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  • shoredriver: ...$ISRG $ABMD.....sheesh.......
  • woodman: @shoredriver $ISRG $ABMD - see $IHI too. #MedicalDevices #MedicalInstruments, #MedicalDiagnitics, for the most part, are getting slammed. Even #Healthcare plans which had been good are not working right now. But, not much in this Market is working...
  • issues: added to IBD 50 $CRL $INTC $SQ $TEAM Taken off IBD 50: $ALSN $CP $FOXF $GMED; added to IBD BIG caps $DVMT $CVS $HCA $NUE Taken off big caps $ABMD $ILMN $INTU $V We own only $SQ & $GMED We can't figure out why some are added while others are taken off. For example ALSN looks like a buy...
  • shoredriver: ....$ABMD......no love this a.m.
  • issues: Why the big drop in $ABMD? Cramer did a nice piece on it last week. ABMD looks appetizing at say $320! Are the lights going out? $LITE is down severely but it's competitor $CIEN is holding steady. We hold $CIEN.
  • shoredriver: @issues $ABMD $LITE $CIEN ....who is this we you always reference?.......
  • issues: @shoredriver $ABMD $LITE $CIEN We are a couple. Just a married couple. Not a mutual fund. Just a happily married couple! Thanks for asking. (Our 28th anniversary was in Sept.)
  • shoredriver: @issues $ABMD $LITE $CIEN Funny, there are lots of married folks of all persuasions in the forum that are trading joint, spousal IRA's, childrens funds etc and nobody uses the collective we....whatever.......
  • shoredriver: $ABMD up nicely on Morgan Stanley upgrade and new pt of 496
  • gwenzee: $ABMD Stock has gained over 65 points in last 4 days. What happened with Abiomed this quarter? Sales in the U.S. grew at a 34% clip. The rate of growth outside the states was even more impressive at 67%. Revenue from Japan totaled $4.1 million. A total of 14 sites are now up and running. Gross margin remained very strong at 83.6%. Impella reorder rates remain around 100%. Operating margin for the period was 27.7%. That was a 380-basis-point increase over the same time last year. Net income was boosted by a $12.9 million tax gain, or $0.28 per share. Cash balance at quarter end was $410 million. The balance sheet remains free of debt.
  • shoredriver: @gwenzee $TNDM $DXCM $ABMD $AAPl ..... Veuve, or Krug?
  • gwenzee: @woodman $TNDM $DXCM Champagne is chilling. Busy day for me: $ABMD in the morning and $AAPL and $TNDM after hours. Holding all....not selling.
  • gwenzee: $ABMD $TNDM $AAPL These 3 gems are reporting on Wednesday. All are positive today in anticipation of good earnings. LTH on all.
  • debeers: @gwenzee $ABMD $TNDM $AAPL -It is odd that folks look at the $AAPL as just phones when the services will be the best cash generator.
  • gwenzee: @debeers $ABMD $TNDM $AAPL Have you been reading my notes to self???
  • debeers: @gwenzee $ABMD $TNDM $AAPL ---Nope--I don't need to-I can read your mind most of the time.
  • gwenzee: @debeers $ABMD $TNDM $AAPL Cute retort. Amazing how a good day can change our perspective and attitude.
  • rachel: ...
    $ABMD – short this? Earnings 10/25. Very toppy, with a lot of resistance overhead.
    $LGND – another leg down. Could fall to $150 before finding serious support. Look at the high volume.
    $NFLX – Just kept draining the whole day. ...
  • captron: @woodman $ALGN- Looks like the $ABMD pattern. Do not have either one anymore but watching.
  • woodman: @captron $ALGN $ABMD - ALGN looks much different than ABMD to me. ALGN is a big breakdown below rising support, all the way down to a significantly lower 200 day, but now finding support at the 200d and bouncing. No position in either currently.
  • shoredriver: $ABMD......watching.....a good whoosh and I will pounce .....
  • issues: @bRobert $AAPL There was an article today about what stock mutual funds are buying. The article mentioned $CVS $UNP $BIIB $ROST $ABT $HCA $ABMD but did not mention $AAPL In the $200 million club was $BA $TMO $BSX $UAL but not $AAPL!
