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  • scottto: #markets - Sold nice positions in $CONN CI $TISI HTZ $BAX as victims to the wall of worry. They were so far above their stop levels that I didn't want to risk the potential crushing my account would take if/when we get a "message-sending" sell off from the market. These sales actually bode well for the deal getting done. Rarely am I prescient enough to do the right thing ahead of these big inflection points. But it's my conviction that things are too jolly right now and if I didn't act and the market tanked 10%, I'd be kicking myself later for knowing what to do but being too complacent to act on my thesis. Anyhow, hope this crap all blows over soon.... I'll be happy to miss a couple percent upside to also miss the 5-10% downside that is possibly coming.
  • scgaryinv: $TISI I do not own this but it looks like a reversal day. could be a good trade
  • DragonFly: $GLNG - $TISI - FIO- a couple of stocks that look like good buy points to me. Most of my stocks are at the upper bb and riding higher. These are in a up trend but have pulled back some.
  • Bob: Hey Team You know how @Dan has explained how if a 3rd standard deviation on BB's are hit that we might look for a pullback to about the 2nd standard deviation? I'm pretty sure his example was for a breakout upwards but for the heck of it, I took a recent list of IBD 100's and looked to see how many traded down to a low 3rd std today. Not recommending anything but here's the list...thought a few might enjoy looking at some of the names and or charts. $TITN $SKH $BKE $CMP $CSX $DXPE $ESI $FLS $FMC GMXR $HES $HUBG $IIIN $IIVI $IT KNDL $KOP $KSU $LMIA $SKH $OLN $SYNA $TESO $TISI $URBN $VMI $WAB WGOV add most of the ags to that list too. I'm sure there are dozens more, just used an IBD 100 list for source.
  • Suzie: Searenity: Are you a newbie or a former lurker? Either way welcome!! Glad to see you posting :) Charts I am watching: $UNH, $GS, $BAC, $WFC, $KOL, $GHM, $MANT, $TISI Just a few at the top of my radar...long list short attention span :) Im already long $GS, $BAC, $WFC, KOL.
  • Ian: $TISI I have my eye on Team (TISI.) They fix pipes, valves, pressure lines in refineries etc. Some of the valves pictured on their site look big enough to crush a Hummer. Our refineries here in Texas apparently got off fairly easy light but I'd guess that there's quite a bit a bit of fixing and testing that needs to be done. @Ian
  • Gabe: $TISI is a great chart and I have traded it earlier this year. Only if the overall market, and the energy sector was a little better... It is on my watchlist as well.
  • brianc400: $TISI Sometimes.... sigh.
    08/21/08	08:30:20	38.14	38.14	38.14	563
    08/21/08	08:30:40	37.66	37.66	37.66	563
    08/21/08	08:30:55	38.01	38.01	38.01	563
    08/21/08	08:31:05	38.20	38.20	38.20	150
    What's the saying that you can top tick exactly once but bottom tick can happen unlimited times? Maybe it goes lower from here anyway but jeez. Sometimes it's tough to just shrug these things off as a cost of doing business even though we have to. ;)
  • Gabe: I believe it goes the other way. You can bottom tick only once, but top tick infinite times. $TISI fell back into the congestion after trying to break out. While the stock still looks decent on the intermediate-term, I took profits when my trailing stop was hit on Tuesday. Will take a look at it again after it pulls back to the 20DMA, or when it breaks above 40. I have no opinion on day trading the stock, as that's not my game.
  • Moose: @Gabe, I read your post and bought $TISI last week. It does seem to be working. Thanks @Moose
  • Gabe: ...
    One sector that you did not mention specifically, but both me and my scanner like are semi-conductors. Take a look at SMH. It is just battling out at the moving averages, but the chart looks good coming out from a double bottom, that is higher than ...
  • Suzie: For those interested, here's the new watchlist Im working off of: $FLIR, CEDC, $AMED, $APH, $SLH, $PACR, CLHB, $TYL, $HUBG, $MANT, $TISI, $WAB, AXYS, $AFAM, $ECOL, $RBN, $GTLS, $GHM, $BMI, $FLS
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Team, Inc. is a provider of specialty industrial services, including inspection and assessment, required in maintaining high temperature and high pressure piping systems and vessels that are utilized extensively in the refining, petrochemical, power, etc.

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  • August 6th, 2018 - 2018 Q2 Earnings
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