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  • Pokersmith: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GDX $XME $XLE $SBSW $AAPL $GOOGL $FB $HZO $CF $MOS $FCX $DE $ACGO $PXD $FANG $SIG $BBY $ABG $GM $F #SS #Bitcoin Change ACGO to AGCO 👍
  • scottrades: My #SS Notes: $SPY Nice close. $QQQ Holding the 50 Day $GDX Great volume. Is Gold a Value Anti-Inflation Trade? #Bitcoin Trading as expected. $XME Extended but working. $XLE Trending up $SBSW Sloping. $AAPL Holding the 50 Day. $GOOGL Back above the 8EMA $FB Firming up around the 8EMA $HZO Cup building a handle. $CF Bullish Engulfing Candle. $MOS Back above the 8EMA $FCX Sold some, hold some. $DE Mentioned last night in my video. Look for a move back to support. $AGCO Perking up. $PXD Watch 166 $FANG Support at the 21 EMA $SIG Good volume today. $BBY Watch 121 $ABG In trend above the MAs. $GM Looks better than $F
  • bRobert: $LAD Low risk entry Healthy long daily consolidation over the 50d A little pinch as well WEEKLY consolidation close to the 20 w Hard stop just below $500 target Best in space although my other guy $ABG keeps printing nhs 100% return for stock Calls............a bit more
  • bRobert: @Henry $AN $LAD $ABG has been outperforming as well but Catch up is a nice trading condiment . I expect that LAD consolidation will lead to a very substantial run towards $500+
  • bRobert: $LAD 50d bounce $ABG $20d bounce Strong
  • bRobert: $AN nh heading to $100 technical target $LAD $450- $500+ Holding stock $ABG Very polite C&H $250 $CVNA Look for the bounce $320 with flag trigger > $290 $400 with range breakout $VRM $48 with flag trigger reversal Look for 5/13 ema bull cross to enter in scales $75 longer term Still young from IPO $LYFT $75 soon $120 WEEKLY base target longer
  • bRobert: $KMX nh $140/$170 targets pb bounces Strong with $AN $ABG $LAD Look for pb bounces
  • bRobert: @debeers $LAD $500+ C&H pinch $ABG breakout nh $270 $AN Breakout nh $100 Strong $KMX breakout nh $180 Auto bull market Many flavors $CAR nh short squeeze $75
  • bRobert: $ABG longer term hold ( I relate to the symbol) WEEKLY monster $250 $IR $54 $ETN $200 Not shiny objects Just higher
  • bRobert: $ROK breakout to nh $400 WEEKLY target Pullback bounces $IR $ABG $HON $ETN Birds of a feather
  • bRobert: @Henry $AN $LAD $CVNA $AN. many posts. Great. technical long. $100. WEEKLY. Cup reversal breakout. $KMX. FRESH. WEEKLY. breakout. LONG. consolidation. $160+. potential $CVNA. $360/$400. WEEKLY. breakout. in motion for. a while. Daily. high base C&H. breakout retest ........ Shorts 30% $LAD. Daily. breakout/retest. ......20d. bounce. $400/$450. $ABG. WEEKLY. C&H. breakout $200. $GM. $70 WEEKLY. C&H. like. target
  • bRobert: $LAD. Getting ready. $340/$400+. Long $ABG. nh. already. $200. Room for. 2. winners. I have. both
  • debeers: @bRobert $LAD $ABG -What a gorgeous day!
  • bRobert: @debeers $MOH $UNH $BA $DKNG $AMRC $ENPH $GS $LAC $LAD $PENN You missed a great entry add in $UNH. $8. gain. already. I own MOH. but. UNH will go up a similar %. 50%. Same for. HUM It's not just what you buy. Great sales can make any one a great buy. ROOM FOR. MULTIPLE WINNERS Same. with. $SEDG $ABG. I like and own the other guy. too but have done very well with. #2
  • debeers: @bRobert $MOH $UNH $BA $DKNG $AMRC $ENPH $GS $LAC $LAD $PENN $SEDG $ABG #2 --the future president has made a commitment to Medicare folks. Of course there are multiple ways to win but i cannot own everything
  • debeers: @bRobert $LAD $ABG - i hope you know we both agree on a lot more than we disagree---a lot more.
