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  • steve71: $AIMT HOD. The last few days the heaviest volume has been in the last 15". Ad Comm meeting is four weeks from today. Looks like people want to get in front of that.
  • steve71: $AIMT Finishes up 3% on 150% average daily volume.
  • steve71: $AIMT Down less than 1%. Adding now and more at the close.
  • steve71: $AIMT Aimmune is defying the market. Looks to be starting a run into the Sept 13 FDA advisory committee meeting. Very long and adding.
  • steve71: $AIMT $ALGN Aimmune is up3.7% today on low volume. The important FDA Ad Comm meeting is in six weeks, Likely to be positive catalyst. Align - Day 4. Good ER ex China.
  • steve71: $AIMT. Closed at HOD. Very unusual as Aimmune is more often bid up in the first hour and sold in the last 10". Maybe something, maybe nothing.
  • steve71: $AIMT $IBB $XBI $MO Ned Sharpless, director of National Cancer Institute, named interim FDA director. He is thought to share Scott Gottlieb's support for biotech and antipathy for tobacco products.
  • KemoSabe: $AIMT - taking a low risk starter position in this stock. Stop just below 22.50. Would like to build a position if it will allow me.
  • steve71: @KemoSabe $AIMT Only upcoming event is late March when FDA decides whether to grant an accelerated status. Since they are treating AR-101 as a biologic, there is no precedent. There should be plenty of pullback days to buy over the next 6-10 months before final acceptance.
  • bRobert: $AIMT Coiled and ready. Long
  • bRobert: $AIMT + Early bo
  • issues: @bRobert $AIMT looks like somebody dropped some toothpicks on the floor and they bounced.
  • bRobert: $AIMT Long from below . Wedge out. Will add on pb/b within an uptrend.
  • steve71: @bRobert $AIMT The weird thing here is that CEO announced equivocal news last Thursday. The timing of AR-101 approval is now assumed to be pushed back to either early or late Q4 19. They are negotiating with FDA for faster and hinted at more news by month end. I thought the stock would be down $2.00 on Friday, instead it was up .80. Up another .40 today in a weak market. A stock doing well on bad news is a good sign. Very Long, not chasing, adding on pullbacks.
  • bRobert: @steve71 $AIMT Baby steps.
  • KemoSabe: $AIMT - Trying to hold the 50 MA.
  • bRobert: @KemoSabe $AIMT healthy action Let it get very tightly coiled like a cobra ready to strike. Timely news flow will set it off.
  • KemoSabe: @bRobert $AIMT Hopefully. I've been building a position on pullbacks.
  • steve71: @bRobert $AIMT ER and cc was last night. No news in the immediate future.

    Aimmune feb call summary

    The $AIMT ER and conference call was yesterday. What follows is my understanding from reading the 8-k and10-k, and reading the call transcript.

    A ...
  • bRobert: $AIMT wedge breakout. Momentum name headed for the $30s and up Early scale in Add on pb/bounces with confirmed bullish price action
  • bRobert: $AIMT Putting in the ground work.for a wedge breakout. Partial holding
  • bRobert: @steve71 $AIMT Entry from double bottom.$21+ Long term hold for your stated reasons
  • steve71: @bRobert $AIMT May work for a trade - double bottom, higher low, holding above 50 dma. My play is LTH. I am accumulating on even slight pullbacks. Anticipating AR - 101 approval by year end and a double from here. Also, took our trading accounts to 50-60% cash yesterday and today. The Fed has given us as much good news as possible. The China trade resolution is widely anticipated and probably priced in. Maybe too cautious, but time to reload cash for better opportunities. Plus I fell off my surfboard and face planted in the sand. Sore and covered with scratches. Surf buddies, wife and dogs seem to find this hilarious.
  • Danzguy: @steve71 $AIMT Is there a video of the crash? love to see it..... sayin
  • bRobert: $AIMT . Spec with upside. W bottom. Bullish . RSI . divergence with higher lows. . $32 . Wedge breakout target 1. Momentum name once in motion 17% . short . 10+ . days Partial . position.
  • bRobert: $AIMT . good risk reward with a stop . This wedge looks like it wants to get frisky. and stretch out a bit
  • steve71: @bRobert $AIMT Probably a reaction to past weekend presentations. Aimmune presented further info at AAAAI this weekend. The yearly Asthma/Allergy conference is the time to impress the group of docs who do the prescribing, or not, of AR-101. The nine presentations carried more good news. Longer dosing after initial 12 month desensitization led to further reduction in reactions to accidental peanut exposure. And it's not placebo effect. Patients with severe allergies have elevated levels of IgE. AIMT showed rising IgE levels during the 12 month initial phase, as expected. Latest data show IgE falling as patients swithch to maintenance dose. That's the gold standard. Near normal immunoglobulin levels in the presence of peanut allergen = no more serious reactions.
