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  • champ: @bnnybklyn @mopick #politics #Negotiating --- No but I did watch the Presidents, talk today on Fox News, with law-enforcement and family who loss love ones, big audience and it was only about drug addictions and ways to solve the problem. This happen today in NH, at 2:30 ET, because they have a huge problem their or had. These are Drug Related stocks...$INSY, $CAH $ABC $BDSI $DEPO $OPNT $$PCRX and these related prison stocks $CXW $GEO. He also talked about making it a crime for Doctors and Pharmacist, who don't follow the laws and some Doctors overprescribe the drugs. This has been talked about for years also...many are dying because of these drugs.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $JUNO $RXDX #Biotech $BLUE up ~7% in the afterhours. Biotech will jump tomorrow. Fwiw, GS sees these as having the highest M&A probability in biopharma (some of these are perennial buyout names): $AVXS $SAGE $SRPT $BMRN $BLUE $BMPC $CLVS $INCY $IPXL $PCRX $PTLA $ACAD $GWPH $BMY $IRWD $AGIO $ALKS $JUNO $SGEN $MNTA $BIVV.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $JUNO $RXDX $BLUE $AVXS $SAGE $SRPT $BMRN $BMPC $CLVS $INCY $IPXL $PCRX $PTLA $ACAD $GWPH $BMY $IRWD $AGIO $ALKS $SGEN $MNTA $BIVV #Biotech Thanks for the info. Previously held JUNO, BLUE, SRPT. Currently hold only INCY.
  • Henry: $PCRX reported results of a study of their long acting local anesthetic. One center violated the protocol in some fashion and the headline is the drug did not achieve the end point in lower extremity surgery. However if that center is excluded, the drug was statistically significant. The stock is down 9% on the headline. The people running these studies get paid a lot of money. It's a bonehead move to change the protocol on your own.
  • Bridget: $PCRX I don't know much about this company but I like this pattern. Breaking above the 200MA after a pennant. Seeing increased volume on this breakout. ER on 2/23. IV is also pretty high if you want to do a covered call. But also beware this is a biotech stock and comes with all the dangers that I have come to expect from them.
  • JJT1: $PCRX 4th day bumping up against 200 day SMA. No position.
  • traderbren: $PCRX -- np, but setting an alert for a move above $46.10
  • mradams0621: @GreenGhost $ARRY #gapers $ARRY Thanks for your thoughts. I'll try to pick your brain more about this after hrs., or weekend. Not trying to argue with Yoda / the master but just pointing out what I'm observing and looking for the wisdom of others. Tracking gapers list. Observations: Gapers that begin with good news plus opening gap trade with unusually high volume plus morning pull back can make good set ups for short term day bounce and swing trades. From yesterdays list, as examples, $FI, $LL, $PCRX, $VRX, $KTOV Will $ARRY follow the pattern? I'm keeping track. Usually have other duties during the open and can't do the 59min trades. But bounce trades mid-morning are looking more interesting. How to determine when to swing overnight vrs day trade would be nice to know. Some work, some not so much. Still gathering data.
  • mradams0621: ...
    13.09% $PCRX Pacira Pharmaceuti 70.60 48400
    11.68% $ICPT Intercept Pharmace 156.00 39860
    10.24% $ATRS Antares Pharma Inc. 1.40 2000
    9.28% $HK Halcon Resources C 0.41 18160
    9.12% $APDN Applied DNA Scienc 3.95 18420
    9.09% $MPET Magellan Petroleum ...
  • jetace: Unlikely Momentum Stocks: check some old scans and these turned up $IIIN, $OHRP, $ADRO, $NCTY, $ZGNX, $CLDN, $TUES, $TROV, $VTL, $PCRX, $KNDI, $ROVI wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving
  • mradams0621: ...
    $PCRX Pacira Pharmaceut... 55.78 -9.36%
    $PMCS Pmc-sierra Inc. 10.79 -9.02%
    $BRCD Brocade Communica... 9.33 -7.53%
    $CANF Can-fite Biopharm... 3.16 -6.78%
    $EFUT efuture Informati... 10.81 -6.57%
    $SIG Signet Jewelers 132.00 -6.15%
    $TUR ishares ...
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - big miss, down 16% at 67.05 looking for a possible bounce.
  • Jorma: $PCRX - getting whalloped today after FDA rejected its request for expanding use of its post-op pain med. The expansion would represent 10% of expected revenue moving forward, stock currently down 14%. When this settles, may set up for a trade higher.
