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  • vitoB: $FN $RMBS now $ACLS ...if you're not making GPU's you miss on anything you're gettin hammered. $FN was a nice 59er on day 2, maybe $ACLS is one today on day 1, $RMBS day 3....havent looked at $MBLY in a week and it has still been falling, didnt think 25 was in the cards but it just hit it two days ago, could be bottoming at this round number. np on any at the moment
  • vitoB: $ACLS above open HOD, flirting with 118, stop at 117.17
  • vitoB: @vitoB $ACLS could churn at 120 or need more momentum, just sellin out now
  • ideasyndicate: @vitoB $FN $RMBS $ACLS $MBLY Thanks for the message about $ACLS. Long at $116 with a stop just under $117, looks like it wants to go higher
  • ideasyndicate: @ideasyndicate $FN $RMBS $ACLS $MBLY Closed trade on $ACLS at $123.49 for a nice profit
  • Aragorn: @setshot $ACLS
    From July 9th
    Actionable Signal List For the last 10 years I have been trading using a system based on inside bar strategy with other modifications. I have been doing this spreadsheet for myself and others and I decided to post one o ...
  • DAN: ...
    Axcelis ($ACLS) isn't giving much love, with a very weak rebound off the 50-day moving average on lower-than-average volume yesterday. I've got pretty low conviction on this stock and I would not be giving it much room at this point. I'll raise th ...
  • wijimmy: @DAN $DKNG $ACLS $WDAY $ONON $TLRY .... $FYI.... .. $DKNG .Last night..Cramer recommended buying DraftKings Inc. $DKNG. "You want to be in it before football season, .. and 10:08am today .Morgan Stanley Adjusts Price Target on DraftKings to $35 From $32, Keeps Overweight Rating
  • joelsg1: @wijimmy $DKNG $ACLS $WDAY $ONON $TLRY $FYI When watching the NFL this season, note the delay, sometimes almost a minute, between live action and tv feed, online betting sites adjust the in-game lines to take advantage. Cries out for a fraud-based class action suit, but until then, great for $DKNG profits.
  • DavidK: @DAN $DKNG $ACLS $WDAY $ONON $TLRY looks like $ TLRY BREAKING OUT . Only own 1000 shares but might pile in soon .
  • wijimmy: @joelsg1 $DKNG $ACLS $WDAY $ONON $TLRY $FYI....When in the stadium and placing LIVE next outcome wagers using the App... ie..Next pitch , next play outcome, player points, etc..etc... I get 1-2 bets in and on the 3rd bet the APP realizes your in the stadium watching live and suspends LIVE next outcome wagering options .. Happened to me on $DKNG and Fanduel $PDYPY
  • DAN: ...
    $ACLS reported earnings and is down 3.23%, trading at 180.59 today. It is holding the 50-day moving average and I'll just keep this on the list. It's really not something that I would be buying right here, but I don't think it's necessary to sell ...
  • scottrades: ...
    $ACLS In trend, Reported last night
    $OC Trending
    $TREX Great volume yesterday