  • bRobert: $AAPL old swing high test soon $138 old high Anticipate a little pullback $ABG $200 WEEKLY REVERSAL base breakout in motion FLAG Friends with $LAD room for both $LAD $400 after done with consolidation in high base
  • bRobert: $KSU nh $300 WEEKLY C&H pinch MMP 50% upside Pb/bounces $UNP $300+ $NSC $330 $CSX $125 WEEKLY C&H like $CP $400 Strongest all year Price action is workin on the railroad Nice tune $IYT pinching over the 50d Auto frisky $ABG $LAD $JETS WEEKLY C&H like with flag trigger $32 potential $LUV pinch over 50d $AL $60 $AER $65 $FLY High % upside $BA getting ready and related $SPR $TGI
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $PPG $ROK $IR I think they outperform I own IR $60/$70+ and ROK $360 calls $ABG $200 too
  • bRobert: $LAD coming in towards $240 area as the WEEKLY finishes consolidation of $60 - $300 move Keep an eye on it $ABG has been the better stock of late WEEKLY with fresh WEEKLY reversal cup breakout to nhs I posted a $200 target on this one a while ago It has been getting a lot closer $160 daily high base target sooner
  • bRobert: @debeers $LAD $GM $350+ with W WEEKLY trigger LONG $ABG breakout $200
  • bRobert: $ABG breakout $200+ WEEKLY target BIG BASE $LAD WEEKLY W $350 with trigger
  • debeers: @bRobert $ABG $LAD -$LAD got an immediately accretive boost from the Rolls Royce and Mercedes dealerships. Again, they underbid Warren B.who just doesn't get it: people want relationships and legacies more than the highest price. Folks here don't get it either which is why you and i understand the automotive space.LONG
  • bRobert: @debeers $ABG $LAD I really understand the bullish technicals They speak to me I leave the fundies argument in your very capable hands
  • bRobert: $ABG nh pullback bounces $150/$200 WEEKLY not weakly reversal breakout LONG
  • scottrades: ...
    Some car dealerships are setting up as well. Keep an eye on $GPI, $ABG, $CARS and $AN.

    Have a great day!


  • mercury6s: @scottrades $TSLA $QCOM $GBTC $AAPL $FB $GPI $ABG $CARS $AN #Bitcoin
    My history with #bitcoin has been weak when it should have been strong. I turned my back on it on multiple occasions since about 2013. Mostly due to lack of understanding. Not so ...
  • bRobert: $LAD NOT extended Patient Consolidation of monster move from $60 cellar to $280 $350 target when ready $ABG $150/$200 Many winners here
  • bRobert: @debeers $LAD #2 #9 #5 #3 I'm a fan of. $LAD. but.... Don't forget about $ABG. $150/$200
  • debeers: @bRobert $LAD $ABG #2 #9 #5 #3 -$LAD imo $LAD is special in that $LAD consistently offers LESS to buy dealerships and because of the way they treat the dealers and give them ongoing say, they should IMO, be in the (excuse the expression) driver's seat.
  • bRobert: $ABG. nh. $200. with patience. WEEKLY measured. move target
  • bRobert: $ABG. partial profits. top of range. $200. long term. $LAD will perk up soon.
  • bRobert: $LAD. $300 reversal with Cup flag. trigger. /$360+ target. longer term $ABG. top. of. range. $150/$200. longer term
  • bRobert: ...
    $LAD $ABG High earnings/revenue growth Look for these to bottom
    $XRT related May come in quite a bit more 20 WEEK needs to hold Expecting a booming holiday shopping season? Major retail discounts may be required
    $BYND WEE ...
  • romanalexk: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND Wow! Very nice! Thank you! We figured that you are pretty busy with all the headlines about the surge.
