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  • Iceman: $SJM #ShortPuts - Bought to close 1 SJM Jan 19 2018 105.0 Put @ 0.05. Originally sold on 06/29/2017 at 1.80 as a #FallingKnife trade.
  • Iceman: $SJM #ShortPuts – Bought to close SJM Jan 19 2018 100.0 Puts @ 0.05 Originally sold in July at 1.60. Still Short the Jan 105 Put and the April 90 Put
  • Iceman: $SJM #ShortPuts – Bought to close 1 SJM Jan 19 2018 95.0 Put @ 0.05. It won’t trade any lower and it doesn’t expire for another month. Originally sold on 8/28/17 at 1.65 as a #FallingKnife trade. I still have Jan 100’s and Apr 90’s to cover.
  • Iceman: $SJM – no longer a #FallingKnife
  • phgruver: @Iceman $SJM #FallingKnife A good earnings report sometimes does that.
  • Bridget: #Notes: Earnings after close: $ROST $AMAT $XLP - back up at resistance, watch for a rollover $XLY - new high $SOCL - new high $WMT - gap and run to $100, will we see some selling here? $BBY - still in the channel $SJM - breakout and filling the gap $LRCX - breakout $RHT - breakout $CTRL - new high $WB - running higher, this is working $BAX - in a squeeze at all time highs $BA - in a tight squeeze $CTSH - in a squeeze $ABT - in a squeeze, alert at $57 $VIPS - breaking out of this base right before earnings $KR - breaking out of a base, ER on 11/30 $SGH - IPO breaking out, almost to new high $GOOS - IPO, phase 3
  • Aragorn: $SJM is in breakout mode worth watching
  • Iceman: $SJM #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold 1 SJM APR 20 2018 90.0 Put @ 1.70 with the stock at 103.50
  • Iceman: $SJM #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold 1 SJM Jan 19 2018 95.0 Put @ 1.65 with the stock at 104.28
  • Bridget: #Notes: $XLP and some $XRT getting crushed on AMZN news. $COST $KR $TGT $WMT $SFM Seemed to take $KHC $K $MDLZ $HAIN $SJM $CAG down with it Earnings moves today: $PVH - gap up but spinning top $ANF - gap up $DLTR - gap and crap $HPQ - set new 52 week high, then pulled back $HRL - down big but bounced Earnings AMC and BMO: $VEEV $AVGO $GME $ULTA $CCI - working $SODA - good volume, decent buy point $DVMT - new high $SC - breakout $COL - new high $USCR - breaking down IPOs $PETQ - still up buy swings pretty big $AKCA - working, but day 3
  • Iceman: $SJM #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold 1 SJM JAN 19 2018 105.0 Put @ 1.80 with the stock at 119.30
  • steve71: $SJM $CPB Two foodies for takeout. Both outperforming. On strong days, these underperform. But on weak days like now people seem to pile in, hoping for the rumored buyouts.
  • steve71: $SJM @ HOD Good volume. >2,000 17Feb 140 calls bought today.
  • steve71: $SJM Back to Smuckers. Day 12 of the uptrend. Trading above average volume today. Of note is the sudden surge in option volume, 5,716 17Feb 140 calls bought today.
  • steve71: $CPB $SJM Soup's on. Jelly jiggling.
  • vfr777: @steve71 $CPB $SJM got in with small position. it's working
  • steve71: $CPB Campbell reversed upward two hours ago, and has already traded its average daily volume. $SJM and $MDLZ also up. Trump has yet to tweet displeasure over snack food prices.
  • Bridget: @steve71 $SJM I like this move higher. Weekly chart is starting to turn up. Will wait till tomorrow to buy though. Still a lot of overhead resistance to work through.
  • Bridget: Notes: Most biotech and pharma down today on Trump comments: $LABU $MRK $GILD $CELG. But some that are not: $EXAS $EXEL $CARA $GKOS $PRAH $HQY Metals/Mining up again today: $MTL $CLF $FCX $VALE Uranium is a hot topic: $CCJ $URRE $URA Transports continue to move higher $IYT, $ALK- airlines $CSX-rails $SSW-shipping $WBA - at a nice buy point just above the 50MA. $CVS is also working well too $PCMI - nice pullback today, Phase 2 $SJM - 2 days of big volume, close to a breakout from this squeeze, still a lot of overhead resistance so don't chase $ALB - this chemical company is working well and breaking to new highs on volume
  • traderbren: @woodman $CZZ $BGS - I like the thinking. Good stuff. If you want a little "jam" with that, check $SJM as it just crossed the 50 dma.
  • woodman: @traderbren $CZZ $BGS $SJM Full list of #FoodandBeverage stocks that caught my eye this morning (SJM was on there): $CZZ $FIZZ $SNAK $CALM $BGS $INGR $BREW $POST $ADM $BG $SJM $CPB $SYUT $SAM $ANDE $FLO
  • coldevinc: $SJM Why? Anyone hear anything?
  • Trixie: @coldevinc $SJM not sure its stock specific.. the general grp seems to be in the penalty box.. http://tinyurl.com/jh9shv2 . the odd one does look a bit diff.. $HAIN is one that comes to mind there.. But i do think these got ahead of themselves earlier in the yr.. now no one wants them.. w the higher beta things on the move..
  • debeers: @Trixie $SJM $HAIN --You are so right, Trixie. Hence the move I made from my staples stocks to the truckers. Business on the move.
  • Trixie: @debeers $SJM $HAIN what trucker did u pick up? I have $ODFL.
  • coldevinc: $SJM bought some shares just now. Hoping for earnings run.
  • gmj: $SJM pulled back to b/o level at 200ma 2.2% yld what's not to like for my LT account 1/2 starter pos today
  • janner0814: ...
    $SJM $ES $DUK $GXP