  • bRobert: $ABMD $ALGN . Watch for bounce entries in these strong stocks. Expect the expected. Stops below entry. High targets
  • bRobert: ...
    $ULTA tight consolidation. High targets . $FLT $BX $KKR . all working. High targets. $TBT breakout. HMOs many nh's. A few with nice setups . eg $CNC . $ABMD $ALGN setting up for nice entries.
    There are mixed indicators in the market for sure ...
  • bRobert: $ABMD $ALGN Look for the bounce on these pullbacks/gifts on great long term holding stocks with monster weekly charts
  • bRobert: $ALGN Setting up well ..Consolidating for breakout. $ABMD $500+ Long term hodl. Buy the pb/b
  • Wykeman: @bRobert $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO $ABMD $ALGN $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC $ILMN $TMO $XLI $BA $LMT $GD $AVAV $CAT $URI $XLK $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT $CRM $NOW $TTD $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD $MCD $DPZ $DIN $XME $CF $CLF $HACK $FTNT $PANW $FDX $UAL $UNP $NSC $ODFL $XPO $XLF $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ $C $JPM $DIS $DISCA $SNE $TTWO $MTCH ? My eyes are wide open. And I do have positions in other sectors. I choose not to publish every position, or trade I have in this forum. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO $ABMD $ALGN $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC $ILMN $TMO $XLI $BA $LMT $GD $AVAV $CAT $URI $XLK $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT $CRM $NOW $TTD $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD $MCD $DPZ $DIN $XME $CF $CLF $HACK $FTNT $PANW $FDX $UAL $UNP $NSC $ODFL $XPO $XLF $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ $C $JPM $DIS $DISCA $SNE $TTWO $MTCH Neither do I. But when I hear other influential members take an overly cautious attitude and say there's nothing to invest in RHRN , I feel a bit obliged .
  • issues: @bRobert $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO $ABMD $ALGN $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC $ILMN $TMO $XLI $BA $LMT $GD $AVAV $CAT $URI $XLK $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT $CRM $NOW $TTD $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD $MCD $DPZ $DIN $XME $CF $CLF $HACK $FTNT $PANW $FDX $UAL $UNP $NSC $ODFL $XPO $XLF $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ $C $JPM $DIS $DISCA $SNE $TTWO $MTCH Everything seems so pricey! Stocks are so expensive. I remember when stocks where under $40 or $50 /share. Now they're all over $100 and $200 and some go into the stratosphere where they fetch $400 on up. Wow. I think it's inflation, don't you?
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO You have energy, healthcare IBB XLV . devices $ABMD $ALGN ,HMOs $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC . etc . $ILMN $TMO $XLI industrials eg $BA $LMT $$GD $AVAV .$CAT .$URI etc, $XLK still works . $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA . $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT Clouds . $CRM $NOW . $TTD . Retail $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD . Food $MCD $DPZ $DIN . etc . $XME $CF . $CLF . $HACK . $FTNT $PANW . Transports $FDX $UAL RAILS $UNP $NSC etc Trucking $ODFL $XPO $XLF . $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ . Down the road $C $JPM I'm leaving things out but this is a good snapshot of what is working. Entertainment . $DIS $NFLX $DISCA $SNE $TTWO Romance $MTCH . A lot is working if you open your eyes. That's why the averages are printing nh's
  • bRobert: $ABMD nh $500 target LONG LONG term hold. along with $ALGN Stay involved.
  • bRobert: @gwenzee $I $ABMD Another kicker for me is the 15% capital gains on long term investments verses a LOT more. This is not insignificant on large gains.
  • gwenzee: @bRobert $I $ABMD Agree, agree, agree. ABMD is a long term gain. TNDM is a short term and I will continue to hold until it tells me to exit. AAPL is long term and I think it will be old enough to vote soon.
  • bRobert: $ABMD $470 target Not necessarily straight up. Trailing stops. Partials. Stay involved
  • woodman: $PLNT $ABMD - both are moving up through resistance highs to make all time highs.
  • woodman: $ABMD continuing its move out of wedge.
