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  • dagdog: $WTW Short squeeze still working.
  • Bridget: Notes: $XLV Health care, most are over extended $HUM - breakout and pullback $JUNO - coming out of base $TEVA - inverse H&S $LLY - working, but not too extended $THC - big move on volume today $AZN - breakout $SGMO - breakout $SINA $WB - gap down but found support $BZUN - still looks good $TAN - solar stocks up on border wall rumors, but this move looks over done, wait for pullback $WTW $MCD - both working, correlated perhaps? :) IPOs $CVNA - working $TRVG - coming out of flag $FND - zig zagging but working
  • Bridget: Notes: Pretty quiet day. $XLV $XBI is up again, most other sectors down or flat $AMGN and $BMY seeing a bump $PLSE another new high, $SGMO looks promising $RUN and $VSLR - short squeeze $ORCL - breaking out, ER tomorrow after close $XRT is still getting crushed $COST - down again today $CMG - down big but resting at 200DMA $CTRL - at a good buy point $LMT - new 52 week high $MCD - new 52 week high $WTW - working $XOP $XLE down again today but seeing some bullish divergence. I'm not opening any bearish positions here.
  • justinp: @Bridget $XLV $XBI $AMGN $BMY $PLSE $SGMO $RUN $VSLR $ORCL $XRT $COST $CMG $CTRL $LMT $MCD $WTW $XOP $XLE The timing is great on these summaries - very helpful.
  • woodman: $WTW still strong.
  • dagdog: @woodman $WTW Hi Woodman...it is...and with such a high short interest hopefully it will keep going a bit. Just a bit extended though.
  • Robert1965: @woodman $WTW Thanks for your comments last several weeks
  • Bridget: Notes: Breakouts: $TWLO $PRAH $WTW $ETSY $PLSE $JBT $BSX $CG $CARB $CMI $CE $EVRI $GRUB $EW $HIIQ - phase 2 $XLF - still working $XBI - biotech is working and breaking out on the weekly chart $WYNN $MGM $LVS - new 52 week highs, $LQ alert at $15.40 $AFL $MET $CI $AET - insurance still working At a Good Buy Point: $VRTX $MTSI $SINA $DDD $PYPL
  • issues: @woodman $WTW good chart! Classic! What a ride from the lows!! Congrats Woodie!
  • issues:
  • dagdog: $WTW Continuing it's move from yesterday. HUGE short interest....
  • dagdog: $WTW - All time high. Above prior resistance of $28. High short interest. Watch for continued move higher.
  • Bridget: @dagdog $WTW Also, $NTRI regained the 50dMA. This is on the IBD50 list, ranked 1st in its sector.
  • dagdog: $WTW Short squeeze starting
  • woodman: @dagdog $WTW - Nice! It's been a good one. Except for a couple days in May, I've been holding this one since April 10 (with a couple adds along the way).
  • Bridget: ...
    $WTW - breakout, $NTRI looking good too
    $PETS - breakout
    $MAS - breakout
    $ALL - breakout
  • dagdog: $WTW above prior all time high. High short interest. Could be just getting started.
  • woodman: $WTW still working.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $WTW Weight Watchers International Inc. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=WTW&clip=85391
  • tejas7: $WTW Damn. I wish I didn't watch the weight of this in my portfolio for my day trade. Riding small starter position,
  • woodman: @tejas7 $WTW - still holding mine. Bought in early April, sold just before earnings (not wanting to risk holding through) and missed the earnings pop, but bought it back on the pullback after earnings. Now just enjoying the ride.
  • tejas7: @woodman $WTW oh. I exited before earnings too, completely. I got in this morning. But only with small position
  • champ: @woodman $WTW --- Smart move good work on the hold, NP I sold near that last hi. The News is that they....want to pre-pay some loans that $JPM and the Bank of Nova Scotia are holding at a discount. Looks like this is a smart way for companies to get a nice bounce in their stock, with type of announcement, I'm sure others will now follow.
  • woodman: @champ $WTW $JPM - Thanks for the info, and for your posts on this one in the past. I'm sure your posts caught my interest previously.
  • woodman: $WTW added yesterday because, apparently, it is not done going up.
  • woodman: $WTW - I like the flag.
