Swing Trades Notes – January 11, 2022

The market likes what’s coming out of The Fed! And we’re open minded and following price action. Let’s take a look at the day’s trading and what’s actionable. $SPY At the 8EMA.
$QQQ Still under the MAs.
$SMH Re-bounding on volume.
$XLF Trending up.
$XLI Above the MAs.
$XME Chopping in a long base
$XLE Energy going! #Bitcoin Is 40K the new 30K? $LCID Bought this today.
$TSLA Running into a bit of resistance at the MAs
$AMZN Still in a long base.
$FB Back to the slope. Are the sellers gone?
$GS at the 50 Day
$NVDA Still in the Channel
$TECK Dan raised the stop to 28.70
$OXY Breaking out of a short base. Mentioned in the forum
$APA Another O&G trade, great volume
$ZIM Finally breaking out, nice work in the forum.
$BRO Tight along the MAs
$FNF Mentioned last video
$JEF Also moving on volume.
$KLAC Semi Stock, Earning coming up, still under the slope.
$TER Looks the same.
$MRVL Great rebound.
$AA Watch 63. Earnings next week

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