  • Jorma: $PCRX - 20 point drop, all the way to 200d.
  • woodman: @Jorma $PCRX
  • darkenedaura: $PCRX this one very volatile the past two sessions... it makes me a little bit nervous that it's down (after opening up at 118) when the rest of market is up... but I guess as long as it's above that breakout level of 112 I'll just let it work and avoid getting chopped up.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - 118. now that is a strong stock.!another 4.5%
  • darkenedaura: @DrChucky $PCRX me likey as Dan would say :)
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - new all time high at 113 and change.
  • darkenedaura: $PCRX Blue skies!!! Maybe for ONCE in my SMM life, when I announce it, it won't cause the stock to immediately falter in the next session lol
  • ginny: @darkenedaura $PCRX time for a secondary LOL
  • darkenedaura: @ginny $PCRX or failed trial or something. I have an uncanny ability to jinx stocks. What I need to do is see something breaking out, start a short position and then announce blue skies here... I'd probably have made a fortune in the last year
  • ginny: @darkenedaura $PCRX I started a position in $DIS for our grandaughter 3 years ago..Bought in the 45-50 range. Do not look at it or trade it and you can see what it is worth today. Much to be said about buy and hold good companies. Her combined account is up 55%. Mine is breaking even. LOL
  • darkenedaura: @ginny $PCRX $DIS Honestly I have the same experience. I tried out trading options last year and got a very expensive lesson. Everything else that I did "buy and hold" on is up something like 25-30%. Every. Single. One. I think the lesson learned for me is slow and steady still wins the race... options are exciting but the only time they have really worked out for me is when I've purchased calls out 6-12 months (which is essentially buy and hold anyways). Now if I can just get myself to stop looking at options, maybe I'd be a lot richer :)
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - running upwards against the falling tides. up 5% at 106. closed at 100.50 and lod is 102. no position. but this looks pretty strong.
  • moneyHoHo: $PCRX - missed it!
  • DrChucky: @moneyHoHo - $PCRX - I would not be so sure about that @DAN looked at this recently and said he would not be interested unless it went below 90 or above 110. So that sounds more like a breakout level than an i'm done level to me.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - still showing a strong uptrend. up 4 bucks and testing 104 with support at 100.
  • darkenedaura: @DrChucky $PCRX still long this one, thanks for the update!
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - climbing steeply off an 85 dollar low the last 9 days, 2 with pullbacks. Back on a steep climb today, above 100 and testing 101. "Investor day" Jan 22. Filling in its large gap down from 104 and change.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - making a move higher. now re-testing 102.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - released preliminary revenue numbers and showed strong YOY growth although they were slightly higher than street estimates. Very Strong YoY growth. Exparel revenues up 93% YOY. full year revenues at 197M, up 131% YOY. Showing strength in premarket but bid ask is wide and no volume to speak of. formal numbers released in late Feb.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - at the 200 day 87.73. consolidating.
  • woodman: $PCRX - bottom-fished this at $87. It's making another run at the 50 day today. There's rooom above recent resistance at the 97 and change level if it can get above that.
  • Lrd123: $PCRX Moving UP
  • darkenedaura: $FB $AAPL $UA $ILMN $TMO $BIDU $SWKS $PCRX all working, I'm a cheerleader today :)
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - nice bowl formation on the daily after its big gap down on earnings day. low of about 87. gap up today to 97 and now showing an indecisive green doji at 95.
  • steve71: $ACAD $CLDX $ISIS $PCRX Another day of small biotech outperforming early. On low volume, so it may mean little. The heavies, $CELG et al, lagging.
  • rj7150: $PCRX Is the class action lawsuit priced into the price here? It appears to be from issues 2 years ago. Looking back in old posts, I don't see it mentioned.
  • dunsek: $PCRX @Aragorn so here's one that has completed the pattern on the daily: 3 red bars, declining volume on each, 3rd is an inside bar and the next bar (yesterday) took out the high from the inside bar. To me, it looks like a low probability trade though, because - we have the 20 and the 100 both above the stock at 94-ish (stock is at 90.74) and both are declining; - the moving average the pattern completed closest to, the 200 day, isn't rising, it's quite flat; - the 3 red bars didn't come as a pause in an uptrend, but as part of some general meandering sideways-to-down Would that be your assessment too, or is there something in this stock's pattern that might catch your eye? Thanks, professor!
