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  • GOOSE: A TRADE, A TRADE $UVXY STO 4/28/17 27.0 CALLS @.51 No more gunslinging till further notice. Mr. T's making an honest $UVXY player out of me, by scaring me to pieces with his last post on $UVXY.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY If you are referring to the Iceman, what did he say? I don't see any post.
  • GOOSE: TRADE: Broke my vow not to sell $UVXY puts. $UVXY STO 4/28/17 15.5 PUTS @.26 Hardly any margin cost because of all my short calls.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: A little early. ;>( $UVXY STO 4/28/17 24.5 CALLS @.50 Delta .21 79% chance of expiring, rule of thumb.
  • infocus: $UVXY STO Apr 28 2017 25.5 Calls @.49
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #Speculation- Sold UVXY Apr 21 2017 22.0 Calls @ 0.26 The 2 week high on the stock is 21.75 and they can always be rolled.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: On the upward push. $UVXY STO 5/5/17 30.0 CALLS @.73 Starting a new ladder in this expiration.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #Speculation – two more trades with the stock at 20 Sold UVXY Apr 21 2017 22.5 Calls @ 0.26 Sold UVXY Apr 21 2017 23.0 Calls @ 0.22 Very slight backwardation in the VIX futures
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 4/28/17 27.0 CALLS @.85 $UVXY'IANS Got pummled last week, but things are looking up so far this week. Gotta be strong. ;>)
  • GOOSE: ANOTHER: $UVXY STO 4/28/17 24.0 CALLS @1.46 (Late Post) An add to, to round out the lot.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY Nice trade ;>)
  • Iceman: $UVXY $ShortCalls - Bought to close a bunch of UVXY Apr 21 2017 41.0 Calls @ 0.01. They won't trade any lower. Replaced them with the following calls at the top of the chain: Sold UVXY May 5 2017 42.0 Calls @ 0.44 Sold UVXY May 12 2017 42.0 Calls @ 0.85 Sold UVXY May 19 2017 42.0 Calls @ 1.03
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $JNUG STO 4/28/17 7.50 CALLS @.45 COVERED $UVXY STO 4/28/17 28.0 CALLS @.95
  • Iceman: $UVXY $SVXY $VIX – volatility is rolling over as expected when the VIX was above the BB for 4 straight days. I got a few trades off. Sold 1 UVXY May 19 2017 42.0 Call @ 1.20 Sold 1 UVXY Jun 2 2017 40.0 Call @ 1.64 Sold 1 SVXY Jun 2 2017 70.0 Put @ 1.21 Sold SVXY Sep 15 2017 50.0 Puts @ 0.97
  • GOOSE: $UVXY Just nursing my short calls, and sitting on my hands. Been a heck of a week for short call selling $UVXY'ites. ;>) Have a safe and great Holiday all. See you next week.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY Same here. One of the worst weeks for me in a LONG time. First 3 months were very good; I've given most of the profits back. Have a good weekend!
  • Iceman: #OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Apr13 - A rather light week for expirations but very profitable. $SVXY and $UVXY weekly positions are all set up for the next 5-6 weeks, more $DUST Puts expired, and $NUGT stock was called away at a nice profit. The big Monthly expiration is next week plus earnings trades are on the horizon. -- Expirations -- DUST (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 22.5 Puts NUGT (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 8 Puts SVXY (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 80 Puts SVXY (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 85 Puts SVXY (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 105 Puts SVXY (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 110 Puts UVXY (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 35 Calls UVXY (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 40 Calls -- Assignments -- NUGT (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 10 Calls (Covered) NUGT (Weekly) Apr 13 2017 10.5 Calls (Covered)
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – staying small at the top of the chain with the stock at 20.44 Sold 1 UVXY MAY 12 2017 30.0 Call @ 2.14 Sold 1 UVXY MAY 19 2017 39.0 Call @ 1.59 Sold 1 UVXY MAY 26 2017 30.0 Call @ 2.63
  • infocus: $UVXY STO Apr 28 2017 25 Calls @.99
  • infocus: #OPTIONS EXPIRATION $UVXY MAR 7 2017 19.5 Calls $JNUG Mar 7 2017 7 Covered Calls Have a good weekend everyone.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 4/28/17 24.0 CALLS @.70 On this volatility spike. .21 Delta 79% chance of expiring.