  • bRobert: $ABMD $470 range breakout target LONG term hold
  • champ: $ABMD...up another $24 ....still #extremely strong and is right around HOD.
  • woodman:
  • Motorman: @woodman $ABMD #extremely ok, fess up, how many did you have?
  • woodman: @Motorman $ABMD #extremely - I'm all messed up. I posted my prior post under AAPL mistakenly and deleted.
  • woodman: $ABMD #extremely Here is what I meant for $ABMD (mistakenly posted under AAPL): I bought some yesterday but this is big move Day 2 and nearing 6/20/18 high (all time high), so it could find resistance there now that it's pretty extended off the daily and weekly moving averages. I'm not saying to sell; just to be cautious and/or have some reasonable short term expectations.
  • issues: @woodman $ABMD #extremely We sold ABMD for the best profit this year! Time to celebrate! Bring out the champaign! Hurray!!
  • bRobert: @Motorman $ABMD #extremely Lambo size ;)
  • TopCat1000: @bRobert $I bRobert did you catch $ABMD? I got in Monday at $409.10. It had a nice move yesterday and today.
  • bRobert: @TopCat1000 $I $ABMD Nice trade. I "caught" $ABMD over 2 years ago. I got in around $100. It is a long term hold with a trading position. It is up over 300% in 2 years. You don't catch and release great stocks.. That's not how you cultivate wealth.
  • gwenzee: @bRobert $I $ABMD I "caught" this one at $127. Have sold along the way but still up VERY nicely.
  • woodman: $ABMD - active within narrowing wedge.
  • woodman: $ABMD - out of the wedge. See my post from this morning.
  • traderbren: @woodman $ABMD - looks very good. Thanks for the heads up.
  • champ: @woodman $ABMD --- They were at a conference on Friday and they are at another one this morning....investor Breakfast....this was a buy, buy, buy #on-your-post this morning....but I missed it. You need to say...stop everything your doing and look at this stock.
  • woodman: @champ $ABMD #on-your-post - LOL! We need emojis - I could have put multiple flames next to the ticker. :-)
  • champ: @woodman $ABMD #on-your-post --- Yes, thats a #great idea....that would get everyone attention....I also need to do the same...Stop everything your doing and look at this stock #Idea.
  • woodman: @champ $ABMD #on-your-post #great #Idea - Or say you're #PoundingTheTable on this one.
  • issues: @woodman $ABMD We are holding a whole position and rejoicing! Been a long time hold. I put in a stop 4% below where it is. Why 4%? That's where it failed last time it hit this level. Holding to see if it can BO of this box.
  • champ: @woodman $ABMD #on-your-post #great #Idea #PoundingTheTable ---- Yes, thats it....or maybe something like this.... #Watch-this-stock-Idea for entry.....you think this would work....?.....we need to come up with something, #for-all-to-use...or maybe someone has a better idea for a #Alert-Post..? The forum really does need something.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $ABMD Don't forget the doji sandwich pattern last week and the beginning of a J-Hook pattern. Back to $450??? Also remember it only has 10-12% of the addressable market. Lots of runway.
  • issues: Thank you Gwen telling me that $MZOR is being bought out by MDT. I sold my shares of MZOR and will look at buying $MDT. Looks like Dan sold too soon on $CHEF. I see it moving up again. I sold half our position in $EW with a stop on the other 1/2. This is an all time high. I kept the $ABMD full position since it has a way to go to get to the all time high. Of course I have a stop in place for 1/2 of it. The stop? 4% below where it is. Go baby go!!
  • rachel: ...
    $ABMD – Alert $400
    $GMED – Alert at $55.20. Still resting. But the “breakout” was on very heavy volume. Has a lot of potential and should be on your watch list for a move higher.
    $ZTS – Alert $91. Stop would go below ...
  • captron: @woodman $MZOR $ABMD should follow with it to make me happy. All the medical stocks have been beaten up.
  • woodman: @captron $MZOR $ABMD - keep watch of $TNDM here.
  • captron: @woodman $MZOR $ABMD $TNDM I'm holding it long term, still above water. May add if it can break above VWAP and stay.
