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  • Robert1965: $UGAZ up 5.38%, any one playing the inventory numbers
  • stevef214: $UGAZ added at the open from swing trade on Fri
  • stevef214: $UGAZ NG working well again today. I was originally stopped out yesterday morning with too tight a stop but re-entered at 11.47. Changed to trailing stops with first one just hit so out 1/2
  • stevef214: $UGAZ PM NG looked strong and first 2 5 minute bars were positive so I entered a small spec day trade at $11.62 with stop real close just below the R1 pivot at $11.48. Of course the momentum has slowed or even backed up but its holding right at the days pivot. I guess that's trading.
  • Robert1965: $ugaz does anyone have inventory figures from last night, the site is not responding, today the official figures will be released
  • Robert1965: @champ your opinion on $UGAZ, it still up in the high range 12.66 with the inventory report due 8/24, this seems to be moving 2 days before can't find any news why, do you see anything which would could explain the move
  • Robert1965: $UGAZ up 6.% I am in at 11.65, thinking of getting out now was waiting the inventory levels later this week, any reason why this is up today
  • Robert1965: @Robert1965 $UGAZ I am out at 12.49
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UGAZ ----- Yes, direction is really hard to figure out. Nice trade my friend.
  • Robert1965: @champ $UGAZ Thanks I have been looking at the $11.65, as an entry point on an up day, before the inventory numbers, this occurred earlier this week.
  • Henry: @tjv821 $pets You need to trade in a longer time frame then. My son tried to trade $UGAZ while working. That's nutz. Stick to the stocks that Dan says are buy and hold.
  • stevef214: #OIL #NG #GOLD the three golds, black clear and yellow. Oil making a move higher rhrn even though API reported a slight build of about 1.6mb but there was a large gasoline draw down. NG holding at $3.08 after three days up and $UNG really needs to BO > $7 to confirm a true follow through. Gold also holding after three days up and looks to be resting. Long $UNG call, $UGAZ stock and $NUGT stock. Waiting for oil to establish an uptend.
  • stevef214: $UGAZ $UNG #NG Still working post last week about it bottoming 3 days in a row at about $2.84 and starting to move up on power burn and weather conditions. I added yesterday to $UNG Aug $6calls now have 1/3 pos and will wait for it to move > $7 to add more. Also long 1/2 pos in $UGAZ
  • stevef214: @champ $UGAZ #Full #Pressure Very hot in north east today and last night. This should help a lot so odd NG is down today. stopped out of my original position for small gain but thinking of adding back. then again storage numbers not due out until tomorrow so maybe I will wait.
  • champ: @stevef214 $UGAZ #Full #Pressure --- Yes, its all about inventory numbers and I was stopped out of 1/2. Oil dropped this morning after that great bounce this morning because of the big Draw in Oil.... but soon after that the #Production numbers for the U.S were released and they showed a build of 59k b/pd last week. Two weeks before we had a drop of 100K per day....but oil is now moving back up and is up $0.76 at $45.79 RHRN.....traders are very nervous. A very hard Oil market....
  • stevef214: $UGAZ added and have a bid in for UNG calls. NG put in a three day bottom holding $2.85 and now starting to move up. Even though injections were a little higher than expected power usage is up and now the weather is starting to kick in.
  • champ: @stevef214 $UGAZ ----- Picking-up steam now....up over 11%
  • Robert1965: @champ $UGAZ are you out for the day
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UGAZ ---- I added today and I did swing my ...#Full position.....something I really never do because the weather report is ....still on track to be very warm and they are also still forecasting for the temperatures over most of the U.S. to be very warm to Hot through July 23, as high #Pressure dominates. I'm swinging a high level of risk ....until I look at the PM in the morning. We all know, the weather folks are never wrong....thats a joke and it could be a bad one for me.
  • champ: $UGAZ @ $12.30 ---- Hot weather moving in and Nat-Gas futures started the week with strong gains and is climbing....this week weather forecast is 90-100's and the longer term model thru July, 23 is showing the western, central and the southern U.S. will be very warm to hot until then.
  • stevef214: @champ $UGAZ I got out 2 weeks ago and did not trade last week. This morning I took a starter position because NG held around a low of $2.85 for last three days and was rising this morning. Let's hope the weather helps out.
