If you’ve gone to a medical clinic lately, they’re probably long Figs. You should be too! ($FIGS) – August 13, 2021


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Today I want to look at FIGS ( NYSE: FIGS ). This is medical attire, shall we say. When you are getting operated on, and that has happened to me, I literally can’t remember the number of times.

What you see when you go to the website is this kind of stuff. This looks pretty cool, not the IV over there; but the point is, they are making really, really cool stuff to where I almost feel like I want to get some. I probably won’t though, but I might.

The point is, this is really cool stuff. I went into the dentist the other day, this is too much information, they were all wearing this stuff. Every place I go, medically wise, and I am 63 so it’s a fairly common thing, everybody is wearing these FIGS ( NYSE: FIGS ).

You see what happened when the stock was released. This thing ran up almost 75 percent, so it’s pulled back; a higher low. This is a big monster move here, you can see the volume picking up here. This is awesome volume here, we don’t have earnings now, they just were reported, the stock gapped down, now it’s up here.

I think you could literally be buying FIGS ( NYSE: FIGS ) right here. Buy it here and then look for a move up to $50.00. It may not seem like much but that’s over 10 percent, probably about 12 percent from where you are buying it here. And then from there you watch it closely and if this thing blasts through 50.00 you may need to get out the paddles, clear, just to jump-start your heart because you’re making so much money.

That’s about as medical as I can make this thing. I think this works. True disclosure, I don’t own any of this but I will Monday morning.

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