    See you at 11am EST

  • sierramp: @scottrades $KBH $IT $ACLS $OC $TREX Thank you for your morning missive.
  • RD: $ACLS ACLS reversed lower. Stopped out for a small profit.
  • scottrades: $ACLS Popping AH
  • RD: $ACLS ACLS reported quarterly earnings of $1.86 per share which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $1.46 by 27.4 percent. This is a 40.91 percent increase over earnings of $1.32 per share from the same period last year. The company reported quarterly sales of $273.97 million which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $256.00 million by 7.02 percent. This is a 23.87 percent increase over sales of $221.18 million the same period last year. The Company will host a call to discuss the results for the second quarter on Thursday, August 3, 2023, at 8:30 a.m. ET.
  • Aragorn: $ACLS - went outside week and up apparently Worden corrected the high of the week to the 193.69
  • Aragorn: @setshot $ACLS just follow my posts and you will see charts I post with examples. Do a search
  • bigreek42: @Aragorn $ACLS where would keep a stop for example in the inside bar scenario? Below the low of the inside bar if it breaks to the upside or below the low of the new bar on the breakout if that makes sense?Thanks
  • Aragorn: @bigreek42 $ACLS @bigreek42 $ACLS Your reference for a stop is close to your entry. These things have to work. What is your time frame for trading?, is this a day trade based on a signal or is this an entry for a short term trade or long term holdin ...
  • bigreek42: @Aragorn $ACLS thank you- real interesting
  • Aragorn: $ACLS does have an outside week signal on cue for this week. A move above the high of the weekly bar is a buy signal and a move below it is a sell signal. I am not sure if they had earnings or not but that is why it si good to be aware of the lower end of the weekly Bar in case it gets hit. This stock looks so strong and it is part of the ATL. Nice one. This signal is a potential way to get into the stock if you need a signal . GL
  • bigreek42: @Aragorn $ACLS is that the $196 area?
  • Aragorn: @bigreek42 $ACLS yes a move above 196.00 is a buy signal conversely a move below 171.34 is a sell signal
  • Docoof: @Aragorn $ACLS @Aragorn $ACLS I think I’m missing something. I have the weekly bar high and low at: 193.69 and 171.34. (I’m not nitpicking, but a lot of this is not so easy for me to understand, so I just want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding something here.)
  • Aragorn: @Docoof $ACLS this is the second time I answered this -It keeps losing my response. According to Worden 196 high 171.34 low for the weekly Outside Bar
  • Docoof: @Aragorn $ACLS Thanks, Aragorn.. (Thanks for your patience.)
  • bigreek42: @Aragorn $ACLS thanks!
  • trtl: @Docoof $ACLS I think I see what you’re looking at. TOS has 193.69 as the ATH, so I’m guessing it must be a difference between TOS and Worden. I definitely have a lot to learn. Thank you and @Aragorn both very much for your input
  • setshot: @Aragorn $ACLS I would sure like to know what your signals mean. I see lots of lists but could you point out an example or two. Thanksa.
  • setshot: @Aragorn $ACLS I can't find ACLS on the list?? Can you help?
  • Aragorn: @setshot $ACLS
    From July 9th
    Actionable Signal List For the last 10 years I have been trading using a system based on inside bar strategy with other modifications. I have been doing this spreadsheet for myself and others and I decided to post one o ...
  • Aragorn: @setshot $ACLS when you look at the sheets column AE row 3 the first one on the list for outside bar weekly
  • MongosPawn: $ACLS Earnings next week. Took profits.
  • sgiseller: $ACLS took partial@ 185.90
  • DAN: ...
    The current stocks on the Active Trade Idea (ATI) list are $MDB $DKNG $ONON and $ACLS.

    $ONON is trading up 1.64% and at a new 52-week high. $DKNG is stuck below $31.50 but looking pretty good.

    To OMMers: We'll be looking at volatility crush tra ...
  • scottrades: ...
    $ACLS Still in trend
    $MDB Still fine
    $RCL Holding the 21 EMA
    $WDAY Above the MAs and trending
    $ONON Building a flag
    $CROX Mentioned in the Chart of the Day
    $MNDY Still holding the 8EMA
    $COO Small flag
    $ABT Moving averages are close by

