Each morning we need to digest what has already occurred that morning. The Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily contain yesterday’s news. Here are some sources that tell you what’s going on today.

By checking these sources early in the morning and throughout the day, you will remain informed on important topics and news stories that impact your trading and investment decisions.

Click on these links to open them in a separate window. When finished, close that window and go to the next link.

Breaking news stories posted on Bloomberg.com. Bloomberg is widely used by professionals, and it is important to know what they are reading. You can also streamline your reading going directly to the “Most Read” section, which is a compilation of the most-read stories within the “Bloomberg Professional” service. You can also access Bloomberg TV or Bloomberg Radio. You will find that Bloomberg TV offers substantial insight into important topics rather than the glorified intra-commercial sound bites presented by other financial TV networks.

Top stories posted on MarketWatch.com. This MarketWatch page also organizes stories according to sector for more time-efficient research.

Top stories posted on TheStreet.com, the free sister-site of RealMoney.com.

Market Overview
Early morning snapshot of what’s going on today at Yahoo! Finance, as well as intraday updates and end-of-day summary.

News by Industry
Complete list of industry groups organized by Yahoo! Finance according to sector. Great tool for sector specific news updates.

Stocks In Play
Dynamic snapshot of market news events throughout the day by Yahoo! Finance. Check In Play throughout the day for timely intraday news.

Intraday Market Update
Periodic updates throughout the day by Briefing.com that concludes with a general market summary.

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