    ^ (Question: Are last week's GREEN weekly volume bars, a START in trying to recapture its momentum? And to answer it now, is akin to being a #PHOOL. #PATIENCE ...
  • janner0814: In a few months, SEVERAL (if not many) of these stocks have a high probability to make consistent, #COMPELLING moves. #STEALTH $PNC $WFC $CSC $XLNX $FITB $STI $CHKP $ETP $SO $DPS $XEL $WEC $ED $AEE $CMS $SRE $PPL $NI $GXP $DUK $ES $SJM @janner0814
  • Forexpro: Re: Markets Good Morning, Friends, Judging from the attached chart, Brent crude isn't a lot lower, but it's somewhat lower, not surprising given ongoing (over)supply concerns. The Dollar is off a bit, Gold and the E-minis look to be up about 5 bucks each, and I gather from various commentators that there is considerably more skepticism today than was evident yesterday about the prospect of an "earlier than expected" Fed rate hike, Dr. Fischer's sort-of happy talk notwithstanding. $BBY is doing strange and wonderful things, pre-market - up around 16 percent, when last I looked - while $SJM disappointed. According to Reuters, the company will be adding "bonus bags" to Kibbles in order to boost pet food sales (which seem to be taking the bulk of the blame for the shortfall). Best of luck today!
  • tigerjohn8: @Forexpro $BBY $SJM Hi, Just want to say I like your posts and read them. Thank you. Don't stop!
  • Forexpro: @tigerjohn8 $BBY $SJM Thanks, Tigerjohn8, You're very kind. Dan, ably assisted over the years by Gary and others, has built a great site and community, and it's a place where I've enjoyed hanging out since 2009. How time flies. I was already something of a grizzled veteran when I joined, but I've learned a lot from people in the Forum, as well as from Dan. Here's hoping that you're doing well. Echoing one of Dan's themes, an article in today's WSJ was lamenting the recent absence of volatility. This, too, shall pass, and the sooner, the better. :) All the best!
  • eliasmavs99: @Forexpro $BBY $SJM I would echo @tigerjohn8. What did you do in your previous life to become a "grizzled veteran" if I may ask?
  • Forexpro: @eliasmavs99 $BBY $SJM Hey, Eliasmavs99, Nothing too exotic; following a stint in grad school, I managed to build a career in the FX market (hence, my handle), eventually spending a decade or so as a senior managing director at a "too big to fail" bank. The transition from working on a market-making FX desk, with a huge informational advantage, to trading equity futures and equities from a home office came as a rude (and initially, expensive) shock. Dan, and SMM generally, helped me to make the transition to a (now) reasonably well-adjusted and functioning adult. :) Here's hoping that you're well, and thriving; all the best!
  • indigo1948: @Forexpro $BBY $SJM - I too have been a long-time follower of your posts. I too was involved with the markets (futures) as directing investments for my company until I was "eliminated" in a "purge" about 8 years ago. I have managed to survive and sustain but need the continual educational reinforcement that your posts provide. Many thanks
  • issues: @Forexpro $BBY $SJM From what I have heard SJM is a good company in many other areas than just jam. I am surprised to see it down this much. The chart looks ok. I will wait & watch (WAW). But this could be a good buy opportunity once it has a green day.
  • issues: @Forexpro $BBY $SJM Hey it's summer. Traders are at the beach, ok?
  • eliasmavs99: @Forexpro $BBY $SJM I think your insight is quite interesting and I try to decipher your attached charts. Would it be possible if I ask some Fibonacci related questions via email? Thanks.
  • Forexpro: @eliasmavs99 $BBY $SJM Sure, Eliasmavs99, Feel free; I don't promise to have answers, but I'll try. All the best!
  • Forexpro: @indigo1948 $BBY $SJM Cool, Indigo1948, I hope that you're doing well. Hopefully, we'll both continue to find markets interesting, and enjoy participating in them. "Making money" is a big part of "enjoying", of course. :) All the best!
  • shoredriver: $HSY well there goes Hersheys...Maybe $SJM next?
  • Forexpro: @shoredriver $HSY $SJM Thanks, Shoredriver, Yeah, could be, but the chart is pretty extended. Implied vol is relatively very low, but 31 calls and 18 puts have dealt in the ticker today; they aren't the most liquid of instruments. Pondering ... All the best!
