1. avatar ascutia833sunset says:

    Dan, Great webinar with Mark Minervine, I was able to get in and listen t0 Mark. I picked up his book “Think & Trade Like a Champion” last week but haven’t had the time to read it yet. You always seem to come up with great topics and this one was excellent. I especially was interested in the position sizing and stops. I was pretty close to his 12.5% position size that was stated as one of the 3 examples,. with 1.25% risk of total equity. I currently am using a 2.5% risk of total equity and a 10% position size. I think I may need to adjust to a 25% position size with a 1.25% risk and cut back on the # of stocks. On my stops I typically look at support but use a 5% stop as my maximum stop loss. I will look into Mark’s course in October in Myrtle Beach, I might go to depending on if my schedule has no conflicts.

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