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  • champ: $UVXY $40 $SDS $50.30.....back in both with size....stops at entry....but expecting zig-zags if it moves-up.....
  • JBed: $UVXY BTO 9/8 $29 puts @ 1.40. Long SVXY from 69. Makes more sense than buying stock right now.
  • Robert1965: @champ $UVXY this looks like it is floating between 39.47 to 40.47 are out or still in
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UVXY ...Stopped out 3 x's now ....but I'm back in @ $37.50...going to see how it plays out....CNBC moved off P Trump for now and the markets really had a nice bounce ...going to see what happens next....really need CNBC to help turn the markets higher and they need to get off all of this #Political news.....because the markets could turn-up.....but here they go again....not helping the markets at all......and Oil also had a great bounce.
  • champ: $UVXY @ $39.75 now and is moving fast ....the low was $35.15....I got back in.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #Speculation – I’ve got this week’s 46.0 – through 51.5 Calls expiring in less than two hours (I hope). Replacing them with Calls for Next week 20+ points higher. Sold UVXY Aug 25 75.0 Calls @ 0.51. Sold UVXY Aug 25 76.0 Calls @ 0.53. Sold UVXY Aug 25 77.0 Calls @ 0.55.
  • bsafriet: @champ $UVXY Bad time to break for lunch. Missed the bus again!
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls – Sold UVXY SEP 1 2017 91.0 Calls @ 0.91 with the stock at 40.20.
  • champ: $UVXY @ $31.70 ....New hedge position this morning ...with Stop at entry.....full size
  • Junior1: @champ $UVXY excellent timing!
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #TopOfTheChain – Sold my first 91 Calls this morning with the stock at 35.15 Sold UVXY Sep 8 2017 91.0 Calls @ 0.72 Sold 1 UVXY Sep 15 2017 91.0 Call @ 1.11 Sold 1 UVXY Sep 29 2017 91.0 Call @ 2.21
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls - with the stock at 35.41 These expire tomorrow with the strikes above last week’s peak on the stock. Sold UVXY Aug 18 2017 47.0 Calls @ 0.26 Sold UVXY Aug 18 2017 47.5 Calls @ 0.27
  • champ: $UVXY ----- I'm watching Oil and listening to CNBC for market direction....with this sure helps ....because they are both moving the markets around...mostly lower but with zig-zags.
  • champ: $UVXY ...Now news out of taking over.
  • champ: $UVXY --- News....Gary Cohn's said he's staying and that news is coming out of the WH but thats not good enough for CNBC.....everybody is going to jump ship....they were saying earlier.....this trade is still working off of News flow....for now...and is now HOD.
  • jwstich: @champ $UVXY thank you for posting. Trying to trade some $UVXY this morning for the first time. Just dipping my little toe.
  • champ: @jwstich $UVXY ---- Until you get used to this type of Trade....beginners should always go in small, its very can always add. Good Luck!
  • jwstich: @champ $UVXY will do.
  • champ: @jwstich $UVXY ---- Just a little tip about this trade, the trade moves with the markets but it is also a hedge....traders buy on what they think could happen....going forward but the #1 reasons is ....because the market are dropping and the further ...
  • jwstich: @champ $UVXY #1 #CopyCat #KnowOne Again thank you. Bought and sold position for a small profit. Sold way too early as it turns out but I am happy to have made a profit. Still in the learning curve. I always read your posts! John
  • champ: $UVXY HOD we go again on CNBC.....same thing CEO's again...pushed this ETF back to HOD and Oil is up.
  • bsafriet: @champ $UVXY missed the move -- I'll wait for the next bus. Watching $DRIP closely for exit. Is there a bear 3x ETF for the $XLE?
  • Junior1: @Iceman $UVXY #ShortCalls #TopOfTheChain May have to sell another Sep 91.0 as its over $3.00!
  • champ: $UVXY and $SDS both are HOD now....but expecting zig-zags ....still holding and #Oil was also @ HOD..
  • Junior1: @champ $UVXY $SDS Just got a fill higher than limit order... hmmm... usually troublesome
  • champ: @Junior1 $UVXY $SDS ----I just added @ $38.30 because I'm expecting another leg down, could drop another 100 points... going into the close ...but you never know, know one does and why would anyone buy...the world markets are #Not going to goes CNBC RNRN.
  • champ: $UVXY and $VXX ---- Both already have #Double volume RHRN and both are HOD again.....
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: Trying some new stock, as $UVXY has become too expensive to trade for me. $VXX STO 8/18/17 13.0 CALLS @.52 Just kanoodling for something to do. Expires tomorrow.