  • infocus: $UVXY STO Apr 28 2017 24 Calls @.72 Following @GOOSE. What is it about 2-3 p.m. every day!? Had a huge gain for the last two days and then the bottom fell out. Getting too old for all this excitement.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: i'M BACK FROM COSTCO. $UVXY STO 4/21/17 19.0 CALLS @.40 i generally don't like to sell calls in $UVXY when it's down, but since that's all I trade, and a little $JNUG, I would have to sit on my hands all day. $UVXY STO 4/28/17 22.0 CALLS @.63
  • GOOSE: $UVXY @15.24 14'S, Here I come!
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #Speculation – Sold UVXY Apr 7 2017 19.0 Calls @ 0.29 with the stock at 16.89. Two days until expiration and the Weekly high on UVXY was 17.50 on Monday. They can always be rolled.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls #Speculation – After the close with the stock at 17.22 Sold UVXY Apr 7 2017 19.5 Calls @ 0.29 Sold UVXY Apr 7 2017 20.0 Calls @ 0.29
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: But mostly sitting on my hands. $UVXY STO 4/28/17 23.0 CALLS @.83 Delta .25 75% chance of success, ya know expiration. ;>)
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $UVXY STO 4/13/17 18.5 CALLS @.42 $UVXY STO 4/13/17 19.0 CALLS @.35 Constructing a ladder.
  • GOOSE: A slingers TRADE: $UVXY STO 4/13/17 16.0 CALLS @.92
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: Over night for 41% profit. Wanted to free up some buying power in case $UVXY goes crazy @3:50. ;>) Edited $LULU BTC 4/21/17 50.0 @.63 STO @1.02
  • debeers: @GOOSE $UVXY $LULU ---Dear Goosie--you're buying today! Love, Mommy
  • GOOSE: @debeers $UVXY $LULU Next time you are in St. Augustine, FL, look me up, you're on Mom.
  • GOOSE: OPTION EXPIRATION, 3/31/17 $UVXY 3/31/17 17.0 CALLS $UVXY 3/31/17 18.0 CALLS $UVXY 3/31/17 20.0 CALLS $UVXY 3/31/17 21.5 CALLS $UVXY 3/31/17 22.0 CALLS $JNUG 3/31/17 7.0 CALLS $JNUG 3/31/17 6.5 PUTS Finished at 6.45, so I don't know if they'll put it to me. Have a great and safe weekend everybody. ;>) Keep smiling.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 4/21/17 20.0 CALLS @.64
  • infocus: $UVXY Filled while at lunch: STO Apr 7 2017 20 Calls @.22
  • GOOSE: $UVXY New low today, @15.37.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 4/13/17 20.0 CALLS @.76 New expiration date; starting a ladder.
  • infocus: $UVXY STO Apr 13 2017 20 Calls @.77 Thanks for the idea @GOOSE ;>)
  • GOOSE: @infocus $UVXY You're welcome.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $JNUG STO 3/31/17 6.50 PUTS @.30 $UVXY's premiums are stagnant, so I'm looking to $JNUG as another play. We'll see.
  • GOOSE: $UVXY Ridin' the $UVXY roller coaster. Ride 'em cowboy.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: Something new for me a Short Strangle. Didn't use as much buying power and seems to be not as volatile. I bid a dollar and got it at 1.19. I guess it was my good looks. ;>) $UVXY STO 4/7/17 16.5 PUTS @.62 $UVXY STO 4/7/17 24.0 CALLS @.57
  • GOOSE: ANOTHER STRANGLE: $UVXY STO 3/31/17 16.0 PUTS @.16 $UVXY STO 3/31/17 22.0 CALLS @.18
  • GOOSE: $UVXY Reverting to the mean? Edited. I hope so.
  • Henry: @GOOSE $UVXY It doesn't go up often but when it does it must be scary to you guys shorting calls
  • GOOSE: @Henry $UVXY You betchum. Yah, but since it has been reverse split at least once a year since its inception, why should this year be any different? Until it is of course. It has lost about 40% since Jan. 12th and hopefully continue on that track. ;>)
  • GOOSE: TRADES: These are the times that try men's souls. ;>) @Henry $UVXY BTC 3/24/17 18.50 CALLS @1.00 $UVXY STO 4/7/17 18.50 CALLS @2.10 A 1.10 credit and a week out. MAYBE this craziness will be over by then. @Henry Re: Earlier communication, other sellers of $UVXY Calls, sell otm, or way otm calls, I sell near the money calls, so when it spikes, I have more work to do than others. Just too piggy I guess. Have a great weekend all.
