Here’s a quick and dirty chart on $KBR (March 31, 2022)


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This is Scott with your Chart of the Day. A really quick and dirty one here for KBR ( NYSE: KBR ). A little bit of a high shelf on KBR ( NYSE: KBR ), it is above all the major moving averages. And despite the weak close here on the SPY ( NYSEARCA: SPY ), KBR ( NYSE: KBR ) closed mid-range here and it is still above all of the major moving averages.

If I zoom out you can see it’s in a pretty well-defined uptrend. And while it does consolidate for a while I see a clear zone of resistance right around that $56.00 level. And so, I think it makes sense to set an alert on KBR ( NYSE: KBR ) at just under $56.00. And then what you will want to see is a nice strong move out of this range coming on heavier than average volume.

Now, right now, as I said, it’s not really doing much. It is just kind of going sideways, finding support right around that 21-day exponential period moving average but it might be worth watching if it can break out above that 56.00 level. Maybe set an alert just below, so you can get a jump on things and bring it to your attention before it makes a move, if that happens.

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