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  • Iceman: $URBN #ShortPuts – Bought to close 1 URBN Sep 15 2017 20.0 Put @ 0.05. It won’t trade any lower. Originally sold on 03/08/2017 at 1.20.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $URBN Urban Outfitters Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=URBN&clip=90942
  • Dan1946: $URBN > what does the group think about this stock, down 2% today?
  • Bridget: @Dan1946 $URBN till holding above $21. I think this is promising.
  • Bridget: $URBN now above the earnings high.
  • Forexpro: Re: $URBN

    Good Morning, Friends,

    Another prominent loser this morning is $URBN, which produced a subpar earnings report and gloomy guidance (e.g. gross margins could decrease, Anthropologie apparel sales likely to remain difficult). No position, an ...
  • gwenzee: @janner0814 $TIF $BBY $IP $PDCE $BURL $SM $AMAT $URBN $TTWO $CAVM $DSW $NTAP $DKS $SYMC $UNP $PX $FL $HRL This was most interesting. Are these stocks that you have owned? How did you find them? A scan or what?
  • janner0814: Eighteen stocks with positive moves following previous volatility squeezes: $TIF $BBY $IP $PDCE $BURL $SM $AMAT $URBN $TTWO $CAVM $DSW $NTAP $DKS $SYMC $UNP $PX $FL $HRL #ARAGORNchallenge: @Aragorn's request for members to come up with their own #ideas and #processes.
  • janner0814: @gwenzee $TIF $BBY $IP $PDCE $BURL $SM $AMAT $URBN $TTWO $CAVM $DSW $NTAP $DKS $SYMC $UNP $PX $FL $HRL Yeah just wrote a scan that identified BB squeezes with subsequent expansion patterns..... started initially with 4903 common stocks, then did my liquidity screen to take out the cheapos, left me with numerous good candidates...... ....eye balled the first 100 for positive momo patterns. The first 100 gave me these 18 hits. #ARAGORNchallenge: @Aragorn's request for members to come up with their own #ideas and #processes.
  • judysteiner: $URBN gap up on news and going
  • SierraJW: ...
    $URBN Urban Outfitters ... 19.65 -13.32%
    $CRK Comstock Resource... 2.35 -11.99%
    $AVXL Anavex Life Scien... 3.77 -10.66%
    $ANGI Angie"s List Inc.... 8.98 -8.65%
    $MYOS Myos Corp 2.47 -8.52%
    $CLVS Clovis Oncology I... 28.10 -7.08%
    $BOJA Bojangles& ...
  • Iceman: #Economy #Retail #BlueChristmas - these stocks are telling you that the hype about a recovering economy/consumer is so much BS. These stocks are a #FallingKnife but they may recover and/or stabilize in the long term. I'd give them at least 6 months to bottom and turn around. See the Oils about this time last year as an example. $FOSL $GME $JWN $ROST $DLTR $KSS $URBN $KORS $TJX $BBY $BBBY $UA $DG $TSCO $GPS
  • issues: @Iceman $FOSL $GME $JWN $ROST $DLTR $KSS $URBN $KORS $TJX $BBY $BBBY $UA $DG $TSCO $GPS #Economy #Retail #BlueChristmas #FallingKnife You may be right Iceman.
  • janner0814: ...
    $CVX $FLR $HBI $LEG $LNC $LRCX $MU $MUR $NOV $NSC $RIG(w/o r/e: 8/5) $URBN $XOM $XYL $YHOO

    Finally, the Special What to Do? $ZTS, potential "J" hook/Inverse HS/Cup&Handle Breakout. R/E: 8/4/15 Tuesday!

