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  • Hemal: @michaelH $ABT Just got back home from work. Yes I was in before earnings for a short term trade as well. I am hesitant in initiating a position as market is extended and ABT will go in the direction market goes in my opinion which may be just that. I was going to buy today however decided against it. It is likely ABT may consolidate for a while. I am not sure when I would initiate a position I will for sure.
  • Hemal: @michaelH $ABT Joining you on this one. Initiated 1/4 position for a long term hold. CB of 89.20.
  • Hemal: $ABT Looking at this one for long term account. Just waiting for a entry close to VWAP. One can enter anytime in my opinion.
  • michaelH: @Hemal $ABT I've been long for awhile waiting for a breakout from this range
  • Auto: $SOLY $ABT $BYND added
  • Mikev200: $ABT nice
  • Hemal: $ABT Earnings tomorrow. I am up 4.96%. Implied move shown in chart. I am selling today my entire position as this stock is at prior resistance. Following through with my plan. Stock is also close to making all times high's and breaking out on weekly chart as well. I will see how this reacts to earnings and then will re initiate if proper entry presents itself
  • Auto: $ABT ATH break VS on the year added
  • Auto: $ABT bull engulf yesterday above the 50 added
  • Bridget: $ABT nice pullback to support. Giving you a decent entry with a stop below the 50dMA
  • Auto: $ABT added $RAD shorting tight leash
  • Auto: $CLF $KSS $AMD $ABT $SOLY continues north 8>)
  • Auto: $ABT bull engulf yesterday took some profits this morning now adding RHRN
  • Bridget: $ABT and $BX both in solid uptrends and close to all time highs. Look to buy these anytime close to the 21dMA.
  • phgruver: @mradams0621 $LLY not bRobert, but looking at $LLY's chart, I wouldn't buy it RHRN. There are better plays in this space, mostly because $LLY is near it's 52-week low, and still only pays a 2.4% dividend. By contrast, $BMY is near it's 52-week high, and pays over 3%, $GSK pays 4.6% and $ABBV pays almost 6%. If you are investing for the long term, insist on a reasonable, sustainable dividend.(IMHO) $ABT, $PFE and $MRK are similarly richly valued, and $JNJ is uninvestable until they work through their current problems.
  • shoredriver: $TNDM....some perkiness on news of joint venture with$ABT
  • Bridget: $ABT is giving you a great entry on a pullback in a long term uptrend. Currently at the 21dMA. RSI turning back up.
  • jwstich: @Bridget $ABT Curious as to why you would want to buy $ABT. According to @DAN's recent tutorial on position entry the stock looks like it is in "jail" between the 50 and 200ma. The 50ma also looks like resistance. I would rather buy with a break of the 50 with confirmation. This would be my take from his tutorial so I may be wrong.
  • Sluggo: $ABT In a wedge at 3 averages (8, 20,50). Good time to buy if you need a great med in your port. Don't own at the current time.
  • kt4000: Doubled up on $AMZN, $MA Stocks this morning - good feeling - finally took a look - stocks - $ULTA, $VIAB, $WEX - options, $AMZN, $ABT, $TWLO - Awesome day.
  • debeers: $DXCM-competitor $ABT isintroducing a cheaper diabetic monitor. $ABT competes with not only Dexcom but also $MDT's monitor. cheaper models may ir may not have the continuous monitoring feature as FOCUS was unclear. 3 main ones in this space The freestyle Libre being the one with the most distribution.
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
  • MtChet: @DAN $ZYXI - Thanks. I bought this stock about 5 years ago at $0.40 as a spec. I have traded around the position all the way up with tremendous success, thanks to you and SMM. I feel $ZYXI is an ideal takeover candidate for someone like $JNJ, $BAX, $ABT etc.
  • tkcoretrader: $ABT Any comments?
  • 1winkie: 2/27 52-Week Hi Watch List: $W $AZN $CRM $BHP $LLY $ETSY $ABT $VMW $NKE $MRK $CSCO $BA $NOW $CREE $SPLK $PG $ADI $PYPL $MA $TTD $MLNX $EXAS
  • kt4000: sold my $ABT great gain, waiting for a few earnings reports next week - added more $LABU yesterday and just realized it had an 8% swing - but looking for new Growth conquests anyone looking at $STMP right now and trying to determine entry points?
