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  • rachel: ...
    16. $SHLD – good example of upside surprise met by dumping.
    $AMTD --- cup and handle

    17. $ABBV – good setup or too high? Too high. Not sure how much upside from here b/c it’s already run 33% since September.
    18. $PAYC – st ...
  • Henry: $SWK unlike $HD this seems to have gone down enough. I just can't believe $HD is going to go the way of $SHLD
  • champ: @Henry $SWK $HD $SHLD --- On $HD traders/investors are just taking profits and are rotating into laggers in this same #RedHot sector $XHB....thats really all thats going on and why not...its a smart move. On $SHID... this stock has been in a drop ever since 2014...really hard to compare because they are not even in the $XHB sector.
  • phgruver: $AMZN and $SHLD are going to put $HD and $LOW out of business? I don't think so. I've been looking for a better entry to add to my hugely profitable $LOW position, and I think I just got it.
  • Vehid: @phgruver $AMZN $SHLD $HD $LOW Looks like AMZN name is enough these days to do anything. Broken Sears roared today because AMAZON. Seeing what happened to $COST, not sure if $HD or $LOW can come up anytime soon.
  • CHOFF: @phgruver $AMZN $SHLD $HD $LOW - agreed....$COST and now $HD killer, I think not.
  • Bridget: #Notes : $RUT - new high $XME - big moves today $NFLX - earnings tomorrow Multiple banks reporting tomorrow $GS $SCHW $TWTR - breaking out $ATHM - working but don't chase it $NTRI - breaking out $SODA - breakout $CENX - new high $ALGN - starting to breakout $KKR - breaking out $OTIC - breaking out $OLLI - new high $YRD, $YY - now you're chasing $JKS - best performing solar stock today $KRO - cup and handle $DRH - breaking out on the weekly $LUV - good buy point $KMB - holding at support $TGT $WMT $JCP $SHLD - retail getting a bounce IPOs hitting new highs $SOI $ATNX $AKCA $HCC
  • efrain007: $SHLD ugly
  • efrain007: $SHLD testing 200d. Still has support at 50d and uptrend line.
  • efrain007: $SHLD bounced off the 50d yesterday and retesting today. Also has support at uptrend line from February.
  • bigbartabs: $XRT ... I wonder why $AMZN is not in the top 10 holdings of this ETF. Seems like a no brainer to have this as the top dog. Gee, do you think that $SHLD (#2) could be replaced with $AMZN? Whomever manages the tickers in this ETF probably wonders why they never get a year end bonus.
  • DavidM: $SHLD down 8.4% on a stong up day. Considering adding to a short position.
  • DavidM: @Bridget $SHLD Maybe it is time for this poor stock to give it up.
  • DavidM: $SHLD up 8.6 % today. Maybe my short is misplaced.
  • Bridget: @DavidM $SHLD I think this just someone trying to squeeze the shorts. This bounce will soon end and I'll be looking for a bearish entry. But don't anticipate the move, wait for the charts.
  • Bridget: $SHLD this looks like a short squeeze.
  • DavidM: $SHLD closed at the HOD. That is scary.
  • tejas7: $SHLD no inside day. keeps going.
  • tejas7: Lost the opportunity to put in a nice daytrade for $SHLD. Just riding on yesterday's starter position...
  • Bridget: ...