  • bRobert: @steve71 $AIMT thx for the update.
  • bRobert: $AIMT . Early . Setting up . SMALL Starter Set it and forget it with a stop and an alert
  • steve71: $IHI $ABT $MDT $EXAS $TECH $AIMT Lots of talk about slowing growth in the U.S. Medical devices, medical diagnostics and Life Sciences are definitely not slowing down. Hundreds of choices but these are my faves. Currently out of $EXAS pending earnings. All LTH. I have no drug, PBM or biotech positions except for Aimmune. Too much headline risk from Congress.
  • bRobert: $AIMT Spec trade with high potential with news flow . >50d MACD ADX cross. Double bottom. Small w. $26.50 target 1 .One pattern completion will trigger others .. Dominos to the $30s with patience
  • steve71: $AIMT Reduced my position at prices 24.68-24.95. Probably will repurchase them lower EOD. Silly price action. A couple of oncology drug makers get taken out and EVERY little biotech company goes up in response. "Me too! Me too! Somebody buy me too!" Only it's not happening if there is no revenue. $AIMT may be a buyout candidate a year from now but it won't be today.
  • debeers: @steve71 $AIMT -Steve, are these the treatment for peanut allergy guys? Thanks
  • steve71: @debeers $AIMT Right. In my view, $AIMT is as close to a slam dunk as you will find in biotech. BLA filed for decision sometime between May and September, pending FDA timeline. Tons of potential but no currently no approved drugs or revenue. Presenting today in S.F. I am looking to buy a lot more, but lower. P.S. Could you send some of that rain to San Diego? Ta.
  • steve71: $AIMT Aimmune gets $170M credit line from KKR for commercialization of AR-101 and additional trials. Encouraging vote of confidence from KKR. To me, it's great news that Aimmune can attract Private Equity money. $AIMT has moved beyond the spec biotech need to issue secondaries. Shares are up 3%. This doesn't change my LTH approach . I now have a 35% position and will add shares on down days only.
  • steve71: $XBI $IBB $AIMT Biotech is doing well today. Crummy market, so why not reach for the riskiest assets, right? Aimmune filed its AR-101 BLA for peanut allergy last week. If FDA processes it normally decision day will be in ten months. Aimmune requested Priority Review. If accepted, PR decisions are made in six months rather than ten. $AIMT was down 3% early today. I added some shares to my 20% position in this LTH. Aiming for a full position by August. My plan for the next few months is to add shares on down days. There should be plenty of opportunities
  • steve71: $AIMT HOD. Unusual. Retail usually buys in the first hour, then gets smoked.
  • steve71: $AIMT Up on news released Friday after the close. BLA for AR-101 submitted to FDA. Decision expected in August. But Priority Review was requested, was already fast tracked, so six month decision time if PR approved. Last week Aimmune also announced a new Poseiden Trial for AR-101, to extend treatment to younger children.. Last week they also announced submitting an IND to FDA for AR-102. Same platform, but 102 is designed to treat egg allergy. Of course this means expensive P2 and P3 trials. Cash burn $50M/quarter. $300M cash on hand and no debt.
  • steve71: $AIMT $NTES Finished green on the day. When things are bad I like to pull up a 10 year chart of the indices for perspective. Even with that, the current downturn is a big outlier. I wonder how much of this can be blamed on algorithmic trading? The NYSE amended it's circuit breaker rules in 2013 to panic driven selloffs. Might the exchanges somehow limit machine driven trading now? Happy Holidays to everyone! We're taking our dogs to the beach now. For a San Diego dog the are NO BAD DAYS.
  • steve71: $AIMT $DBVT $ANAB Aimmune has two halfway significant competitors in the race to get a peanut allergy treatment to market. And then there was one. $DBVT is down 50% on the day on news that they have withdrawn their Biologic License Application ( ...
  • :
  • steve71: $AIMT "Aimmune getting money for 'next to nothing' from Nestle, says Piper Jaffray After Aimmune (AIMT) announced a renewal of its relationship with Nestle (NSRGY) at terms very similar to the prior deal, Piper Jaffray analyst Christopher Raymond said he views this deal as "one of the more attractive in all of biopharma," given that a large commercial partner has provided funding with no commercial rights in return. Importantly, Aimmune retains worldwide development and commercialization rights to AR101, noted Raymond, who continues to recommending the stock ahead of what he sees as the eventual approval and launch of AR101. Raymond keeps an Overweight rating on Aimmune with a $60 price target."
  • steve71: $AIMT Mentioned last night AH. Up 7% today. Apparently the news that FDA submission is on track is enough for buyers to accumulate. Or maybe it's a short cover, as no bad news came out.