  • shoredriver: @Forexpro $HSY $SJM Your welcome...as a side note( and not looking for a response) we put our love Daisy down last week..She was a 16 yr old Shiba Inu Cocker mix and just a joy to have... (Always said I have one daughter and three dogters,) ...
  • Forexpro: @shoredriver $HSY $SJM I'm Sorry, Shoredriver, Until we brought a little ball of fur home from the breeder almost 13 years ago, I was totally unfamiliar with Shibas, and now I don't think that I would want anything else. Very sorry to hear of your loss; one of the cruelest tricks played by Mother Nature is in the disparity of lifespans between dogs and those of the people who love them. Still, 16 is a good long run for a dog, and I'm sure that yours had a great life. Take care, and all the best!
  • Bridget: $SJM breaking down rhrn
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $SJM Smucker (J.M.) Co.. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=SJM &clip=66552
  • Paddleboard: ...
  • Bridget: $SJM this strong stock is breaking out of recent consolidation. New all time high. great long term hold.
  • Bridget: $SJM another all time high :)
  • Bridget: $SJM about to break out to a new high
  • domingolnavarro: @Bridget $SJM . Yes, and that is bearish. Call it what it is.
  • Bridget: @domingolnavarro $SJM I disagree that when a stock hits an all time high that is a bearish signal. Can it pull back, yes. Will you likely be able to get it at a cheaper price, yes. But after a sideways move it usually means there is more upward momentum. I'm just telling people to keep their eye on it because this stock is still working.
  • MrPotato: @Bridget $SJM Thanks for the callout, Bridget! Always appreciate your mental acuity.
  • DAN: @Bridget $SJM ROFLMAO. If a stock hitting an all-time high is a bearish signal, then I want to hang out with the biggest bunch of bears out there. The thing about stocks hitting an all time high is that they tend to continue hitting them -- i.e., making more money. Stocks hitting all time lows aren't bullish either, though trading with that approach will definitely cut your trading down to more modest size...as a function of losing so much money.
  • 1winkie: Strongest Consumer Goods - Technically Left to right $STZ $SJM $RAI $CPB $DF $MO $PG $K $KMB $HRL $COH $CLX $DPS $PM $BMS
  • DAN: @1winkie $STZ $SJM $RAI $CPB $DF $MO $PG $K $KMB $HRL $COH $CLX $DPS $PM $BMS Good post, 1winkie. Thanks!
  • Bridget: $SJM breakout to an all time high after earnings.
  • EasyOut: @Aragorn #Aragorn's list for tomorrow...inside days: $ACE $BABA $BBT $BDSI $BG $CAKE $CAM $CBYL $CCJ $CF $CHRW $CMI $COH $CRM $CSX $CTSH $DBD $DJ-20 $DPZ $DSX $EAT $EMR $EW $FDX $FFIV $FLS $GLUU $GNC $GOOG $GOOGL $H $HSY $IYT $JBHT $JNJ $KITE $KRE $KSS $LGF $MAR $MCD $MDLZ $MELI $NOK $NSC $NTRS $PG $PRU $PSX $R $RF $RHI $RMBS $SAVE $SJM $SLB $STI $TJX $TMO $TMUS $TWX $UPS $VJET $WING $WY $XLI $XLNX Thanks for the list for tomorrow. Kathy
  • debeers: $SJM-In a jam. Earnings Miss. $LE-What do you have at the lands End? A cliff. Falling A H on earnings miss. $CALM-Seems to me, if you can get it at the right price after the shmeising, with over 46mm birds now infected, if they can't make their numbers now, with Avianflu raging, gosh a mighty when can they? Eggzactly what you need at the right price Also, there was a question posed about the beauty stocks. The Good: EL, ULTA , The Bad: Sally Beauty, The Ugly:Avon. I have no opinion on Coty and just don't have the time right now to rip it apart.Hope this helps.
  • SmallDogTrade: $SJM you want to be long here, see my $XON post http://scharts.co/1zOrfvs
  • SmallDogTrade: $SJM pounding the table, this is an entry http://scharts.co/1aqteS4
  • SmallDogTrade: $SJM of course talking my book :D http://scharts.co/1zRpZYC With a name like...well, you know!
  • SmallDogTrade: $SJM this thing just looks like it continues to work daily http://scharts.co/1zOrfvs Weekly http://scharts.co/1Dyy22p
  • SmallDogTrade: $SJM open a long on this mild pullback. This one meets my weekly chart criteria to just go long and hold it until a strong sell signal is flashed. No stops required (yes, that's breaking the rules)
  • Forexpro: Re: $SJM