    $SHLD - made a big move higher today, still lots of overhead resistance
    $WLDN - breakout on earnings
    $FNSR - broke down on earnings and draggin other down too $ACIA $OCLR
    $PAY - back to the 50MA after earnings
    $ZUMZ - another retailer taking it on t ...
  • tejas7: $SHLD Bouncing off higher low after earnings. Small, speculative trade. Tomorrow should be better day to add. If and when it prints inside day.
  • Henry: $SWK $SHLD SWK was withing a point or too of me adding more and they went and bought the Craftsman brand from $SHLD now it's up $5 in pm
  • phgruver: @Henry $SWK $SHLD ...that's sad, when you think about it. For years, Craftsman stood head and shoulders above Black & Decker in quality, innovation and function....
  • Kjksm1: Does anybody out there think $shld is a sell?
  • issues: @Kjksm1 $shld It appears to be forming a cup shaped pattern. The pattern doesn't suggest a sell to me.
  • TunaHelper: @Kjksm1 $shld is always a sell for me (or more accurately stated, I'd never own it). Maybe it'd be a trade, but not an investment. Their management is really squirrelly. The chart doesn't inspire confidence.
  • champ: $SHLD @$12 - New Spec swing long on todays News.
  • DAN: $XRT $FIVE $FINL $M $JCP $SHLD -- notice that all of the department stores are moving lower today. Even the ones that are actually up on the day (e.g., $M) are trading at their intraday lows after weak rallies. If you've been trying to catch an oversold bounce...I think that bounce has dun bounced all it's gonna bounce.
  • Paddleboard: ...
  • Bridget: $SHLD Sears may be going the same was as Radio Shack. The younger generation sees them as completely irrelevant.
  • jltrader1: Earnings Next Week: Of the companies reporting earnings for the week of June 8 - 12 some of the bigger names include: Monday: Pre Market - $SHLD, $MTN, $BRLI, $DATE, $PRGN After Hours - $HRB, $UNFI, $PBY, $PLAY, $LAYN, $TPLM, $CBK, $FCEL, $KANG, $SB, $HQY Tuesday: Pre Market - $HDS, $BURL, $SAIC, $FGP, $HOV, $LULU, $ZQK, $CMN After Hours - $GEF, $MFRM, $OXM, $SIGM, $LMNR, $SURG, $APIC Wednesday: Pre Market - $FRAN After Hours - $MW, $DDC, $KKD, $BOX, $BV Thursday: After Hours - $BOJA, $XONE Have a great weekend
  • vbel74: $SHLD made a nice move above 50 SMA.
  • Jadee: @dagdog I guess it is confession time. I unloaded a lot in 2008 but got "stuck" with $SHLD and held it for 4 years stubbornly waiting to recover my loss, I finally took the loss which was 30% not the 50% low but when I consider all the trades I could have used that money on I know this was a great "lesson"
  • dagdog: @Jadee Confession Time - Oh goody! I love it when these come out. Shows how stupid and human we all are! Keep 'em the newbies feel at home and the oldies feel not so dumb! $SHLD - Yeah, that weekly gives me heart burn...slow, painful dive. At least you didn't hold all the way to $25!
  • GreenGhost: ...
    What's not working: Department stores ($DDS, $M, $SSI, $BONT, $SHLD, $JCP, $KSS, $JWN) went backwards with sales off 1.1% from a year ago. No surprise, but sales at gas stations ($CASY, $KR, $PTRY) also fell off from a year ago.

