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  • Bridget: ...
    $ZUMZ - another retailer taking it on the chin

    $IBB - biotech uptoday. Here are some stocks that are working. $ABBV $VRTX $AMGN $MDT $KITE $TTPH $AUPH

    $XLK - tech and semis still doing well $SMH $AMD $AVGO

    Working: $ATHM $AEIS $LRCX $SWKS $VEEV ...
  • absham: $ZUMZ --looking to short it...3rd std dev....
  • stocky: $ZUMZ thanks Bridget, took profit on this gap up, you mentioned this as a maybe a couple days back
  • Bridget: @stocky $ZUMZ wow, what a jump. Congrats!
  • Danzguy: @stocky $ZUMZ Yes, good call @Bridget. Sounds like @Stocky took profits but do you sense this might have legs? I'm going to give it more time. Thoughts?
  • Bridget: @Danzguy $ZUMZ yeah, we could see a move up to $24 but I have no idea how long that might take. Previous resistance was at $22. I just don't think this is going to go straight up so I would recommend taking profits here and get back in once the price is back within the bollinger bands.
  • Danzguy: $ZUMZ Sold for 17.80% in two days. sweetness
  • issues: @Danzguy $ZUMZ Where did you find this?
  • Danzguy: @issues $ZUMZ @issuse, I first heard of it from The Bridget on 10/3. What a Gal!
  • Bridget: I've played this one a few times with mixed results, but $ZUMZ is coming out of a squeeze
  • Bridget: $ZUMZ buy at $20.26 with a stop at $19.26. Moving averages turning up.
  • Bridget: $ZUMZ and $KMI both moving higher now
  • Bridget: $ANF and $ZUMZ also looking strong today. $XRT is up.
  • Bridget: $ZUMZ still in a nice uptrend and good covered call stock.
  • shoredriver: @Bridget $ZUMZ Thanks...Looking for cheapie higher volume good weekly buy write ideas besides... $FIT, $GPRO< DUST, $WTW, $DB, $TWTR ( not crazy about underlying on most of those however)
  • Bridget: $ZUMZ breaking out
  • Bridget: $ZUMZ hammer yesterday and up 6% today. A breakout tomorrow will be a great confirmation. This has been basing for a long time.
  • mradams0621: ...
    $ZUMZ Zumiez Inc. 11.62 -16.40%
    $COO Cooper Cos. 125.32 -11.78%
    $NVIV Invivo Therapeuti... 9.50 -9.78%
    $UWTI VS 3X Wti Crude 5.93 -8.35%
    $RUSL Direxion Daily Ru... 13.58 -8.12%
    $VECO Veeco Instruments... 19.50 -7.01%
    $BRZU Direxion Daily Br ...
  • Lou: ...
    $BJRI, $EQIX, $JLL, $JNS, $KWR, $SF, $SWI, $THG, $WNR, $ZUMZ.
    New to the 50/50 List: S&P 400 S&P 600
    Added Buys: $HFC, $SON, $WEN, $ZUMZ, $SF, $ATNI.
    Removed Buys: $PDCE, $VAL, $LTM, $PERY, $DRH, $LMOS.
    Added Sells: $PTEN, $PVA, $NOG, $AIT ...
  • Forexpro: Re: $ZUMZ Hi, Friends, I'm not seeing any news on this company, which I'm not familiar with in any case, but it is having quite a good day, nonetheless: http://scharts.co/PizVev All the best.
  • Forexpro: Re: $ZUMZ, @Tricia Hey, @Tricia, Thanks for that. Doesn't seem like this should be seasonally strong, then, does it? I think that winter might finally be over in these parts; the latest large snowfall that I can recall was an April Fool's event, so we're well beyond that now. :) Hope that you're fully recovered, and happy, healthy and thriving. A few more MNKDs, and you can keep us posted from your retirement island. Take care, Amiga!
  • blackjack21: $AKAM and $ZUMZ Made my first 59ers ever today - both on the plus side! $AKAM - Drop and pop; $ZUMZ - Gap and crap; DANG! Hate bragging, but I had to share with anyone who would appreciate. (I'm quite certain my wife would not give two hoots!!) Good luck all. Great trading.
  • jmcgee66: $ZUMZ @trademclg..hope you didn't panic and sell.
  • jmcgee66: $ZUMZ I have the 200 SMA at $31.95. Selling now would be right at support. Note EMA is almost a dollar higher. Maybe put a stop about 1% below 31.95?
  • scgaryinv: $EXPE DECK $ZUMZ Wholly Mackerl Kingfish what a trade ( $EXPE )this one turned out to be !!!! for an overnighter!!!! $DECK I got taken to the wood shed and got got Slaughtered but then I bout it back so it's not so bad now. $ZUMZ it well on it's way back up now .I bought some Yesterday and added some more this morning at 37.10 Ye Haw I think i can hold onto a little bit for Mondays slaughter. I cannot stand your bio techs Either. You get approved and they take you to the Wood shed and hit you even harder. Great expectations and HUGE Disappointment's !!!! HUGE
  • scgaryinv: $ZUMZ is Zooming today ZOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM :)
  • scgaryinv: $ZUMZ DECK $EXPE I took a small position again in ZUMZ. it looks to me like it's making a turn finally. $EXPE is an overnight play as well as Deckers. $DECK has not had a good earnings report in a long time ... this could make a nice move higher with all the shorts expecting another bad report or not. I like many people here do not trust this market at all. I have a really hard time holding anything in my trading account. My holdings are doing Great. $ABT AGNC $NLY ARR $VZ T $ALXN TGT $ROST MWE $MO . I am probably the last sucker still in $DLTR as well.
  • scgaryinv: $ZUMZ i am long and this will be day three up from the bottom support. it just needs to follow through
  • scgaryinv: $ZUMZ is going higher today Third day
  • scgaryinv: $ZUMZ Followed through for day two.
  • scgaryinv: $ZUMZ is Finally bouncing off of support. I took some shares today and hopefully I will be able to hold onto these this time.
  • scgaryinv: $ZUMZ I got long this morning as it looks like it is the bottom of the channel. long at 35.10
  • gold2stocks: ...