    Bitcoin&rsquo ...
  • vitoB: @scottrades $QQQ $ACLS $MDB $RCL $WDAY $ONON $CROX $MNDY $COO $ABT … maybe too much credit. $AAPL pop on AI news was almost like a ‘froth bell’ for the market
  • scottrades: $ACLS Holding the 8EMA nice and tight.
  • DAN: ...
    $ACLS - 184.30 Stop at 168.50. Leaving it here for now.
    Shoes: $CROX $SKX
    Earnings:$NFLX -- Down by $11 bucks. Hard to see how this would have continued higher from here. Already moved a lot, and the squeeze occurred pretty far above the 50-day ...
  • champ: @DAN $CROX $SKX $ARKK $MARA $MSTR $MDB $DKNG $DT $PLTR $NET $ONON $ACLS $NFLX $TSLA $AAPL $MSFT........ @DAN or who-ever, can I find this Video in todays Strategy Session....for the trade on $CROX....????
  • cecil: @BarryC $EXPI $NET $TSLA #long thanks for the update Barry and good morning :DDD I followed $NET as well, also long with $ACLS $WFRD $MNDY $AI $CAVA...
  • marklesparkle: @debeers $ACLS $NVDA $TSLA Yes so its a pick and shovel for them
  • BarryC: @cecil $EXPI $NET $TSLA $ACLS $WFRD $MNDY $AI $CAVA #long You go!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$
  • marklesparkle: @debeers $ACLS $NVDA $TSLA Thank you for all your "the why of it" .Thats what interests me
  • Aragorn: @debeers $ACLS $NVDA $TSLA For those of you following my lists and the signals and triggers here is an analysis of these 3 stocks - ACLS was an outside quarter AND UP. 186.19 above that was a buy. It is now 193.60. NVDA was an inside day and up 464.96 was the daily chart trigger. TSLA was an outside week above 285.30 was the trigger. If you are following these stocks it is good for you to know these signals. They can get you in a stock lower risk because you know where to get out.
  • Auto: $ACLS nice break daily higher low added a little long from below daily
  • scottrades: My video notes: Looking for Workday to come out and play. $WDAY $SPY/$QQQ Trend is up! $IWM Playing catch up $DIA Breaking out $UUP Bottom of the range $GLD Above the 50-Day on Volume $GDX Same $SMH Working $XLF MS Earnings Booster $XLV Clear resistance $GBTC $MSFT Power Move $AAPL Nothing wrong here $TSLA Still great $NVDA Still strong $ACLS Working $U Trending $PLTR Breaking out $MSTR Still in trend $MARA Dropping volume $RIOT Above the 8EMA $MDB Trying to break out $ONON Fine $PLTR Fine $DKNG Flag $DUOL Slope $NET On Dan’s ATL $DT Along the 8EMA $FSLY Mentioned in the Trading Room
  • Mounty: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $UUP $IWM $XLP $SMH $XLF $XHB $XLV $ARKK $BITO $BLOK $GOOGL $AAPL $TSLA $NVDA $CPRT $AEHR $ACLS $TMDX $CELH $WDAY $DASH $ABNB $MSTR $MARA $RIOT Really good strategy session!!
  • DAN: ...
    Axcelis Tech ($ACLS) -- Outperforming 99% of stocks and has accelerating quarterly numbers in earnings, revenues and profit margins. So the company is firing on all cylinders.
    Again, I will be on Fox today with Charles Payne sometime between 2 and ...
  • scottrades: $ACLS Holding up
  • wijimmy: $ACLS ...New 52 week high rhrn and this morning --B. Riley Raises Axcelis Technologies' Price Target to $225 From $165, Keeps Buy Rating
  • Robert1965: @DAN $MSTR $MARA $RIOT $SHOP $ACLS Training session Is this started? Keep getting message wait for the host, Now it wants me to Join Zoom. What am In doing wrong. This is the second time this has happened .
  • DAN: @Robert1965 $MSTR $MARA $RIOT $SHOP $ACLS Robert, I've sent emails and posts that the session today is at 3 pm ET / noon PT. So you'll be waiting a while.
  • scottrades: Nice breakout on $ACLS
  • cecil: @scottrades $ACLS my entry around 179.5, so I'm booking some little profit here, thanks Dan & Scott!
  • scottrades: @cecil $ACLS Great trade!
  • debeers: $ACLS-i want you to know what they do so that you can see that it is NOT in competition with $NVDA
    Axcelis Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures and services implantation and other processing equipment used in the fabrication of semiconductor chi ...
  • DAN: Active Trade Update -- Adding $ACLS I will be adding Axcelis Tech ($ACLS) to the Active Trade Idea List. I will be covering this on IBD Live in a while, so I wanted to give you a heads up. Basis 184.30 (needs to break out above yesterday's high). Stop: 168.50 --Dan For a complete list of all Active Trades, click here:
  • cecil: @DAN $ACLS just wondering did we take $CAVA off the list? Not sure if I missed anything here
  • DAN: @cecil $ACLS $CAVA Yes. Posted and emailed yesterday to close it on a big reversal. Out with a very very small loss.
  • Auto: $CAVA $NFLX $SHOP $NVDA $TSLA $ACLS added long
  • scottrades: $ACLS looking good here.
  • MongosPawn: $AMD $ACLS Took a starter in each. Did a lot of selling or partial selling yesterday ($TNA, $GUSH, $CLSK, $DXCM, $WULF). Have some working capital.
  • jetace: @scottrades $ACLS Waiting for it to break RESISTANCE $186.68 on volume
  • cecil: @DAN $ACLS $CAVA thanks Dan, I found the email now. Very much appreciate for the work!
  • DAN: @cecil $ACLS $CAVA Happy to help, cecil. Thanks for being a part of our little trading tribe.
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY / $QQQ Earnings incoming! $UUP Breaking down $IWM Gap Fill $XLP just under the 50 Day $SMH Looking tired $XLF Bank Earnings Selloff $XHB New high $XLV Tightening up $ARKK Trend is still up $BITO US Gov Selling? $BLOK Consolidation $GOOGL Still fine $AAPL Same $TSLA Going sideways $NVDA High volume selling $CPRT Breaking out $AEHR Gap and Go $ACLS Added to the ATL $TMDX Still fine $CELH Watch 155 $WDAY Holding the 21 EMA $DASH working but extended. $ABNB Extended $MSTR Bitcoin resting $MARA Trend is fine $RIOT Nothing wrong with taking some profits.
  • scottrades: ...
    $ACLS Tight along the 8/21 EMAs
    $ELF Trending
    $AMD Want to see it hold above 115

    Let’s have a great day!