  • bwcarnation1: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND Thanks for taking the time to post with all that you have going on....take care of yourself!
  • Firemedic: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND Thanks so much for your thoughts on the market and these names.
  • wdcobler: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND Thanks for the help and the extra effort.
  • Rick_O: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND - Thank you for all you do to keep us going. Massive move by $YY and keep on going. Have great day!
  • bRobert: $MS long consolidation WEEKLY C&H base Setting up for eventual breakout $75 measured move target No hurry 50% upside Longer term investment - partial Will scale in further with a confirmed WEEKLY breakout $ABG $135 technical target 1 Reports 10/27 Events can trump technicals Partial taken off
  • bRobert: $LAD. Example of. great company. with good earnings. Bearish technical picture Long term bullish. $350+. Short term bearish. Profits taken. Waiting to reenter $ABG. Better. technical set up. took partials on recent pop.
  • Danzguy: @bRobert $LAD $ABG Please continue to post on LAD. I know of this company from a consumer perspective and I agree with you. I would like to get a piece of LAD with the right entry. Thx for your work.
  • bRobert: @Danzguy $LAD $ABG the stock ran from. $60 - $280. in a very steep WEEKLY trajectory. That was the easy money and needs some consolidation.
  • bRobert: $ABG $140/$180. Positive pin action with $LAD. Both in my garage. $EL. $250./$265 high base C&H. target
  • debeers: @bRobert $ABG $LAD $EL -interesting to me that everything is lumped together.AN will be up but the rev dropped. Why be there??? Yesterday you asked me to join you in a cocktail before the Lithia earnings but i didn't want you to have a premature celebration.LOL
  • bRobert: $ABG. breakout. $UCTT. ADD $BABA $330. sooner than later. $YY. Starter.
  • bRobert: $ABG. took partials.
  • jwstich: @Herb $LAZY My feelings also. Although $LAD and $ABG are up today. Stock is really acting counter to what I felt would happen after $LAD earnings. May wait and see if we get a little bounce.
  • bRobert: @jwstich $LAZY $LAD $ABG I have enjoyed a nice. few day move in $ABG. top of range old/swing high took some profits. I have been long. LAD for a long time. WEEKLY extended. Still long term bullish. with further consolidation.
  • jwstich: @bRobert $LAZY $LAD $ABG Thanks. Would you avoid $ABG at this point? Maybe wait for a little pullback? Earnings are on 10/27. Might be wise just to sit this one out for a while???
  • bRobert: @scottto_2 $LAD Small cap. shaking around. Long term bullish. No crystal ball over earnings or reaction to. Long partial over from below $ABG. my other horse. $140 daily high base /$180. WEEKLY reversal targets. Good day. today Will move. with LAD Top of WEEKLY range Reports. 10/27. .
  • scottto_2: @bRobert $LAD $ABG - Thanks I'll take a look under the hood.
  • bRobert: $ABG. up over. 4%. $140. high base target 1. Reports. 10/27. It will get pin action with $LAD. earnings report tomorrow. $180. WEEKLY target. $LAD. $340. target. Best of breed. More extended. on WEEKLY
  • bRobert: @scottto_2 $LAD $ABG Let it cool a bit. The engine is hot.
  • bRobert: @romanalexk $LAD Don't discount $ABG. for TRADE into earnings. as well.
  • bRobert: $ABG. Nice pop Took partials with LAD earnings.tomorrow Swing high speed bump as well.
  • debeers: @bRobert $ABG -$LAD call volume 10x times normal. LONG from long ago.
  • bRobert: @debeers $ABG $LAD We are in the same train car. Can I buy you a cocktail?
  • debeers: @bRobert $ABG $LAD -i want to celebrate when the call is done tomorrow.