    **********Legend*************** ...
  • Iceman: $URBN #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Bought to close URBN Jun 19 2015 26.0 Puts @ 0.05. These have reached minimum value 95 days prior to expiration. I am now completely out of this name. Originally sold 11/14/14 at 1.15 and 1.50. The stock must have been falling really hard that day.
  • RON: Watchlist Outperformers $AMBA $FSLA $TRIP 22% $URBN $TRN $XBI 15% Monthly -- $AMBA $TRN $DVA $REGN are excellent strength in all RS Scans Today Week & Month
  • Iceman: $URBN #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Bought to close URBN Jun 19 2015 25.0 Put @ 0.05. This has reached minimum value 101 days before expiration. Originally sold at 11/14/14 @ 1.30.
  • RON: $URBN is holding up 8 stocks up out of the 148 I watch $HABT using the Hourly chat for more information West Coast Hamburgers always buzy No $SHAK here
  • SADL: $URBN setting up for a day trade, out of tight BB with volume
  • issues: $URBN reports after bell tonight. I don't like the chart. NP
  • BartonGee: $URBN Any thoughts on earnings. It's retail and reports on Monday.
  • :
  • TG2000: Retailers on the move: $ANF 10% $ARO 7% $TGT 7% $FIVE 6.5% $BONT 5% $TCS (I own) 4.5% $M 4% $DKS 3% $KSS 3% $URBN 3% $FINL 3%
  • Aragorn: ...
    $URBN - 38.58 is the 8ema it needs to regain that setting and alert BOP says under distribution

    WPRT- nope inside day and down the 50 is resistance and the 8 was not support this is going lower before it moves up IMHO

    $WTW - setting up for th ...
  • scottto: ...
    $URBN - Cost basis $38.22. Profit target $42. Entered close to the low stop so I could afford a larger position on this stock since even with a stop out, my max loss is fairly limited.

    $WPRT - Cost basis $27.81. Profit target $32.50. Entered ...
  • wesley: ...
    $URBN Dec 36 calls are seeing interest with modest strength in the underlying stock ahead of earnings next week Nov 19 after the close (volume: 3680, open int: 500, implied vol: ~45%, prev day implied vol: 41%

    Notable Call Activity followin ...
  • scgaryinv: $ALXN FOSL $NTES This is what I am long going into Monday morning, I had an awesome winner in hain this past week. my biggest $ winner on the Year ! Also made out like a bandit on $URBN and WSM.
  • nasada: GES... big move like $URBN made yesterday, except in the opposite direction...down 15% on poor earnings...
  • scgaryinv: $URBN I am still long URBN. It is trying to break through 37.00. If it can ? ? ? holly rollers will it go I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE !!! Is anyone out there in this trade ???
  • scgaryinv: $URBN @scorpino What a nice trade to jump into after hours long at 33.20, 33.50, 34.40. large beat this will be higher tomorrow !!
  • scgaryinv: $URBN sold part at 35.16. that will help me recover from a horrible day today.
  • scgaryinv: $URBN Did any one jump into $URBN in after hours? it's still going higher at 36.55 now.
  • scgaryinv: $URBN @scorpino Buy just a little and hold it over night. they blew away the numbers big time. call me if you like
  • scgaryinv: $URBN @markor01 @scorpino Read The Earnings they beat on all metrics excepts same store sales were down only 1% which obviously they do not care about. Good luck. I am dangerously long overnight.
  • scgaryinv: $URBN $NDSN @markor01 You might want to take a look at NDSN? i got long $NDSN @ 63.00 and it is a very risky trade !!!! One of those you just never know what it will do tomorrow trades. Sometimes they really pop higher !!! and some times not so much. I took a very small position it it as well. I hope we do great tomorrow in URBN. I am expecting we will.
  • debrup: Squeezes : $TRX BBT $DDR WFC $LNG MOS $URBN TRAK $KERX WES $VLCCF CLMT AMJ BRKB $HR CETV $CYBX PSLV $XCO AUMN $LORL Some names that came out of my Volatility scans this weekend. I hope there is something useful in there. Have a great weekend!
  • gold2stocks: ...

    Urban Outfitters numbers increased at Nomura

    May 22, 2012 | 7:37 AM EDT

    $URBN estimates were raised through 2013, Nomura said. Company is seeing better square footage growth. Neutral rating and new $29 price target.

    $YHOO ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Urban Outfitters estimates lowered at $UBS
    $URBN estimates lowered through 2014, $UBS said. Management changes will take time to gel. Neutral rating.