  • Henry: @GOOSE $UVXY I couldn't do what you and @Iceman do
  • infocus: #OPTIONS EXPIRATION All expired with maximum available gain: $UVXY Mar 24 2017 20 Calls $JNUG Mar 24 2017 7 Covered Calls (Replaced with Apr 7 2017 Covered Calls) Have a great weekend everyone!
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY Well, I know I turned in my badge, but I'm trying to earn it back. Held the $UVXY 20's to the bitter end today even when I could have bought them back for .01. Smart or stupid, I felt I had to. Have a great weekend, GOOSIE :>)
  • GOOSE: @infocus $UVXY Thanks. Have a great weekend yourself. ;>) My 18.50's would have expired, had I held it to the end, but I didn't want assignment. so rolled it out for 1.10 credit.
  • GOOSE: @Henry $UVXY Well it works, and that's good enough for me. Have a safe weekend.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls - adding on to a couple of positions with the stock at 18.20 - Sold UVXY Mar 31 2017 30.5 Calls @ 0.26 - these expire next Friday Sold UVXY Apr 13 2017 35.0 Calls @ 0.38 Sold 1 UVXY May 19 2017 30.0 Call @ 1.79 – Highest strike Sold 1 UVXY Sep 15 2017 60.0 Call @ 2.56 – Highest strike
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 3/31/17 18.5 PUTS @.40 Delta .25, so about a 75% chance of trade expiring.
  • tejas7: @GOOSE $UVXY VIX is low, look out below.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls – Some speculative call sales that expire Friday Sold Mar 24 2017 22.0 Puts @ 0.22 Sold Mar 24 2017 22.5 Puts @ 0.22
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 3/31/17 18.50 CALLS @.83 Going to wait till 3:30 now.
  • Iceman: $UVXY #ShortCalls - Sold UVXY Apr 28 2017 35 Calls @ 0.70 with the stock at 17. Highest available strike price.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 3/31/17 18.5 CALLS @.53 Building a ladder in this expiration.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY Nice trade - it eluded my grasp. Sneaky devil ;>)
  • infocus: $UVXY STO Mar 31 2017 19 Calls @.38 @GOOSIE - How's that for gunslingers?
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 3/21/17 18.5 CALLS @.53
  • GOOSE: @infocus $UVXY Turned your badge in, remember, but you're larnin'.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY A tenderfoot has to jump in eventually ;>)
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY I don't see any 3/21? You must mean 31.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY You're a great teacher: I think I'm getting the hang of this critter...
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $UVXY STO 3/31/17 20.0 @.45 Added $UVXY STO 3/31/17 19.5 @.50 Adding to my ladder
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: Not for the weak-kneed $UVXY STO 3/24/17 17.0 CALLS @.55 Very small
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY ;>) I hereby relinquish my badge.
  • GOOSE: LAST ONE: $UVXY STO 3/31/17 19.5 CALLS @,55
  • infocus: $UVXY Some Trades Filled While Out to Lunch: $UVXY STO Mar 31 2017 19.5 @.50 $UVXY STO Mar 31 2017 20.5 @.43
  • GOOSE: OPTION EXPIRATION, 3/17/17 $UVXY 3/17/17 18.0 CALLS $UVXY 3/17/17 20.0 CALL $UVXY 3/17/17 21.0 CALLS $UVXY 3/17/17 23.0 CALLS $UVXY 3/17/17 24.0 CALLS $UVXY 3/17/17 25.0 CALLS Have a safe weekend folks!
