47.51
  • stevef214: $LABU Its at the bottom of recent channel and yesterday's candle was a long tail hammer signaling buyers coming in and todays open shows follow through. In at $44.18 stop just below todays open.
  • stevef214: $LABU added RHRN and moved my stop up
  • stevef214: $LABU Changed my stops to trailing stops
  • debeers: $LABU-Another LABeaUtiful day in the neighborhood. Up 8+%. Easier than trying to figure out who is going to impress at ASCO.
  • stevef214: @debeers $LABU yep nice ride today although I was stopped out at about before the last leg up. But got into $UGAZ just about the days bottom. it was a triple ETF day.
  • stevef214: $GUSH $LABU GUSH stopped out for small loss. $LABU in at $46.76 for day trade
  • bigbartabs: @tjv821 $espr $XBI $LABU... there must have been some big news for biotech at about 1:30pm EST... started going down and hasn't stopped.
  • stevef214: $LABU Moving my stops up. Got in this morning with not the best entry but up a little for the day. My first buy I had the wrong amount listed in my order entry and then had a second buy when I noticed it. I'll be out by EOD because I am traveling overseas and will not be able to trade Monday otherwise I think I would swing this one because it looks to be moving up off a near term bottom.
  • bigbartabs: $XBI ... the low channel line 1/24 and 4/6 is looking pretty good for support and a bounce here. I've now got a full position in $LABU that I will jettison if it falls much below. FWIW...
  • stevef214: @bigbartabs $XBI $LABU $LABU I missed todays turn around between 12:30 and 1:00 :(. It looks to be bottoming though.
  • cmaxwel1: @bigbartabs $XBI $LABU ( I took a small bite. I was out last week).
  • stevef214: $LABU in for day trade at $45.42. Stop just below opening 15 min candle at $44.91.
  • stevef214: $LABU moved stop up and now out for nice little gain for day trade
  • stevef214: $XBI, $LABU both broke lower than 20D and 50D. If it holds and reverses could be a low risk entry. If not watch out. NP
  • cmaxwel1: @stevef214 $XBI $LABU (stopped out )
  • bigbartabs: $XBI $LABU ... looking like they might go down to the 200dma
  • woodman: @bigbartabs $XBI $LABU -$XBI - perhaps. But looks like XBI is in a box between 72.60 and 66.00.
  • CHOFF: #Healthcare - does bill passage help/hurt bio-techs or are they indifferent? $BLUE $LABU $PRAH? Bios are doing okay right now but who knows after the bill is actually read in the coming days?
  • stevef214: @cmaxwel1 $TWLO I was just stopped out for overall small gain. My first entry was bad and I am kicking myself. Did the same yesterday with $LABU. LOL
  • stevef214: $LABU in at $51.15 day trade stop just below last 15 min bar of $50.28
  • stevef214: $LABU stopped out. Noticed it too is printing a bearish engulfing channel after reading @blueberryman comment on $XBI
  • champ: #HealthCareBill --- $LABU @ $51 now ...I'm still holding my swing position....been in all month....but know real clue on direction....Speaker Ryan will be having something to say about the #HealthCareBill in about 10 minutes or so....could move the markets.... if he says something about when the Vote will take place...the big if.
  • stevef214: @champ $LABU Yes, I have to keep that in my mind. If it is moving up and I want to buy it then don't let it get away. Thx
  • stevef214: $LABU looking strong yesterday and today. Had a bid in last Fri and did not get it. Kicking myself for not buying ATM :(
  • champ: @stevef214 $LABU ---- I always buy at the Market because of that reason....I never buy a stock that is dropping or because it falls back....never. I need a stock to show me green candles before I take a position, after a drop....just saying what I do...LOL.
  • CHOFF: ...
    What's difficult to determine is how many of these allegations are legitimate vs Pulvia's opinions. Bios are down today in general. $BLUE and $LABU seem to be somewhat correlated based on the % daily volatility swings and both are down 3+% today whi ...
  • champ: $LABU has been zig-zagging around 45.50 - $46.10, most of the morning and is now HOD at $46.29. up $2.50...watching
  • champ: $LABU ....a lot of green in this sector today ...I'm spec long day trade this morning....could be time...climbing.
  • stairm01: $LABU is catching some footing on the intra day chart. Bouncing near the 200 dma on the 3 month chart. Long stock and have been selling calls against it.
  • JBed: $LABU hit a 2-month low this morning.
  • bwcarnation1: @JBed $LABU looks like H & S pattern which has broken support though nearing the 200day. maybe it holds the 200. have to wait to see
  • bigbartabs: @Forexpro $XBI ... yes, I've been watching my $LABU as well. It looks better, but its $XBI that is the dog. $LABU the tail. So $XBI is the important chart to make decisons.
  • JBed: $LABU Decent bounce off the lows this a.m.
  • champ: @JBed $LABU - Yes, real nice....now I have it back in the right spot, yes we need to keep an eye on it...for sure....over the next few days.....Thanks
  • tradeforfamily: $XBI $LABU Bio-Tech is looks to row over if it does not hold 50D
  • champ: $LABU $48.60 --- New position....day trade...
  • JBed: @champ $LABU Followed you - in at $48.30.
  • stevef214: @champ $LABU I was already in a few days ago at $46.25 and followed you with an add at $48.60. Moved my stop up on initial position. Thx for the heads up.
  • champ: @JBed $LABU ---- Could climb even more today....and I'm still holding and just waiting for the markets to catch-up....might need good oil # at 7:30 and Europe is green this morning but I think our markets will do better after they close...??
  • khamilton: @champ $LABU I was in at $47.97 yesterday and held overnight to sell at $49.19 this morning. Third day in a row I have made profits on this stock by setting a sell stop for a profit around $1.00/share. Thinking there is a pattern where it peaks within 30-45 minutes after open but watching this closely so I do not violate Dan's #1 rule!
  • JBed: $LABU OUT
  • champ: $LABU HOD now... still holding ....and I'm still waiting for the markets to turn green....but that might not happen....???
  • stevef214: $LABU move stops up periodically today and just stopped out of 1/2. Might swing the other 1/2 or tighten its stop to be out today.
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Stock Price $USD 81.50
Change -1.38%
Volume 482,651

The investment seeks daily investment results, of 300% of the performance of the S&P Biotechnology Select Industry Index ("index"). The index is provided by S&P and includes domestic companies from the biotechnology industry. The fund normally creates long positions by investing at least 80% of its assets in the securities that comprise the index and/or financial instruments that provide leveraged and unleveraged exposure to the index. These financial instruments include: swap agreements; options on securities and indices; forward contracts; reverse repurchase agreements; ETFs; and other financial instruments. The fund is non-diversified.

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