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  1. avatar Craig Reynolds says:

    DAN & Gary

    I have been in the market investing (loose word) following heard’s of pigs off the cliff. I’m retired now, Never really watched the market, actually found I know very little. Have fallen to a number of get rich talking heads ways of doing investing. This video in the strategy session have explained years of misunderstanding. The “FORM” is great, so many good people have given me helps of understanding. Friday was my 3 full day in form. I feel like the student showing up to learn now and guess what, the teacher can teach. I really enjoy this subject and taking a part of my money and investing using materials you have given. The vwap and pivot point entry and exit video was a great start along with all other materials you have posted on site. I need to be careful. Have been mostly paper trading the last week. I did do one money trade and so far it is working great. Today’s video was the best I have ever seem period in 30 years. I thank you and especially Gary for the SMM site and the people behind the picture that adds so much. God bless and appreciate all. Craig Reynolds

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