  • bRobert: $ALGN flag trigger $400 + Long term hold. $ABMD about to do the same. Also LONG term hold. $420/$470
  • bRobert: $ABMD bounce sort of where expected and normal/healthy. Higher low (so far) Wedge breakout setup. Put a ruler under all the recent lows from Aug to present (include candle wicks) and trade off of that with a stop below. Top of wedge around $410. > $410 =breakout. $ALGN action normal as well. Long term holds . IBD50 all stars
  • TopCat1000: @bRobert $ABMD would you buy on a break at $400 or wait till $410 with $416 to confirm the breakout?
  • bRobert: @TopCat1000 $ABMD Wait for move >$410 then either buy SMALL starter (add from strength later on pullback bounces) or wait for a pullback/bounce that successfully tests the breakout. and moves higher. SAFEST because the breakout move was tested and anxious buyers are supporting in and not allowing the stock top fall back into the channel. Shallow pullbacks as stocks strengthen
  • TopCat1000: @bRobert $ABMD Thank you I've had this on my list waiting to it to hit 400 but Ill wait till it gets above $410.
  • bRobert: @TopCat1000 $ABMD Safer. Safest is wait for the breakout and the pullback/bounce..
  • bRobert: $ALGN $ABMD Long term holds with high targets. Holding stocks
  • woodman: $ABMD - no position currently. It's still banging around within a long forming wedge. Now moving back up from the wedge bottom/support line. This stock has been in a long term uptrend, and this wedge has been lengthy consolidation. I'm looking for it to move out of this wedge to the upside to resume the uptrend, but there's no guarantee. It's getting deep toward the vertex so perhaps something happens soon. Sometimes getting deep like this isn't the greatest sign. But I'm just watching right now and letting it tell me rather than making a commitment. Needs to get up through ~ $416.
  • bRobert: @woodman $ABMD Double bottom W triggered $430 target. WEEKLY starting to pinch Long term hold
  • bRobert: $ABMD +MACD . ADX cross. $450 . W bottom . Target 1 $ALGN ADX cross. MACD close. $395/$435 . targets.
  • woodman: @bRobert $ABMD $ALGN - Looks like ABMD will hit the top of the wedge around 410-411 over the next day or two. Perhaps it gets through that this time.
  • bRobert: @woodman $ABMD $ALGN A move >$400 . will firmly trigger the W . . You can look at this also as a phase 2 type pullback. from the breakout. We are now in phase 3 , day 2. A . higher high > $416, would be the next bullish progression. and reaffirm the breakout. with a $490 target , No make it an even $500. (inv h&s measured move $420 neckline. $340 head) . I'll stand by that target with stock/calls. until the chart tells me otherwise.
  • woodman: @bRobert $ABMD $ALGN - $416 is what I mentioned earlier and is what I am looking for.
  • bRobert: What I'm looking at.......$XLV (HMOS ($ANTM $UNH $HIIQ $IBB etc), med devices ($ABMD,$ALGN, drugs $JNJ, $IBB $MDT $TMO $EXAS) , retail($ULTA,$COST $DG $HD $LOW $EL $LULU .$HELE,) $XLI ($LMT $BA $HON) $IYT ($UNP $NSC $UAL $DAL $ODFL $CAI) F ...
  • CraigReynolds:
  • bRobert: $ABMD $ALGN Twin winners . Good long term holds. $ABMD weekly tightening
  • bRobert: $ABMD $430 target 1 with move >50d $395 Double bottom $ALGN 50d bounce Sideways consolidation setting up for $400+ move Both IBD50 holding stocks
  • bRobert: @woodman $INSP $MASI $MDT $BEAT $TMO $ILMN . $ALGN and $ABMD getting back inline MANY others
  • woodman: @bRobert $INSP $MASI $MDT $BEAT $TMO $ILMN $ALGN $ABMD #MedicalDevices #MedicalInsturments #Diagnositcs
  • BigOx: Dan@$ABMD any comments on this please Dan? Thanks
  • DAN: @BigOx $ABMD I would sell.
