Still time to jump into the pool. Here’s the trade on Pool ($POOL) – August 31, 2021


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I want to look at Pool ( NASDAQ: POOL ) here today, again. We just put this on as an active trade just the other day. A little bit lower than it is now so, frankly, there is still time to hop in if you want that.

Swimming Pool ( NASDAQ: POOL ) here. We have a nice little rebound on this, it is working out really, really well. One of the things that I like about this stock is the fundamentals on it; this thing is an absolute monster. Earnings are accelerating every quarter. The revenues, or sales, are also accelerating. And then their after-tax margins, we all like great after-tax margins, are also really good.

This is a company that, from the company, it is firing on all cylinders. Stock wise it is also firing on all cylinders. This is the part of the move that you want to be involved in rather than just kind of holding through the muck here like you saw the latter quarter of last year and then into this year. So this is a stock that you really want to be in.

This is a pretty good time to enter, I will just be honest, the better time to enter was even yesterday or last week when it was bouncing along right here. But still, this is in a squeeze pattern and so you can see you can still buy some stock. Look for it to move up a little bit and then once you get confirmation that the move is real then you will want to buy some more. But for now, let’s get you in a position, okay?

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