    Hi, Friends,

    This ticker is extended, and after a strong performance on Friday in the wake of its earnings report, it's pulling back a bit. Options aren't all that liquid, but this is a potential long for me, so I'm trying to sell Mar 110 ...
  • Forexpro: Re: $SJM

    Hi, Friends,

    Here's hoping that everyone is enjoying the elongated weekend. There hasn't been much, if any, discussion of this ticker, perhaps because with a beta of .55, and implied volatility of around 20 percent, it isn't usually that i ...
  • SmallDogTrade: @Forexpro $SJM to say applaud is an understatement. And according to SMT weekly chart analysis, it's a buy and then some.. http://scharts.co/1Dyy22p I will be long this name, plus with a name like Smuckers, it has to be good..
  • snakedriver: @Forexpro $SJM Is that not a 2-day bullish engulfing pattern? It may take a market pull back to get it at your price. Like your charting, Thanks!
  • Iceman: ...
    $SJM Jun 21 2014 90 Puts

    $SVXY Jun 21 2014 30 Puts
    $SVXY Jun 21 2014 32.5 Puts
    $SVXY Jun 21 2014 35 Puts
    $SVXY Jun 21 2014 37.5 Puts
    $SVXY Jun 21 2014 40 Puts
    $SVXY Jun 21 2014 42.5 Puts