  • champ: @stevef214 $UGAZ --- The weather will push-up the price of N-Gas, thats what this ETF needs for a bounce and last July it bounced up to over $50. However, for now I would just like to make thru the day at a time but I'm hoping that I will be able to hold this position all thru the summer months....that would be nice but like you said we need hot weather, and a good inventory # on Thursday. LOL
  • champ: $XLF ---- #EnergyWeek .....A lot of News going on in this sector....President Trump will be giving a speech today on #Exports. The #API CEO had many positive remarks this morning on CNBC and Oil is now up for 6 days in a row now,. I posted that I thought the bottom was put in around $42 last week...the sector is turning but the markets will find out for sure on the next Inventory reports from #API and #EIA. #New add on yesterday for me were $PXD $EOG $ERX $GUSH $LNG $TK $SLCA $SND....New positions were $FRAC and I'm still holding all the #Sand stock that I bought on the lows and $UWT $$UGAZ $WPZ $PAA and other long term positions
  • stevef214: $UGAZ stopped out 1/2 just before EOD for profit. Will watch tomorrow to possibly add back.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $XLE $ERX ......$UWT $GUSH $UGAZ $LNG ---- Oil is bouncing because a little News is going on.....this is #Energy Week....Secy Perry will be giving a speech tomorrow and President Trump will give a major speech on Thursday 6/29 about Expo ...
  • stevef214: $UGAZ #NG NG back above $3.00, decided to swing my $UGAZ add from Fri. and now up $1.50.
  • champ: @stevef214 $UGAZ #NG --- Yes, so did I... from my add on swing, from 6/21 and its up 12% today because of that reason, I took profits on 1/2 I always do. The new recent low was on 6/21 at around $12.30 but their was a lower flash low on that same day.
  • stevef214: @champ $UGAZ #NG weather finally is predicted to increase th,e CDD numbers and exports picking up also. I did not take profits today but probably s hold have. Definitely will before Thursday storage report.
  • stevef214: #OIL #GAS #Gold commodities working this morning. Entered $NUGT yesterday. Entered $GUSH yesterday at $17.80 and added this morning. Entered $UGAZ this morning at $12.73. Probably out all EOD or at least 1/2
  • champ: $UWT $UGAZ ----- $USO is hanging around HOD and their is a little news in the WSJ about the #Saudi's and their launch of their new #Aramco IPO....but the bounce in Oil could be for many reasons but the main one that I saw is... that the peak demand in the driving season....starts next week....its all about demand going forward but #No-One really knowns anything....nothing at all.
  • champ: $UNG $UGAZ ---- N-Gas dropping in the pre-market....$UGAZ bounce up to $14.77 on Friday from the low of around $13 and I sold 1/2 of my swing position for a nice gain..... but now its back under $13 this morning because the #News is .....N-Gas is down about $0.14 at $2.92....watching now because I'm back to breakeven on this 1/2 of my swing position and it looks like it wants to drop a little more........
  • champ: @bRobert $SND #Sand #RHRN #CopyCat #CrystalBall ---- No problem, all is good. Many stocks in the $XLE sector are bouncing.....#but its still really to early for anyone to say that the sector is turning but one could say that many stocks are near thei ...
  • champ: $UGAZ @ $13.05 on the close and broke thru $13 today and hit a new ATL. I'm new swing long on the close with a new full swing position and I'm looking for a dead cat bounce on the open but it might not happen.
  • stevef214: $UGAZ now up with NG storage report just out 78bcf injection which is just about expected and I guess with weather predictions for next few weeks this is pushing NG price up. I was long twice in last 3 days and stopped out for small losses. Back in this morning at the open for swing trade.
  • champ: $UGAZ @ about $14 for now, moving up off of that ATL yesterday @ $12.91....reports that a heat wave is moving in. I'm new swing long yesterday on the close and posted. Spec trade for traders only....
  • stevef214: @champ $UGAZ I had been reading your post. I was thinking the same that UGAZ was at ATL and I was in a couple of day before but with tight stops. I was stopped out yesterday again at just about the low but did not get back in until thinking I could always get in this morning whether it gapped or not. I watched for the storage report and added just after and moved my stops up. Your post do help thx.
  • champ: @stevef214 $UGAZ ---- Yes, the build was 78 bcf but it was lower than expected and could be the start of the summer demand....that is slowly starting to draw down inventories..... because the prior week showed a build of 106 bcf....this is what some of the N-Gas traders are saying......its the educated guessing game or maybe one could say.... the gamblers are at work. LOL
  • stevef214: @champ $UGAZ The NE finally had hot weather to help the draw. One potential set back for NG usage is increase use of coal for electricity. I am trying to find out what areas/states could even increase coal usage. Maybe federal EPA regualtions have been lowered but state regulations could still override it. Two factors I can think of 1) state regulations and two how fast/hard it is to switch if coal fired generators were decommissioned. Just something to watch.
