Here are some of the stocks in IGT ETF – September 15, 2023


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This is Dan Fitzpatrick with Fitz In Five. This is kind of an unusual video and this is why. Tech is a wreck right now, at least temporarily, it is weak for a while. Energy is still working well, it is just kind of resting a little bit. So let’s go for some high-fliers here

I am going to look at some stocks that are in the GT Inverse ETF, that’s the Greta Thunberg ETF. Coal is working really well. This is a weekly chart ( NYSE: AMR ), if you look at the daily chart, it’s kind of scary.

But if you look at the weekly chart you get a better sense of what’s going on. This actually has some room to move. You would be chasing this a bit, but if you were to buy this and have, literally, a 15 percent stop on it, that is probably the tightest stop you could have. But it would be more of a longer-term investment.

You can see how this is barely touching the 8-day moving average, so it is really kind of tough to buy. I am just pointing it out to you, I am absolutely not banging the table. But you need to keep an eye on this stuff. Frankly, I wish I had seen it a few weeks ago, I would have been banging the table then. If you are in for a long-term run, this can work.

Now, what about a few others? Ramaco ( NASDAQ: METC ); this had a nice move today, it’s not really where you want to be. This is not a chart that you want to buy, there is nothing good that is going to happen here. The same here ( NASDAQ: AREC ), I am just banging through them here.

ARLP, Alliance ( NASDAQ: ARLP ). This one is getting a little frisky here. In about another week, maybe a week and a half, you are going to see a moving average crossover. You are going to see the 50 and the 200 cross, and that is an important technical event, shall I say, for a stock that is buyable. So I think that this is something you can be snagging right now.

And then AMR ( NYSE: AMR ) we already looked at that. And then, how about Arch Coal, or Arch Resources ( NYSE: ARCH ) as they say it now? It is a really, really sloppy chart, but you can see what is going on here. Of all of them, the one that looks the best to me is ARLP ( NASDAQ: ARLP ). We can go on though.

Here’s Warrior Met Coal ( NYSE: HCC ), I like the name. This is also working really well; a nice break out from this really kind of a sloppy top. This has gone up a whole boatload of days in a row. But if the stock were to rest a little bit, even down to 45.00, the way this is looking, I think it is a stock that you could buy.

So essentially, what I am talking about here are stocks that are working really well. I know CEIX, CONSOL ( NYSE: CEIX ), I haven’t looked at it in a while, but they have a really, really high short interest. This is probably as much of a short squeeze as anything else.

You might want to check these out. Watch, wait for your entry, and then go for it.

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