  • woodman: @BigOx $ABMD - for what it's worth, it's still within the same wedge that starting forming (top of wedge) on 6/20/18 (bottom of wedge is a long forming support line that started 12/29/17), though now it's coming to the vertex.
  • gwenzee: @BigOx $ABMD Do you own it? Not a pretty day. ABMD has been up 11 of the past 12 days. Who is competing with them? What has changed about the stock? Look at this as a bad hair day. We all have them. Look at Dan's GSL. How many have similar charts today? Is he recommending selling all of these too?
  • BigOx: @gwenzee $ABMD I did own it but got stopped out, however still have a liking for it!
  • gwenzee: @BigOx $ABMD Did you have a gain or loss when you were stopped out? Was the stop too tight? I would be adding here if I had less than full position (21% of my portfolio at this time). If I didn't own it I would wait to see what it does tomorrow. This stock usually starts a positive run in Sept. Started a month early this year and is now resting to catch its breath. This journey is far from over.
  • captron: @gwenzee $ABMD I am seeing lower highs. Going to lighten my position until I see what it is wanting to do. Has been a great stock to hold.
  • gwenzee: @captron $ABMD I would add not lighten up. As I asked before, What has changed? This can only grow as more parts of the world are added (see Japan).. More hospitals are added. More doctors are trained. More patients are served. More going home with native hearts. Shorter hospital stays. etc. etc. You could say I like this stock.
  • captron: @gwenzee $ABMD Thanks for your comments. Will wait a day or two. Have had it a long time. When I see lower highs, I get skittish. Got stung holding $EW.
  • jwstich: @bRobert $HIIQ $WWE $EHTH $ATTU $SODA $NANO $IIPR $WIX $IDXX $ABMD I read they (Ren. Tech) employ about 200 people of which about 90 have Ph.D's. Is it surprising to you that they are able to do so spectacularly when they own 3700 stocks. I would think that they would approach what the market as a whole would do. I guess they must have taken rather large positions in some of the big winners.
  • bRobert: @jwstich $HIIQ $WWE $EHTH $ATTU $SODA $NANO $IIPR $WIX $IDXX $ABMD I don't believe they have much more than 1% in any one stock. I'm not surprised anymore by anything they do. Their immense computer power and sheer genius in this pursuit is unrivaled. Top 15 $ALGN $DPZ $VRSN $NVO $HUM $VMW $PANW $PEP $AAPL $AMGN $VRTX $ABMD $BMY $CCI $ISRG.
  • CraigReynolds: @jwstich $HIIQ $WWE $EHTH $ATTU $SODA $NANO $IIPR $WIX $IDXX $ABMD Must what this group is (Ren. Tech)???
  • bRobert: @CraigReynolds $HIIQ $WWE $EHTH $ATTU $SODA $NANO $IIPR $WIX $IDXX $ABMD Renaissance Technology Medallion Fund
  • bRobert: $ABMD . $430 target W bottom. Long Long erm hold.
  • rachel: ...
    9. $ABMD – Alert $417
    10. $SRPT – Alert $145
    11. $TSLA – Do NOT be a Musketeer. You are going to regret it. Here are some (though not all) reasons to avoid:
    a. “Funding secured” – two class action suits. One by l ...
  • bRobert: ...
    I've made no secret that coincidentally, many of my current and past winners are/were some of their holdings. eg $IDXX $ABMD $HIIQ $WWE $EHTH $ATTU $SODA $NANO $IIPR $WIX So many. Many of their small cap winners develop from our favorite technical s ...
  • shoredriver: @bRobert $HIIQ $WWE $EHTH $ATTU $SODA $NANO $IIPR $WIX $IDXX $ABMD that would great...thx
  • bRobert: @shoredriver $HIIQ $WWE $EHTH $ATTU $SODA $NANO $IIPR $WIX $IDXX $ABMD They own over 3700 stocks. It may take more than an hour or two. ;) Perhaps I'll stimulate the economy and outsource the project to a high school student.
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Volume 422,842

Abiomed, Inc. is a provider of mechanical circulatory support devices and it offers a continuum of care in heart recovery to heart failure patients.

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