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  • bRobert: $MLM $USCR setting up. Watching for move above 210. USCR Consolidation in tight trading range above 50d
  • bRobert: $MLM adding. Stop below
  • bRobert: $EXP $MLM EXP nh. MLM double bottom target 235. when clears 215
  • bRobert: $MLM Low risk entry or wait flag trigger above 210. 35
  • bRobert: $MLM watching for trade with stop just below Fri low 204.95. Possible double bottom target 235. Risk /reward down a couple dollars/up nearly $30
  • bRobert: $MLM Double bottom. Triggers If clears 215 . Target $235
  • champ: @bRobert $EXP --- Yes, its hard to move the needle in a large company but its a new ballgame now. Thanks, for the post and I glad you agree. This is really a nice diversified #Infrastructure company, that doesn't really zig-zag, like $MLM and $VMC, along with some of the many others and the $Hurricane should really help this Texas company. I feel really relaxed, with this position because I don't feel like I'm chasing, at this point.
  • champ: $MLM $VMC $USCR....all are climbing hard and if your not in these ...your late...I have many posts on these stocks.
  • champ: $DJI $SPX ---- Big day and all my positions are in the green and I'm swinging all positions but I did take 1/2 off of $MLM $VMC and $USCR.
  • champ: $GVA @ $50.30 ---- Granite Construction and Engineering Co, in California and they are based and started in my area. One of the top 25 largest Construction Co's in the U.S. Mostly transportation infrastructure...with Cement Trucks and all the Heavy E ...
  • champ: @spmeyers $MLM #RulesForBreakouts #1 #2 #But #3 #4 #5 #6 #BreakOuts #CopyCat #Posted ---- #MyTradingStyle ---- No not really but I do make a lot of Day trades (but only when I see a quality set-up....and I never force a trade) that turn into swin ...
  • spmeyers: @champ $MLM $XOM $CVX $PXD $XLF $XLE $XRT #RulesForBreakouts #1 #2 #But #3 #4 #5 #6 #BreakOuts #CopyCat #Posted #MyTradingStyle #high #Competitors #Know thanks again champ; kind of you to take the time; sounds like you have a good combination of fundamental and technical elements in your approach; good luck!
  • champ: $MLM bouncing off the low....
  • champ: @spmeyers #RulesForBreakouts ---- My rules are real simple and their are only 6..#1.. I Must have Quality News, that I feel will move the stock. #2.. I have to see volume....#But I don't really need volume for the buy because many times, I'm one of t ...
  • spmeyers: @champ $MLM #RulesForBreakouts #1 #2 #But #3 #4 #5 #6 #BreakOuts #CopyCat #Posted thanks a lot; are you mainly a day trader?
  • bRobert: $USCR . $MLM uscr Flag weekly. Squeeze daily . mlm trading above 50d
  • bRobert: $CX . $MLM . $EXP . $BX CX added to long stop 9.70. MLM EXP .Strong earnings growth. consolidating below 50d . Watching for run to begin
  • bRobert: $HPJ $EXP $MLM hpj Coninues climb. On a weekly basis EXP starting to look very inteesting. Strong revenue/eps growth. MLM similar
  • champ: $MLM $VMC ---- Stocks in the #Infrastructure sector also dropped today....rotating out of both of these names today.
  • bRobert: @champ $MLM $VMC #Infrastructure Not all created equal. USCR CX still firm support.
  • bRobert: $MLM Good entry if stays green.
  • DAN: @bRobert $USCR They all look good, bRobert. $MLM/$VMC still consolidating. Good buying interest in USCR.
  • champ: @issues ---- $URI is a #Infrastructure play but I would think that the price of Oil would have to drop to around 35-$40 before the big energy companies would start to slow down and stop adding on any new drilling rigs. However, some might think that the News of the day might slow down the National #Infrastructure $$$$, that could be coming. I posted yesterday that I took profits on all of my Infrastructure stocks like $MLM and others because of the nice run that they had and it looks like I was right or could be right. The bottom line is.... everything in Infrastructure would effect $URI.....good point.
  • champ: $VMC and $MLM ---- Both of these #Infrastructure stock are still working off of that news from yesterday a few others...$X $USCR
  • Bridget: @champ $VMC $MLM $X $USCR #Infrastructure I like the pattern here. Thanks for pointing them out.