  • champ: @stevef214 $UGAZ ---- Your right but its very small because of all the damage that was done in the dirty coal sector. The Good regulation eliminated the use of dirty coal. I'm not really up on the state regulation but most all have now change over. Everything is clean coal now, not dirty coal and they did ....Not.... roll back any of those regulation....its more about the mining and land regulations. The Feds and the States are #Never going to allow the use of dirty coal again....#Never.... thats all in the past. LOL
  • champ: $SPX ---- $DJI is only down 20 points for now ---- Still appears to be strong but its really getting harder to hold any Spec position, for bounce trades....I have been stopped out of most all, over the last few days at around entry... $URI and $CBI a ...
  • Robert1965: $UGAZ @champ are you still in or sell
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UGAZ ---- I'm still in and I'm thinking about swinging my full position and maybe adding 35% because of the weather and N-Gas is @ $3.08 up $ 0.13.. 4.33% today and also because the ETF is bouncing off of the ATL.....and this is day 1. What are your thoughts....??
  • champ: $UGAZ was @ $13.04.....I'm guessing that this is a new ATL.... a lot of bottoms, near this new level low this morning.....N-Gas 3x's long........bounce candidate....... for traders watching.
  • champ: $UGAZ @ $14.80 ---- Appears to be bouncing a little off this... all time low of $13.66...interesting and I'm watching, could maybe be the start of a slow move higher, going into the summer N-Gas energy months....but theres still not really any clues at this point......could be a a Spec trade going forward.
  • stevef214: @champ $UGAZ Definitely a nice reversal this morning after the storage report came out and knocked it down. Just read an article that says it shows that there are a lot of buyers coming in when NG goes < $3. I mention $UGAZ a few days ago and have a mental stop if NG falls/closes below $2.96.
  • champ: @stevef214 $UGAZ ---- I have NP but watching, I had some posts last November- December and I caught that bounce for about a $20.
  • Robert1965: @stevef214 $UGAZ #NG #dailyfx Looks like it is UP in PM 15.24
  • stevef214: $UGAZ #NG #dailyfx NG has been holding just about the $3 level where it bounce back in April. Took a position in $UGAZ yesterday thinking it was low risk but had my stop too close and got stopped out for small loss. It gapped up this morning and held so I re- entered at $14.40. I still think it is low risk with use of a stop. BTW for intraday quotes for Oil, NG and Gold I found dailyfx to be quite good. Links are below
  • champ: $USO $UGAZ $XLE --- More $EnergyNews --- $XLF is trying to help out the markets this morning but now the markets need the energy sector to turn $XLE....however, the #News this morning is that....the Saudi's have cut ties with #Qatar over the weekend ...
  • champ: @CHOFF $USO $CHK ---- $UNG $UGAZ ....Its about N-Gas supplies and they have been climbing. Not like Oil supplies because they been dropping because the Saudi's are cutting back exports to the U.S., weekly. Thats why these N-Gas ETF's have been dropping before the start of the summer demand season. I like $CHK but its just to early to add or to take out new positions in these names but I'm watching $DVN and $UGAZ for buys. The energy sector will bounce in the coming days but we just don't know when thats going to happen but I'm guessing it could be next week....and I'm watching N-Gas for a bounce also but No real clue when thats going to happen but watching.
  • CHOFF: @champ $USO $CHK $UNG $UGAZ $DVN Thanks - $DVN looks extremely riskly to me right now. $UGAZ looks interesting. I'll be watching for the first green bars in $CHK in the coming week. Prices aren't going up but they keep bringing wells back online...something is up.
  • stevef214: @debeers $LABU yep nice ride today although I was stopped out at about before the last leg up. But got into $UGAZ just about the days bottom. it was a triple ETF day.
  • stevef214: $UGAZ Back in this morning at $21.02 for day trade and might swing it
  • spmeyers: @stevef214 $UGAZ gap fill and back down?
  • stevef214: $UGAZ I sold most of my position last week and then added 1/3 back yesterday. Moved my stop to just under the open and now stopped out for decent profit. Looking to re-enter. NG has been channeling in a range between $3.17 to $3.27 since end of April and above $3 since beginning. I have no idea which way it breaks the channel so just playing the limits for now.
  • stevef214: $UGAZ Stopped out of 3/4 position at $18.19 bought awhile ago for $15.56 average. Probably should have raised my stop a couple of days ago because this will probably be the bottom.
  • rck89: @stevef214 $UGAZ Mmm? Why do you think this will be the bottom for $UGAZ? This stock trades on weather patterns that affect nat gas prices. So what are you seeing for nat gas prices? Thanks.