    Retail ETFs: $XLY, ...
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : Not that anyone else follows this money making/losing disaster, but today was a possible buy point.
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : Tradable support level today? Seems like it.
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : Finally getting to see what happened Friday. Holy cr--! Up close to 50% intraday? Wish I'd held more. The market liked the store sale idea I guess.
  • hwyflier: @hwyflier $SHLD : Oddly, even after this move we still have a ways to go before moving average resistance, circa 53-54. From where we are now that's another 20 % (and I'll bet it pulls back to 40 first).
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : Up over 50% last 2 weeks, trading over the 200d SMA today. Maybe the insiders know something we don't? Out 1/2 today, stops on rest. Maybe get a re-test of 31.5?
  • hwyflier: @hwyflier $SHLD : When this thing moves it's one crazy MF....(Molly Freidman?)
  • SalmonRiver1: @hwyflier $SHLD I saw on CNN that they were closing a number of stores. Guess that is good news??? Congratulations on your profits.
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : Clear breakout yesterday on weekly chart. Just settling in today. Lots of insider buying. Raised 1.5B additional capital for the holidays.
  • hwyflier: @henrik511 $SHLD : Interesting. But why put their money at risk? Here's a group that increased their stake recently although they do have a vested interest. Interestingly, it also ranks as one of the nations top 3 online retailers above Saks and Neimans. Who knows............
  • Jazman0013: @darkenedaura Ah, depends on timing... A buddy once said by Kmart. This was before it went to 0 and then was restructured to finally become $SHLD. He was pissed. It happens. The last in line are the holders of the common. Of course the loss was capped at zero. But, that is small comfort. It was a trade I was happy to have missed.
  • Jadee: ...
    Yes I have certain companies and stocks I stay away from, few if any because of who they are and more from previous experience with the issue that prevents me from going back ($SHLD is one). I stopped smoking cold years ago and think no one should ...
  • Jadee: ...
    Then one day in late 2008 while I was in all day meetings the bottom started falling out and what "long term investment" did I not have trailing stops on? You guessed it. Those stops saved most of my portfolio but the top heavy SHLD fell ...
  • prvtrader: $X $CSCO $SINA $SHLD $GPS $ORCL $PFE $KO $QCOM and $DTV are coiling. May explode soon.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Follow Up: $SHLD gets some unfavorable attention; “Sears Holdings’ first quarter results were the latest reminder that investing in the retailer is a bet on CEO Edward Lampert’s ability to sell assets fast enough to plug the company’s losses ...
  • :
  • Henry4432: $SHLD - Don't look now but Sears is in a volatility #squeeze and is now above the 50-day. A close above it may put 50 into play.
  • bfolkerts: $SHLD - Popping on rumors of it turning into a REIT. Got stopped out of my recent Puts...
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : Woof woof done using the curb?
  • jmoney: I am looking at $SHLD as a short for both technical and fundamental basis anyone else looking at it
  • :
  • :
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : We are getting a breakout of the Sears monster. click discard last session to view
  • sfuller: $SHLD - One of the many things about the stock market that is perplexing. The company has no fundamentals, is not sexy in any way, should be a short buyers dream and it continues its uptrend. Must be on a 6-month short #squeeze or something. As they say on Fast Money, this is a no touch for me.
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : @sfuller , Well, Santa is coming to town and the $IHS pattern may allow it a bit more upside from here.
  • :
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : "Nessie" pattern. We've seen this one before, just before she jumps out of the water. Actually, Sears is a big momentum trader, and is squeezing near the channel top after a period of consolidation. Worth watching. The last move ran 70% or so. click discard last session to view.
  • :
  • Tim S: $SHLD - This isn't a flag pattern. A flag pattern is a short-term period where, after a big breakout (the "flag pole") the stock pulls back slightly for a couple of days (forming the "flag"). It's resolved when the stock resumes moving higher, at w ...