  • woodman: Some #BuildingMaterials of interest: $JELD $BLDR $TREX $BMCH (if can get thru 50 day in coming days) $MAS $VMC $AWI $CSTE (at 200 day but has some work to do) $MLM $USG (maybe; has work to do) $OC (but is extended) $BLD $LPX (if gets thru 50d) $EWP (above 102 area) $PGEM (maybe).
  • PRK: @champ $VMC $MLM $X $USCR #Infrastructure Don't forget the infrastructure fund $UTF which also pays a nice monthly dividend.
  • champ: @PRK $VMC $MLM $X $USCR $UTF #Infrastructure ----- Yes, your right about $UTF, had a great move off of the current Trump teams news YTD, along with the others but I'm now out all today and just waiting for another drop....but it might not happen and or the next #Political Infrastructure News event that spikes the stocks up again, in this sector.
  • Trixie: @woodman $JELD $BLDR $TREX $BMCH $MAS $VMC $AWI $CSTE $MLM $USG $OC $BLD $LPX $EWP $PGEM #BuildingMaterials $IR might be of interest . VS up near the 50ma close to 52 wk highs too.. With their heating/cooling i think they might work.Only thing is they are from Ireland.
  • Bridget: Notes: $XLF - financials still working but starting to slow while waiting for FOMC. $WFC $AMTD $SCHW $CMA $ALLY $IYT - transports doing good. $CSX $FDX $UPS $GBX $XBI - biotechs doing good. $CVLS $MDT $OMER $PUMP $ABT Casinos holding- $CZR $MLCO $WYNN $LVS Infrastructure trade - $VMC $CMC $MLM $XLK recovering - $IRBT $TSLA $LITE $EDU $XHB breaking out - $KHB $LEN $PHM Winners on a pullback - $MTN $DPZ $NFLX $AMAT $ANET $MAS - breakout $IPI - breakout
  • bRobert: $Cx $Cx Potential Range breakout on daily. Squeeze weekly. Perky action lately in concrete and aggregates. $MLM, $EXP . $USCR . $VMC
  • bwcarnation1: $MLM double top or nice cup?? pull back after hi from earnings gap up now finding support and being bought near 50d
  • champ: $VMC and $MLM -- Both still working off of those 3/27 lows in both that I posted about.... 20% and 15% and could have a little more left...???...still holding.
  • champ: @captron $X ---- Yes, their is more noise about #Infrastructure today and the news is that even the dems are on board, on this part of the bill or maybe they will break it out with a separate bill..?? #HealthCareBill is now back in the news, for a possible vote in the coming days or weeks..? $VMC and $MLM are on the move today but $MLM reports in the morning. $USCR also moving a little. I'm not really expecting much of anything from $X in the short term but you never know.... however, in the next 1 or 2 weeks, we might look back and see that this was a low risk entry...????
  • champ: $MLM $VMC $USCR $TECK $FCX $X $NUE $STLD ---- Infrastructure stocks all seem to be working, as of now. President Trump is still working on many sectors...he seems to be able to work on many sectors of the economy...daily. If they can get the #HealthCareBill passed soon, when Congress gets back in town, the markets could easily move back up to new highs, in the short term but I'm sure the markets will have zig-zags along the way. Earnings have been positive except for a few. Just have to wait and see how it all plays out.
  • audrina0904: @champ $MLM $VMC $USCR $TECK $FCX $X $NUE $STLD #HealthCareBill Took a low risk buy on $CLF the last two days which has paid off nicely, as long as support holds above 6.66. Also STO APR 28 7.50 calls at .25. Should be a quick low risk TRADE.
  • spmeyers: @champ $MLM $VMC $USCR $TECK $FCX $X $NUE $STLD #HealthCareBill don't bet on health care bill:
  • spmeyers: @champ $MLM $VMC $USCR $TECK $FCX $X $NUE $STLD #HealthCareBill To the extent infrastructure stocks are working (which I'm not seeing; most are below the 50-day), it's due to the general economy; no one expects any action from Congress til 2018
  • audrina0904: @spmeyers $MLM $VMC $USCR $TECK $FCX $X $NUE $STLD #HealthCareBill I think you are looking at a longer term horizon...They are working extremely well rhrn and have a good snap back due.
  • champ: @spmeyers $MLM $VMC $USCR $TECK $FCX $X $NUE $STLD #HealthCareBill --- That article that you just posted is old news and was dated 3/30. They just had GOP members on FoxBusiness this morning and they are saying its coming together fast and they said ...