  • issues: @bsafriet $UVXY $DRIP $XLE Thanks for your note. I sold most of my oils $XLE $XOP $OKE and trans $XTN all at small losses. I kept $MTDR since it hasn't gone down as much.
  • mharps: @champ $UVXY $VXX #Double -I have a nice profit in VXX- ur holding into tomorrow ?
  • champ: @mharps $UVXY $VXX #Double ---- All depends on how it plays out going into the close....however, I might hold 30% of $UVXY and 1/2 of $ we are getting the next leg... that I posted about ....have to see what happens....but it might turn up a little RHRN....??.
  • mharps: @mharps $UVXY $VXX #Double Couldn't wait-took the bird in the hand
  • champ: $UVXY WOW...many are taking hedging positions now......
  • champ: $UVXY ...this trade will move into the AH'S ....
  • champ: $UVXY.....OUT.....all
  • Robert1965: @champ $UVXY Nice call today, especially in at 38.30
  • champ: $UVXY close up about I took the $$$$$...$SDS...Out also....because I'm now expecting a bounce in the morning and then the markets could reason was because of what Art Cashin said on CNBC today.....but the markets could go either way in the morning....IMO....and I have #KnowClue. Theirs really no real reason to swing.... after this great move. I can always buy in the AH's....but I need to see whats going on with stocks in the AH's and $UVXY is now to the GYM and if I make any buys after I get back, before the AH's close, I will post. The markets did have another leg down of 90 points, after my post going into the close that I was expecting. I did not sell any investment positions today, but I did take profits on $LOW.
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UVXY --- Thanks, but that add on was not all that hard because I had room because I was only risking first buy @ $31.70 this morning was the hard buy... this morning because I when in with size..... and I did that because I had booked very large profits, from last week... with those three trades that I posted about from the week before and I did post a #ReCap over the weekend, on one of those trades. If anyone is interested....just saying.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #TopOfTheChain – with the stock moving toward 40 I'm starting small Sold 1 UVXY Dec 15 2017 91.0 Call @ 8.10 Sold 1 UVXY Jan 19 2018 91.0 Call @ 9.20 Sold 1 UVXY Mar 16 2018 91.0 Call @ 12.20
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortPut - Sold UVXY Sep 8 2017 25.0 Puts @ 0.93 with the stock at 30.65 I know, I know ...Not my usual trade but I'm short a sh*t load of UVXY Calls
  • Junior1: @tjv821 $UVXY considering selling puts
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame - taking advantage of the new strikes. Sold 1 UVXY JAN 19 2018 82.0 Call @ 12.10 Sold 1 UVXY MAR 16 2018 82.0 Call @ 14.00 Sold 1 UVXY JAN 18 2019 75.0 Call @ 21.00 I could have taken the money from these sales and bought 100 shares of stock and still would have been cash flow positive.
  • Junior1: $UVXY STO UVXY 11 AUG 17 39.0 Puts @ 1.00 Expire today
  • tejas7: $UVXY BTO stocks for 40.35 STO Aug 11, 40 covered calls for 1.51 Expires today.
  • Junior1: @Junior1 $UVXY BTC UVXY 11 AUG 17 39.0 Puts @ .05 (I needed a win!)
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #Rollup – today’s option would have expired worthless, but I rolled it up 30 … that’s right … 30 Points for NEXT week. Bought to close UVXY Aug 11 2017 52.0 Calls/Sold UVXY Aug 18 2017 82.0 Calls for a 0.66 Credit.
  • tejas7: 2:30pm Sell programs. Storm starting. $UVXY
  • champ: @tejas7 $UVXY ----- Yes it is...but you really need to be careful.
  • Junior1: @Iceman $UVXY Wow... the volume on UVXY Aug 18 2017 82.0 Calls is huge today
  • tejas7: @champ $UVXY I was kind of anticipating that. I have loaded on Aug 11, 40 covered calls that I posted earlier.
  • bRobert: $UVXY Squeeze breakout intraday chart. Long
  • champ: $UVXY ...this could really rip....but for now they are coming in and out....I'm still holding full position
  • champ: @champ $UVXY-----still holding.......full OUT 1/4th
  • Vehid: @champ $UVXY I have no position but watching the 1 min chart. The battle is quite interesting! As a full position holder you should pay me not to buy it! :D
  • bRobert: $UVXY Sold covered calls
  • humble: @champ $UVXY dumb question....whats adjusted options?