    Urban Outfitters estimates cut at Credit Suisse
    $URBN estimates were reduced ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Urban Outfitters upgraded at $BMO
    $URBN was upgraded to Outperform, $BMO Capital said. $36 price target. Visibility is improving for the second half of the year and 2013.

    $URS upgraded at Baird
    $URS was upgraded from Neutral to Ou ...
  • MSL: ...
    One can see a similar weeks effect after they were brought down and were almost immediate buying opportunities: $GOOG AMZN $RVBD JNPR $URBN TIF LIZ CMG $ZNGA MAS, now $GILD ?? Or is a strong market just sucking the beat downs up with it ? That sai ...
  • MSL: $CLF, love the price action today. These stocks that get beat down by earnings eventually reverse from what I have been seeing day1, day2, day 3 after they are brought down. Footnote $URBN TIF $MAS AMZN LIZ CMG $JNPR RVBD GOOG.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Urban Outfitters upgraded at Janney
    $URBN was upgraded from Neutral to Buy, Janney Montgomery said. $31 price target. New management will focus on inventory and merchandising.

    Vertex Pharmaceuticals downgraded at Goldman
    $VRTX wa ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Urabn Outfitters upgraded at Wedbush
    $URBN was upgraded from Underperform to Neutral, Wedbush said. Valuation call, based on a $25 price target.

    Wesco upgraded at Baird
    $WCC was upgraded to Outperform, @Robert Baird said. $69 price ...
  • MSL: 59ers, $URBN, DLA. Watch the vol. on $DLA, sort of thin. http://www.#cnbc.com/id/45950288 http://www.#cnbc.com/id/45947604
  • jasper: $URBN - 16.55% short interest as of 12-15-11 - my most current number. Shorts may declare victory and cover which could help provide a pop? Or not?
  • MartySS: $URBN - Took a little $URBN with a stop under this mornings low.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Shares of $URBN now seen reaching $31, according to @Morgan Stanley. Company is facing increased inventory concerns. Overweight rating.

    Urban Outfitters estimates, target lowered at Oppenheimer
    Shares of $URBN now seen reaching $35, according ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $URBN estimates were reduced through 2012, Jefferies said. Fundamentals should continue to deteriorate in the coming quarters. Underperform rating and new $19 price target.

    Valero estimates increased at Oppenheimer
    $VLO estimates were raised th ...
  • vze2n77d: $URBN - Down in pre-market post earnings.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $URBN estimates were cut through 2013, Goldman Sachs said. $31 price target. Lower sales are weighing on margins.

    @Wendy's estimates, target increased at $BMO
    Shares of $WEN now seen reaching $6, according to $BMO Capital Markets. Estimates al ...
  • taylor: Markets: A change in market tone - retailers finally falling? I missed Friday's action because I was driving to $NYC for a long weekend. I was disappointed in the market's performance. Closing Below 50-day EMA on Friday alone: NYSE=142 Stocks NASDAQ=96 Stocks The list of those stocks also falling below near term support by dropping out of their recent trading ranges (at least by my eyeballing of the charts): Anntaylor Stores ( $ANN ) Penney (J.C.) ( $JCP ) Allstate Corp ( $ALL ) ST. Jude Medical ( $STJ ) V.F. Corp ( $VFC ) Phillips-Van Heusen ( $PVH ) $PEP Boys - @Manny @Moe & Jack ( $PBY ) Aruba Networks ( $ARUN ) Urban Outfitters ( $URBN ) Autodesk Inc ( $ADSK ) O'Reilly Automotive ( $ORLY ) CHILDRENS PL RETAIL STORES INC COM ( $PLCE )
  • docsch: ...
    The retail sector (RLX) gapped down at the open Monday after reports by $LOW and $JCP before the market. $JCP beat estimates and $LOW gapped down on a $.02 miss. $URBN also missed by about $.02 after Monday close, but is up in the after market. The ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $URBN was downgraded from Hold to Underperform, Jefferies said. Sudden departure of brand President could set the company even further back on its turnaround strategy. $25 price target.

