3 Stocks I Saw on TV (AMT XOIL.X DATA) (August 22, 2016)


Every night we watch the same shows, Fast Money and Mad Money, and we want to USE those ideas the grow OUR money. Well good trading takes more than just pushing the buy button, the next morning, to get the stocks the stocks you saw on TV last night into your portfolio. I’m here to help you MAKE money on THESE 3 stocks I saw on TV.

We’re going to start with American Tower ( NYSE:AMT ), which I will admit I have not been watching and should have. Cramer talked about this on Mad Money; he likes it, so do I. Here’s what these guys do: They make cell towers. Or they own them and lease them out to all the cell companies. So if you are watching this on your mobile device, or if you have ever called anybody on a cellular phone, American Tower ( NYSE:AMT ) is your stock.

Here’s the deal: The stock traded down back down to the 50-day moving average. You look here at the trend, it’s been going up forever, and it’s given you a good opportunity to buy. The yield isn’t much to speak of, 1.75 percent, but what IS something to speak of is this trend. They don’t report earnings until November, which means that you can buy this stock right now, keep a stop at 112.81, that’s the level right there. You keep a stop at 112.81 and you’re good to go. You’re taking a small risk. If you’re stopped out, okay., that’s the price you pay for playing. But if the stock continues to run, this has been a real nice entry for you.

Okay, Dennis Gartman, on Fast Money, says that oil (XOIL.X) is in a ‘prefect storm’. He thinks that oil is going back to 41.00, he said 5 or $6.00, whatever, I’ll let you review the tape on that. So he thinks it’s going lower for various reasons, and that’s great. I just think it’s going lower because this is the move that it’s made. And it has run up against this resistance here, run this over, that is where the stock peaked at, right here. I would make a better analysis, in my view (of course it is, in my view). If this starts running up above 50.00 buy every energy company in sight. Until that happens I think you can stay away from energy, if only for this reason: As long as oil stays around this level, I don’t know how far it’s going to go, and neither does anybody else, except for the fools and the liars, frankly.

You can’t make a measured move here, other than to say, “Well maybe it will come back and retest the 200-day moving average.” But I would rather deal in risk management, which is this: Unless oil starts moving higher I think you can look at all these energy ETFs ( NYSEARCA:XLE ) and see them as range bound. And that’s really what we’re talking about. There are a few stocks here and there that are working, like Chesapeake ( NYSE:CHK ), for whatever reason I kind of like that. I like National-Oilwell Varco ( NYSE:NOV ). But generally speaking, as long as oil is NOT moving up to here, and Gartman again, thinks it’s going to move down another 4 or $5.00, great. Then stay away from energy.

Then the last one that I don’t really see anybody talking about, but they should be, is DATA, Tableau Software ( NYSE:DATA ). After hours they reported that they are hiring the guy who has been busy for the last 10 years building Amazon’s Web Services. Okay, that’s kind of a big deal. Have you heard of Amazon Web Services? I have. And oh, by the way, if you’re watching this video, and you are, you’re watching it on Amazon Web Services. This is what has happened with the stock: Since they reported this it’s up a few dollars.

This would be my suggestion: For tomorrow, I don’t like to buy anything that is gapping up right at the open, particularly since this is gapping up right into resistance. But keep you eye on Tableau ( NYSE:DATA ). As long as this stock keeps trading in this series of higher lows, kind of like right along there, then this is a stock that you want to buy on dips, there’s the channel. So the idea is to buy the bottom of the channel, in between these two lines and not buy at the top of the channel. And this stuff in between is just that, the ‘in betweens’.

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