Strategy Session Notes (Feb. 12, 2020)

SS 021220

COTD: $AVLR — Earnings posted earnings loss, but beat revenues. Watch $93.60. Alert $93.60

$SPX — Trickling higher. You can feel the anxiety…of not being fully invested.

$DJI — Looking for 30,000 soon.

$NDX — New high


$FFTY — Looking for a breakout. Alert $37.

$GOOGL — Big tech getting look by FTC for antitrust. Ya think??? But still going higher. These are barometers for market weather.

$AMZN — really needs a rest here.

$AAPL — high squeeze. Wouldn’t buy here…but would certainly hold.

$FB — might be setting up for a sloppy long entry. (Shortable? We’re in a bull market. Easier to find longs than shorts).

$PGNY — This has a LOT of tightening up to do. It is up 30% in 7 trading days. Could use a rest, so any entry here is low percentage, high risk.

$DT — Going strong. Hold this, and get used to some volatility. It is under acquisition pressure.

$RH — High is 243.67. Still in Phase 1.

$SHOP — Great earnings. Massive volume. Selling all day…but eager buyers. Needs a big rest.

$IBP — Watch this tomorrow morning. Alert $77.10

$BBY — Could tighten up a bit more…but might work on a breakout with volume. Alert $91.75

$BABA — earnings tomorrow. Alert $230

$SEDG — Buy point is $113.09. Earnings 2/19. Alert $113

$FND — New high. Earnings next Thursday. At the buy point today…but failed. Worth watching.

Trading Concepts:

$PFSI — up 14% in a few days. Why would you not take profits?

Have stock lists that you follow, and set technical alerts. This is better than just placing GTC orders.

$STE — Ah, the merits of setting alerts.

$AMBA — Another trade that needed alerts.

Strategy Session

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