  • steve71: $IHI $ABT $MDT $EXAS $TECH $AIMT Lots of talk about slowing growth in the U.S. Medical devices, medical diagnostics and Life Sciences are definitely not slowing down. Hundreds of choices but these are my faves. Currently out of $EXAS pending earnings. All LTH. I have no drug, PBM or biotech positions except for Aimmune. Too much headline risk from Congress.
  • kt4000: $ACB, $ABT, $CVS, $GUSH, $NVS, and now $SDOW...... Heavy in Healthcare but will look for other sectors tomorrow
  • kt4000: added $LAZ (.94 div - ex div 2/14).... sold $DATA and a very small position in $TTWO - adding more $GUSH, $ABT and possibly $AMGN
  • Gary: ...
    8. $ABT – breakout on volume.
    Growth Stocks:
    9. $DATA – steep drop stopped me out. Could be a buyer here with stop below Friday’s intraday low of $118.69.
    10. $NOW – still going. Hard to buy here, but PT is $260.
    11. $TNDM & ...
  • kt4000: added more $GUSH, $ABT, $NIO - took profits on 4 others.... cleaning up
  • steve71: $IHI $A $ABMD $ABT $DHR $EW $ILMN $MDT $TECH $TMO The Life Sciences group should continue to thrive for years. Listed are nine prominent companies and the ETF, but there are hundreds more. Illumina is too richly valued for its growth. Medtronic ...
  • jwstich: @steve71 $IHI $A $ABMD $ABT $DHR $EW $ILMN $MDT $TECH $TMO $TECH Nice discussion of this on conf. call. Also looks like a c &h pattern with handle possibly beginning. Looking to enter. Thanks for your post on this.
  • steve71: @jwstich $IHI $A $ABMD $ABT $DHR $EW $ILMN $MDT $TECH $TMO On another board a member noted that 155-160 would be both a 50% retracement and the 50 dma. That would be really strong if PPS ever goes down that far. It may not happen. I want to add at 175ish and add more on a 155 bounce.
  • barajelda: really like the set up here really trying hard and studying hard ..can anyone help out with this chart $abt
  • spmeyers: @barajelda $abt it's too choppy and still in a sideways pattern since October
  • steve71: @barajelda $abt Are you looking for a trade or an investment. Time frame matters. If it's a trade - who knows? But as an investment, pull back to the beautiful 2 or 3 year charts. Here's the story:
    6/15/2018 Abbot is the best medical device comp ...
  • kt4000: bought more $CVS on the dip along with $ABT, $HEXO slow - creeping up, same for $ACB - Also added $FII (ex div 2/7 next week).
  • kt4000: Started another position in $ABT, looking to sell $WFC possibly buy $AVGO at the right entry
  • kt4000: sold $ABT I bought on Friday nice pop
  • kt4000: added a starter position in $ABT
  • pacmentor: $ABT $TNDM $DATA $TWLO $EHTH $HLF $CYBR $PLNT My current watchlist for long-term adds
  • rachel: ...
    6. $ABT – As a long term position, looks good. Just require the 200-day to support. Also, looking a bit “toppy” on daily chart, so be careful and don’t get complacent. Where’s your exit?
  • KemoSabe: @steve71 $markets I did follow you on $ABT, but at a little lower price. So far it's working a little.
  • steve71: @KemoSabe $markets $ABT Right. $ABT and $JNJ are doing well. Maybe they are seen as safety holdings for funds which have to be invested long.
  • steve71: $ABT Added a few hundred 71.51 at the close.
  • 1winkie: $ABT - upgraded to a Buy rating and assigned an $81 price target at Goldman Sachs. Shares closed at $73.26 on Thursday, and the consensus target price is $79.17. Long
  • steve71: $ABT Selling 1/4 @ 73.42. My only pharma, and it will probably be all gone by year end. It's likely that the Dems and GOP, House and Senate, will agree on only one thing in 2019 - drug costs are too high. A bill allowing MediCare to negotiate drug prices makes a lot of sense. Bad for big pharma and biotech if it passes.