  • stevef214: @rck89 $UGAZ Sorry, I was not clear, actually referring to my luck to be stopped out at the bottom. Now I am waiting to see what happens with NG. IMO, at this point it is not weather so much being in between winter and summer. It's more whether NG usage will increase in other areas, electricity, industries and exports. Hard to tell at this point since coal may be coming back as a competitor.
  • champ: $UGAZ $ERX --- Both of these ETF's are ...still working.....because Oil and N-Gas are both up again today....
  • champ: $ERX --- $UGAZ @ $22.50 up about 14% --- Why ...the simple answer is because N-Gas is up today, about $0.16....this ETF is still bouncing off of that low and back on 2/22 I had a post...but with zig-zags. Helping the energy sector today and WTI-Oil is also bouncing. I had another post today about $ERX and this ETF is bouncing off the YTD low that was on 3/27 @ $29
  • rck89: @champ $ERX $UGAZ So where are oil / gas prices going? Nobody knows, so at best these are trading vehicles that are dependent on weather and OPEC headlines! Unfortunately, I own $UGAZ at higher prices so I'm hoping for a long, hot Summer!
  • champ: @rck89 $ERX $UGAZ ----- Inventory numbers...also kick these ETF's around...the WTI Oil #API numbers will be released at 16.30 ET today about 75 minutes from now.
  • rck89: @champ @stevef214 @Robert1965 @Esther and others $UGAZ Thanks for your thoughtful comments yesterday on $UGAZ...very helpful and much appreciated!
  • champ: $UGAZ ...had a small draw of -43 bcf and inventory #'s are less than last year....
  • Robert1965: @champ $UGAZ Thanks for the update, looks like it is holding, 21.50, I sold yesterday, at that, any thoughts
  • Robert1965: $UGAZ up 6% 21.47, @champ had trade near the low 13.66, nice call, still holding a 100 share lot of 14.07, selling today, any thoughts
  • Robert1965: $UGAZ sold at 21.50
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UGAZ --- My thoughts asked....just like your trade worked low and sell high...small positions and trade around the core.....good work.
  • stevef214: $UNG $UGAZ $CHK All up again today. $CHK making its move along with NG and a recent bullish view from Wunderlich. The recent move in oil is also helping.
  • rck89: $UGAZ - Anyone have a long range weather report, insight into tomorrow's nat gas report or other info that would explain the up move in $UGAZ this a.m.? Thanks.
  • champ: @rck89 $UGAZ ---- Still moving up off the low...I had a post around 2/22 ....could be a seasonal bounce, that sometime happens around April.....look at the chart but it didn't really happen the last 2-years.
  • stevef214: @rck89 $UGAZ I am thinking that the recent move up in NG is not due to weather anymore, at least not depending on cold weather resulting in heating because first we are now the winter season is over and secondly recent temperatures have been average to slightly above. I posted that the last storage report showed a large draw down. this could have been due to two weeks ago temperatures were below average. The recent move up may now be anticipation of general usage rising, summer weather and export levels. Technicals show NG has moved above some resistance and is now at $3.16/bcf, if it can clear $3.20 it has a clear shot to $3.40.
  • Robert1965: @stevef214 $UGAZ Thanks
  • champ: @rck89 @stevef214 $UGAZ --- You are right it's about the inventory levels...not really the chart...the N-Gas traders are betting RHRN that the inventory report in the morning at 10:30ET, will show another draw....if you believe that is going to be correct place your bets....long or short....that is what... is happening RHRN my guess.
  • Esther: @rck89 $UGAZ I thought I posted this but am not seeing it. Apologies if it is a double post. John Kemp sent out a note a day or two ago hat U.S. natural gas prices for summer 2017 have risen sharply relative to summer 2018 as the market moves to reduce power burn and conserve gas stocks. The calendar spread from Jun 2017 to June 2018 has tightened from a backwardation of 9 cents per million BTUs on Feb 22 to 34 cents on Mar 27. You can get added to his list by sending an email to (It is always nice to tell a reporter how much you appreciate their work, as well.)
  • Esther: @stevef214 $UNG $UGAZ $CHK and Stifel also raised to a buy, I looked at this yesterday and was tempted to take a position but I am trying very hard to limit my risk and become a better investor and I already own $RICE. I was a little spooked by Morningstar's Fair Value Estimate which is $2!! But now I am regretting not going with my gut.
  • stevef214: @champ $CHK $UGAZ $DVN Director Archie Dunham just file form 4 and he bought 500K shares. This is significant IMO. Still looking to add and I added some yesterday.
  • champ: @stevef214 $CHK ----3 Directors each bought 50,000 shares...from $5.22 - $5.42.....all under water for now but that is really positive for the stock moving forward. $UGAZ has been working but all the N-Gas stocks are not really working at this time....but they will at some point.....$DVN is one ...thats down but their are many.
