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  • tjv821: $zyne so much for not chasing :( ouch
  • issues: @tjv821 $zyne Thank you Bridget, the sage of SMM, for writing yesterday to wait for a pull back. Good tip. Really appreciate your posts. BTW with such good advice your account must be really doing well, right?
  • Bridget: @issues $zyne Oh how I wish that were so. I would say that I am pretty good at reading the chart, but my trade management skills are still a work in progress. I hold my losers too long and don't hold my winners long enough. But working with Dan has made me a lot better. Hoping that 2017 could be my best year yet.
  • spmeyers: $ZYNE breakout all-time high, but I'd wait for pullback
  • tjv821: $zyne is working great without me :(
  • Rasta: @tjv821 $zyne ditto $SND
  • tjv821: $asix and $zyne hope I won't get caught chasing
  • tjv821: $zyne anyone else in this getting tired??
  • tjv821: $zyne woodman did u get back in bc this is on fire finally
  • tjv821: $zyne woodman did you get bk into this working pretty well??
  • woodman: @tjv821 $zyne - I did not.
  • tjv821: $zyne holding
  • tjv821: woodman it appears I got $zyne again
  • tjv821: $zyne glad I bought yesterday
  • woodman: $ZYNE nice move, lots of volume.
  • woodman: $ZYNE still trying to move above resistance, but backing off here in the early going. Good room above if it can get thru.
  • tjv821: $zyne woodman u bk in??
  • woodman: @tjv821 $zyne Funny, I was looking at it today. I have some place holder shares, that's it. It's been knocking on that resistance. I really don't want any individual biotech names, but this one interests to the extent that it doesn't have any coming catalysts that could surprise me. Still, I'm not comfortable with individual biotech names given how many have gotten crushed by bad news but still find myself looking at them.
  • woodman: $ZYNE - posted on this yesterday. Continuing up so far today.
  • traderbren: @woodman $ZYNE -- nice, thanks Woodman.
  • coldevinc: @woodman $ZYNE Thanks good find
  • woodman: @coldevinc $ZYNE - Better than my attempt to buy a silver miner which failed! Tough Market. Chop, chop, chop, with machines and daytraders scalping pennies.
  • woodman: $ZYNE - back up through the 8dEMA, off the 50 day, to the 21dEMA.
  • tjv821: $zyne thang god I sold this a few days ago
  • tjv821: $zyne getting crushed today
  • woodman: @tjv821 $zyne - Yeah. I've been watching it. It's interested me but I held off. The other stocks in the area continue to do well. I either didn't have them on my radar or couldn't bring myself to chase them.
  • woodman: @tjv821 $zyne What the heck, I picked up an entry in this on the test of 12.66. Nice tail. Maybe stupid.
  • woodman: @captron $GWPH - also watch $ZYNE for a move above $14.44 - the "other" marijuana stock ... could be a mover in sympathy with GWPH.
  • captron: $ZYNE @ woodman Thanks. I am not familiar with this one. Will check it out.
  • woodman: @Bridget $CARA - Another cannabas med stock - $GWPH $ZYNE
  • woodman: $CARA $GWPH $ZYNE -- And $CRBP of course, having a heckuva day!
  • woodman: $ZYNE - the other (think $GWPH) marijuana healthcare stock.
  • tjv821: $zyne drifting down to the 10 day
  • tjv821: $zyne pulling back
  • tjv821: $zyne taking it in the zinie today
  • Bridget: @tjv821 $zyne I closed half my position yesterday
  • Bridget: $ZYNE working for me. Forming a big cup pattern. Bought this on the recent rise in volume. Still far from its all time high though. #ipo
  • Bridget: $ZYNE broke out of consolidation on the weekly chart yesterday and pulled back today but now bouncing off previous resistance. I see this as a good buy point with a stop just below $11
  • Bridget: $ZYNE this recent IPO had a big day today. Still not above its ipo price though.
  • maratom71: $AEMD, $EGO, $RAND,$ZYNE, just some names was looking at today, have only small position in $EGO, all were rockets today. Just saying
  • cmac: @maratom71 $AEMD $EGO $RAND $ZYNE wow, you like those low priced stocks.....
  • gt: $ZYNE any of you biotechians know this one?
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Stock Price $USD 23.20
Change -5.42%
Volume 430,971

Zynerba Pharmeceuticals Inc is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing proprietary next-generation synthetic cannabinoid therapeutics formulated for transdermal delivery.

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  • May 11th, 2017 - 2017 Q1 Earnings
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