  • debeers: @steve71 $ABT - You know how brilliant i think you are, steve 71, but pharma is fully entrenched and lavishly supports everyone's candidacy. I think that, while you have to be careful, $UNH et all will still give you 20 per cent or more year after year and the out of bounds costs of hospitalization mandate being smart enough to carry it. As far as drugs or devices--concentrating on devices has always b een easier in most cases and on the worst days, you need to play Defense.
  • steve71: @debeers $ABT $UNH Agree. Long $UNH $HUM $ESRX and $XLV. You're probably right about the K Street warriors employed by Big Pharma. Look how long donations have protected Big Tobacco - truly evil people. But headline risk could be an issue. The one threat to $UNH et al is the specter of Single Payer. That only happens if Elizabeth Warren becomes Pope in a pantsuit.
  • debeers: @steve71 $ABT $UNH $HUM $ESRX $XLV --My statement was apolitical, steve. The pharmas grease everyone. Always have, always will. I cannot even contemplate Pope in a Pantsuit but I think that job has already been taken.
  • Gary: ...
    7. $ABT – Right at resistance. Expect the expected, NOT the Unexpected.
    8. $ESRX – Still happy that I sold.
    9. $HLF – from 11/20 – “Potential breakout. Not yet, but watch for it.”
    10. CHEF – working. Stop ...
  • rachel: ...
    $ABT – holding at 100day MA
    $ANTM – Could call this a continuation of a C&H. But doesn’t matter what you call it. Just look at the behavior of prices. 11/7 – high volume power move. Bottom hasn’t been tested. Stil ...
  • rachel: ...
    13. $ABT – “Is 100dma a good moving average for stop reference, or is it a problem b/c it’s below the 50-day MA?”
  • Nepenthe: $ABT Still very nervous about "putting money to work." That said, I did add to $ABT. Thanks, by the way, to whomever mention this the other day. And, I admit, added to $CLF and $XOM, but very tentatively and with a tight leash. Happy trading.
  • 1winkie: Carter Worth, Cornerstone Macro, on quality bear-market stocks to buy. $ABT, $HUM, $ECL, $CHD, $TMO. All staying on trend and moving higher. Long $ABT
  • JBed: $ABT Upgrades. New starter - long.
  • kt4000: buying starter positions in $ABT, $WRK - $CGC quick trade seems to be working out.
  • steve71: $SPY $QQQ $ABT Heading for the predicted retest of last week's low? How quiet SMM gets on days like this! Where is the "great employee" "own it from lower" and "long leaps and calls"? Earnings season usually presents some good entries. Combined with a weak market, we should have several bargains for long term investors. I'm going to begin with a small position in $ABT near the close today.
  • justinp: @steve71 $SPY $QQQ $ABT Yes, the ability to buy at a logical low in an uncertain environment is a tough one.
  • steve71: @justinp $SPY $QQQ $ABT Yep. For me the answer is to start with small buys, leaving room to add lower. These are LTH buys.
  • issues: @bRobert $AAPL There was an article today about what stock mutual funds are buying. The article mentioned $CVS $UNP $BIIB $ROST $ABT $HCA $ABMD but did not mention $AAPL In the $200 million club was $BA $TMO $BSX $UAL but not $AAPL!
  • RedLeaf1: $ABT Abbott Labs hit a new 52 week high this morning. Could be related to this news item. Full position. Abbott's Freestyle Libre 2 Secures CE Mark For Use In Europe BY Reuters — 9:06 AM ET 10/01/2018 Oct 1 (Reuters) - Abbott Laboratories (ABT)
  • Sher: Call me chicken (which I am), but things are a bit "nutso" for my psyche - Taking profits on several call positions (of which I have way too many)... for now: $ABT, $CSCO, $MPC, $MSFT, $NFLX - "Bird in the hand" mentality kicking in...
  • baronp0329: @Sher $ABT $CSCO $MPC $MSFT $NFLX You are not chicken nor are you alone. I took partial or full profits this morning on calls of $RIG $IBM $MSFT $XOP $AMZN $NFLX $DIS. Also took partial profits on stocks of $CRC (up 17.4% today) $HAL $RIG.