  • bRobert: $ABG. testing WEEKLY ceiling. $150/$200. targets. with breakout. Big. base $LAD $340. target with trigger. the leader. but room for. others Report. 10/21
  • debeers: $ABG vs $LAD-Look, i very rarely disagree with @bRobert (the man, the myth, the legend!) but i am now. Yesterday he said that you could use the $ABG results as a tell on $LAD. Really? Why? because they are both auto dealers? In my opinion that is like saying if you wanted to you could use Ryan Fitzpatrick as a tell on Patrick Mahomes because--hey aren't they both quarterbacks? total crap!! OR YOU COULD LOOK AT THE FACTS- Year to date $ABG is up 2.44%. its 1-3-5 year results are as follows: 13.2%/100.7%/31.7%. $LAD year to date is up 86.92% 1 year 116.2/ 3years 145.8/ 5 years 173.3. Frankly, i think the market is smarter than that and we have only Mon and Tuesday to wait as Lithia reports on the 21st BMO.One more thing--if investors thought that was true ,theyd flee. Friday the volume on $LAD was 272,600. Average volume for the stock is 755,066.
  • bRobert: @debeers $ABG $LAD I always look forward to your long and short forms and feisty posts You realize we are really on the same side? I have been a long time holder of $LAD. Currently $340 measured move target $ABG is another in the sector with a very bullish daily/WEEKLY chart $140 target 1 Technically, higher longer term . I incorrectly posted the reporting order $LAD reports first 10/21 $ABG 10/27 As a trade, I would look for positive pin action in $ABG and others in the group with a good LAD report card and a further run into earnings In trucking $YRCW $ARCB are the low hanging fruit but have provided monster pin action returns due to bullish moves in the leaders . They still have tremendous upside from here (50 - 100%) Follow the leader can be a fun and profitable game
  • bRobert: $IYT. WEEKLY breakout. Daily breakout/flag pullback. Bullish Trucking. $FDX $UPS $ODFL. $TA. stealth play. Engines. $CMI. Even the low hanging fruit. $ARCB. $YRCW. ,others. Trains., select auto. used cars. $LAD $ABG. even. $GM. C&H.
  • bRobert: $ABG. Daily. high base flag $140 WEEKLY reversal. base HIGHER.targets long term Estimate report date prior to. $LAD. Use it as a tell
  • bRobert: $LAD flag High base $350 target WEEKLY flag trigger $360 $ABG WEEKLY C&H $150+ $ALGN Long daily consolidation WEEKLY reversal $400/$460 $SWKS $200 WEEKLY C&H Daily high base C&H Flag $175 with trigger LONG term hold
  • bRobert: @debeers $LAD $DKNG $LEN $DDOG $BBBY $LOW $MOH $LAD $360 WEEKLY flag target Speed bumps along the way $ABG $200 target
  • bRobert: $ABG You can buy with stop below 50d SMALL $180 target HUGE upside 70%
  • bRobert: $ABG. Pinch consolidation. > 50d. Low risk. entry. Stop < 50d. $180. WEEKLY target. LOW risk. HIGH reward 70%. upside
  • bRobert: $CTB. $40/$45. $LAD. $300 and. $ABG. $120/$180. Pullback towards. 50d. $CAR. $40/$50. Shorts 26%. Used car. bull market.
  • bRobert: $ABG. tight consolidation. > 50d $180. WEEKLY C&H. target $125. short term $LAD. Same. $300+. Used car. bull market
  • bRobert: @debeers $GOOGL $FB $MSFT $AMZN $AAPL $LAD $LULU $NKE $NFLX #3 I like. $ABG. as well $150/$200
  • bRobert: $ABG. $150/$200. WEEKLY targets. $LAD has been by used car horse. Added this to the stable 50 - 100%. upside.