    $SVXY Jun 21 2014 87.5 Calls
    $SVXY Jun 21 2014 90 Calls
    $SVX ...
  • janpaus: And that last Nutella comment led me to $SJM which is an interesting chart of a former darling. 50 DMA has crossed below the 200 DMA and looking pretty sad.
  • BuffaloBill: Nutella is a hazelnut concoction made during WWII in Europe as a low cost food source considered a treat for the malnourished. The Europeans still consume a lot of it today as a staple in the diet today. $SJM is one outstanding company with the world largest selling coffee about 50% of all coffee sales. Watch the chart Buy $SJM when the chart says to do so.
  • bwcarnation: $SJM - bought yesterday on fall, small position, missed adding this a.m., good vol today
  • BuffaloBill: $DNKN Only thing better than their Coffee and Donuts - Owning a franchise - Only thing better than the franchise, owning the stock. $DNKN coffee made by $SJM, Folger brands number one coffe in US - $SJM maybe beginning of phase 2 looking to reenter $SJM at 106.65
  • Edgarzb: $DNKN - I didn't know that about $SJM and there coffee. Thx for the info
  • BuffaloBill: $DNKN SJM $SBUX GMCR Coffee Market Share Folgers $SJM 15.6% Kraft $KRFT Maxwell House10% Private labels ranked third, followed by Green Mountain with 4.3 %. Starbucks held 3.3 percent. $SJM coffee sales in two years 1.9 billion to $2.3 Billion. Whats the secret great coffee and a new jingle, Wake up in the morning - The one thing I need to start my day - The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!
  • kat: ...
    I suspect I forgot something you shared. How to find good longterms stocks and realizing when it is best to go ahead and exit a 'broken' stock remains a mystery me. Last spring you mentioned $SJM, a great portfolio asset. I failed to hold into summe ...
  • DAN: $SJM -- yeah, I like that stock. It's in my long-term portfolio. Low maintenance, even though I don't eat their products.
  • DAN: ...
    Such stocks, like $HD, $RDN, $SJM, etc...when I cover those, I'm really just confirming for those who own them that they are acting as expected. And I am speaking to those who do not own them (but would like to own them) and suggesting that the sto ...
  • ab2510: $SJM - jelly futures must be down. This was on a tear until today. :-(
  • ginny: $SJM did Mayor Bloomberg outlaw jelly? I read that on Twitter so it must be true ;-))
  • scottto: ...
    0.04: $CPB, $XEL, $SO, $GIS, $CINF, $SJM, $TJX, $SYY, $BDX, $YHOO, $WEC, $JNJ, $EIX, $SRCL, $TE, $SCG, $BXP, $XL, KFT, $AEP
    $COST, $CNP

    0.05: $FE, $PCL, $BMS, $LMT, $VZ, $ED, $RTN, $LRCX, $ABT, $PNW, $SPG, $ADP, $PCG, $POM, $AEE, $PSA, $PPL, $WF ...
  • scottto: ...
    0.03: $POM, $PCG, $D, $SPG, $SRCL, $SCG, $EIX, BRK.B, $SJM, $XEL, $BXP, $RAI
    0.04: $MKC, $HSY, $AEE, $CPB, $BDX, $GIS, $TE, $YHOO, $PEP, $FE, $JNJ, $CAH, $LMT, $COST, $CINF, $IFF, $ABT, $RTN, $L, $CNP, $ADP, $PSA, $KIM, KFT, $MO, $MWV

    0.05: $PCL ...
  • scottto: ...
    0.05: $ECL, $SO, $AIZ, $BDX, $ED, $HD, $ICE, $SJM, $JNJ, $VIAB, $BEAM, $MWV, $VZ, $BCR, $L, $VRSN, BF.B, $CBE, $CINF, $RTN

    0.06: $PEG, $GAS, $WU, $CB, $CPB, $HNZ, $DTE, $UNM, BRKB, $ZMH, $UPS, $CFN, $SRE, $ARG, $DIS, $PCP, $BLL, $FE, $UTX, $ADP
  • scottto: ...
    $JNJ, $SYY, $NEE, $PCG, $ED, $COV, $DIS, $EXC, $YHOO, $PEG, $BDX, $GILD, $CMS, $SJM, $BIIB, $FE, BRKB, $ICE, $EIX,
    $ADP, $SO, $GAS, $PNW, $TEG, $DPS, $KR, $LLY, $MDT, $SYK, $CAG, $ZMH, $MMM, $AIZ, $UPS, $L, $VZ, $UNP, $BMY,
    $CBE, $CB, $LLL, $MCD, ...
  • MSL: Beat Downs, Mickey. I was flipping through my notes over the past few weeks. A lot of the stocks I have listed have filled the gap upward. It seems only the recent beat downs are the best candidates for moving upwards: $SJM NILE $MAS GILD $NUAN GRPN DMND. Agree with others comments re. accounting issues etc. Set stops.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    @JM Smucker rated new Buy at Keybanc
    $SJM was initiated with a Buy rating, Keybanc said. $95 price target. Company can continue to deliver double-digit annual earnings growth, aided by acquisitions.