  • ginny: $SHLD @dmgrevas what an interesting chart. Just looking at the chart the 8, 21, and 50 are all in the right order. However, I don't think that I would buy this stock. Just because of the underlying company. If I was investing, I would put my money on stronger underlying company. There are so many strong companies with great charts. Follow the Bio's look at @DeBeers and @Tricia's stocks. I believe we are due to a pull back and stronger stocks will hold up better that the weaker. hope this helps
  • Aragorn: $SHLD - at teh 8ema on the daily this needs to hold or the next stop is the 21 as mentioned not really a flag but a great chart pattern pulling back to support. Watch for the bounce to add or if fails you can decide to get out if holding. GL
  • BuffaloBill: $SHLD * $TPLM * $ADUS P * $CALD VE $CLDX BBY $SAM SWY * $REGN WX $DAL MIDD $JAZZ DRQ $PII FSL HEIL SNCR $FEIC AVG $AEL X $FCX ALGN $BA MMS $ACHC BNNY $MA UHAL * $BIIB RTN $APA DJUSST $BEAV ULTI $LMT NOC $ITA * $AIG ENSG $TKR LORL $FCFS TJX $ABC $DFS ADS $AMTD B A ACN $LLL XPH $HON CLVS * 62 Stocks from Recent High Scan SMM Sorted from distance from 50SMA these to will fall and make for excellent Buys. those followed by * are High Volume trading Up. @aragorn would say BTFD Buy The Fascinating Dips
  • BuffaloBill: SCAN That seems to work in sync for three different time frames, Running Streaming Price History > $4.00 Volume 90-DAy > 300,000 $C >= (H1 * 1.005) - Daily , H1 = previous period high $C >= (H1 * 1.005) - Weekly, Same Scan changed the Daily to Weekly $C >= (H1 * 1.005) - Monthly Today returns APC* $BEAT CSOD IRBT* $LNCO MA $MX NKTR $P SGEN $SHLD SU $WEN * CLOSEST TO 50ma Worden TC2000 v12
  • DAN: $SHLD -- someone asked me about $SHLD a couple of weeks ago (frankly, I forget whether it was in a post or email...or whether it was someone I was talking with face-to-face -- which is scary for me. Memory issues?) Anyway, I said that I wasn't particularly enthused about it because it was just kind of chopping around, trying to build a base and not doing a very good job. Should've gone all in. Very late to buy now. Do not chase. (Now watch -- that advice will probably be wrong too!) @Dan
  • hooked1: $SHLD - Plus, it filled the gap from 5/22
  • Tim S: $SHLD - high short interest and a big bounce today. 36% of the float is short, meaning 16 days to cover at average volume. Up over 5% already this morning. Not a perfect entry opportunity, but certainly one to keep an eye on for further upside. For it to be up this strong in a down day ... is something.
  • :
  • hooked1: $SHLD - Moving out of a flag, a bit far above 200 day, but 50 day about to cross the 200, and 14.2 short ratio. What's not to like?
  • hooked1: $SHLD - Really moving now
  • hwyflier: At support yesterday? : $F BAC $BTU FSLR $NAT QIHU $SHLD FB $WPRT MAKO WFR
  • Tim S: $SHLD, $PLCE, $NJR, $ECA, $EBIX, $UA, $DWA, $FIRE, $CRZO - stocks I'm watching. $CHK also comes up on my scan and I'm already in this one (as are some others that I know followed me)
  • bigbartabs: $SHLD, $PLCE, $NJR, $ECA, $EBIX, $UA, $DWA, $FIRE, $CRZO, $CHK... @Tim S... good list, thanks for sharing. Was it simply a #squeeze scan that found these? Or did you have other scan criteria?
  • pcotton: Early #squeeze breakouts (up or down) today - #Squeeze yesterday, but not today as of now (this can change intraday), using Bollinger's definition APKT, $AUY, BIG, $GPS, $MPC, $NU, $RRC, $TIVO, $VLO, $XRAY Same scan premarket today (yielding #squeeze 2 days ago but not yesterday)- $ABC, $ACAD, $BRCD, $CLSN, $EXPR, $HNT, $OMX, $SHLD These stocks are worth watching for phase 2 pullback and bounce. Or just buy with stop (if the breakout is up). A longer #squeeze length supports a reliable breakout. Edited on Jan 16, 2013 14:02 Edited on Jan 16, 2013 14:02
  • pcotton: Early #squeeze breakouts (& a couple breakdowns): $AAPL, $ABC, $ACAD, $BLOX, $BRCD, $BTU, $CLSN, $EVER, $EXPR, $HNT, $SAP, $SHLD, $SNPS, $WCG
  • Tim S: #ShortSqueeze - I just read a report talking about potential short squeezes that could pop and/or have further to run. Some of the stocks we talk about in the forum frequently that are listed, with their percentage of the float that is short: $Z 49.73% $SHLD 45.6% $HLF 38.0% $VHC 35.6% $DNDN 29.6% $ARNA 29.3% $RIMM 28.27% $CLNE 26.5%
  • :
  • MissMet: $SWKS - Listened to the recording last night, and still believe in Aldrich long term. At @Dan's suggestion last night, might mow the grass today, as in this part of the country it still needs attending to. Also, might visit $JCP with the $10 coupon they sent, and check on employee sentiment. I noticed Sears, $SHLD, is closing their anchor store at the mall. Nordstrom, $JWN, taking their place. Penney customers bolt to Target & Kohls, and now Sears customers bolt to JCP? These retailers need to market their properties to the Mexicans. The wealthy Mexicans are buying up higher end residential in my area.
  • lizwaite: ...
    $RVBD, $CAT, $KIM, $AMT, $TIE, $CM, $PHO, $CGW, $HSY, $CRL, $REGN, $KND, $CPB, $SNY, $SHLD, $D, $ETN, AFFY & $ECTE (biotech wild card)