    Zumiez estimates, target raised at Credit Suisse

    May 18, 2012 | 7:58 AM EDT

    Shares of $ZUMZ now seen reaching $38, according to Credit Suisse. Estimates also increased, as the company continues to expand margins. Neutral ratin ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Zumiez rated new Buy at BofA Merrill
    $ZUMZ was initiated with a Buy rating, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said. $44 price target. E commerce, young stores, and share gains should fuel growth.

    $EPS Changes

    Apple estimates low ...
  • scgaryinv: $TNGO is on the move, $ZUMZ is on the move, & Thank you TNH
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Zumiez numbers raised at Jefferies
    Shares of $ZUMZ now seen reaching $27, Jefferies said. Estimates also raised on fourth quarter results. Hold rating.

    Zumiez target raised at Oppenheimer
    Shares of $ZUMZ now seen reaching $36, Op ...
  • Tricia: $ULTA @Dreambby56 - ( nice handle - kinda like Foxypro.... lol) long & will hold over earnings. Love Ulta as does any woman between 40 & um, uhm .... death! Also holding $ZUMZ ( boarding and pipe clothes) - I think all these guys had a great 4th quarter. HEK and $COO report $AH also.
  • Tricia: KORS: @icamillion - have designer friends employed at $KORS - he is brilliant businessman - present on every red carpet, yet in every day stores in multiple departments - evening, cocktail, shoes, hats, sport, office etc - side bar - I was not in $FOSL - wish I had been - I was in $ZUMZ because of the Xtreme clothes for snow parks etc ---- mistakenly thought of Fossil like Anthropology etc.... my bad.....
  • beija_flor: $ZUMZ appears to be breaking out now. Not the highest volume stock - only 3-400,000 shares a day. Happy Valentines Day!
  • MSL: MKT, flipping through some charts, seems like these are being bought: $CLR V $DLTR TIF $AZO PM $CAT FTNT $HD Vol. Squeezes looking good: $SRCL ARO $TIF HD $ZUMZ Seems like the sectors that have pulled back a good deal: $KOL TAN and as discussed here XME.
  • debrup: Volatility Squeezes - thanks @scottto: $ARO LIZ $YHOO DUK $DO ZIP $ZUMZ DF $IPGP FRX $LLL CEG came up in my scan this weekend. maybe something useful in there.
  • Henry: Big Movers in pre market: $BKS selling the nook franchise. $AEO, $TSO, $JCP, DB, $KSS, $TGT Don't believe #Cramer, who just said we have stronG retail sales. On the up side $ZUMZ, $STX, $SODA, $AGCO, $ULTA, ILUM, $WDC
  • WhiteKnight: $PVH ULTA $ZUMZ # Was looking at earnings from @Aragorn 'Thank you again' All have earnings after market today so just a heads up. No position. 'Hey, Let's be careful out there.' @Whiteknight
  • Aragorn: $ZUMZ - a wild first 1/2 hour. I missed the bounce
  • -Greg-: 59 Min SMM Traders - Looking at $PSMT, $ZUMZ, and $DDS on large upward gaps; $FST, $CATO for downward gaps.. Looks like $DDS is breaking out of a VS. 37.76% of the float is short with 11.78 days to cover; high volume today.. $ZUMZ - also breaking out, 24.29% of the float short with 5.95 days to cover. Downward: $CATO is down 9.11% today, 7.91% of the float short with 9.92 days to cover.