  • champ: $MLM @ $218.84 HOD for now up $ 7.68
  • champ: @spmeyers $MLM $VMC $USCR $TECK $FCX $X $NUE $STLD #HealthCareBill --- #PatternAndTrendTrades --- I understand and thanks for your opinion but traders have many difference type of opinions and trades. These stocks sure worked today and buys and sells ...
  • champ: $MLM new spec position....
  • champ: $VMC $MLM and $USCR --- Really on the move this morning...3 of my infrastructure stocks
  • champ: @champ $VMC $MLM $USCR $NUE $ 5 of my Infrastructure stocks are up and $FCX is down a little. I sold $IIIN a couple of days ago and I'm out for now because I think I was to early on that one.
  • champ: @spmeyers $SPX @ 2,361....$NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK $FCX #InfrastructureStocks --- I'm very positive on the sector.....because of the economy and my entries, were near the lows....$MLM was around $204 and $VMC $111both on 3/27, $NUE @ $59.45 a ...
  • champ: $MLM ...I added near the low and has bounce over a $1 now....added a day trade to my core position.
  • champ: $AMZN $MLM $VMC and $PXD....nice moves ...posted yesterday.
  • champ: #InfrastructureStocks my list -- $NUE $59.545...Back in about $6 lower from my last sell on that drop....I could be early but my thinking is this could be a great entry....for a new starter position..??....stop little lower than entry...going to try and hold. Also holding $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK and $FCX ....I set up these positions all around the lows....and posted....I'm looking forward and just waiting....but with safety stops....up on all ....except $FCX and I almost double up on this one the other day... I'm thinking the bottom was put in on 3/27
  • CHOFF: @champ $NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK $FCX #InfrastructureStocks - Has the fiasco with $FCX's Grasberg mine been resolved?
  • cmac: @champ $NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK $FCX #InfrastructureStocks Best infrastructure stock I have is Lafarge $HCMLY. Thinly traded, but its the only one where the stock didn't fall apart just because of Trump trade....I'm also tempted to re-enter $FCX and agree $12 may have been the bottom
  • stevef214: @CHOFF $NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK $FCX #InfrastructureStocks Nothing official on their website but Reuter's article yesterday quotes Indonesian mining minister stating they issued a 6 month export license where $FCX can export copper again as long as they agree to develop a smelter . I believe that from the onset $FCX wanted some better assurances before they spend on the smelter and Indonesia wants $530M deposit for the smelter where FCX set aside $80M.
  • CHOFF: @stevef214 $NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK $FCX #InfrastructureStocks - thank you! It's a volatile one. Hope it's a repeat of 10/31 breakout again. 50ma looks to be resistance at 13.90's in coming days if it maintains. Grasberg is a large portion of their revenue and the copper price fluctuation make this one feel like a crap shoot. I'm curious how tight your stop limits are @stevef214 @champ @cmac if it reverses from this 10% run up.
  • stevef214: @CHOFF $NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK $FCX #InfrastructureStocks Yep, IMO at this point if $FCX does not put out a news release soon saying they are in agreement with the offer then this is just the Indonesian gov't positioning for a better bargaining position and it could reverse right back down. For now just below yesterdays low and will move it up to todays low if it moves up again Monday. Of course if $FCX puts out a news release that they have accepted and have settled and it gaps up which it should then maybe take some profits, because as of now the offer also includes $FCX selling more of the mine shares to Indonesia and I don't know how this will affect their revenue/profits.
  • champ: @cmac $NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK $FCX $HCMLY #InfrastructureStocks --- Thanks, I'm going to take a look...big company it has a market cap of $35.6 and enterprise value $54.5b but never any volume....I call these low volume stocks....sleeper stocks.
  • CHOFF: @stevef214 $NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK $FCX #InfrastructureStocks ---interesting points. thank you
  • spmeyers: @champ $NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK $FCX #InfrastructureStocks I just don't see the catalyst for this group. A deal between Trump and Dems on this seems very unlikely, and the Repubs in Congress have put it off til next year. (More bang before the 2018 mid-terms). Am I missing something?
  • champ: @stevef214 $NUE $MLM $VMC $USCR $IIIN $TECK #FCX #InfrastructureStocks -- On #FCX it's still down around 25% from when this news was first announced on 1/25 and the price of copper started dropping right around that same date... but the copper prices ...
  • champ: @mopick #GasolineTax --- I was thinking Infrastructure plays...$IIIN $USCR $VMC and $MLM....plays but they all fell back... as we took some fault... I forgot to carry away.