  • Robert1965: $UGAZ Need some help Bought on open 17.88, and 18.08, have stop set 17.47, should I just get out
  • JBed: @Robert1965 $UGAZ Is this for a day trade or longer hold? You don't say how big your position is. I wouldn't sell here as it looks like the price is going up. You might want to move your stop up if you're nervous.
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UGAZ - If you were to look at a 5 minute chart...on the price of N-Gas and this ETF...they are streaming together.... all of us would like to have a crystal ball...but even CEO's and directors don't really know what is going to happen in the energy's really just an educated guessing game... as we all look for entries.
  • stevef214: $UNG $UGAZ NG gapped up and seems to be holding. I have a bid in to add to $UGAZ. It could fill the gap from 2/21 back up to $19. I am not sure if this is about the recent cold from over the weekend or if this is a forecast expecting more electricity use in the near months to come. anyone have any thoughts?
  • champ: @stevef214 $UNG $UGAZ --- My guess is that it's more about Inventories supplies YoY....and the weather is always in the mix....I'm still holding my position....from that low that I posted about.
  • Robert1965: @champ $UNG $UGAZ You were right to get in near the low under 13.90, what are you looking at to get out,
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UNG $UGAZ ---- Not really babysitting but I will hear an Alerts ....if the price of N-gas drops.
  • champ: $UGAZ @ $15 but still zig-zagging....sticking it's head above ground now...the price of N-Gas is climbing a little this morning....still holding my position....for now.
  • champ: @maratom71 $UGAZ ---- I'm still holding a small position....ATL... and I really have know clue about directions....might have to cut this trade loose...?
  • stevef214: @champ $UGAZ up decent today. I wanted to add yesterday on the dip but missed it. I am thinking now wait for it to clear the 2/21 high of $15.91 which would put it up into the gap. Reading NG is oversold and it should rise for a bit. With the winter so warm now the thoughts are its going to cause a warm summer and NG will be used for more electricity for air conditioning. What's your thoughts on adding?
  • champ: $UGAZ @ $15.15 --- This N-Gas ETF is also still hanging around this level....but zig-zagging along with everything else. The ATL was $13.74 ...and it has now bounce about $2 in the last couple of days. N-Gas really needs more news on demand...and inventory levels are lower and has been slowly dropping y/y ....they just reported. No real clue on direction but I'm still holding my new position ...that I posted about a couple days ago. On regulation... they did report news on some coal regulations that they eliminate this week. N-Gas, Oil and refiners news should be coming, maybe as early as next week.
  • champ: @stevef214 $UGAZ ---- You thoughts are real simple....the only thing that really matters on this ETF the price of N-Gas and demand....I think it's really only that simple...the chart doesn't matter IMO.
  • champ: $UGAZ moving up a little
  • Robert1965: @champ $UGAZ Did you ever place a stop on your trade
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UGAZ ---- I don't have a trailing stop at this entry was near the low....and my position size is only 1/2 size now.... because I banked a nice profits on the other 1/2...but I always have a safety stop at or near entry on new trades....I want to see what happens on the open on that I have profits....I will be trying slowly build a larger position but I don't expect that this trade is going to be easy... it's all about the weather and the price of N-Gas...for N-Gas inventory #'s you know...are not until 3/1 next that might give me a little time to play around with a new entry....however, I might have to sell on the open.
  • Henry: $UGAZ My son, who only recently got interested in stocks, decided from stocktwits that UGAZ was his stock. He bought at $25 in change. I convinced him to sell at a $7 loss. He neither had time nor Internet access to manage this beast. It was an inexpensive lesson compared to my stock/option education.
  • champ: $UGAZ up $1.17 in the PM ...bouncing off the low on volume this morning...I posted info yesterday...and I'm still holding my position.
  • Robert1965: @champ $UGAZ I got some at the close, where did you place the stop, I have it at 13.87
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UGAZ ---- No stop at this point...I'm looking to add. I was expecting N-Gas to be up this morning.....I will be babysitting for awhile... on the open.
  • Kjksm1: @champ $UGAZ what is your price target?
  • Robert1965: @Robert1965 $UGAZ Just sold at 15.09
  • champ: @Kjksm1 $UGAZ ....Looking to add to my Starter....I'm on the fly real this point....for my add.
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Volume 1,888,510

The investment seeks to replicate, net of expenses, three times the performance of the S&P GSCI Natural Gas Index ER. The index comprises futures contracts on a single commodity and is calculated according to the methodology of the S&P GSCI Index.

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