  • champ: $UVXY.....OUT but loaded.......back in on that turn
  • infocus:
  • champ: @humble $UVXY----Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner....their are many contracts for adjusted options....a few spin-offs, extraordinary cash dividends, reverse stock splits and merger or acquisitions and their are others....your stock broker could direct you to the right info page on their web site for more information. Have a Great Weekend!
  • champ: @Vehid $UVXY#Recap ---- Maybe try a paper trade next time. Here is a little #ReCap on my trade because you seem like you were interested in it. --- It was kind of a small battle, only because I had size, in certain parts of the trade, but it was not ...
  • Iceman: ...
    Dumped a small odd lot of $UVXY at the equivalent of 40 on a call assignment.

    $VIX and VIX futures were down today and the S&P was up. If we don't have war breakout over the weekend, the market should be strong on Monday.

    -- Expirations --
    CM ...
  • champ: $SPX ---- #WorldMarkets ---- Taking a look before I turn in here in California and I don't see any of the Asia/Pacific markets up....they are all down... and the Futures are All down in Europe and in the U.S.... at this time.... and it doesn't look ...
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls - 1 Sold 1 UVXY AUG 18 2017 68.0 Call @ 1.29 with the stock at 38.63
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls - Sold 1 UVXY SEP 15 2017 68.0 Call @ 4.37
  • champ: $SDS $UVXY $SQQQ....I'm holding all 3 of these hedges and I'm just waiting and real clue on if the markets are going to drop any further but so far this drop is really no big deal....with the $DJI at 21,909 at this point...but anything can happen and I'm kind of watching $APPL $AMZN and $GOOG for direction. WTI-Oil is now dropping and is now down a $1 off the was over $50 this morning @ $ oil is not helping the markets
  • champ: $UVXY HOD now up around 22% for now but expecting zig-zag....with all my hedges
  • bigbartabs: @champ $SDS $UVXY $SQQQ $DJI $APPL $AMZN $GOOG .... I wonder how North Korea's stock market is doing... if they have one. Could probably get in at an all time low.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SDS $UVXY $SQQQ $DJI $APPL $AMZN $GOOG ---- P Trump needs to go over RHRN and make a deal on a Hotel and Golf Course, that would probably solve this problem.....I'm going to send him an eMail.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – I will be adding to these …. slowly, until even higher strike prices are available. So far today, the stock has topped out at 39.54 Sold 1 UVXY AUG 18 2017 68.0 Call @ 1.35 Sold 1 UVXY SEP 1 2017 64.0 Call @ 2.82 Sold 1 UVXY SEP 8 2017 64.0 Call @ 4.09 Sold 1 UVXY SEP 15 2017 68.0 Call @ 4.00 Sold 1 UVXY SEP 22 2017 64.0 Call @ 5.10
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #Nonstandard #ClassicVXXGame – Got two more orders off just after the closing bell. Either margin calls or anxious buyers in an illiquid contract. Sold 1 UVXY 25/100 Jan 18 2019 60.0 Call @ 3.35. Sold 1 UVXY 25/100 Jan 18 2019 60.0 Call @ 3.55. Strike price breakeven is 240.0 with the stock at 40.60
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #NonStandard - Sold 25/100 UVXY Jan 19 2018 60.0 Calls @ 1.71. Breakeven is above 240 on the stock.
  • champ: $UVXY still climbing in the after hours (AH's) and this ETF is up 34.37% RHRN for the day....not bad...but it should fall back ....I sold 80%. The bottom line is ....#always have a plan ready, to catch these types of moves because they can make your whole month....are you ready for tomorrow...??
  • champ: @bRobert $SPY #Uncertainty #Spook #Sending #Lot #Uncertainly #New #Surprised #Political #Never #Guess #Might #World -----Your right and we will see how it plays out....we had a small drop yesterday. I expect, that its not going to be as easy.... as it was today.....with ETF's like $ to the GYM...Take Care.
  • champ: $VXX $UVXY $SDS ...still holding my swing position from yesterday....for now and I added a little....on this last drop....posted yesterday.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame #Scalptrade – these expire Friday Sold UVXY Aug 11 2017 52.0 Calls @ 0.28 Sold UVXY Aug 11 2017 63.0 Calls @ 0.11 – highest strike
  • Junior1: @Iceman $UVXY $SVXY You got excellent fills on all of these! Well done
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $SNAP is my new $UVXY. i get more bang for my buck, now that they increased the margin requirement on $UVXY. $SNAP STO 8/11/17 15.5 CALLS @.37 $SNAP STO 8/11/17 15.0 CALLS @.49
  • Junior1: @GOOSE $SNAP $UVXY Can I ask you... what is the advantage of "ladders"? I see a disadvantage of them: requiring more transactions (time and commissions)
  • champ: $DJI $SPX -- $VXX $UVXY ---- It appears that traders/investors are hanging on to both of these swing long positions, as a "Hedge" to help mitigate any potential losses, as the market, tries to find direction....I'm still holding both for n ...