  • Nepenthe: @scottrades $FTNT $PLTR $SHOP $ACLS $ELF $AMD Scott, you mentioned our old friend $RELY recently. BB's are squeezing. How would you play this? Cheers.
  • scottrades: $ACLS holding up along the 8EMA. Low Daily volume so far.
  • scottrades: My notes: COTD: Don’t sleep on this Breakout from $TPX $SPY Going sideways $QQQ Resting $IWM Nice recovery $DIA Holding the 50 Day $OIH Extended $SMH Holding the 21 EMA $XLK Great volume $IGV Look at the volume $ARKK Working $BLOK Going $BITO Watch the 50 Day $DT Nice recovery $SQ Mentioned this morning $META Fine $FTNT Nice volume $DKNG Good follow through $TPX Mentioned by Dan $ADBE Volume pick up $CRM Holding the 50 Day $TMDX Close to the highs $ACLS Holding the 21 EMA $AMD Bounce off the 50 Day $ON Trending $MRVL Pinching $MPWR Close to long-term resistance $MSTR Up 20% Since Dan was on Fox Biz $RIOT Working $MARA Same $COIN Still good $WULF Gone Para! $CLSK Same
  • scottrades: $ACLS Down near the 21 EMA
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Just under 430 $QQQ Trend is in tact $UUP Rejected at the 200 Day $SMH In trend $XLE Higher Low $XLF Need the banks to get going $XHB Still elevated $ARKK Working $SSO / $QLD Trade with a little Juice $TSLA Collab with GM $GM Using the Tesla Supercharger Network $F Above the 200 Day $NVDA Good rebound $AAPL Fine $AMZN Fine $AMD In trend $AMAT Short base $RMBS holding the 8EMA $TER Watch 106 $LRCX Watch 625 $ACLS Still working $JPM Base $MS Just under resistance $GS Same $IT Flag $FTNT Holding the 50 Day. Long Base
  • debeers: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $UUP $SMH $XLE $XLF $XHB $ARKK $SSO $QLD $TSLA $GM $F $NVDA $AAPL $AMZN $AMD $AMAT $RMBS $TER $LRCX $ACLS $JPM $MS $GS $IT $FTNT What didn't you like about $ADBE? Thanks
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $UUP $SMH $XLE $XLF $XHB $ARKK $SSO $QLD $TSLA $GM $F $NVDA $AAPL $AMZN $AMD $AMAT $RMBS $TER $LRCX $ACLS $JPM $MS $GS $IT $FTNT Would you take a look at $U on the weekly chart. Thank you
  • Auto: @ Scott $ACLS $XHB working Thanks
  • scottrades: @Auto $ACLS $XHB You're on fire! Great work.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Holding up $QQQ Holding up $DIA Support at the 50 Day $IWM Added to the ATL $MDY Added to the ATL $SMH Holding the 8EMA $XHB Trying to break out $ARKK Working $BITO Highest volume in a month $ACLS Watch 167.50 $AMAT Small Flag $AMD Strong close $FTNT Holding the 8EMA $GOOGL Curling up $MHO Good volume $KBH Breaking out $SHOP Breaking out of a channel $COIN Highest Volume of the Year. $RIOT Coinbase is getting Sued, Bitcoin doesn't care. $MARA Great volume $DT Upside reversal $RELY Still working $DKNG Still trending
  • cmaxwel1: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $DIA $UUP $GLD $SMH $IGV $XLK $DRIP $NVDA $AMD $TSM $RMBS $LRCX $AMAT $ACLS $KLAC $ON $AAPL $META $MSFT $TSLA $RIOT $MARA $ASML is breaking out of a cup pattern.
  • scottrades: $SMH Stocks firming up here, trying for new HODs. $LRCX $AMAT $ON $KLAC $RMBS $ASML and $AMD less than 1% from the high alongside $ACLS
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY Awaiting a deal $QQQ Breaking out $DIA At the 200 Day $UUP Popping $GLD Breaking down $SMH Leading the market $IGV Near the August 2022 Highs $XLK Working $DRIP Inverse Energy $NVDA ATH $AMD Following $TSM Biggest Daily Volume ever $RMBS My biggest position $LRCX Working $AMAT Also working $ACLS Cup & High Handle $KLAC Breaking out $ON Support at the 50 Day $AAPL Holding the 21 EMA $META Trending $MSFT The AI Trade is on. $TSLA Under the 200 Day $RIOT Holding the 50 Day $MARA Close to the MA cluster.
  • Jim88: $ACLS down >12% on what seems to be good earning and guidance. I must be missing something.
  • DAN: ...
    $ACLS -- Axcelis Tech is trending sideways along the 50-day moving average. It hasn't broken out yet, and I've still got the suggested stop at 123.15. A move above 132.18 would be a good thing -- that's above Friday's intraday high.

