Here’s an AI ETF to add to your watchlist. $BOTZ – May 9, 2023


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This is Scott with your Chart of the Day. For a lot of us playing artificial intelligence via the stock market has really only had a few vehicles. (1) of course, is AI ( NYSE: AI ). We’ve seen Dan Fitzpatrick talk about this one recently. He put it on his active trade list, members made money on it and it had a massive run-off of the January low. From the bottom here in late December, early January, to April, it was over 200 percent, pretty big.

Then you’ve had Microsoft ( NASDAQ: MSFT ) for the most part. Where they have Bing implementing ChatGPT and investing in Open AI. Those have really kind of been the AI vehicles that investors have been looking for.

But I just recently found the BOTZ ETF ( NASDAQ: BOTZ ) from Global X. This is a broad-based robotics and AI Thematic ETF that you can trade or hold, depending on your timeframe and trading style, investment strategy, and risk management, all that stuff. It actually isn’t too volatile and is in a nice little uptrend here.

Since January of 2023, it broke out here with the rest of the sector, pulled back, bounced off the 50-day moving average a few times, and since then has just kind of been trending up the moving averages here. Now, it is not perfect, it doesn’t have all winners inside the ETF.

If I open up the ETF here you can see it has stocks like Upstart ( NASDAQ: UPST ), and AI ( NYSE: AI ) But then if I scroll down to the losers it is caring iRobot ( NASDAQ: IRBT ) and a few others. It has NVIDIA ( NASDAQ: NVDA ) in it, which has been a pretty big winner this year. But this is an ETF that I am going to be looking at more frequently to kind of get a sense of what is happening in the world of artificial intelligence without having to be a stock picker.

I wanted to share this discovery that I found, today, with you, as a way to trade artificial intelligence via the stock market. Now, of course, there are other ways, you can bet on Google ( NASDAQ: GOOG ). You can bet that Amazon ( NASDAQ: AMZN ) is going to get involved, I’m sure that is all fine.

But if you want just a broad-based Thematic ETF, I am going to keep BOTZ ( NASDAQ: BOTZ ) on my watch list and watch to see if it can trend up these two moving averages here, the 8-day, which is the orange line, and the 21-day. And so far it has been doing that for most of April and here into May. So this is one ticker that I am keeping on my watch list and I wanted to share it with you.

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