  • infocus: #OPTIONS EXPIRATIONS All expired for the maximum available gain. $UVXY Mar 17 2017 23 Calls $UVXY Mar 17 2017 25 Calls $UVXY Mar 17 2017 27 Calls Have a great weekend everyone! And a Happy St. Patrick's Day.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $20.0 is the new 25.0 ;>) $UVXY STO 3/24/17 20.0 CALLS @.34
  • GOOSE: ANOTHER: $UVXY STO 3/31/17 20.0 CALLS @.67 Delta is .29, so a 71% chance that this trade expires. But, no guarantees. ;>)
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY - Same idea, extra bit of safety: STO Mar 31 2017 22 Calls @ .47 ; > )
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY I give up! Couldn't resist: STO Mar 24 2017 20 Calls @ .36 No more trades until after Friday when some of these suckers expire ;>)
  • GOOSE: @infocus $UVXY Hey, nothing wrong with safety. Very prudent. Please send your gunslinger badge back to me though. ;>)
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY ::: > ( Hey, I also sold the March 24th 20 Call; doesn't that count for something Goosie?
  • GOOSE: @infocus $UVXY OK, OK, keep the badge. You're getting impossible. ;>)
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY Thank you, you have a heart of gold! And speaking of gold, I can't understand why with gold up $8.30 at the moment, why $NUGT is down .18. Can you offer a rationale?
  • GOOSE: $UVXY New Low 16.85.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: @infocus $UVXY BTC 3/24/17 16.5 PUTS Part of a Short Strangle Think this is going lower, so no sense hanging around, even with a week to go. The 18.0 Call is doing well though.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY BTC Mar 24 2017 16.5 Puts @.71 @GOOSE Good suggestion. Took your advice. Especially after a big up day for my (and your) trading accounts yesterday, it seems like a reasonable idea not to get fixed on this half of the trade. In fact, with a better than 65% profit on the high side of the strangle, I'm watching closely, and may just close the Calls soon. Risk Management Day. Better a "live" gunslinger than a tapped out one ;>)
  • infocus: $UVXY @GOOSE BTC Mar 24 2017 18 Calls @.56 (STO @1.39) Moving on...
  • GOOSE: @infocus $UVXY I'm holding the Calls. Can't find another trade where I can get a .56 premium, so I'm standing pat for now.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 3/24/17 18.5 CALLS @.50 A little riskier than usual.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY Good for you. I like to limit the number of open positions to what I can see on my screen without scrolling up and down. May sound crazy, but it seems to work for me. Back in 2005/2006 when I thought I was a genius (I made a HUGE amount of money before I found out in 2007/2008 that I WASN'T), I was pushing around about 75 stocks. Not anymore. After Friday I'll have more room on the screen... Thanks for your help.
  • GOOSE: @infocus $UVXY My usual MO at this time is having about 10 trades, in 10 different, expirations and strikes in one stock, all $UVXY, involving about 40-50 total options. I find it easy to monitor.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY Thanks for that "diagram". I'm moving in that direction, but I still own several other stocks. I do have 15 positions in $SVXY and $UVXY. Trying to spend less time in front of the computer, but it's hard to avoid. Your system sounds optimal as well as a good income producer. If only we could all be like The Iceman!
  • GOOSE: $UVXY New Low @17.64
  • GOOSE: Finally, A TRADE: Risky though it may be. $UVXY STO 3/24/17 21.0 CALLS @.52 Extending my ladder.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UVXY Shoot 'em up cowboy!
  • GOOSE: @infocus $UVXY Runnin' outta slugs though.
  • GOOSE: ANOTHER TRADE: $UVXY STO 3/24/17 20.0 CALLS @.58 Added
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 3/24/17 24.0 CALLS @.47
  • infocus: SOME TRADES: $UVXY Added to position: STO Sep 15 2017 60 Calls @ 2.55 $NXPI closed small position for small gain @ 103.86 $SVXY Added to position STO Jun 16 2017 67 Puts @ 1.52
  • Motorman: @GOOSE $UVXY hi Goose, is that a covered call?
  • GOOSE: @Motorman $UVXY No. I never sell $UVXY Covered Calls, as I would never own the stock. All my Call & Put trades are naked. Have a great day.
  • Motorman: @GOOSE $UVXY thanks
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Volume 4,141,400

The investment seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to three times the inverse (-3x) of the daily performance of the Dow Jones U.S. FinancialsSM Index. The fund invests in derivatives that ProShare Advisors believes, in combination, should have similar daily return characteristics as three times the inverse (-3x) of the daily return of the index. The index measures the performance of the financial services sector of the U.S. equity market. ProShare Advisors uses a mathematical approach to investing. It is non-diversified.

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