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  • tjv821: $mack anyone else holding this? To late to sell??
  • tjv821: $mack also drifting down again
  • Bridget: ...
    $MACK - breaking out on big volume. Weekly chart turning up
    $FL - 2 big moves on increasing volume heading toward earnings
    $CVX - new high
    $CCJ - breaking out of squeeze and downtrend

    $D - broke below the recent low that last time I failed ...
  • coldevinc: @Bridget $WVE $BGNE $ASGN $AGX $OLLI $GHL $FCAU $CCL $HZN $GE $MACK $FL $CVX $CCJ $D $LNT $MOMO $NTES $PEP $KO $PNW $POST $PG $O $EWZ $WR Thank you, on the ball as always!!!
  • TunaHelper: Big $MACK attack. Time to take off your $MACK ... at least until we see some evidence of a turnaround / bounce.
  • TunaHelper: $MACK Potentially a short squeeze.
  • Aragorn: @TunaHelper $MACK I think a short rhrn top
  • Aragorn: @Tunahelper $MACK Par Sar switched to a short as well but no position and I am keeping an open mind. I just caught a nice short in CZR so I am feeling kind of Saucy as Dan would say is that how he says it? LOL
  • TunaHelper: @Aragorn $MACK You may be right. However, there are 30M shares short and the volume since the breakout over the past few days is far fewer than 30M shares. Then again, who really knows as we don't have perfect data. Maybe the scramble is over.
  • Aragorn: @TunaHelper $MACK fun to watch better to be playing and making. 8ema support on a one so me thinks you are correct
  • TunaHelper: @Aragorn $MACK What timeframe are you looking at the parsar?
  • Aragorn: @TunaHelper $MACK that was a oner. I start with that on movers to give me a possible heads up. I look at all TF 1 3 5 15 30 60 but if trading fast you need fast indicators
  • TunaHelper: @Aragorn $MACK Thanks - yes, love the parsar (and you are the one who introduced me to that, which has been an awesome tool - cannot thank you enough). I have been thinking that there would be a lot of explosive short covering in the more speculative (micro) biotechs based on the recent M&A activity, fading of the Mylan nonsense, etc. So far I have been wrong about that (with $MACK being the exception today, and $PBYI to a lesser extent because it has completely imploded since the pop earlier today). I have been out of biotech since the $MYLN stuff came out. It's kept me out of some winners $AERI but also some hiccups as well ($NVAX). I like $DVAX (which I think is a @woodman favorite), but am waiting until next month to establish a position.
  • Aragorn: @TunaHelper $MACK $PBYI $MYLN $AERI $NVAX $DVAX I am glad to have shared it with you and others. I love it as well. Everyone who uses it finds it very valuable. Let us keep it our secret. NVAX last 2 days been on fire. Woodman buys some of the beaten down Bios with success. He is the man to follow. I see a chart that is all. Someone once tried to tell me about a stock and what it does. I said I don't care. If it is moving I am in. A friend said this ( not me so I do not take ownership ) "I don't trade stocks, I trade setups". Since I am so short term in my daily trading, this is so brutally true.
  • TunaHelper: @Aragorn $MACK $PBYI $MYLN $AERI $NVAX $DVAX Agree, woodman is quite good with making good trades with the beaten down biotechs.
  • judysteiner: $MACK
  • Bridget: The following stocks look to be potential volatility squeeze breakouts, even though it was a down day in the market. I'm actually surprised the indexes were down as much as they are for how bullish the overall sentiment feels. Or is that just me? $AFL $BOX $CBLI $GOGO $HDB $HLF $MACK $NGHC $THC $TMO $WWWW $MNST $SYY
  • nk13: $MACK Six insider buys at Merrimack Pharma since Nov. 12. FDA granted them fast track status for their liver cancer drug on Nov. 20. Stock's been in a nice uptrend. Please do your own DD.
  • moneyHoHo: $MACK watch.
  • moneyHoHo: @moneyHoHo $MACK
  • bullmoose: $MACK is breaking out of consolidation. I have no position in it, but got an alert.
  • bullmoose: $MACK - I'm already overloaded on bio/pharma stocks with $ACHN, $ARWR, $BCRX, $NBIX, $TKMR and $TMO (the dog of the bunch), but $MACK is making a nice move here. It would have been best to buy 4 days ago, or a few weeks ago for that matter, but it's a strong move.
  • Tricia: #BIOTECH EArnings week - 44 This Week! EArnings Mon 08/11 incl: $MACK $INO $AKBA $BLUE $RYLP $ENTA $PBYI $HALO (26 Today) Earnings Tues 08/12 incl: $INSY $BCRX $ARRY $RNA $PETX $STEM $ARWR (13) Earnings Wed 08/13 incl: $EPZM $CNAT $ONTX $TKMR There is a lot of data this week also .. should be very interesting $EPZM data at ASH Lymphoma meeting on August 12 $OPK will have top-line Rayaldee data on Monday night as well. Hep B Updates from $ARWR, $TKMR -- $ALNY will have another roundtable with $MDCO
  • SierraJW: @levnor18 $MACK ??? (so we can see the chart) Thanks.
  • Tricia: @levnor18 $MACK follow it but not is an article - suggest you read the comments also .. Sanofi gave back the rights to their star panc ca candidate 6-7 weeks ago .. Edited points ... -MACK has multiple shots on goal, but odds are still against it. -$SNY return of MM-121 cannot be taken lightly--- - prospects can be rooted in the success of one drug, which has its own relevant implications. - it shouldn't hurt to simply wait on the sidelines until more unravels.
  • bullmoose: ...
    I've raised stops on $MXWL, $BITA calls, $MACK and $OAS.