  • debeers: @steve71 $AIMT --YAY you, Steve! (I thought you did well enough with this one to capitalize the S--hope you don't mind).
  • steve71: @debeers $AIMT deBeers, you may be Chestnut HIll, but your attitude is solid Southie! With pink diamonds. My $AIMT position got stopped out months ago. It's a mistake to get too big in a development stage biotech years ahead of approval. So I'm just going to carry a marker position to watch for unusual activity. Will get serious about size next summer, or if they issue a secondary.
  • debeers: @steve71 $AIMT ---That is absolutely the nicest compliment i have ever received. If I were at the Cask, I'd toast you!
  • steve71: $AIMT Just FYI, not time to Buy. After hours ER. Aimmune has the leading candidate for peanut allergy and has completed P3 trials. AR-101 met criteria for both efficacy, long term efficacy, and safety. Will submit to FDA in December, the same timeline they proposed a year ago. Approval is highly likely. The company continues to burn $. Their last secondary was 2/2018. I HOPE there will be another secondary and price pullback in the next few months. That would be a great opportunity, although everyone else knows that too.
  • steve71: $AIMT Aimmune reported positive intermediate data. Their peanut allergy treatment continues to show strong benefit a year after initiating treatment. Also elucidated the immunologic mechanism. On track for late year BLA filing.
  • woodman: @steve71 $AIMT - Thanks.
  • debeers: @woodman $AIMT -Thanks!
  • steve71: $TWTR $AIMT Twitter - continuing to slowly add buy-writes to a very large position. Aimmune - writing a few more June 35s. Love the price action but based on not much new.
  • woodman: @steve71 $TWTR $AIMT - I bought some AIMT today. Thanks for your posts.
  • steve71: @woodman $TWTR $AIMT Hope you (we) do well. Short term it seems a little extended and volume declined today. But long term, Aimmune should do great. Their platform passed P3 for peanut allergy and likely can be used for multiple other allergies.
  • woodman: @steve71 $TWTR $AIMT - I read that. I have a nut allergy. I think of the growing number of kids with food allergies and schools with nut-free classrooms, etc., and I think about the size of the market potentially. And they could dominate that market along with one other company (DVB Technologies, ticker $DBVT) . Some links:
  • gwenzee: @woodman $TWTR $AIMT $DBVT At first I thought you were referring to the "nuts" in SMM.
  • steve71: @woodman $TWTR $AIMT $DBVT A few weeks old, but here's a brief note on $DBVT. "Rival DBV Technologies vaccine had much weaker results, with only a 12% separation from placebo. Still will seek FDA approval." Adam Feuerstein looked at $DBVT results and asked, "Why bother to do clinical trials if you're going to ignore bad results and submit anyway?"
  • woodman: @steve71 $TWTR $AIMT $DBVT - Interesting. Thanks.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $TWTR $AIMT $DBVT -- LOL. Yeah, that too....
  • steve71: $AIMT Aimmune outperforming today. Next week they present at EAACI, the European allergy group. While their primary target is peanut allergy, the same mechanism may reasonably work for egg and walnut. Maybe the bump has to do with that. Final US (BLA) and Euro approval not until early 2019 so the enthusiasm seems early. I'm writing some June 35 calls against my LTH.
  • steve71: $XBI $AIMT Biotech, big pharma et al are bouncing as the threat of drug price controls is diminished. Rather than try to pick individual biotech names I am initiating a full position in $XBI. This could have legs as the market casts about for leadership. My only biotech position is Aimmune.
  • champ: @steve71 $XBI $AIMT ---- $LABU...still climbing....could continue
  • traderbren: @steve71 $XBI $AIMT - yep, gotta love the bounce back in $XBI, $LABU, $IBB. I jumped on June $IBB calls.
  • champ: @traderbren $XBI $AIMT $LABU $IBB ---- You always have to believe... what you see...look at the chart on $LABU....
  • steve71: $AIMT $WFC Oh good, a shopping day! Don't you love it when quality goes on sale? We run separate portfolios for trading and Long Term Holds. Days like today are for judiciously adding to the LTH positions. Aimmune won't pay off until 2019 and there will be more chances to add cheaply. Wells is outperforming right now and I want to get big. LTH, not a trade. All Buys near the close. This is a day when it could cascade down in the last few minutes.
  • champ: @steve71 $AIMT $WFC ---- I'm guessing we could get a turn higher....from here $DLI @ 23,942
  • steve71: $AIMT Piper issues a $62 price target. Overall analyst ratings are 9 Buys and 2 Holds, average PT 57. Adding to my core position on this bounce off the 50 dma. LTH.
  • woodman: @steve71 $AIMT - Thanks for mentioning this one.