  • woodman: $WTW - I did well with this one going into earnings, but sold before not wanting to risk it. It's extended still but looks like it wants to go higher (post earnings phase 3 here?). I bought some back not long ago, on its pullback to VWAP.
  • woodman: The #Earnings swings in some I had have been nuts. I sold $WTW and $EXTR before earnings, both of which rocketed up. I also sold $DDD and $GKOS both of which took a beating. And those are just examples.
  • woodman: @Henry $gkos - I hear you Henry. I sold $GKOS $EXTR and $DDD today for the same reason. I had $WTW but sold yesterday before earnings. While it's a bummer I didn't hold WTW, for every WTW big-popper there's a $TWLO $IPHI collapse. I'd hate that kind of a loss more than I'd like the $WTW kind of pop.
  • issues: @woodman $gkos $GKOS $EXTR $DDD $WTW $TWLO $IPHI Excellent suggestion! I will sell also! Birds of a feather succeed together, right? Hey Woody, did we ever decide when $ESPR is going to confess! Did they ever say when they'll report earnings?
  • woodman: $WTW reports after the bell.
  • woodman: $WTW storming higher after hours. I sold mine at the close before the earnings. Oh well.
  • DAN: @woodman $WTW If it had tanked to $18, you'd be a genius. Now...you just took profits because the risk was pretty high. Ka ching!
  • Robert1965: $WTW shorts were not covering today
  • champ: @Robert1965 $WTW --- Thats rights and I had a small position ....I sold 2/3 on near the hi in the AH's yesterday.....but I'm ...OUT... all for now... took profits but watchings.
  • Robert1965: @champ $WTW looks like it is going back to 22
  • champ: @Robert1965 $WTW --- Could be but it appears to be just zig-zagging with the markets...for now but I have a volume alert.
  • champ: $WTW @ $19.40 for now ....a clean break over $19...I'm still looking for the shorts to give-up....still holding.
  • DrScience: @champ $WTW NutriSystem ($NTRI) reports today AMC. My thesis is that no matter the results out of $NTRI, it's all good for $WTW -- Oprah should get a boost.
  • champ: @DrScience $WTW $NTRI ---- Thanks, I just added it to my WatchList and I parked it next to $WTW.
  • champ: $WTW up about 19% now ...on #News and the shorts are covering
  • champ: $WTW the news is about a new CEO Mindy Grossman....former HSN (HSNI) don't know who she is. Also $NTRI beat and guides all line above consensus.
  • DrScience: @champ $WTW A note for those who took the recommended MAY 18 Covered Call @ 16.50ish: Placing an order to sell @ 17.90ish RHRN could get hit on the open tomorrow morning, taking you out of the trade before earnings and 3 weeks before OPEX.
  • woodman: @champ $WTW #News Nice, Champ! Way to go with this one. This will help ease the pain of my overnight X loss this morning.
  • champ: @DrScience $WTW --- Your right but I'm expecting the shorts to cover even more in the morning and then maybe they will jump back in. I have a large position with the shares and I have been posting and on 3/31...about the short interest... was about 7 ...
  • champ: @woodman $WTW #News -- Thanks but I know what you mean because I loss some nice profits on $STX today but I got lucky and sold 1/2 on the close yesterday because I had a feeling after I read a report and I sold $WDC today also and also loss some of my gains. I'm glad you were in $WTW. I was really surprised on this drop today in $X and I tried to catch a move today but got stopped out, near entry. However, I will be watching X.
  • woodman: @champ $WTW $STX $WDC $X #News - I forgot or wasn't thinking about your $STX loss. Ugh! It's easier to forget/not think about others' losses than it is to do that for one's own. ;-) I was lucky, I suppose (depending on the mindset), that my $X position held through earnings was small. But, heck, when you wake to being down 21%, it hurts virtually no matter how small the position was. I sold nearly right away. But still, that ... what's the word?... sucked!
  • champ: @woodman $WTW $STX $WDC $X #News --- No problem and yes none of us like to lose....but just think about the new sheriff in town, President Trump. I don't really know how he can take all the heat, every day, day after day.They say he only needs 4-5 hours of sleep and he's a work - alcoholic and works 18 hour days...hard to believe. Just saying...Take Care...I'm off to the gym.
  • woodman: $WTW - after a breather, moving up again.
