1. avatar gmb109 says:

    You are 100% correct on your Commentary/Rant about Energy !! Perhaps younger people won’t like it; but it is all Truth. We know how the Govmt screwed up 1974, late 1999, 2008 etc. Now with the push against the Energy. These fools know not what they are doing and the result will be a disaster bigger the the biggest WWIII. The unintended consequences of diminished Energy/Oil is beyond comprehension. Almost all we have and do is related to Energy use. I have known it, thought it…..but you have said it better than I could.

  2. avatar viking says:

    Hi Dan. I very much enjoyed your strategy session. It is a pleasure to listen to a straight shooter the he hits the bullseye on the target. Best wishes to you and your family. (from Alan PERRY)

  3. avatar Tregnier says:

    Hey Dan, I agree 100% with your commentary and you never hurt my feelings 🙂 My take on things is bit more harsh. I voted for Trump in both elections, the election was stolen from him.
    This is a coup and all these bastards hopefully will be Tried for Treason!
    Stay well,

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