    Back to Top


    Chesapeake Energy es ...
  • CallaLilly: Retail Stores ... I've read about seven of these articles in the last two weeks in $WWD about costs rising and not able to pass on to the retail customer. $URBN had this issue and this paragraph is about H&M, fast fashion is getting hit so hard ... "Gross margin fell to 57.8 percent of sales during the period from 61.9 percent a year earlier, negatively impacted by accelerating cost inflation in the sourcing markets, a reduction in spare capacity among manufacturers, higher transportation costs and a negative U.S. dollar effect."
  • gregory: ...
    I'm trying to learn the entries and the exits part. Looks like I started SMM at a bad time, just prior to this period of high volatility, so I can't seem to get a good entry, because I just don't get to hold it w/o getting stopped out, so I can ride ...
  • jkricha: $URBN - We had a failure to communicate. I wanted vanilla and she wanted chocolate! She won! Again!
  • CallaLilly: ...
    I think the point of this, apart from the obvious issue for retailers which we heard from $URBN - who did magnificently well considering blizzards - of lowered margins because not every cost will be passed on - is that in a churning less forgiving m ...
  • kprice7: First time post: Based on @DAN's Strategy Session last night, I entered low risk positions on $NFLX and $URBN at today's open. I am following his opinion that they will experience an Oversold Bounce. @DAN didn't mention what to look for as an EXIT on these trades, what do you think?
  • fuzzball: $URBN - 59 min trade? Down big in pre market.
  • imortalz: $URBN I'm in for a 59'er. 33? stop 32.77???? Lock and loaded.
  • -Greg-: $URBN - Question for the forum-- How do others prefer to play a potential price action bounce on these types of moves? #Options or buying the stock??
  • bake58: $URBN - 59 min trade. @fuzzball, I purchased the 59 min workshop about a month ago and see there is great potential for this type of trading. I was wondering if there is a place where fellow 59 minute traders can go and discuss ideas, trades etc. to sharpen skills ?
  • dr.orangejuicer: $URBN - This stock sold off hard on the intital earnings release, sold off twice after in the after-hours session, and has now a third time this morning. No sign of life in this one; I'd look to short the morning high if I had to do something (will be avoiding, however). @Karen Finerman commented last night that the miss was substantial enough to question the sustainability of past growth, thereby leading to multiple contraction. See: $EQIX in October.
  • nasada: URBN...lets see where $URBN is trading 10-15 minutes into the day, what the overall market is doing, and then post our opinions and trades in the thread. FYI and IMHO...we are not entitled to make $ just because we've spotted a pattern. It could, gap and bounce or gap and crap or be in a new trading range: all are possibilities.
  • bxshin: $URBN - #Options don't trade pre-market. All these traders that are buying now are buying stock and riding it up.
  • -Greg-: $URBN - I know that #options cannot be traded pre-market. I mean when the market opens, do people prefer common or use #options as a more (bang for your buck).
  • -Greg-: $URBN - bxshin, vitaly077 -- Thanks for your input, really appreciate the response.
  • CallaLilly: $URBN - someday an analyst will poke up and say stop the selling, the performance with the blizzards and new businesses was extraordinary - continuing double digit growth. Maybe not #RHRN.
  • rbrown2222: $URBN I watched it at opening based on bad earnings and sales. No 59 min trade to make. Went down and stayed down.
  • fuzzball: $URBN - gave it a shot....small loss. Things do sound ugly there.
  • CallaLilly: ...
    $URBN is having earnings and (chased out during a bear attack) is doing everything right with its mix of divisions and brilliant catalogs and online. Yes, bridal too.

    $ANN is a sleeper and getting a bit of fashion press.