  • scottto: Alerts - update - This was the list from 2 weeks ago (stocks gathered from S&P 500 and @Russell 3000). $BKE - fakeout move to the upside then a big drop $ISRG - drifting lower in the BB complex.... still a #squeeze but needs to power thru 50 dma $ZUMZ - traversed BB complex (down then up)... $GPN - support at the 50 dma but sitting at lower BB $CFN - moved to lower BB 50 dma is supporting $RPM - still squeezing tightly $MAS - popped out and continues to move along upper BB $HSY - downside break $TXN - moved to lower BB $HD - lower BB breakdown $AZO - huge move Tuesday and continued higher $DNB - breakdown lower $FAST - still consolidating $SODA - huge move on earnings. best, @scott
  • docsch: ...
  • scottto: Alerts - this week's edition - every week some of these have popped and I've made nice profits on them (that's why I keep doing it!!). Stocks gathered from S&P 500 and @Russell 3000. $BKE $ISRG $ZUMZ $GPN $CFN $RPM $MAS $HSY $TXN $HD $AZO $DNB $FAST $SODA - Not a #squeeze but reports on Wednesday. May be worth a few speculative nickels either way. Great, fun product. My kids love it (and I make sparkling water with it daily but don't tell anyone). Best, @Scott edited for punctuation...
  • nickinman: $ZUMZ - Short #squeeze...25 days to cover. Volatility #squeeze. Weekly chart looks good.
  • jdurso: $ZUMZ - I'm liking the risk on this stock #RHRN,with support clearly defined at 28 and having been tested 4 times in last few weeks and risk level of 4.5% with stop @ $27.75 I'm starting a position. Price on weekly chat is near top of trending sideway box, not ideal granted but the symmetry of previous 3 @zig-zag's (not the papers)makes the next measured move extend to around $44 which is also the 1.618 fib. Lastly short interest is up 6.5% to 25.6% from 24%. @Jim
  • sheela: Gapping up/down: $VLO +1.9%, $HNZ +1.5% following earnings, $ERIC +3.3%... $FDO -2.4%, Select gold/@silver related stocks trading lowerGapping up: In reaction to strong earnings/guidance/SSS: DUSA +18.9%, $SHS +18.8%, WEBM +13%, $CMFO +8.1%, $GPRE +7.7%, $ZUMZ +5.8%, BIG +5.8%, $SKS +5.7%, MMLP +3.3%, (light volume), $FL +3.0%, $JWN +2.6%, $EGLE +2.5%, $PSS +2.0%, $VLO +1.9%, $HNZ +1.5%. M&A news: GTEC +50.8% (to be acquired by Ares Management for $24.25 per share in cash), $ALU +3.8% (trading higher following M&A speculation), . Select financial related names showing strength: PMI +5.1%, $KEY +2.4% (continued momentum from yesterday's late pop), DB +2%, $PRU +1.6%, $UBS +1.3%, $MET +1.1% and $AIG +0.8% (MetLife and $AIG unit prices common stock and common equity unit offerings), $BAC +1.1%, $C +1.1% (reports of bid for its consumer lending unit). A few rare earth names ticking higher following reports that companies are buying stake in Brazilian rare metal miner: $REE +2.1%, $MCP +1.5%, SHZ +1.5% Select oil/gas related names showing strength: CFW +13.5%, SUF +11.8%, $HERO +3.3%, $SD +2.4%, ATPG +1.9%, $WFT +1.8%, $CHK +1.0%, $EOG +0.8%, $XOM +0.7%, $SLB +0.7%.
  • ogas: $FLS, DWG, $UTG, $ZUMZ