    As always............please do your own due diligence.

    I am taking some time today to do some reapolsterin ...
  • lizwaite: Trading & Investing Ideas Good Day SMM Friends, These names seem very interesting to me........I am considering starting @scout positions in some, not all........I am stalking their movements for now. $RVBD, $CAT, $KIM, $AMT, $TIE, $CM, $PHO, $CGW, $HSY, $CRL, $REGN, $KND, $CPB, $SNY, $SHLD, $D, $ETN, AFFY & $ECTE (biotech wild card) As always............please do your own due diligence. I am taking some time today to do some reapolstering........ I love to do my own decorating. It is a little dangerous because I just stabbed myself with a screwdriver trying to remove fabric staples..... Ouch :/ My thoughts on The Market is we keep front running central bank easing. We are due for a correction which I am guessing will be after the Fed meets at Jackson hole next weekend. :)Liz
  • scottto: ...
    0.22-0.24: $ALTR, $ANF, $FTI, $COH, $R, $IPG, $SHLD, $APH, $VMC, $NRG, $JCI, $TSO, $TXT, $BBY, $ISRG, $EBAY, $SNA, $X, $BTU, $MAS, $GPS

    I find these charts more interesting, from a trading point of view, than the squeezes. I'd love to see what t ...
  • bb_b: $SHLD looks interesting. Prolonged volatility #squeeze, cluster of MAs. 200MA close above. What do you think?
  • frog1856: ...
    # Retailers reporting# ; $ARO,WMT,$AAP,ROST,$SHLD,DLTR

    FRIDAY# . We rest

    Thoughts from the cheap seats# The markets just grinded around all last week# [some stocks got crushed# a few did well] The markets will pick a direction this week# ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $SHLD Investor Mtg.
    Sears Holdings Corp Annual Shareholder Meeting
  • Aiko: Earnings Trades with weekly #options - $GMCR - congratulations - nice trade idea, but a bit late to be useful at 4:20 pm :-) Here's some ideas that are not too late: These stocks trade weekly #options and report soon - pick your lottery tix here; Tomorrow After the bell! $AIG 5/3 AFTER $CF 5/3 AFTER $FSLR 5/3 AFTER $LNKD 5/3 AFTER $WYNN 5/3 AFTER $YOKU 5/3 AFTER $DNDN 7-May PCX 8-May $PCLN 9-May SIN 9-May $CSCO 9-May $MCP 10-May $VHC 10-May $NVDA 11-May $PBR 11-May $SLW 14-May $HD 15-May $JCP 15-May $DE 16-May $MRVL 17-May $SHLD 17-May $CRM 17-May $HPQ 23-May $LULU 8-Jun $MU 21-Jun $ORCL 21-Jun Other stocks trading monthlys and reporting during opex week would be good candidates too.
  • hooked1: $SHLD - I mentioned this last week. Still moving higher today.
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : hooked1 , Crushing it.........No chart, arghhhhh!!!
  • hooked1: $SHLD - @hwyflier - I know, driving me NuTz trying to get good intra-day Bollinger Bands elsewhere!!!
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : hooked1 , There is probably a "sell some of this" moment out there today, buy I have no clue when or where it might be.
  • Trader187: $SHLD @hooked what did you mention last week sorry missed it..
  • Larryzz: $SHLD It's up 21% and still with the Bollinger Bands? Is that right? Is that possible? $SHLD is to me as $ORCL is to @Dan.
  • hwyflier: $SHLD : It's where America shops........
  • miles: $SHLD has been a great stock to trade since the year began. Big price moves. I've made money on both sides of this one.
  • Marty: ...
    $SHLD, The RSI just poked and curled up. Big shorts betting on more downside movement, BUT, retail has been strong. Started breaking the downward slope on charts with some volume.

    $GMCR, Beaten down, bruised, and battered. Earnings on Wednesd ...
  • hooked1: $SHLD - Bought this 2 days ago on a very tight leash as a spec play - cream of the junk. Reports May 17. We'll see....
  • rdxshooter: $SHLD _ Taking off
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Sears Holdings Corporation operates specialty retail stores in the United States and Canada.

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