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You'll get immediate digital access to this training series, along with our all new weekly webinar series LIVE with Dan, PLUS a FREE 30 day trial to Stock Market Mentor — a $79.95 value, absolutely FREE!

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Introducing: Fast Track Trader Orientation

Over a decade ago I set out to teach people how to become successful traders. I soon realized that most traders lose money for the same reason: They lack discipline. Learning to discipline yourself and following a profitable plan will make you successful. You almost can’t avoid it! I can teach you how to become a disciplined trader, and give you the knowledge and tools to create a successful trading plan.

I've put together a series of tutorials called the Fast Track Trader Program. This 19-module training series, plus weekly LIVE Q&A Training Webinars will:

  • Teach you how to distinguish between profitable trades and losing trades. When you can do that, you’ll make more money. Pretty simple stuff, right?

  • Teach you what you need to know about charts. I’ll separate the signal from the noise by focusing on the most important technical analysis tools and techniques.

  • Show you the keys to minimizing risk and maximizing profit.

  • Walk you through all of the tools at Stock Market Mentor so you can leverage the extensive resources you will have at your fingertips.

  • Give you direct access to me! I’ll analyze your stocks and answer your questions.

I'm going to walk you through everything STEP-BY-STEP so you can apply the concepts you're learning. The point here is to get you just the information you need to become successful.

Here are some of the topics you're going to learn about:

I first introduced my Fast Track Trading program a year ago to help traders get up to speed quickly and start maximizing their profits. I've received hundreds of responses from students on how to improve the program. A lot has changed over the last year and I'm excited to unveil this improved version of Fast Track Trading.

Along with the training videos you'll also get access to three special bonuses:

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Webinars with Dan — In these live webinars Dan will be presenting additional information and lessons and taking your specific questions. Bring your questions and be prepared to put your new knowledge to use. We will send out a webinar schedule and invites in a few days.

  • Fast Track Trader Checklist (PDF) — This checklist is designed to allow you to properly plan out your schedule and ensure you complete all of the tutorials. You'll know exactly how much you'll need to committ and when, so that you stay on track.

  • Dan's Trading Action Checklist (PDF) — Use the checklist Dan uses every day to plan, execute and learn from previous trades. This unique tool and accompanying video will walk you through everything you need to make smart trades the way Dan does.

If you've been sitting on the fence about joining Stock Market Mentor, or if you are a former member and are looking for a way to get back into trading and skyrocket your success, now is the time! Between the new trading material, tools and live Q&A Webinars, you've got the opportunity to get a head start and take your trading up a notch.

All you have to do is start your 30 day trial of Stock Market Mentor. If you give me the next 30 days, I promise that you will be more profitable than you right now. If not, you lose nothing!

Your FREE 30 Day Trial to Stock Market Mentor also includes...

1) The Daily Strategy Session

Members receive an extensive “Strategy Session” video each evening, which is typically 20-30 minutes long. The Strategy Session is an ongoing analysis of winning sectors, industry groups and stocks that we’re focusing on. It is a constant source of profitable trading ideas and is intended to educate, inform, and challenge you to become a competent and successful trader.

2) Community Trading Forum

Our Exclusive Community Forum is an active trading room; a community of traders that range from beginning traders with small portfolios to large money managers responsible for multi-million dollar funds. It is an ongoing source of education, trading ideas and market dialogue. I regularly join conversations, give feedback and share my trading ideas and experiences openly with the community.

3) Trading Tutorials

Our dedicated Education Department comes complete with trading tutorials that will challenge you to learn various aspects of trading to enhance your trading skills. You can quickly find the latest educational content, broken down into Trading Concepts and Technical Analysis all of which give you a “hands on” guide to the trading concepts and ideas you need.

4) Video Price Alerts

Video price alerts are sent to members as stocks covered in our Strategy Sessions and Chart of the Day videos make key technical developments during the trading day. You'll be emailed the chart of the stock along with the video providing the analysis of the setup. This is delivered during the market as the stock is making the move.

5) Video Requests

Sometimes you just want Dan's input on a chart. No problem, just ask. You can send a request for Dan to cover the chart. Once he covers it, we’ll email you the video that covers your stock.

6) Monthly Q&A Sessions

Each month I host a ”Members Only” Question and Answer webinar where I get deep and personal in helping individuals solve their problems. It’s great to watch, even if you don’t have any immediate questions since the quality of dialogue we have will help steer you in the right direction.

7) The Weekend Update

Members receive a more extensive analysis each weekend, with exclusive video content, including: a market overview, sector spotlight, Stock Watch videos to point you in the right direction to maximize your gains in the coming week.

8) Option Market Mentor

With options, you can generate income from your current portfolio and hedge against market reversals. You can maximize the potential of a small portfolio by generating big returns on option trades.

Option Market Mentor members have access to trading ideas directly from Dan. You are also a member of a large community of option traders who share trades, ideas and knowledge every day. Dan gives you step-by-step instructions on how to put on the trade and manage it until it’s closed. He also regularly provides tutorials on common mistakes and current events in the market.

9) Member-Only Discounts on Products

As a member you get access to deep discounts — up to 50% — on all of the Stock Market Mentor educational products. Whether it's our signature The 59 Minute Trader course or our popular Basic Training DVD Set, you'll be able to save hundreds of dollars off our products' regular prices. PLUS, members get early, priority access to purchase tickets to all our live workshops and seminars — they sell out fast!

On any given day, we have hundreds of active traders in the Forum. Since it’s a paid forum, everyone is focused on the same outcome and goals: to become better, more profitable traders. There’s a "positive-sum" mentality where everyone helps each other, you will be part of a community of like-minded individuals who want to help you be successful as other have helped them.

What Members Are Saying

Ronald Bridges"I can’t say enough good things about Dan and StockMarketMentor! As Dan has said in the past, I could have gotten stock picks anywhere on the web, but investing and trading takes skill, and I would never have developed the skills I have now without Dan’s guidance and direction. Rest assured that I know I have still have more to learn, but with Dan’s guidance, I feel I have the tools necessary to continue to grow as an investor."

Sam Georgiou"I’ve been with you a long time because what you offer works. Nothing like it in the mentor universe. Your videos are like going from a seat at the back of a 6th grade classroom to the front row seat at University. Really, a turning point for me in my trading education. I probably don’t let it be known how much I appreciate what you have built!"

Lori Hall"During 2000/01 and 2008/09, I had no idea what was going on, because I knew nothing of technical analysis/crowd behavior. Thanks to you and your help, all that has changed. While I still consider myself less than an amateur, I knew enough to know that the market was getting dicey this spring/summer and was able to move to the sidelines, avoiding most of the carnage"


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Join our Fast Track Trader Series FREE!

You'll get immediate digital access to this training series, along with our all new weekly webinar series LIVE with Dan, PLUS a FREE 30 day trial to Stock Market Mentor — a $79.95 value, absolutely FREE!

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