    Kind of waiting for g ...
  • vze2n77d: $XRT - Retailers came out with better than expected sales. Some of my favorites are $RUE, $BODY, $ARO, $BKE, $UA, $URBN, $TIF, . A turn around play may be TLB.
  • CallaLilly: ...
    Can't talk about $URBN ever again since I was suckered out on a bear raid like a first day trader: huge personal fail (I guess, suddenly I thought of snow). $SKS is really interesting, want back in:http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=SKS&p=D&b=5&g=0&id ...
  • tradethebull: $URBN - Upgrade has given this a nice boost. CallaLilly hope you are back in by now. Long, short Puts.
  • CallaLilly: $URBN, congratulations. Alas, there was an evil bear raid driving my calls from .50 to .20 at which I did the inevitable thing of panicking.
  • tradethebull: $URBN - This was a nice move today so I closed my position with a nice gain. If those bears move in again I'll start a new position. Thanks CallaLilly for the original reminder of this old friend.
  • tradethebull: $URBN - CallaLilly, your favorite retail having a great move today. Yesterday it gave back most of the gain but it looks like its holding today. Long, by #shorting Puts.
  • CallaLilly: $URBN - I was shaken out a few days ago in calls that dropped so quickly ...
  • CallaLilly: the Weather. Seriously it's been blizzard and storm (well, not here in Venice) and worldwide. It just doesn't end and I'm thinking, noticing that my real favorite underdog $URBN is being held captive below 34.00 (long way too many red calls and finally realizing oops, weather - it has a major online site for its businesses so shouldn't effect it but who knows). So retail, restaurants ... what else will be negatively impacted by way too much snow?
  • CallaLilly: $SKX - do you think the weather worries that are dragging down $ANN who just raised guidance (not enough? and $URBN which is essentially 10% down from its post earnings level will nail SKX? Just realized that when the government is warning that the economy may be dragged down by bad weather, well it certainly may hit retailers?
  • CallaLilly: ...
    Not sure what sector was down the most yesterday: retail down almost 3% and kept buying handfuls of $URBN calls thinking that there's plenty of time for a nice run up before earnings. Couldn't resist $GOOG at 600 (one call, hardly brave a bit), a to ...
  • CallaLilly: Retail stocks (including $URBN and ANN)S&P Retail Index falls below 500 as investors weigh disappointing $GDP, Egyptian tensions. Retail down 2.8%. Loaded up on $URBN calls.
  • CallaLilly: ...
    The only thing that I'm collecting are $URBN FEB35 calls presently bidding .35 and holding a bunch at .50. Calculated risk and buying when retail good cool stocks are down low has worked for me.