  • Aragorn: @dunsek $PCRX yes not a trending stock like a BF and a PB but support at the 8ema. But it looks like the tide is turning as it is moving above the 8ema. It didn't PB to an 8em or a 21ema
  • steve71: $CLDX $ISIS $PCRX $ACAD Small biotech doing well. Curious. I wonder if this is where underperforming funds are looking for a year end push? Low market caps, and easy to push the price around.
  • woodman: $PCRX basing at the 200 day, with 8 dEMA flattening/perhaps curling up a tad. The longer it holds here, the more I am confident it is done going down. I got long a week ago.
  • woodman: $PCRX - this long-time darling's uptrend is clearly broken, but is offering a low risk entry at the 200 day, if at all interested.
  • steve71: $PCRX Reopening a position as the stock bounces off the 200 dma. Chart looks crummy, so using a stop. Buying for fundamentals, not chartology. The product is fantastic for prevention/delay of post-op pain. That means fewer hospital days and less post-op opioids. The company claims less than 1% penetration of their potential market so far. Caveat - recent drop from 110 to 86 because earnings fell short.
  • darkenedaura: $PCRX anyone have thoughts on this one? got seriously wacked on its earnings report... looking very weak here, if any have conviction to stay long please provide it bc i'm getting an itchy trigger finger to bail!
  • Jorma: @darkenedaura $PCRX - the 50dma is 89, I would see if that holds, as it has since at least before March of this year. If that fails, next level is 200 d at 85. This is purely on basis of charts, not earnings, etc.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - rolling over? bearish engulfing candle so far today. 89.89.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - bottom right now is 89.75 moving upwards after yesterdays big selloff. earnings beat, gave no guidance, have no sense of why such a big selloff. may be worth a trade as it returns up a bit.
  • darkenedaura: @DrChucky $PCRX ugh yeah I don't understand why it took such a beating :( Gave back a bunch of profits for me, but stops wouldn't have protected me either. I guess I could have sold half before earnings, maybe that's a lesson for next time when I have big profits. Still I bought in the low 70s so I guess I'm just holding for now with a stop below the earnings day. Thinking about adding though...
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - crushed down after earnings. -15% to 89 and.75 may be good for a bounce. headlines said the numbers were good. but ... market says me no like... really no like.
  • DrChucky: @DrChucky - $PCRX - bounced at 89 and change, up to 92 now looking for a second leg down. revenues up 132% YOY. stock down 14%. earnings madness.
  • DrChucky: @tejas7 - missed moves. We have just seen a 10% move up in many many tickers. $ICPT, $PCRX, $GBX, $AKS, $SUNE. too many to list. Hard NOT to feel badly at missing all of that. Feel safe in cash and therefore unstressed about losses, but wondering how well I will do in the upcoming choppy waters. As Dan says, its a dance between the fear of losing positions and the fear of not missing out. Hard not to want to chase now. but I expect the fear to return, and all those buying in big now will be the first to feel it. Buyers at the bottom will be the first to exit, right? So that creates an awful lot of potential sellers with quick trigger fingers. Just thinking out loud - but its thinking that says there is more fear ahead.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - strong again. missed this move from 94 to 107 and change. oh crap! that's tradin. watching for a pullback now.
  • darkenedaura: @DrChucky $PCRX have to say i love this stock, it's one of the few I can just forget about (a la Dan and Celgene) I just hold it in the long term account and look every once in a blue moon and it's doing well :)
  • DrChucky: @darkenedaura - $PCRX thanks for the thinking. It stopped me out after it hit up near 110. Never did get back in. Not for me at this price.
  • steve71: $ACAD $BIIB $ISIS $PCRX $REGN Biotechs standing firm in the teeth of the storm!
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - continuing to show strength. yesterday as well. off its recent low of 91. now at 97.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - stronger and stronger. looks like I missed my entry.
  • Jorma: @DrChucky $PCRX - I was looking for it to close above 50d ma before re-entering.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - back challenging 100 off the low of 93.73. still long.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - off the low of 92.74. testing 97. long stop at 92. now testing 98. stops raised. now above 99. stops raised.
  • steve71: $PCRX Wonder if the Orthopod used Pacira's Exparel on Dan? Long acting pain relief after surgery is a perfect indication for the drug. Should be great for hips, knees and shoulders, among many other procedures.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - on sale in pre market. rcvd an FDA warning letter about its marketing claims. dropped from 106 to 98 and change, now at 100. Steady uptrend on this biotech ticker. likely to recover IMHO>
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - squeezing a bit between 100 and 105. testing the top of that range at 104.91. Looking to break out.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - nice three day move off the low under 100 up to 107, but decreasing volume each day. major resistance at 110, above that blue sky.