  • champ: $WTW @ $18.25 was HOD and the stock is back to that 3/1 high...there was a flash hi that day also, that was higher....other than that daily flash hi.... this is a new 16 month high. It appears that the shorts are only slowly covering, it could be just a matter of time before the stock gets a new flash bounce again....but the shorts would need to throw in the towel and they are but only slowly now.....could happen...??
  • champ: $WTW @ $17.79 ...HOD now.... posted a few days back.
  • DrScience: $NTRI $WTW both up almost 2%. Nutri-System is squeezing into earnings on 4/26 and Weight Watchers has earnings on 5/4. A play that has worked in the past is to look for $WTW to move positively off $NTRI, no matter which way they report, on the theory that somebody has to be making money in the weight-conscious foods arena. In other words, either news or guidance, good or bad, for $NTRI tends to be good news for $WTW's ahead of their report. Options in $WTW are quite thin, so a speculative call position is a $100 gamble. But, for those looking to build a position, a MAY 18 Covered Call @ 16.35ish to hold through earnings might be just the ticket.
  • champ: @DrScience $NTRI $WTW --- I posted that I got back in on Friday.... with a Spec swing full position, with a trailing safety stop at entry and I'm now up about $0.50....I now have a little room.
  • champ: $WTW @ $17 now but was at $16.77....back in with a new trading position, for now....sold near the hi, with 2 sells.
  • champ: $WTW @ $17....OUT all in 2 trades ...near the open and back watching...I did not give it very much room at all ...only $0.40.....I don't think this trade is over with but its all about the markets...for now.
  • Robert1965: @DAN $MOMO $TECK $WTW Looking for an entry, $MOMO I am thinking 36.67, , $WTW 16.47, $TECK 23.67, or should I be looking higher
  • champ: $WTW $17.35 HOD for now...new 30 day hi
  • Bridget: $NTRI and $WTW are still up today. I like $WTW here better but $NTRI is on the IBD50 list.
  • champ: $WTW @ $17.72 HOD up another 4.6% ....WOW...Oprah say something....volume is picking up and its almost at yesterdays close RHRN.
  • tradeforfamily: @champ $WTW Is it too late to get in? Wait for pull back? thanks
  • champ: @tradeforfamily $WTW --- Hell ...I'm thinking about adding...I'm loaded and ready.
  • Aragorn: @tradeforfamily $WTW back above the 50% retracement this has 20 bucks written n it day 2 above the 2 std bollingers dues fro a rest but if it takes out todays high tomorrow then you might want to try a trade, but you are late. Champ been all over this and I entred as well with him in 15.75 unfortunately not loaded
  • champ: $WTW $16.35 ...for now and it's up around $2.30 from that recent 3/22 low...I'm still expecting a bounce...only need some Analyst or 10% equity stake owner Oprah, to say she loss more weight..for shorts to cover. The last report from Oprah was on 12/23, when she said she loss 40 lbs.
  • Robert1965: @champ $WTW, Where are you looking to add,
  • champ: $WTW $16.40 --- I don't really have any targets...I'm just hanging around and waiting, for Price, Volume or News Alerts... that will wake me up...so I can take action.
  • woodman: @champ $WTW - nice move in this one. Listening to the neighborhood gals, many have started doing it recently. I've heard it several times. Tis the season. Getting warmer; fewer clothing articles being warn; pool season around the corner if you live somewhere that is cold during winter.
  • champ: @woodman $WTW @ $16.71 HOD for now - - They have a Weight Watchers Cruise that leaves PortMiami on 5/6 and all are getting their Buffet/Bikini bods ready. I'm sorry to report... but they are all sold out. This is a big deal because of the cooking classes and Healthier Lifestyle programs, that they will be having ...I'm reading. The husbands will also be missing, the drinking classes....on how to slowly cut back but only if the want....they want to make sure, that they know, that it's not mandatory because this is how they pay for the cruise. The stock is now climbing even a little more now... as I'm typing.
  • Robert1965: $MOMO, $TECK, $WTW, the 3 stocks I tried to buy Friday, I thought I was chasing, are all up substantially, while the 1 stock I got Friday $MU is down by 2.20% I am doing something wrong
  • Bridget: @Robert1965 $MOMO $TECK $WTW $MU Why did you think you were chasing those stocks on Friday? They all closed pretty close to their opening prices. $MOMO and $WTW were still consolidating. $MU has been consolidating as well since earnings but is now starting to fill the gap. It could find support around the 20DMA so I wouldn't give up on it just yet. But I would recommend only buying stocks that are above their 8DMA. Try that and see if it helps.
