Are you seeing China rising? Here’s your trade on YY, Inc (YY). (April 01, 2019)

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With respect to YY ( NASDAQ: YY ) here, this is one of the stocks, the other one was JD ( NASDAQ: JD ), that Cramer featured back in January on Mad Money. He asked me for some stuff and I gave him China; YY ( NASDAQ: YY ) is the underperformer but it has performed really well so I just thought I would cover it here.

Here’s the deal: You can’t really buy it right here without saying, “You know what? This stock is never going to come into this box. It is just going to sneak around the upper right-hand corner and just stay up there and keep on going.” I don’t really think that is a possibility, I could be wrong but what I really see more happening is, if this stock continues it would ultimately pull back a bit and give you a better entry and then hopefully run up this way.

I am kind of nitpicking a little bit but it is in the purview of a good trader to nitpick: the entry is everything. If you don’t have a good entry you are not going to have a good trade. If you have a good entry, even a stock that goes against you, you are going to wind up okay on.

So here, this is what I would do; I would look for some kind of a pullback to 85.00 if you are looking to kind of build a position. Look for some kind of a pullback to 85.00 in the next couple of days and then that is when you would start building a position.

Now, if you are a high momentum trader, if you have the time and inclination to just watch a stock; literally say, “Look, maybe the stock is going to pull back but it’s going up now so I am in,” then I think you can go ahead and do that. Just take the stock if it runs up above $89.00 or something like that, and then just ride the stock higher.

This is a 15-minute bar chart, here’s an hourly bar chart. You can see that the real break out here, again, on an hourly chart, was above $88.00, so we are kind of right there knocking at the door. Short-term traders sire, take this stock for a ride. Longer-term traders, be patient and wait for a pullback closer to the 20-day moving average. And as long as the stock stays above the 20-day moving average, this little line here, as long as it stays above there you are good to go on this trade.

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