  • steve71: $PCRX moving up after establishing a higher low.
  • woodman: @steve71 $PCRX - Watched it bounce off the bottom BB on Friday, but didn't act. I bought some this morning.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - anybody got a sense of a price target on this one? working well, now above 103. Would adding here be a good idea?
  • Jorma: @DrChucky $PCRX - if you believe in symmetry, on the weekly chart, from the end of March to the beginning of July, the stock had essentially an uninterupted run up from about 65 to 95, or 30 bucks. It pulled back down to 85, and has started back, so a symmetrical move would suggest a 115 target. I sold my stock at 99.50 because I still had Feb '15 80 calls. Although this stock has been outperforming the market, all good things come to an end, and this market is feeling tired, or maybe I am just feeling tired, but FWIW, my target is 115, Dr. Chucky.
  • DrChucky: @Jorma - $PCRX thanks for the input. trade on!
  • Tricia: $PCRX @DrChucky @Jorma .. I guess I use tighter stops than Dr. JOrman .. got bounced out in Marc and again in early July ... Was shopping July 18th and started with it again .. in a month up 25 % .. I decided to cut 1/2 and book profits ...
  • Jorma: $EMES $PCRX $SPY - Lightening up with bombs in Iraq, sold 2/3 of my $EMES stock @ 144.50, sold all of my $PCRX stock @ 99.50 (still long Feb '15 80 calls), for nice gains. BTO $SPY Aug 22 191 puts @2.29, latter for protection, unfortunately already red.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - testing 100. now testing 101.
  • DrChucky: $PCRX - @DAN covered it recently and its having another decent day. testing 98.00
  • Neil375: $PCRX - Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc. has hit a new high and pulled back. Looking to get in but it's Friday. Thank you rholden for posting about this one.
  • rholden: Dr Bob $PCRX

    As a SMM member that doesn't correspond and reads daily,I would like to call the forum's attention to PCRX. This company currently is a single drug company without competition for its product. Exparel is an emulsification of a well kn ...
  • Forexpro: @rholden, $PCRX Thanks, Rholden, I know next to nothing - actually, I'm being overly generous to myself - about this sector, but a ticker that breaks a previous high, assuming that occurs, is impressive, particularly on what has been a challening day: It looks buyable to me all the way down to 80, with a stop below 77.50 or so. Thanks for the heads up. Best of luck with it.
  • judysteiner: $PCRX-THANKS FOR THAT DR.BOB
  • boba: @rholden $PCRX - Thanks for the post. Here is a comment from a negative Motley Fool article. Pacira Therapeutics' growth has been fueled by Exparel Shares of Pacira Therapeutics have blasted northward over the last year by 140% based on growing sales for its nonopioid postsurgical pain analgesic Exparel. Presently, the drug is commonly being prescribed for postoperative pain in procedures like bunionectomy and hemorrhoidectomy. But the company is planning on expanding its use in the coming years to include a potential nerve-block indication, with global peak sales estimates north of $500 million per year, if its label can be successfully expanded. That being said, I'm concerned Pacira's market cap of $3 billion has baked in a lot of the explosive top line growth that would come from this potential expanded use for Exparel.
  • rj7150: @rholden $PCRX reported this morning. High institutional ownership. High short interest. Spending more than they make. High revenue growth. Information is from Yahoo. I have no position, will watch for a while.
  • Tricia: $PCRX: $93.44pps, ↑ 6.39% today ...congrats to Dr. Bob ... message for @judystiener, rholden, Forexpro, rj7150,boba,dr Chucky and anyone else who needs a "numb out"

    Attending the AdComm for HALO and took a break from the sonorous vo ...
  • darkenedaura: @rholden $PCRX Been in on this one since $70, received a "hot tip" from one of my friends and was skeptical at first, but this one has been great to me. I asked Dan to cover it awhile back and he green-lighted it back then... given the action since then and earnings today interested to hear his analysis moving forward. One of my few "no complaint" holdings as it has gone straight up since I bought it!
  • woodman: $PCRX - long term uptrender that pulled back and bounced off the 50 day in an area of prior price resistance now appearing to be support.
  • woodman: $PCRX - started a small position in this on Tuesday and added today. Bouncing off the 50 day. Uptrend still intact.
  • darkenedaura: $PCRX I don't know if anyone else is long on this one, I have a small long common position from about $70 cost basis. Wish I owned a lot more, but I added to my position today. They announced phase 4 study results for EXPAREL, and as you can see by the stock movement, the markets are a fan.