    OK. That's all ...
  • Onthemark: @Cjauger $WING Both $WING and $ACLS doing well
  • DAN: Active Trade Addition Adding $ACLS to ATI List Basis: 129.13 Stop: 123.15 This is a pullback buy. The stock is looking very promising, but it hasn't broken out. I see $135 as resistance and this is at the middle Bollinger Band (the 20-day moving average). So I view this as a higher risk trade due to the current dynamic -- the entry is in anticipation of a breakout rather than a reaction to a breakout. I am suggesting a stop just below the intraday low on 4/6. Remember that you don't have to make every (or any) trade ideas. Some are a bit more aggressive than others, and the risk is managed via positon size and stop placement based on the entry. --Dan For a complete list of all Active Trades, click here:
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY 390 Support $QQQ Support at the 50 Day $DIA Support at 334 $GDX Bumping against the 200 Day $XME Going sideways $SMH Good strength but ceiling overhead $IGV At the 50 Day $XLK Flag $TAN No real direction $XHB Above the 200 Day $IBB Support at the 21 EMA $BITO Some volume today $NFLX and chill with Harry and Megan? $CELH Mentioned in the COTD $DKS Coming out of a flag $CPRX Sideways $DE Testing the highs $LSCC Holding the 8EMA $NVDA Watch the 200 Day $ON Above the 8EMA but still a bit loose $AMD Support at 69 $KLAC Base $AMAT Holding the 200 Day $ACLS Near the highs $AMGN Flag
  • issues: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $DIA $GDX $XME $SMH $IGV $XLK $TAN $XHB $IBB $BITO $NFLX $CELH $DKS $CPRX $DE $LSCC $NVDA $ON $AMD $KLAC $AMAT $ACLS $AMGN Thank you Scotty but I have not yet received the video and I do like hearing it instead of seeing these figures. Please SEND it to me, ok?
  • scottrades: $SMH Stocks pulling back a bit this morning but could offer some new entries. $AMD $NVDA $ON $ACLS
  • debeers: Price targets out on my $ULTA- and 1 my opinion- JPM goes to 510 OPPY goes to 505 Deutsche Bank to 589 And Stifel (whose expertise is in financial and not retail) says 450 If you sold $ACLS this am bad on you but i didn't think you did. Of the 2 $SNOW and $WDAY- BlackRock alone should mean another30-50 per cent upside for the $SNOW-let it snow let it snow let it snow
  • debeers: $ACLS- just so you know--$ACLS isn't red its green. at almost 7 am my time
  • debeers: $ACLS-wrong so gone. $TSLA-took some more this am. IMO @joelsig1 is good with this and Cali alone in the US could help them make their nut.
  • scottrades: $ACLS also breaking out here.
  • majida_perveen: @scottrades $ACLS Is it actionable now?
  • scottrades: @majida_perveen $ACLS Small with a stop at LOD. Look for a pullback to VWAP.
  • jpoko13: $ACLS making a strong move on this B/O
  • wineinquirer: $ACLS Testing wedge-handle pivot point on lg vol this am. Recent Mar high (L side of cup) a few points above. >84....... tgt $110.........30% . move. Wkly reveals possible $130.
  • scottrades: Wow, $ACLS, what a move
  • CrazyTrain: @scottrades $ACLS I'm in, Avg cost $17.50, had to sit through a few nasty days, SL at 21 EMA thats what kept me in, same deal on $ON
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Stock Price $148.74
Change 2.88%
Volume 644,006

Axcelis Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures and services ion implantation, dry strip and other processing equipment used in the fabrication of semiconductor chips in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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