  • steve71: $AIMT This one I haven't sold a share, and added some on the downdraft. PPS fell this week on news that $ANAB has a partially effective treatment for peanut allergy. Adam Feuerstein shredded their data.
  • steve71: $AIMT Aimmune is down a bit on low volume. No news, so this may be "hot money" rotating into the genomics stocks. This is LTH, so I use days like this to add shares. On up days, write some calls.

    Wait, there is news. Here are some rec ...
  • steve71: @debeers $CRSP $SGMO $AIMT Long both, and there are other candidates. This may be like trying to choose between MS-DOS and Mac 20 years ago. But IMO the guaranteed moneymaker is Aimmune. Someone will buy them as they become a cash flow machine. Maybe sooner
  • debeers: @steve71 $CRSP $SGMO $AIMT -Thanks so much really appreciate your insight, steve. I looked at $AIMT and will relook at that one. In the meantime $CRSP looks great. Congrats to you!!!
  • steve71: $AIMT Up 7% after weekend presentation to Academy of Asthma, Allergy, Immunology. Briefly, their P3 trial to desensitize and then maintain against peanut allergy was hugely positive. $AIMT did a secondary last week, and insiders bought $2M worth of shares. Early price action and volume suggest that more than just MDs are buying. I am selling about 10% today. Too late to buy, maybe, with no near term catalysts. Long term this is going to be a winner.
  • debeers: @steve71 $AIMT -As you probably know, Nestle has taken a 15% stake. Lots of Nestle products have cheap peanuts at their base.
  • steve71: $AIMT $SGMO $BLUE $PTLA Some Board recent biotechs de jour are all outperforming today. Probably worth a screen shot because I bet they close lower. $AIMT has been my largest position for 3 days and I think it has room to run.
  • steve71: $AIMT Up another 2% on Day 3 off the bottom. At least I hope it's the bottom. To recap, Aimmune was trading around 37-38 into P3 approval last week. Then a $32 secondary dropped the shares. Market was only briefly fazed by the new shares. Near term target 37. Aimmune market cap $1.8B. Bite size.
  • steve71: $WMT $AIMT $SGMO WalMart breaks support - out with a 2% loss. Never been in a WalMart and now I never will. OTOH Sangamo and Aimmune are outperforming. $AIMT needs to close above the recent $32 secondary. Long.
  • steve71: $AIMT Discussed yesterday. Aimmune is strong today. Adam Feuerstein's site noted that the BLA $AIMT seeks will convey 12 year exclusivity. NDA is harder to obtain and allows generic competition in only 9 years. Getting a natural protein approved is a lot easier than a new drug.
  • steve71: $AIMT Watching this biotech for an entry. The 200 dma would be nice. Lead candidate is AR101 (increasing dose peanut protein), an oral biologic to desensitize patients with peanut allergy. On 2/20/2018 Aimmune said their P3 trial for AR101 met primary endpoint of desensitization. Plans to file Biologic License Application (BLA) with FDA by end 2018. AR101 is Fast Track and Breakthrough Therapy designated. BLA approval seems easier than for new drugs and is highly likely here. On 2/22 AIMT announced a secondary of 5.5M shares at 32. Today it smartly broke through 32 to the downside. I really like $AIMT. Peanut allergy is a serious worldwide problem and they have the best answer so far. No position yet, but soon.
  • thehook1: $AIMT nh....any thoughts ??
  • greenpatrol: @thehook1 $AIMT Added to position
  • greenpatrol: $AIMT Hitting ATH. Coverage initiated by Baird (PT:$64) and Cantor Fitzgerald (PT:$55) this week.
  • greenpatrol: $AIMT Start of phase 3. Peanut allergy biotech.
  • rachel: ...
    $AIMT – need to sell this now. Gap and “crap”. No follow through on this. If you bought today, then undo that mistake tomorrow.
    $GILD – not for me. Too extended. Now needs
    $CLF – nothing about this that works. Stock ...
  • Bridget: Notes: Defense stocks - $COL is up big and other defense stocks are doing very well knowing that we are going to be increasing our military spending Retail- Some stocks up today $NWL $KSS $AEO, many others finding support Biotech/ healthcare - Quite a few making gains today $RARE $ACOR $AMGN $HUM $UNH $BLUE $AIMT $BIO $IMGN Banking - $BEN and $BAC making strong moves Tech: $AMD is still working $EXTR hitting a new high Breakouts: $TWX (on news of merger with $T) $GOGO - on earnings beat $KBH $BLD AFSI and SSTK to the downside IPOs - $INVH $TELL $ICHR and $FBM hit new all time highs
  • Bridget: $AIMT new all time high, recent IPO #ipostrategy
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Aimmune Therapeutics Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company advancing a new therapeutic approach, including the development of proprietary product candidates, for the treatment of peanut and other food allergies.

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