    Steris downgraded at $JMP
    $STE w ...
  • Marty: $MPEL - Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd - Goldman Sachs reported on Macau gaming sector with the following details: We expect GGR growth to decelerate to 12% yoy in 2012, with much of the market growth captured by Sands China's new Cotai project. Hence, we expect divergent performance this year and believe the remaining casino operators (Wynn Macau, $MGM China, $SJM and MPEL) are likely to record flat EBITDA growth or modest decline.
  • jocoach: $SJM - bounce off 200 SMA well defined Support, Earnings Aug 18 and over yesterday's high, I just might nibble here.
  • geothrills: $SJM - Beginning a volatility expansion on the daily chart. Weekly chart looks poised to start expanding to the upside as well, though the recent high at $79.84 (only 32 cents away) could act as resistance. Took some stock this morning.
  • bullmoose: $SJM (geothrills) - nice find
  • rbmoult: $SJM - Long $SJM ... looks like an all time high.
  • rbmoult: $SJM - Is anyone else following SMUCKERS? It broke out on above average volume yesterday afternoon.
  • prockow: $SJM - I seem to always get into a jam with this stock......
  • Bill S.: CBOU. Hi everyone, this may have been covered before so excuse me in advance if it has. Coffee futures have been trading off lately w/ other commodities and that has led to good price action in several names---CBOU, $SBUX, $SJM and PEET (part of PEET's strength is also attributable to takeover speculation). Hope that helps. Bill S.
  • Splendor: S&P - my shopping list; $ULTA, $MELI, $ABV, $SODA, $PCY, $MO, $SJM, $NSC, $MSI, $TSCO, SWN. want to buy now but probably won't. hate buying on Fridays. on the other hand, we've had a lot of washing out. less resistance is now on the upside at least for a half a day ;) odd mix but they all seem to have put in clear support and risk definition. already in IAU/GLD and TLT.
  • moneytaker: ...
    $SJM 7 3* 6 2* 1 -17 76.71
    $KH 2 2* 6 4* 7 1 -17 23.59
    SUTNY 1 1* 1 1* 2 -17 ...
  • rcline: Volatility #Squeeze Watchlist and what it is telling me I have been tracking volatility squeezes, monitoring them through phases 1-3 and looking for candidates to buy. Recently strong trends have emerged in my watchlist. Of the current 51 stocks that I am either invested in or tracking here are the big sectors: #REITS (11 stocks or 21.6%): $ACC, $AIV, $AVB, $CLP, $CPT, $EQR, $HIW, $LXP, $MAC, $MPW, $UDR Food (7 stocks or 13.7%): $DPS, $GIS, $K, $MJN, $SAFM, $SJM, $UL Utilities (6 stocks or 11.8%): $AWK, $CNP, $EIX, $NRG, $OGE, $WR Not clear whether the market is being defensive or just the normal early cycle candidates. I was surprised by the number of #REITS. I suppose folks want to chase yield. In any case I throw these up for consideration. Cheers, @Ray
  • dunsek: Breakouts- For your consideration and from the Worden seminar yesterday, here are 6 s+p500 stocks which broke out yesterday to a new high compared to the previous 50 trading days. The 50 days part is a little random, it's just what the webinar leader used and I haven't had time to monkey with it much. In ascending order of bollinger band #squeeze width, they are: $DPS (4%) $PEP (7%) $SJM (7%) $CL (9%) $PPL (11%) $RSH (22%) Nice to already be long one - RSH. Happy risk management, all.
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Volume 884,149

The J. M. Smucker Company is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of branded food products on a worldwide basis.

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