  • GOOSE: @Sher $ABT $CSCO $MPC $MSFT $NFLX Hey, nothing wrong with "Bird in Hand" mentality. ;>)
  • champ: @Sher $ABT $CSCO $MPC $MSFT $NFLX --- Investors like you are called #Smart-Money.
  • Geewhiz: @Sher $ABT $CSCO $MPC $MSFT $NFLX my coop sometimes empties when I least expect it. Well done. As the mentor says we are here to make money not to experience I due risk.
  • sierramp: $ABT nice jump up today above recent range.
  • Nepenthe: $ABT $RCM Interesting spike today on the former. Tepid volume. Looking to add on a break above 66 on high volume, or a pullback to the 50ma. Might have more "work" to do before it does that--if it does that--which puts it in the channeling category. That's it. Well, not quite. Did buy $RCM two days ago on its pullback to the 100ma. Keeping a wary eye on it but it was a low risk entry. Now that's it.
  • CraigReynolds: @bRobert Would like your take on $TGI a small Aero/Def 1 million dollar company and $ABT? Another $CLR?
  • Spotdog: @debeers $TNDM $DXCM My friend of 62 years had diabetes. Even though he was going to dialysis three times/wk, first it took his eyesight and then it took his life. I love both $TNDM and $DXCM but you might check out $ABT as well.
  • sierramp: $ABT bouncing off yesterday's tag of the D50. Good entry after yesterday's bullish reversal.
  • sierramp: $ABT good pullback close to D50.
  • GuitarGuy: @wijimmy $LCI $SPX $FFTY $DJI $MDY $IWM $XLF $JPM $MS $GS $DJT $COMPQX $ATHM $BLD $OLLI $AAPL $ABT $DXC $NVDA $DBX $TTD $MNST $MTCH $EL $LGIH $CWH $BLUE $STMP $HAL $GDOT $CBU $PBYI That's simply too good to let it pass by. "Rachel's on the payroll" lends itself to a Country song in my mind. I'll have to come up with some catchy lyrics and I'll letcha know when it's done.
  • Gary: ...
    5. $ABT – “Would you have added once it broke above the earnings high of 65.50?” No. Was too extended. If you can’t start a position at the low end of the range, you’ll have a hard time building a full position withou ...
  • Nepenthe: $ABT After earnings pop, bought the gap fill, and now it's above the earnings high of 65.50. Would like to see more volume, but I'll take it. Cheers.
  • greenpatrol: $ABT Triggered at 62.72. One of @Aragorn's monthly outside bars. NP
  • phgruver: @mopick @baron0329 $NKTR $BMY $AEP $AMGN $ABBV $EXEL #VALUE #VALUE No, I'm not interested in biotech for LT holds either. I do have big pharma, though. $BMY is being dragged down by $NKTR, but $MRK, $PFE, $LLY, $ABT even $GSK are worth considering -- at the right price, of course.
  • genki: $TAL $ALRM $TBK $ETSY $LVS $ABT $NOW $LGND $HRC $VNOM @Dan Hi Dan, thanks to your "slices" lesson, I am looking to consolidate my account positions. Most of them are small with small profit/loss. I wonder if you could give me some quick suggestion as which ones to drop and which ones to add?
  • optionswealth: @genki $TAL $ALRM $TBK $ETSY $LVS $ABT $NOW $LGND $HRC $VNOM Etsy is on the long term hold list. Take it from there on this one and it is also important to know your time frame for holding. What type of trader are you. $TAL is just resting. it is in the winners circle (going from lower left to upper right) and sitting on the 8 day ema.
  • issues: @optionswealth $TAL $ALRM $TBK $ETSY $LVS $ABT $NOW $LGND $HRC $VNOM You've got some good stocks. Why not just hold them for the long term? NOW along with $ADI $SPLK $WDAY $CRM are in a good sector with NOW being 1st and $ADI 2nd. I just picked up SPLK on this pull back. Holding small positions in NOW ETSY and VNOM. $LVS = NP in any gambling stocks, even though day trading can be a form of gambling...