  • champ: @champ $IIIN $USCR $VMC $MLM #GasolineTax -- I will be waiting for another bounce, alerts are set....they really fell back hard ...can't find anything.
  • champ: $MLM back in stop at entry moves real fast...
  • champ: $MLM now up $5 off the low...$VMC also had a nice move.....posted on both Friday.
  • champ: $MLM down $6.40 now...ya baby like a butter fly and sting like a low can you go...I'm in no hurry...I will just wait until your done. I'm also watching $VMC
  • bigbartabs: @champ $X $TECK $MLM ... $CLF looks like a good buy point too.
  • champ: $MLM and $VMC are running together... up around 3%....I swing long both.
  • champ: $MLM .....really Nice HOD and $VMC
  • champ: These New traders.....seem to be working at this point this morning. ---$X @ $38.50 $TECK @ $20.22 $MLM @ $214 ---- New swing positions on the drop this morning ....because of Trumps speech tonight before Congress.
  • champ: $VMC @ $120 --- Moving up off of Trumps announcement that he will be talking about infrastructure in his speech Tuesday when he address the Congress...I'm holding a swing position off the low the other day and missed $MLM's also moving up.
  • ogas: $MLM - low risk buy point?
  • champ: $MLM @ $220.30 --- Back in with a new Spec long...Day trade RHRN stop at entry.
  • champ: $MLM and $VMC longs... Day trades ...near the lows ....for now they are working....very nice bounce....would like to swing 1/2 on ea.
  • champ: $MLM has now bounced $7 off the low and $VMC has also bounced about $2 also off the low...going to hold both positions now that earnings are over with.
  • champ: $VMC nice bounce this morning but I took profits on the Open...I'm waiting for ER on $MLM in the morning...which I also sold on the open.
  • spmeyers: @debeers $MHK $MLM starting to turn maybe
  • champ: @spmeyers $MHK $MLM ---- On $MLM the most recent trade was on 2/7 on that drop because of the miss that $VMC had on earnings...I posted that it bounced $7 that day because I was new long on that drop....but I'm just saying this because most traders will selling on Monday before earnings on Tuesday 2/14....they could miss also...that would be the time to really get in this stock....after earnings....just saying that it ...might be better to wait before buying any new position. LOL
  • champ: $MLM nice bounce... up $7 off the low
  • woodman: #BuildingMaterials - Some look good with bounces at expected spots after a pullback, or perhaps about to breakout. Some, for example: $USCR $SUM $MLM $VMC $EXP $CX (cup and handlish) $APOG $GFF (maybe).
  • champ: $VMC $SUM --- $MLM $231 --- I got back in this one again this morning also. I posted that I got back in $VMC this morning...don't know which one is going to outperform....all three of these stock are in the same sector/ business....but are bigger in certain parts of the U.S. However, $VMC is in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas..along the Mexico border and could be better positioned...I believe.?...for the Wall...they are all thru out the U.S. ...along with $MLM....I also have a position in $SUM and they are the % leader today. $SUM has a market cap of $3.4b, $MLM has $14.5b and $VMC has a market cap of $16.9.
  • woodman: @champ $VMC $SUM $MLM - I almost bought $SUM today. Instead, I added to my $USCR rather than add another ticker. I also still have $CX which is putting in a high handle.
  • captron: @champ $VMC $SUM $MLM - I would not count $CX out if the wall gets built. Believe they would play a big part.
  • Aragorn: Many defense stocks are doing well. A few have pulled back but many are moving higher or in consolidation with high bases. These are the ones I like rhrn $MLM $IRBT $OA $BA $HON $GD
  • Bridget: Most stocks are pulling back from their opening highs but there are a few I still think have more to run. $MLM is coming out of a squeeze and not yet overextended on the weekly $PANW $HACK are just now recovering and showing signs of a new rally $PAG is coming out of a tight squeeze and ER aren't till 2/7 $NUAN is on its way back up to the earnings high of $17.47 after a pullback and period of consolidation $GTLS is just now starting to come out of a squeeze, a break above $40 would be a good buy/add signal
  • champ: $MLM $VMC $FLR $CBI $DY $MDR....I'm planning on holding all of these until the markets starts to turn or I see something....they are all kind of running together.
  • Bridget: ...
    $MLM $VMC - construction stocks still roaring higher on news of the "wall"
    $XLI - we could be seeing big gains in this sector with the new administration's policies
    $NTNX $PLNT - both #ipos that are starting to make a move higher from a ba ...