    Laundry anyone?
  • CallaLilly: $ANN - well sweet. I'm seriously encouraged by $ANN and $URBN (anthropologie, free people) and $SKS (not long now) by the fact that fast fashion shops have disappointed with earnings. Moving past recessionista fashion to austerity opens a price level at the luxurious top and then the level just above and below JCG which surprisingly with its bridal and mens is just plodding along. I think $ANN is a value play with growth around the corner. I am also often wrong, lol.
  • CallaLilly: $URBN =http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=URBN&p=D&yr=1&mn=0&dy=0&id=p66014314336 .. earnings March 11, beat last quarter and gapped up, this nosedive took it back to sort of deal with the gap. The chart is similar to ANN. $URBN owns Urban Outfitters, Anthropology and Free People, and is opening its bridal division February 14 ...http://www.fabsugar.com/Urban-Outfitters-Launches-Bridal-Collection-13503368. For all the same reasons that I like $ANN, deep value down low for what is likely now a growth stock with the transition from fast fashion to slightly better or deep lux. Just saying, I'm delighted to trade it and begin a deep piece on dips for an earnings run.
  • tradethebull: $URBN - Thanks for this post. I've traded this one so many times over the years. Looking at the weekly it looks as if the 20 and 200 day could be providing support. Think I'll take a starter position
  • gamiller: $SBUX URBN - both in 4% vol #squeeze near 50 MA. $URBN net sales for Nov & Dec are 15% higher for 2010 vs. 2009.
  • CallaLilly: $URBN - just about to go green: up 15% with the rest of retail around 5%. Love this company, hope the stock behaves. Long March35. calls and green.
  • CallaLilly: $BAC - it's the fave of the day now: holding Feb12 calls and they've been parabolic. Today is a pullback? (I know, do NOT get too happy, just west coast madness.) $BAC - $GS recommends buying April16 calls $GOOG - surprised at its struggle with 600. (Long one Feb600 call and hesitant to add). $POT Cannacord raised target to 180 (bid on a March 170call at 8.) $FCX not so bad for a commodity name, it does have its split coming. $URBN - added a bit on this slight pullback, total commitment to the company.
  • CallaLilly: HHWW - most interesting, at Browns London and even $AMZN and working with a new major fashion person (Michelle Stein). JCG,URBN,$SHLD (ridiculous to put shld there) ...Sears, Urban Outfitters Said to Weigh J. Crew Bids http://bit.ly/eYqEk9 $JCG $JCP $URBN
  • CallaLilly: $URBN - downgraded to hold today by Jeffries .. while I know the market is always right, I think Jeffries is very wrong ... sitting right smack at at intersection ...http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=URBN&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p97338006696 (I think it's wrong because $URBN is doing a lot right, beat last quarters earnings and its parts are doing well; during the depths of the painful down dark days, $URBN was an alternative to more spendy pieces and shopping habits stick.
  • unremitting3: $ANF $M $DECK $NKE $RL $WRC $URBN $LTD $PVH $TJX $KSS These are #Cramer's retail picks which I got off The Street under Mad Money last Friday. Take a look at $NKE which shows a BIG pop today. Still in play. Also, consider $ANF which made me a bundle via OTM #options on the Retail figures. If this #Cramer site is off limits, please let me know and I'll take it down
  • bullmoose: $URBN - Stopped out of my remaining shares today. I was looking for a consolidation and pop, but it fell out the bottom so I'm out.
  • bullmoose: Happy Ultra Long Holiday! - I decided to make today a one-day happy holiday and loaded up on $SSO and $TNA at the open with the goal of selling them before the close for a nice juicy profit. Probably should have added TYH as well but I don't want to be a pig. I also added $URBN for some retail dessert. The daily chart looks overstuffed, but take a look at the weekly. It's just starting an expansion. Thanks @Dan for giving me the insight and confidence to make money rather than swim in quicksand.
  • taylor: Good Morning everyone. The S&P 500 dropped 1.21% on Thursday, slipping below its 10-day moving average. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down six of the last eight sessions. Key stocks closing below their 50dayEMA included $GE,DIS,$TXN,AXP,$KBH,OXY on the NYSE and $CSCO,AMAT,$DELL,BRCM,$URBN,STEC on the NASDAQ. $CRM and $VRX had bearish engulfing chart patterns after setting new yearly highs while $SNDK, $BIDU and $FFIV closed down on heavy volume after hittng their 52week highs. Markets are pointing down this A.M. Manage your risk and good luck today.
  • Russ: $HSIC, $CTSH, $TMK, $CNW, $GPC, $LYV, $ANSS, $EMN, $PBI, $PH, $SWK, $URBN, $WLL, $NKE, $RYN, $AER, $AYR Yesterday, these tickers were being bought pretty consistently throughout the day without a lot of gyration. They ended at the top of their candles on strong volume. If not right now, then when all the dust settles in a few days, some might make good buys.
  • taylor: ...
    Earnings: Before- $AMSC, $CHU, $KSS, $URBN ; After - BBI, $JWN, $NVDA, $GGP
    Other: U.S. Initial Jobless Claims, Continuing Claims, Import Prices, Treasury Auction $16B In 30-Yr Bonds, @Charles Schwab Shareholder Meeting, #CNBC Premiere: Total Reca ...
  • Rali: $URBN Anyone have any comment on this one?
  • sterry: $URBN - closed my position a couple of days ago. My thinking was that the big retail rally was trickling off.
  • sterry: $URBN COST - $COST came in below expectations, but is trading down only .5%. $URBN is reporting tomorrow AM. I'm long $URBN, thinking of holding through earnings. Anyone else?
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Urban Outfitters, inc., is a lifestyle specialty retail company that operates under the Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People and Terrain brands. It also operates a wholesale segment.

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