Here’s your trade on Tesla ($TSLA) – July 20, 2022


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I’ve got a real sloppy chart of Tesla ( NASDAQ: TSLA ). The company reported earnings. I don’t care what they were, I didn’t even look at them, I just see the stock. It is flopping, bobbing, and weaving all over the place. A big move higher as the lemmings rush in, they probably saw one great number and decided it was time to buy. And now the stock is right back, essentially, to where it was when it closed. This is a stock that, right now, is still stuck below 750.00.

Now, I know that you are really, really eager to buy Tesla ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) because you don’t want to miss it before it runs back up and everybody else gets rich except you. However, I wouldn’t suggest doing that right now. My only suggestion is this, you have got to respect this 750.00 or even 760.00 level. It has capped every single rally that this has had, since May when it did put in a bottom that really does look like about 630.00.

So I think you have got to just sit tight on this for a while. I wouldn’t own it, there is no way I would own this stock right now. Not because I think it’s going lower, but because I don’t think it is really likely to go much higher, at least not enough to pay me off for owning this stock as opposed to the QLD ( NYSEARCA: QLD ), I like this better. I get Tesla ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) and, oh, so much more.

We’ve got this on our Active Trade List now, consider the QLD ( NYSEARCA: QLD ) over TSLA ( NASDAQ: TSLA ). I think you are going to make more money. You probably won’t have as much fun but will make more money.

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