  • jojode: @darkenedaura $PCRX I, too, put a small position on at $68, wishing had put more on. Adding more, but will wait for pullback (famous last words!) Jody
  • ginny: $VMW nice chart at support good entry. $PCRX bought some, know I am chasing. $GWPH added today
  • Forexpro: ...
    “What the Smartest Investors are Buying Now”: Or, at least, what they said they were buying at the Sohn Investment Conference. Bill Ackman likes $FNMA, David Einhorn is shorting $ATHN. Larry Robbins loves $HUM and $WLP, and Philippe Laff ...
  • ginny: $PCRX opening higher today. Been moving sideways. Looking to start a position.
  • ginny: @career2 $GWPH I agree with this presenter. Another thing, this is a British company, perhaps M&A activity is a possibility. Many US companies looking for tax havens. Pain is a terrible thing and anything that will help is a godsend. Took a position in $PCRX their post op drug is in high demand.
  • darkenedaura: $PCRX any thoughts on this one? I've just been holding it since I bought a bit the other day (when it shot up 10% on their big announcement and then pulled back the next day); my position turned green today. Looks like it's in a trading box right now with low-mid 70s at the top of the box and low 60s at the bottom of the box. If it gets above 75 it's a break out, will add to my position at that time if it happens. Long a little bit of common.
  • darkenedaura: $PCRX anyone thinking of buying this one? Yesterday's market bloodletting erased all of the gains of the big move of 2 days ago, but you have to believe that nothing has changed fundamentally about all that good news that @Tricia mentioned they had (upped guidance and approval on some phase 3 trial). Basically at this price, you're almost getting in at where the stock was before they announced the good news. Ideal entry would be around $60-61 but I don't know if we're going to get that unless the market implodes some more. I guess I'll do that trade Dan had mentioned where I'll buy a small position now and if it goes down there I'll view it as a gift for a better entry (defining my risk at $59.80 or so). I guess I just want the good feeling of knowing others here might think it's a good trade :)
  • Tricia: $PCRX: announced successful Phase III trials - Local Anesthesia Agent upgraded guidance 2 days ago EXPAREL will deliver ~$34.4M net sales in Q1 which is significant incrase Anticpated excess demand - enterd into strategic co-production partnership with Patheon to create additional EXPAREL manufacturing capacity; new manufacturing facility to meet future demand exceeding the est $400 mln of current production capacity Even filed shelf 24 hours ago ... and it is still up! 280 mutual funds have positions, up from 227 a year earlier.
  • darkenedaura: $PCRX powerful move up today, anyone know why? @Tricia maybe? looks like there's been some really solid support at the $60.50-$61 level. wish I had been watching this one more closely. no position
  • tina: $PCRX @darkenedaura
  • darkenedaura: $PCRX @Tricia hey @Tricia, I was wondering if this biotech was on your radar at all? Would love to hear your thoughts :)
  • darkenedaura: $PCRX @Tricia Hey @Tricia, do you have any thoughts on this one? Looks like it's broken out of a trading box from $60-70 during January till now... I know these biotechs will trade more on their news than on technicals but it looks pretty strong and in a major uptrend. I was wondering if you had any insight on this guy?
  • Tricia: PCRX: I didn't followup this morning .... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...... This is a tweet $AH yesterday from a group I respect Red Acre Investments ?@redacre 21h no reaction in $PCRX to $DRRX news - I would think a slight up tick is justified ..... it is the snow's fault ..... here is why ...Durect (DRRX) receives $CRL from FDA last night; new trials needed, possible competitor to EXPAREL # I am not sure that $PCRX has anythng to brag about yet (Wedbush is overhyping) ... but it would have been a fun day trade
  • Tricia: $PCRX Jefferies ups estimates, price target for Pacira on Exparel outlook Things are going reasonably well for Pacira's (PCRX) local analgesic Exparel, Jefferies says. Although analyst Oren Livnat realizes "3rd party estimates aren't 'actuals'," he says "they've proven mostly conservative since launch," a good sign considering last month's $IMS data.Livnat also "remains confident" in the drug's femoral nerve block potential (see here and here).Q3, FY13, and FY14 $EPS estimates lifted to -$0.36 (from -$0.39), -$1.75 (from -$1.80), and $0.61 (from $0.26), respectively.
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Volume 507,702

Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development, commercialization and manufacture of proprietary pharmaceutical products for use in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

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