  • genki: @optionswealth $TAL $ALRM $TBK $ETSY $LVS $ABT $NOW $LGND $HRC $VNOM Those positions are all short-term. Maybe I should ditch $ABT, which is underperforming the index.
  • wijimmy: @rachel $LCI $SPX $FFTY $DJI $MDY $IWM $XLF $JPM $MS $GS $DJT $COMPQX $ATHM $BLD $OLLI $AAPL $ABT $DXC $NVDA $DBX $TTD $MNST $MTCH $EL $LGIH $CWH $BLUE $STMP $HAL $GDOT $CBU $PBYI ...... ....LOVE the RECAP...NOTES !!!! THX... { u on the payroll ?? }
  • DAN: @wijimmy $LCI $SPX $FFTY $DJI $MDY $IWM $XLF $JPM $MS $GS $DJT $COMPQX $ATHM $BLD $OLLI $AAPL $ABT $DXC $NVDA $DBX $TTD $MNST $MTCH $EL $LGIH $CWH $BLUE $STMP $HAL $GDOT $CBU $PBYI LOL. Yes, Rachel is on the payroll. She has been with us for more than 10 years, and is indispensable.
  • Mickey: $ABT. going up steady,
  • Gary: ...
    $ABT – from Thursday. Breakout continues.
    $TTD – gap and run.
    $NVDA – Don’t ask for higher prices.
    $NFLX – needs a LOT of consolidation. Still working.
    $WB – you should NOT be in this stock. It’s rolling ove ...
  • rachel: ...
    9. $ABT – breaking out. Alert $61
    10. $DXC – Alert $105 AND $108
    11. $NVDA – sell the news. How low can it go? Even $240 would be ok.
    12. $DBX – Down on earnings. Rangebound. No trade for me. Needs to print $32.50.
    13. ...
  • 1winkie: ...
    $ABT was reiterated as Buy and the price target was raised to $80 from $66 (versus a $63.31 prior close) at Argus. Abbott’s successful launch of the Freestyle Libre blood glucose monitoring system and an MRI-compatible defibrillator are expect ...
  • DAN: @1winkie $ABT $ADBE $ALK $ALB $GOOGL $AMZN $CVS $GD $GE $GILD $INTC $X $STX Great post, 1winkie. Thanks for the hard work. Very helpful. Dan
  • 1winkie: @DAN $ABT $ADBE $ALK $ALB $GOOGL $AMZN $CVS $GD $GE $GILD $INTC $X $STX Thanks, Dan
  • cmaxwel1: @bla00109 $ABBV (I have owned both $ABT before split to $ABBV. ) Holding stock for long term.
  • cmaxwel1: @sierramp $ABBV (I still have $ABT and $ABBV from spit as long term holds) Good companies making money.
  • cmaxwel1: @inthesticks $ABBV #1 (I put this in long term account with $MCD $BA $ABT $XOM $SPY)
  • tri2insite: @judysteiner $DXCM heyJudy- be aware that $ABT has a new glucose monitoring device they were approved for and it doesn't require the frequent finger sticks. That's what caused DXCM to drop recently. I'm not sure who the winner will be in this space. . .?both. NP
  • CHOFF: @tri2insite $DXCM $ABT - that was the cause of the drop in September. The recent drop was Abbott announcing they are now Medicare approved...every company goes through that. $DXCM has a large first mover advantage and their revs have not been affected...YET. Competition could make a dent down the road. That said, it's not a zero sum deal. There is room for more than one product in this very large diabetic market. I believe the DXCM CEO said they had only captured something less than 10% of the diabetic market so far and they are the market leaders. A lot of room to grow. We'll see if it can climb back to $62 and resume the upward trend to fill the gap.
  • ROSEY: @tri2insite $DXCM $ABT Do you happen to have name of the glucose monitoring devise? And, did the St.Jude acquisition have a role in developing it? Thanks.
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Abbott Laboratories discovers, develops, manufactures and sells health care products. Its products include branded generic pharmaceuticals manufactured internationally, marketed and sold outside the United States.

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