  • DAN: @Robert1965 $MOMO $TECK $WTW $MU WTW -- nice breakout from squeeze.
  • champ: $WTW @ $17 ...for now....the Volume is above the 5 day, 10 and 20 day....@ 1m but the 4 highest days YTD is 10.6m, 4.5m, 7.2m, and on 3/1 it was 18.9m, in order YTD ...so the volume can really spike, at just about anytime but it is not even close yet.....just saying, for those who are watching.
  • woodman: @champ $WTW - thanks, Champ. I entered and added once today.
  • champ: $WTW @ $15.85...don't know but the stock is still trying to bounce....the spring could cut loose at any time...? I'm still holding my wife full position.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $WTW ... You know what would bring a frying pan rain? if I said "Hey honey, guess what... I have you in Weight Watchers!"
  • champ: @bigbartabs $WTW ----- Yes, that would do it....funny!
  • DrScience: @bigbartabs $WTW He-he-he... Frying pan rain!
  • Motorman: @DrScience $WTW thats a good one, used to wonder what thats called
  • champ: $WTW ---- Be aware could BreakOut...???.....holding a large size position and I have been posting on this....Spec Stock.....
  • humble: @champ $WTW thought OPRA was a no show??
  • champ: $WTW @ $15.65 ...small move but it's spring loaded because of the very large short interest of 65% ...I posted the other day...no big deal at this point but any positive news from Opra and this stock could rip your roof off......I'm still holding this Spec swing position.
  • champ: $WTW....what the hell I'm going to add to my wife's IRA position...and she doesn't even know she has a position because if I told her she would think that I think she's fat.
  • Junior1: @champ $WTW Yahoo Finance has the Short Interest at 80% !
  • Won23: @champ $WTW LOL ⚖
  • indigo1948: @champ $WTW - Priceless!
  • champ: @Junior1 $WTW --- Thanks!
  • bigbartabs: @Junior1 $WTW ... short interest 80%? Is that accurate?
  • bigbartabs: @champ @indigo1948 $WTW ... I can hear her now... "WTW? WTF!"
  • champ: @bigbartabs.$WTW... #ShortIntrest --- It's close....bouncing around 70-80% some of the sources are saying.
  • Danzguy: @champ $WTW #ShortIntrest - darn, TDA and another source say 36.13. They must be old news and I need better sources...
  • bigbartabs: @Danzguy $WTW #ShortIntrest ... I'm thinking TDA might be right. The chart doesn't look like a 80% short chart.
  • Junior1: @bigbartabs $WTW http://finance.yahoo.com/quote/WTW/key-statistics?p=WTW
  • greenpatrol: $WTW looks like it is starting to move RHRN
  • champ: @Aragorn - $WTW @ $15.35 --- I'm in now ....short interest is ridiculously high at appx +65%...I don't see anything at this time. However, it's spring loaded and could bounce at anytime, if the market keeps working...you see anything....??
  • Henry: @champ $WTW Moody's changed their rating from stable to positive
  • champ: @Henry $WTW --- I didn't know that ...Thanks
  • Aragorn: @champ $WTW Just what Henry said from TOS see below. We are at the 61.8% retracement here from the October breakout ot eh November high. I like the weekly setup a 3 bar pullback ot a rising 8ema and now above last weeks high this is a good chart setup http://www.moodys.com/page/viewresearchdoc.aspx?docid=PR_364242&WT.mc_id=
  • champ: @Aragorn $WTW -----Thanks...
  • tejas7: $WTW small starter with stop below yesterday's low
  • DrScience: $NTRI isn't on the same diet plan as $WTW or even $SPY. Stock is overbought, but holding the 8 EMA and CMF showing nice accumulation. Argus has a $55 PT on the stock and a MAY 55 Covered Call @ 51 looks OK.
  • Aragorn: $WTW filled the gap
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Weight Watchers International, Inc. is a provider of weight management services, operating globally through a network of Company-owned and franchise operations.

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