    Sorry I couldn't post earlier. I hope these help. It's not too late to buy most of them.
  • DAN: $IBB -- biotech is really looking frisky. Some stocks I'm watching:

    $ALXN -- maintaining a long term support trendline and retracing the correction from a blowoff top.
    $CLVS -- flag pattern. Up 5.4% today. Can't say that I'd buy it today, but thi ...
  • jnag698: $MACK- Ramping pm. Apparently, I sold too early in the pm.
  • issues: $MACK up a mere 55% on a report of a new cancer drug. Where are you Tricia and the other cancer specialists? Too high to buy here but is the a come back for the biotechs? $LL A kick in the butt for me. I got stopped out when they missed earnings (out at $80) and within two days it was back to $90. So I just know if I buy it here it'll drop back to $80 so I'm not a buyer.
  • Tricia: $MACK: @ Issues ... I don't understand what do you want me to tell you? here is the announcement .. Pancreatic PhIII trial success .. expect to file NDA in 2014 .. no position .. Is Biotech coming back ... it never left ..before you or anyone here buys, you MUST DO YOUR OWN DD and understand the risks. Do you understand the company, the product and the target patient market you know the competiton etc.... be carful of shiny pennies please
  • hooked1: $MACK - Merrimack Pharma - Continues move up. Will be reading about this one over the weekend.
  • Iceman: $MACK - Paper on Merrimack's Phase II trial of MM-398 drug published - The British Journal of Cancer has published a paper about the Phase II trial of Merrimack Pharmaceuticals' (MACK +5.2%) MM-398 drug for treating late-stage pancreatic cancer. The study met its primary endpoint, with 75% of patients surviving at least 3 months, including 25% who reached the one-year mark. The median overall survival was 5.2 months, while 50% of patients showed evidence of disease control. MM-398 is now in Phase $III trials. (PR) Last week, $SA author Ross Breckendridge noted that Merrimack's share price has been swinging significantly recently in response to interim clinical trial data from MM-121. Breckendridge believes that any downside "has been due to the misconception of the meaning of the data released, and a somewhat poor communication effort by the company."
  • patricia_ann: PCX:In general, I've followed @Dan's advice to add when I start to make money. It proves my thesis was correct. Specifically.... Draw find three pints an d draw support and resistance lines. Add and use the day's low or previous day's high as a guide for a stop. The 50day is rising to intersect the 200day. This has been a bullish pattern the last few months. Pick a secondary indicator and learn how to use it. A secondary indicator will confirm a bullish or bearish bias. RSI is rising=bullish $STO is positive=bullish $MACK is showing a buy signal It's easier to enter or add to a position when the secondary indicators support you. Best of luck, pat
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Stock Price $USD 9.42
Change -1.26%
Volume 146,897

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc is a biopharmaceutical company discovering, developing and preparing to commercialize innovative medicines paired with companion diagnostics for the treatment of serious diseases, with an initial focus on cancer.

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  • August 8th, 2018 - 2018 Q2 Earnings
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