Here’s how we traded (and continue to trade) The Trade Desk (TTD) (July 26, 2019)


I want to tell you about The Trade Desk ( NASDAQ: TTD ) here. I do my Strategy Session for members and the way this stock was trading it really looked like it was about to break out. So we set a price alert, on our video at 257.50. On a price alert what we do is, and it is propitiatory stuff, we cut out that particular chunk of the video and just send it to you so you don’t have to wonder why you are getting this alert. You look at the video snippet, it can be 30 seconds it might be 15 but you will know what I am thinking. And so our alert went off at 257.50 and our traders caught this thing; now the stock is up like 20 points above that.

With The Trade Desk ( NASDAQ: TTD ) this is what I want you to do: You look and see, it’s in an obvious uptrend so buying is where you want to be. I think, that with the company due to report earnings the week after next, I think you can still buy this stock; it is obviously, on an earnings run here. It would have been nice to have gotten the stock even Thursday or the first thing Friday morning when our alert went off, but this has got really, really strong fundamentals all across the board and I think it is going higher. You can buy the stock here and then I would keep a stop, it has to be a little bit looser than I prefer but that’s the nature of a stock that has jumped 9 percent in a day, keep it around 255.00 or so and I think you will do fine.

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