  • champ: $UVXY @ $33 ....I added after my last post with Stop at entry.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls - a second spike today to 34 - Selling at the highest strikes Sold UVXY Aug 18 2017 65.0 Calls @ 0.67 Sold UVXY Aug 25 2017 60.0 Calls @ 1.33 Sold UVXY Sep 1 2017 60.0 Calls @ 1.80 Sold UVXY Sep 8 2017 60.0 Calls @ 2.23 Sold UVXY Sep 15 2017 65.0 Calls @ 2.61
  • champ: $VXX $UVXY ....took profits on the turn....trailing stop did all the work and its now back on my watch-list.
  • GOOSE: #Computer $UVXY Hi all, Computer went down yesterday, got it back this morning, and my account was messed up, so I thought. When I called Interactive about it, they said they increased the Margin Requirement for $UVXY to 80%. Did other brokers do this too? Hmmm.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $SNAP STO 8/11/17 14.5 CALLS @.50 Speculative. BTC bunch of $UVXY Short Calls to raise margin balance; $UVXY's Margin Requirement raised to 80%, wiping out my buying power. $50 credit, in that buy/sell transaction, upon reflection, not really worth it.
  • champ: $VXX $SDS and the 3 x"s ETF..$UVXY on that drop .....
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #ScalpTrade - Sold UVXY AUG 11 2017 46.0 Calls @ 0.23 with the stock at 30.83. These expire Friday.
  • infocus: $UVXY STO Aug 25 2017 40 Calls @1.07
  • infocus: $UVXY BTC Aug 4 2017 37.5 Call @ .01 $UVXY BTC Aug 4 2017 39 Call @ .01 Won't be around this afternoon, so closing just to be safe. No commissions, large positions.
  • brucec: @infocus $UVXY Who do you use for your options broker? Thanks!
  • infocus: @brucec $UVXY TD Ameritrade for all trades.
  • brucec: @infocus $UVXY Thanks!
  • infocus: @GOOSE $SNAP Just back from lunch. Stopped out on the $SNAP short calls. Happy to be rid of it, particularly after I saw today's action. Could have been ugly but was just a mosquito bite. TRADES: $SNAP BTC Aug 11 2017 13.50 Calls @.76 (STO @.43) $UVXY BTC Aug 4 2017 37 Calls @ .01 Trading account making another high for the year today while taking lots of risk off the table. Hope you're doing well, GOOSIE
  • roadrunr: $UVXY Rolled Aug 04 $30 call to Aug 11 $30 call for $1 cr.
  • GOOSE: @roadrunr $UVXY Hi, I STO a 8/11/17 30.0 Call earlier for 1.30. I am just testing an idea. GL with your trade, and have a Great weekend.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $UVXY BTC 8/4/17 35.0 CALLS @.08 To raise some $ for another trade. See below. $SNAP STO 8/11/17 13.0 CALLS @.50 Has a terrible Daily chart, and a worser, ;>), Weekly chart. On the weekly, it looks like water coming out of a hose, off the lower BB.
  • infocus: $UVXY Adding to position: STO Sep 1 2017 60 Calls @.77 Delta: .13 with 4 weeks to expiration.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – Sold UVXY Aug 4 2017 36 Calls @ 0.28 with the stock at 29.97. 20% OTM and expires Friday
  • infocus: @Iceman $UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame This gives me a better perspective on the trade. I'm short higher strike prices and was a bit concerned. Of course, I can always roll forward on Friday if necessary. Thanks.
  • GOOSE: TRADE: $UVXY STO 8/11/17 35.50 CALLS @.70 Delta .22
  • roadrunr: $UVXY STO Aug 04 $30 call for 0.75
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Stock Price $USD 15.72
Change -3.08%
Volume 23,078,700

The investment seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to three times the inverse (-3x) of the daily performance of the Dow Jones U.S. FinancialsSM Index. The fund invests in derivatives that ProShare Advisors believes, in combination, should have similar daily return characteristics as three times the inverse (-3x) of the daily return of the index. The index measures the performance of the financial services sector of the U.S. equity market. ProShare Advisors uses a mathematical approach to investing. It is non-diversified.

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