    These stocks have been on my radar lately.

    $FLS - Flowserve - @Dan mentioned a couple of weeks ago about breaking out (Phase 1) and looking for Phase 2. It looked like it would come back to test but seems to have found s ...
  • Darce: $SKX - Retail, $XRT Same store sales numbers were released today and beat estimates regardless of bad weather http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Retail-chains-beat-sales-rb-744592065.html?x=0&sec=topStories&pos=2&asset=&ccode=. The $XRT is slowly driving up through resistance levels. It is in a #squeeze and consolidating above the 20 currently. $LTD and $ZUMZ beat and are doing well today. Shoes in general look to be turning the corner...check the weekly charts on $DECK, $SHOO, TBL, $SKX, CROX. Also, $ROST and $COST and $TJX
  • Darce: ...
    I spent some time going through retail stocks last night, because I think the the $XRT weekly chart is (or maybe was until today) looking constructive, and there are quite a few retail/consumer stocks that are looking really constructive...weekly ch ...
  • Darce: ...
    Overall best performers were $ANF, $SKS, $ZUMZ, $JWN, $DDS and BKE. Results ranked by positive surprise are $SKS, $JWN, $TJX, $ROST, $ANF and DDS. Looking at the charts, $SKS and $TJX appear to be at decent buy points on the weekly charts, with we ...
  • timeisright: JAS-ZUMZ both report after bell, anybody going to try either of these JAS is already outside top of BB, $ZUMZ, sells shoes, I like both but leaning toward ZUMZ--Cheaper call prices. @Scott
  • taylor: Re: from #CNBC NEXT WEEK'S EVENTS MONDAY Earnings: Before - $YGE ; After - $HRB, $TIVO Other: $CBOE Risk Management Conf, NABE Washington Economic Conf, McDonald's Feb Sales Report TUESDAY Earnings: Before - $KR ; After - $SAM, $FLOW Other: Anniversary of Stock Market Lows of 2009, Game Developers Conf. Gets Underway (San Fran), Chevron Analyst Meeting, Obama Meets Greek PM in DC, Cisco expected to make significant announcement in invitation only Webcast at 8:00AM WEDNESDAY Earnings: Before - $AEO, $PLCE, $MTN ; After - GYMB, $HOTT Other: Wholesale Inventories, Crude Inventories, Treasury Budget, Disney Shareholder Meeting, Forbes World's Billionaires List THURSDAY Earnings: Before - $IMAX, $LDK, $SFD, $BKE ; After - $ARO, $GG, $PSUN, $SWHC, $ZUMZ Other: Continuing Claims, Initial Claims, Trade Balance, Exxon Analyst Meeting, $2bln Dollar $CA bond Offering FRIDAY Earnings: Before - $ANN, $KIRK Other: Retail Sales, Mich-Consumer Sentiment, Business Inventories, S&P Index Rebalancing
  • joanie: ...
  • bearbullbearbull: Could be. I now get a similar "hard to borrow" message from Schwab on my favorite short - $FSLR - they will go and get it for me but at a usurious interest rate. $ZUMZ seems ok on Schwab but $BKS is hard-to-borrow. From casual comparisons and word of mouth it seems that ThinkorSwim is the best with having stock allotments available to borrow. Hope this helps, Bill
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Stock Price $USD 25.30
Change 3.48%
Volume 337,229

Zumiez Inc., is a multi-channel specialty retailer of action sports related apparel, footwear, accessories and hardgoods, focusing on skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, motocross and bicycle motocross for young men and women.

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