  • Bridget: $MLM also breaking out, but not seeing a lot of volume right now
  • champ: $VMC and $MLM ...Infrastructure we know why both of these stocks have been climbing...cement, crushed stone, gravel, sand and rock....I'm long both and I have been posting....but I was not thinking about a pipeline play.
  • champ: @Henry $CAT --- I have been watching this stock all morning and I'm waiting to see if it can break thru this $97 - $98 level....I have it parked right next to $MLM $VMC $SUM $FLR $CBI $FCX and $MDR...I have positions in all except $CAT and $SUM.
  • champ: $VMC @ $127 --- I got back in on this turn about an hour ago ....this is a play on Trumps infrastructure plans....that he has been taking about. $MLM is moving right along with it but I like VMC better because it sells asphalt mix in Arizona, Calif., Texas, Virgina Washington D C and the Bahamas...I have a few post on both.
  • JJT1: $WLK $EMN $MLM $WLK I sold as chart started looking bad today and did not want to go from green to red so sold Jan 55 calls for small profit. $EMN also looks bad but missed top earlier today will monitor now. 50 day is piercing lower BB so thinking may be bounce. Hopium? $MLM even more painful but right at 50 day SMA. More hopium? Need to learn to be more merciless on losers.
  • JJT1: $MLM Now I understand when Dan say to wait for breakout or get a good entry. This has been painful and sideways and I bought Jan 230 Calls at top of channel. Almost worthless now and will wait as 50 day about to pierce lower BB. Not proud of this.
  • champ: $VMC @ $126.50...moving up a little ....but $MLM not as much.
  • DAN: ...
    $MLM -- continuing to consolidate. At some point, this will probably break out.
    $PYPL -- still in consolidation. Has potential.
    $AVGO -- holding $18. Kind of a choppy pattern, but the company is well-positioned to continue its growth spurt.
    $Z -- ...
  • JoeScreenwriter: @DAN $TSLA $YELP $MLM $PYPL $AVGO $Z $ANIP $UNH $NVDA $ETE #1 $ANIP is ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc, an integrated specialty pharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing branded and generic prescription pharmaceuticals.
  • DAN: @JoeScreenwriter $TSLA $YELP $MLM $PYPL $AVGO $Z $ANIP $UNH $NVDA $ETE #1 Thanks for that, Joe. Really appreciate the info.
  • sierramp: @DAN $TSLA $YELP $MLM $PYPL $AVGO $Z $ANIP $UNH $NVDA $ETE #1 Thank you for this update. I was reluctant to get into $NVDA because it is so far out of the squeeze. I've started a small position with a stop at prior day low for protection. I'm concerned about January also but read your note on that.
  • DAN: @sierramp $TSLA $YELP $MLM $PYPL $AVGO $Z $ANIP $UNH $NVDA $ETE #1 Admittedly not a "safe" buy point because it is so extended. So it is more speculative. Definitely a stock that I'm "chasing." I accept that, and am factoring that into my position size and risk tolerance. Kind of makes me nervous, so I'm not at all being aggressive.
  • champ: @champ $MLM $VMC ----Both seem to be on the move today....I posted on these a few days ago on 12/16....still holding.
  • JJT1: $BMY $CF $T $MLM $XOM $LVS $BMY Slow grind b/o at upper BB. Trying to get out Jan 57.5 and 60 at small profit. Too slow even for me. $CF have Jan 29 30 and 31. Removed stops yesterday amidst Mosaic fall and now happily looks to be heading up. Breakeven on 29 down on 30 and 31. Probably time for some stupid analyst downgrade? $T Still in this with Jan 41 and 42 calls. Longest move that I have been able to stay on with ever!. Up 60 and 70 % $MLM still holding hope for high base b/o at -20% on Jan 230 calls. $XOM flopping around close to my stop on Jan 90 calls. $LVS missed stopping out of this when dropped below 100 day SMA and now may be at support of prior high 3/18 or am I grasping for a handhold while falling to 200 day? If it gets above 54.80 I will hold on another day.
  • champ: $MLM @ $223.25 and $VMC @ $124 ------ Bounce Candidates ------
  • JJT1: $WLK $MLM couple trades. $WLK 4 red candles, but today green Hammer at support. Jan 55calls. $MLM little early as expect a P&F double top breakout. Jan 230 calls
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Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. is a producer of aggregates products for the construction industry, including infrastructure, nonresidential, residential, railroad ballast, agricultural, and chemical grade stone used in environmental applications.

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