  • bRobert: $CAR High base Short squeeze candidate $40/$50 $ABG $120/$180 WEEKLY targets
  • bRobert: $CAR $40/$50+ Shorts 27% $ABG $180 WEEKLY C&H $CVNA $240 Flag target Shorts 30% $SHW $750/$800 Still painting a very bullish picture WEEKLY C&H
  • bRobert: $RACE Breakout to nh Flag pb/bounce $250 target $ABG Look to add soon as this side way consolidation matures $180 WEEKLY target
  • bRobert: $ABG. Looking for the bounce close to the 50d. Stop. just below. $180. WEEKLY target 80%. upside $CTB. Strong WEEKLY base constructed. Breakout and flag pullback/retest. $45/$50. Daily high base. $40. sooner Close to 50% upside. Healthy holding stock
  • bRobert: $tgt monthly c&h in motion $200. Partials at least. Reload on pb/bounce $abg. $180 c&h weekly. Holding stock 50% upside $low $200 target but like $hd it ran into earnings. Partials. Reload on pullback bounce
  • Yuls: $ABG nice c&h on daily, bounced off 9ema
  • bRobert: @Yuls $ABG Own it. C&h weekly my draw . 50%.+ Upside. $150/$200. Holding stock along with. $lad
  • bRobert: $w consolidation. A nh print trigger Will run to $360/$370. Short squeeze. 30% $rh. $400. Short squeeze walk up $abg. 50% + upside. Holding stock. Pullback bounces. Own it with $lad long term
  • bRobert: $ABG. ADD here. stop < 20d. $120/$200.
  • bRobert: @JFD $SPR $BTAI $HAL $PENN $CZR $HD $GTLS $LITE $CRWD $SWKS $OC $TPX $OSB $AMWD $DE $CMI $URI $SHW $HRI $MS $UNH $MOH $ALGN $ABMD $ABG. works. now. $120/$200
  • bRobert: $lad $300. Long term hold from below $abg $120/$180. Weekly cup. Long. 50%. Club
  • bRobert: $ABG. $120/$180 targets. Look for pb/b. Strong growth $CAR. $40/$50. Targets $RACE. Nh. print. $220+. Italian sculpture in motion
  • debeers: @bRobert $ABG $CAR $RACE -Ferrari is sold out. is it really true you got the last one??
  • bRobert: @debeers $ABG $CAR $RACE His and hers. It’s Waiting for you
  • bRobert: $abg. Squeeze out. $120/$180. Huge upside. Strong chart. Big weekly base. Look for pullback bounces. Breakout retest. Long
  • Orange-Green: @bRobert $abg - Great stock - saw this daily squeeze a few days back and jumped on it.. not sure if I should take partials by the end of the day as it is up nearly 10% in just two trading days.. thoughts?
  • bRobert: @Orange-Green $abg. Take partiiall profits if you like. I expect a SMALL pullback retest. The upside is. HUGE. Don't get too cute and miss the merest of the move. . to. $200. 90%. Upside from HERE
  • cgendro1: @bRobert $PENN yes, been enjoying the ride on this as well as $ABG and $OC among others! Thanks for the detailed reviews and targets!
  • bRobert: @cgendro1 $PENN $ABG $OC. That's a great stable of long term winners. All have strong weekly charts. Still with 50%. Upside from here. Enjoy the ride
  • Orange-Green: Started positions in more industrial and materials this morning.. $PPG $ABG $DD $DOW $FMC
  • Orange-Green: @bRobert $ABG YES! Great stock, grabbed it this am at the open.. Trading nicely with tigh BB's
  • bRobert: $ABG. Squeeze. on the daily. chart WEEKLY. $125. flag target $180. C&H like. target 70%. upside. Meets my 50%+. club requirements. np. yet Close to 20%. projected. earnings and revenue growth. makes this one very cheap.
  • bRobert: @Orange-Green $ABG this one checks off all my boxes for a long term trade. with high upside. Look at the strong WEEKLY uptrend infected by Covid Looking for this to resume that strong WEEKLY uptrend
  • debeers: ...
    SHORT FORM: $ABG reported better than forecast today and $ABG has never had the kind of returns that $LAD has had.
    i think that the strongest predictor of what a risk will do is what it has done unless proven otherwise. Reports the 12th.
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Asbury Automotive Group, Inc. is an automotive retailer in the United States, operating 98 franchises (77 dealership locations) in approximately 18 metropolitan markets within 10 states.

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  • October 26th, 2021 - 2021 Q3 Earnings
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